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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 26, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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hello and welcome to sports day. the headlines tonight: manchester united crush your will‘s fa cup dream, when their fourth round tie 4—0. there has been no one—day whitewash for in which cricketers, beaten by australia in the fourth match in adelaide. and roger federer reaches a record seventh straight open far north, but who will get their name on the women's trophy? lots to get through to know. we start with football. it is the fourth round weekend. there were no upsets in somerset as manchester united and the new signing alexis sanchez come sought a 4—0 wind over yeovil. an
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evening of haves and have—nots. —— wind. alexis sanchez‘s weekly wage would wipe out yeovil‘s annual losses. the lowest ranked team left in the competition. it bitterly cold somerset night was properly not how jose mourinho which is to spend this 55th birthday, but there was the warmest of applause before kick—off to honourjimmy armfield, the format in which captain who died this week. yeovil lost to three years ago to united in the third round. alexis sanchez was brewed by the home fans at every turn, and at one stage printed by the opposition. indecision in the apra one defence, punishment. —— in the yeovildefence.
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there was to be no alexis sanchez goal. he was substituted with minutes to go. not at all impressed with this debut. jesse lingard, this replacement, who might feel threatened by the chilean‘s arrival proved he could still put a threat up. he rounded off the night. this is the fourth time that yeovil have been a doubt of the fa cup by manchester united, but reaching the fourth round and being on television has been very lucrative. for manchester united, it is not about the finances but the prizes, and tonight's when means they are another step closer to winning another step closer to winning another trophy. so no goals for the new signing, alexis sanchez, tonight. let us make you werejose mourinho had to say. he is a fantastic player for us. and the question is always which one is
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going to give up, where will he play? is not about that for us. for us, it is about the fact that we have a fantastic group of attacking players, and this is one with a bit more maturity and experience. you will bring us this extra maturity and class, so with him, he was keen to play, and they knew they would be difficult. i knew that was going to be not an easy one for him. but i am happy with this performance. 50 jose happy with this performance. so jose mourinho is happy. the other tie was an all championship affair. one was the score at hillsborough. —— 3—1. the english cricketers may already have won the one—day series in australia 3—0, but there will be no whitewash down under when they were beaten in the fourth one—day by three wickets. they were five down
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forjust eight runs at one point. having already won the series, in which cricket could once again stand proud. but they seep like us before a fall. this was only short nri collapse. jason roy without second thought. surely, joe root could steady the stumble? well, no. england were now four down forjust six runs. just but the next ago, eight forfire. six runs. just but the next ago, eight for fire. england were desperate for some into hollande do. chris woakes' 78 helpers from being truly embarrassing, but it was not enough. a point emphasised with some forced by this round opener, travis head. if you quick hits me this bilic a contest, with had sent for
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short of a century. —— medvedev. south africa's test against india saw the thing all the hit on the head by jasprit bumrah. saw the thing all the hit on the head byjasprit bumrah. the match was stopped, but it has been decided that it can continue tomorrow, which would be a fall. roger federer would be hoping to match novak djokovic‘s six titles when he goes to melbourne on sunday. but this semi—final was cut short after this south korean opponent was forced to retire with severe blisters. even in a tournament full of upsets, few would forecast a downturn in fortunes to roger federer. the atmosphere was
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amplified, but few things can distract the greatest. he selected to receive and showed this intense at the first attempt. early on, the south korean got an inkling that luck was not meant to be on this side. at 36, there are some cracks appearing in roger federer‘s game. but at 21, chung lexi experience to exploit them. roger federer was blistering, to, but brilliant. —— chung lacks the. the pain was such that chung could not continue with blisters. i have been there. sometimes you cannot go on. there is no where you can come back and you make things worse, it is better to stop. that is why this feels bittersweet. i'm incredibly happy to be in the finals, but not like this.
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he has played a wonderful tournament so he has played a wonderful tournament so far. he tried so hard today. despite the pain of this defeat, chung can leave with this head held high. he is optimistic that this future is bright. marin cilic stands between roger federer and a 20th grand slam title. elsewhere at the straight in open, the british pairing in the wheelchair doubles lost their far north. they were beaten by their french rivals 6—4, 6-2. the beaten by their french rivals 6—4, 6—2. the women's title goes tomorrow. the top two seeds at the world number one ranking. the former british number one spoke to sarah mulcair and earlier and says the match as it had to be a classic.
