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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 12, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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you will be seeking an apology? absolutely. we will be looking to having a conversation with the state department. and requesting for clarification on that matter. but also it's important that there is a better understanding of the africans by the administration. that's my role, to make sure that our relationship with the united states is a power. and it is my responsibility to clarify any mistakes. i definitely will be reaching out to the state department for a conversation. it's interesting because you have said and are saying that there is a vast misunderstanding of africa within trump's administration. is that because there has been a change of administration? or do you think it is an ongoing misunderstanding? i think it is an ongoing misunderstanding of africa in general. as africans we have a responsibility to step up, speak out,
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make our position is known, make sure not only must we expect the american agenda. but also make sure we have an agenda to the united states. make clear what we accept from the us. what areas are up for discussion. as african nations, absolutely, we must articulate our position. we also have to be very clear as to what areas are completely no go. what we will not accept at all. we have a responsibility to articulate our policy on the us. at the beginning of the programme our north american editor said many people will be shocked by the language and the sentiment expressed by donald trump. though, as i say, he does deny it. but for much of his base, they will think this is ok, they would expect this kind
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of language from the president. our correspondent said that what he is saying is answered our correspondent said that what he is saying is unsayable by them but they are happy to hear the president say it. what do you make of that? there is always going to be a segment of the population that feel otherwise. even during slavery. as you know, there was a percentage of the population who felt that slavery should have continued. to those we pray for them. we are not going to stop moving the african agenda forward because of a small group of a few people who are in the fringes of society. thank you very much. thank you, and keep up the good work. that's it for tonight. goodnight. the weekend is set to start on a wet and windy note for the western side welcome to sportsday. the headlines.
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will it be city or united the sanchez? could phil neville be the next manager of the england women's football side. and keeping alive the hopes of reaching the europe knockout stages. lots to get through tonight. we start with a big transfer story of the day. will alexi sanchez move to manchester city? he has been told he can leave as long as arsenal find a replacement but city aren't willing to pay the price tagged and could
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let him go to rivals manchester united. if you wondered why arsenal were so keen to keep alexi sanchez, there is a reminder. an absolute beauty. that was unstoppable. and so it seems it is move away from arsenal. when you are on a shirt ——a on a short—term contract but i never questioned his professional attitude on the football pitch. he wants to win. but where will he go next? somewhere in england and somewhere in the north—west. the almostjoined manchester city for around £60 million. he is a man who likes to huack million. he is a man who likes to hijack a transfer. there is even
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been a suggestion that the poor may spend some of the money philip continued credit to their money with four sanchez. we are looking for a quy four sanchez. we are looking for a guy to take advantage of it. basically, i maintain what i said many times. nobody should stay here until the end of year we should see. he looks on his way to everton is soon. that's according to their manager. but it's the impending departure of a special player called sanchez arsenal will miss most. arsenal and city are not playing until sunday. some 13 points adrift
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of leaders manchester city and their manager antonio conte is casting doubt on how long he will stay at the club. i have another year of contract. as you know very well, one minute you stay here, another times you stay in place. you do yourjob. chelsea is investigating allegations of racism against two ex— coaches. the guardian newspaper has reported that graham rix and wyn williams abused to black players in the 19905. abused to black players in the 1990s. williams has been approached for comment but rix has declined. chelsea made a statement earlier today. supporting those affected,
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and we will assist the authorities and we will assist the authorities and support their investigations. ryan giggs and craig below me are among those interviewed for the va ca nt among those interviewed for the vacant national manager ‘s job. among those interviewed for the vacant national manager ‘sjob. —— bellamy. the former manager left to join sunderland. the fa doubly was thought to be keen on appointing a welshman and is hoping to announce their new manager next week. the bbc understands that phil neville is a contender to take over as england women's manager. his previously worked as an assistant coach for united and valencia. the england under 21 men's side is among candidates being considered. onto
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tonight's action in the steel city derby between sheffield united and sheffield wednesday. it was the first game in charge in english football. the defender was sent off after 64 minutes. were it not be the united keeper, who pulled off some excellent saves. the draw moves united into the play—off places well. wednesday are struggling down into 15th. history is made in saudi arabia today after women were allowed to watch football— the first time. around 300 women flocked to the stadium in jeddah. time. around 300 women flocked to the stadium injeddah. families are separated by glass partitions. it
