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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 11, 2018 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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europe em ”if? fii‘r‘. ”£1 "mp, battles in europe using squares and cavalry so i don't think that matters, but you could have had the headline, merger threat to philip hammond because that is really what the story is about. is gavin williamson playing a crafty game? the story is of backbenchers getting really irritated about this and philip hammond has another person knocking on his door but more money. somebody it seems won't be knocking on the board of downing street is donald trump according to the daily mail. you can phone that visit which would've been hugely controversial, andi would've been hugely controversial, and i would have been big protest if they came. i wouldn't be surprised. he said he was still planning to come but donald trump not keeping his word wouldn't necessarily raise my eyebrows. we know what he is like, he would be faced with huge protests. he had already scaled down
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the ambitions this year for a huge state visit to a more low—key trip to open the embassy. i am not surprised. he could have tagged onto his trip to davos for the world economic forum but i think this is right on the money. presumably he will come sooner or later? it has been a long running things. went to the zamir scuttled over to washington to be the first leader to hold his hand on the trip, a lot of brexit ears are saying, he is the personal embodiment of a new relationship, the special relationship, the special relationship recreated, then use that it had to be scaled down because he would be uncomfortable, and news now that he's not at all. we asa and news now that he's not at all. we as a newspaper said he shouldn't be banned but the only people sad about this will be a lot of policemen missing out on an overtime
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bonanza is interesting story in the telegraph, a 14—year—old girl winning a pay—out from facebook about revenge pawn. this could have about revenge pawn. this could have a big implications for social media and their responsibility over what is put out on their platforms. it is a horrifying story, the girl was 14 yea rs old a horrifying story, the girl was 14 years old and pictures of her naked repeatedly published on facebook as revenge by people known to have. the really interesting thing is as you say, how this can open the floodgates for a raft of similar claims. with facebook but also tested commitment to security and jihad a content, this is the battle line on which it is fighting and it has so far been quite unwilling to help and cut down on these kinds of fences and outrages, not willing to spend the money for people to go
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through posts to rely on faulty algorithms. there seems to be a general mood among individuals and governments that social media need to ta ke governments that social media need to take a bit more responsibility for what is on their platform? that is right and facebook in particular we published last year some facebook files which had the bible in the sense of how moderators should work, and you could see how capricious it was for the small number of moderators to make snap decisions in real small—time. facebook have appointed about 10,000 more moderators since but the pressures will grow particularly from europe. interesting stories on the express front page and yours as well which we will come to but let's just show the daily express because they have nigel farage on the stick everyone by surprise when he went on tv and said actually he wouldn't mind, quite like a second referendum, and
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he is the last person you would expect to see that. it seems to have taken nigel farage by surprise as well because he commit first of all to say we should have second referendum and immediately, unusual bedfellows for him, nick clegg, andrew adonis and vince cable said he is talking sense. the remoaners as he would say! then there was a subtle shift. this through to ukip style he was immediately condemned by his own party saying this was a ridiculous thing to do but it had an immediate impact. the bookies have propped the odds from 10—1 to 5—1 on the second referendum and we talked about the manner for which had 55% and the pawn december had 53% in favour of a second referendum, so
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perhaps that is despite the government saying there won't be won and despite the labour position, perhaps that is more talk that comes from an unusual source. it is in the guardian as well, we can show your front page, the same story. the way they bid it is hoped to raise, i suppose it depends on which side of the argument you're wrong. when he said it in the interview he said maybe, just maybe there should be a second referendum and sounded like he was just chucking it out.|j second referendum and sounded like he wasjust chucking it out. i am a little bit more cynical than both of you. i don't think nigel farage makes those kinds of mistakes in the media, he is quite an accomplished performer whatever you think of his politics. the fact he said he was on the verge and your travelling hours later is from classic nigel farage
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playbook of headline grabbing as he is now on the front pages. had he stuck to the idea of backing it it would have been a huge moment. really, these remoaners had cause to delight and some of the champions of leave like borisjohnson might have been wrong—footed by it all but at the end of the day we are thinking he has said one thing turned around. and downing street are saying there won't be one anyway. i don't think there will be an theresa may has said it would undermine the democratic vote. she has been firm oi'i democratic vote. she has been firm on many things! we have seen a few reverses. watch that space. speaking of theresa may, our government has serious problems with the national health service. we are seeing that letter from a&e doctors saying conditions are intolerable and the