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this see these have fought too long and worked so hard, and one of them, finally, it will be third time lucky. or is the middle to end of their career, as well. a number one ranking, there are so much at stake in the far north. we are looking for a classic. they are scamper at the baseline, counter—punch, and we will see the longest testing rally. it will be fantastic tennis to watch. do you think, bearing in mind, and how much a grand slam title will have weighed on both these players are possibly minds, that this could upset one of the more than the other? it will get type two was the end of the match. wozniacki, in the end, she got very touch trying to close out her match. she suffers possibly more than that halep. it will be interesting to see how she copes with it. it is such a huge opportunity. you cannot not be that
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you cannot knock the offensive. i think somehow both of them have had match point against them coming through. they are grey fighters, but to me, halep, just the favourite. —— great fighters. the british paralympic champion sabiha denies that she is cheating the classificationsystem will stop the fight and world champion has to will pause he, but it parliamentary hearing in october heard that the father of one of the team and says she was benefiting from competing in the wrong category. she get a reaction to the claims. the wrong category. she get a reaction to the claimslj the wrong category. she get a reaction to the claims. i was very angry and upset. i never imagined you might name all over the television, the internet... i work
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really ha rd. i television, the internet... i work really hard. i put in hours. i have trained on the track. it is heartbreaking to me. it does not do the sport any good. we want to inspire people with disabilities to try it out. so behind their speaking to us early today. that is all from me and the rest of the team. good night. —— sophie hahn, there, speaking to us, earlier today. . the wicket is not looking amazing. i wish you the saturday satellite picture. that cloud there will be on top of the country through most of saturday. in fact it is also going to reach many western parts of the uk already. rain informal, wales, and eventually northern ireland. however, clear sky. the temperatures have dropped pretty low around east
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anglia. sam frost there in a few areas. by the end of the night, temperatures will start rising. so we had that mar their drifting off the atlantic. —— some frost. by this stage, most of the rain will have pushed off towards the east. we get this back edge of the weather front. that means the weather will improve in the western isles and northern ireland. icy improved, but the winds will be picking up in the western isles. that is that you will notice later in the day on saturday. gale blowing. at 9am, it is raining across western areas. clearly it is still dry in many areas, and there may be some sunshine in these first in the morning. if you to enjoy the dry weather, do it early in the morning. later, the cloud and drizzle will reach you. it will be pretty dap, but nothing huge. in the afternoon, one thing will be the strength of the wind across scotland. strong gales gusting to 50- 60,
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scotland. strong gales gusting to 50— 60, even 70 or 80 scotland. strong gales gusting to 50— 60, even 70 or80 in scotland. strong gales gusting to 50— 60, even 70 or 80 in the far north for orkney and shetland. it could be tricky there. eventually, that low pressure pulls away, and we have another weather front sliding off the atlantic. south—westerly winds are rolling of the atlantic. that cloud and rain around, you will see where that is on sunday, in the north. to the south, probably a lot of cloud. chances are that there will break up. cloud is a nightmare to predict. we cannot say for certain where. the senton will appear, but we can't say exactly where. it could be clear in a few areas. it will be grey but mild, if thatis areas. it will be grey but mild, if that is what you want. the rain on monday in the south, notice the hint of the different direction in the wind in the north. that means that slightly cooler air from the north atla ntic slightly cooler air from the north atlantic is coming in. six degrees there in glasgow. in the south, a bit more mar the air. about 12 degrees. not a grey weekend in terms of the weather, however, there will
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be some cloud and strong winds, but at least it is a relatively mild. that is all from me. have a grey weekend. that is your weather. —— great weekend. this is bbc world news. i'm kasia madera. our top stories: donald trump tells world leaders, it's america first, but not at the expense of the global economy. america first doesn't mean america alone. when america grows, so does the world. the canadian plane maker bombardier wins a major legal victory over its us competitor, boeing. the entire board of the us gymnastics authority has said they will resign, two days after team doctor larry nassar was sentenced for sexual abuse crimes. my my daughter angela was murdered
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seven months ago. and the multiple oscar—nominated film, three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. we speak to the writer and director.
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