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was the first in a match opened to female spectators and one of the first of many reforms in the country. there was one picture in rugby union's championship cup tonight on the penultimate weekend of pool matches and scarlet dented by‘s hopes for a quarterfinal place with an impressive bonus point victory. bordeaux, 20 years ago. at a bath became european champions. they were the first english team to win the prize but these were continental rugby's early days. spotlight has intensified on the champions cup since but still a team from wales is yet to win it so scarlet feel it is the year to make history. they play by the year to make history. they play rugby in their own style. it was a shimmy from their scrummage that put them in front. 64" tyburn with a move may never expected. such
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improvisation has made scarlet force. they made a statement and by half time, the gap between the sides was already topped a bridge. one hardly parker ran in a third try, by‘s anniversary was becoming a welsh procession. but with everything so congested, it's a bonus points that matter. it's why a fourth scarlet try from scott williams felt so crucial. that means they go into the final group games with qualification in a row and hands. this was an evening to be scarlet. scarlet is now top and could make the 8/4—final places if they beat toulon injust over a the 8/4—final places if they beat toulon in just over a week ‘s time. a big win to gloucester and a narrow home victory for edinburgh. and one other rugby line, stuart hogg will
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be fit for the start of the six nations next month. he narrowly missed a spot the glasgow's european cup match this sunday. scott and's verse six nations experience against wales on the third of february. now the tennis and the australian open sta rts the tennis and the australian open starts next week and the argument over the name of one of its arenas continues after the former great dilly jinking continues after the former great dillyjinking once again called for the margaret court arena to be renamed after the winner made homophobic —— homophobic content is full -- homophobic —— homophobic content is full —— comments. she has one more grand slams singles titles than anyone else but the court at melbourne park named after her, margaret court is an australian sporting icon but her opposition to same—sex marriage and views on the lg bt same—sex marriage and views on the lgbt community put the name of the arena in question. ifi
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lgbt community put the name of the arena in question. if i was playing, i would not play on it. ijust think she has gotten really derogatory and when she calls about day she talks about children of transgender is being from the devil that puts me over the edge because we are all god ‘s children. over the edge because we are all god 's children. and while the tournament director says her views do not echo the organisational sport, he said there are no immediate plans to change the name. there is more than one stakeholder that there is ongoing conversation but is there a formal process? no. king is attending the tournament of the first time in eight years, marking the 50th anniversary of her title in melbourne that while the americans said she wouldn't promote a boycott of the stadium, she encouraged players to look inside their heart before making a decision. they have to decide. they can discuss it. everyone is entitled to their opinion. margaret is married to ship —— very much entitled to their opinion. i would be very welcoming to margaret. she would say i would be welcomed. she
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believes in conversion. she thinks i can go back to straight. no players say they would boycott playing on the arena and while the action bursts into life for two weeks on monday, it looks like the issues of it are going to be around for a knock —— will got longer. that's it from us. a very good evening. another cloudy day to many of us. we will keep the cloud of the chunk of the weekend. a change arriving across northern ireland. in the guise of this wet weather. the rain will be with us the most of saturday. he ran into saturday night as well. a very slow—moving weather front. a lot of dry weather overnight. it stays cloudy and mild. that had be sticking around to most of saturday. the weather front in the west will
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continue to be bringing rain as well. the front is coming off the atlantic. this massive area of high pressure. the funds can't move very far against pressure. the funds can't move very faragainsta pressure. the funds can't move very far against a massive blocking area. in parts of wales in south—west england, and teesside this, a lot of cloud again, and a lot of dry weather. a few bright quinces. temperatures tween five and eight degrees. this is bbc world news. i'm kasia madera. our top stories: president trump sparks outrage after allegedly making racist comments about african countries. as he comes underfire from the press, his alleged remarks are criticised by the united nations as racism. president trump says he won't pull out of the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear programme for now, but it has to change. a makeover for facebook. the social network acknowledges that business posts are crowding out personal connections. and weighty reflections
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on the crown. queen elizabeth as you've never heard or seen her before. you cannot look down to read the speech, you have to take the speech up, because if you did, you and


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