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front—page pictures on the metal and other papers are of an 18—year—old general bethany walker who has died despite being airlifted to hospital in inverness. she had flu. what do you make of that because this flu outbreak at the moment, a lot of serious problems in the nhs this winter. really tragic to see a young person, often the fluid tends to affect elderly and more surreal people. worrying to hear that the australian flu as it has been termed, though it is not from australia and not new, is about to ta ke australia and not new, is about to take off. 55,000 operations have been cancelled over this winter and the crisis in the nhs so far. theresa may today in a key speech used a question and answer session to call on all nhs workers to get the compulsory flu jab. that could
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be quite problematic. clearly something needs to be done. the arctic blast coming into britain which is obviously a weather story but equally means the nhs, which a lwa ys but equally means the nhs, which always faces problems that winter time, plus it has a flu outbreak and not enough beds. you said yourself the nhs, the government is under pressure on the nhs from both the people that represent the main thrusts you are talking about a radical rethink and the people talking about taxes, but significant amounts of more money needs to go on to the nhs and from the people on the front line. six the a&e units saying they are currently underfunded. 12—mac things are happening. i thought it was interesting jeremy hunt has managed to get social care umbilically tied to get social care umbilically tied to his nhs health service role. he
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has also talked about we need to make significant progress about a ten year plan. this is potentially very positive. we need to thank our way through this. although the government said no to a royal commission then assigns he is trying to do this. last story, a cracking story on the front page of the times, about the crown jewels been heading ina times, about the crown jewels been heading in a biscuit tin from the nazis. we know how to hide our assets in this country! it is not just any biscuit tin but it is a bath biscuit tin, and i come from bar. it follows a lot of conspiracies that people think they had been heading millivolts in canada and others any secret panel in devon. but the nazis would never let a ny in devon. but the nazis would never let any biscuit tin! even if the
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phone the biscuit tenet would be so quintessentially british that they wouldn't fancy it. how has all this, it now? during the filming of the bbc documentary? yes. it is a great story a nyway. bbc documentary? yes. it is a great story anyway. thank you both coming and,. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week —and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, lucy fisher and pauljohnson. goodbye. hello once again, it looks like another 2a hours of this fairly quiet spell of weather. at its best
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pretty decent with some good sunshine across parts of the south—west through the course of the day but farther to the north and east leaden skies. some of the cloud baseis east leaden skies. some of the cloud base is out towards the east where we have a remnant of an old weather fronts buccaneer midst of all of that. those cloud bases were really quite low. through the evening and overnight we see the formation of yet more fog as has been the case in recent nights with the clear skies the west, the temperature moving away in single figures. a touch of frost and to the north and west of scotla nd frost and to the north and west of scotland as we start the new day on friday but the chance of some sunshine from the word all north of the great glen. for the least and to the great glen. for the least and to the south we ran into patchy fog issues and certainly an issue as we come down northern and western parts of england and the eastern side of wales and northern ireland. the yearly night fog will have been removed and a freshening breeze and not too much in the way of fog,
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parts of east anglia and maybe the south—east as well. that fog waddling around too long for many of you, the first few hours of the day, and then it will pop away and the chance of beating sunshine across eastern areas and the chance of a show about west, some of that sunshine hanging around for a bit more of the day. friday into saturday not a great day with fog. the weather front manifests itself asa the weather front manifests itself as a wet start to the weekend across the western side of england, western scotla nd the western side of england, western scotland through wales and certainly a wet morning in store for northern ireland on saturday as well, for the least, fleeting glimpses of the sun, some sports will see that cloud producing a bit of rain particularly over the high ground in northern england. not a cold day by any means at all. that band of rain slumps further least, essentially a dry day
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safer this north—western quarter. once the front moves its way through the british isles in the course of monday, things turn much cold and wintry. this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at 11:00: patients are dying in corridors — the stark warning from more than 60 a&e doctors who've written an open letter to the prime minister. i think i was trolley number 12, two more people came after me and they said we cant take any more trolleys and then the ambulance said we would have to wait out side. plastic—free supermarket aisles and a 5p bag charge extended to small shops — theresa may lays out her 25 year plan to improve the environment. the former owner of bhs is found guilty of failing to give information to the pensions regulator about the collapse of the company's scheme. rescuers continue to search for survivors after the california mudslides. eight people still missing and 17 people are now known to have died. and on newsnight tonight,
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does anyone else have the appetite
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