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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  January 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:32pm GMT

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weather from where you are online, more from me on the bbc news at six. transition period for the uk. two years following brexit. cannot be a la carte. against the government. of three teenagers in a car crash in including five murders — is spared west london. decades behind bars. more than 200 offences including 5 against former associates. murders. what is justice in this country? it's just designed to look after the criminal. how can a man convicted of that many crimes be set free into society?
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at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. no voting carillion. rights. against the government. when they were hit by a car in london on friday. a man's been remanded in custody. sexist and says he is the right man for thejob. new artwork after it was defaced over the weekend. in england women's football — insisting he's not sexist. good evening and welcome
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to the bbc news at six. against his former associates. in the loyalist paramilitary group, the uvf. 5 years in prison. to police and prosecutors. been allowed to murder at will. 0ur ireland correspondent, chris page, was in court. eamon fox and gary convie shot dead by uvf gunman... was discovered early yesterday...
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their grandfather... gary haggarty left a legacy of brutality, fear and grief. for 16 years he was a leading member of the ulster volunteer force. people, more than any other loyalist paramilitary group. it was difficult to prosecute any. in exchange for a shorter sentence for his own crimes. other terrorist offences. to six and a half years. a particularly savage
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reputation. the paramilitary commander was also working as a police informer. has let them down terribly. justice. what is justice in this country? it is just designed to look after the criminal. it's... how can a man convicted of that many crimes be set free into society? he was a serial killer. he was a paid state informant. he was allowed to kill at will. is the most senior loyalist ever to turn supergrass. who he gave information to. paramilitary suspect.
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in the witness box instead of the dock. but decided to turn supergrass out of self—interest. of self—interest. from prison he will be given a new identity. identity. a place where history still hurts so chris, thank you. march 2019 is when we are set to leave the european union. during the transition period. even though it won't have any voting rights after next march.
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until the 31st december 2020 when the transition period ends. agreement" there were differences on "specific details". here's our europe editor, katya adler. brexit is back on the brussels agenda. after a longish winter break. break. guidelines for the transition phase to follow media after brexit. to follow media after brexit. of political volatility back in london. london. do you worry about the fragility of the uk government? fragility of the uk government? though clearly not keen to talk about it. about it. there to agree eu guidelines for transition negotiations. transition negotiations.
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stark contrast to what they know is going on in the uk. going on in the uk. relaxed about the transition period, at least. it is pretty clear. want a high degree of stability, we want the right to do deals outside. want the right to do deals outside. in terms of any subsequent legislation. it is pretty simple really. but is it? as his counterpart took to the podium in brussels. podium in brussels. were transferred the uk from rule maker to rule taker. maker to rule taker. what action can the uk government take?
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take? full access to the single market to provide stability to business. provide stability to business. from the single market, the uk has to accept our rules. to accept our rules. single market a la cart is not possible. la cart is not possible. enter into new trade deals with other countries. other countries. here are some more possible flash points. duration. eu says the transition should last a total of 21 months. total of 21 months. the uk may want more time. more time. apply for permanent residency throughout the transition period. throughout the transition period. regulations, though it will no longer be a decision may cut. longer be a decision may cut. this was supposed to be the easy part. this was supposed to be the easy pa rt.
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this was supposed to be the easy part. part. after all, the uk requested a transition period from the eu. transition period from the eu. future trade negotiations before the uk leads the block in march 2019. uk leads the block in march 2019. process, brussels says the ball is now in the uk's court. of theresa may's leadership and her handling of brexit. authority was running out. others have called for the party to unite behind the prime minister. westminster for us tonight. just how much pressure is she under here? here? she is under a lot of pressure, no question about that. pressure, no question about that.
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quite a billy about theresa may's leadership. leadership. no one calling for her to go right now. to go right now. things their way if they are to continue to back her. continue to back her. in the long—running saga over tory divisions over brexit. divisions over brexit. again exposed the real divisions on the tory benches over this. the tory benches over this. point of the referendum and choosing to leave?
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to leave? have time to get used to the world outside the european union. outside the european union. but these divisions are not going away. these divisions are not going away. wants, notjust overtransition, but over the long—term deal as well. over the long—term deal as well. thank you. a raid on a military base. at least 11 soldiers were killed. two were killed by the security services, and a fifth was arrested. the islamic state group says it was behind the attack. against his parents' wishes. of oxygen at birth.
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further treatment was "not in his best interests". are to have their claims reviewed. with mental health conditions. the overall bill could cost the government nearly £4 billion. 0ur social affairs correspondent michael buchanan is here. people, more than one and a half million? we are. travel independently for other reasons. reasons.
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eventually led to a case going before the high court. before the high court. conditions and were a breach of human rights. human rights. agree with all of this ruling but we will not appeal it. will not appeal it. of that decision has now become apparent. apparent. everyone on it now will have their reviewed by officials. have their reviewed by officials. —— everyone on pip. everyone on pip. expected to cost ministers somewhere in the region of £3. 7 billion. expected to cost ministers somewhere in the region of £17 billion. thank you. in west london. party when they were struck by a car in hayes on friday evening. 0ur correspondent frankie mccamley
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reports. holding tissues, watched from the public gallery. by dangerous driving. stop, a black audi travelling down this road hit three of them. despite paramedics' best efforts, they died at the scene. and 17—year—old harry rice. at the crash site today, the tragic news was still sinking in. james played football with the boys from the age of seven. they were the funniest boys you could ever meet. they always had smiles on theirfaces, always happy. always causing mischief around the
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football club. they were quality boys. christopher also knew one of the victims. who had so much to live for, isjust horrible. after the crash. evening after handing himself in to a police station. the old bailey next month. frankie mccamley, bbc news. has been jailed for six and a
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half years. and still to come... — but saved by a quick thinking window cleaner in hull. aymeric laporte. as manager of the england women's football team. found himself apologising for sexist tweets he'd posted six years ago. the right man for the job. 0ur sports editor dan roan has been speaking to him. appointment as england women's manager has not gone to plan. the controversy for the first time, telling me of his regret.
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it has caused the fa. reflection of my true character, the type of person that i am. brought up by my parents. and now i hope to draw a line under it. you said, "relax, i'm back, chilled, just battered the wife. "feel better now. can you explain that? in isolation, they look terrible. basketball, on holiday with my wife. i am a competitive person, so is my wife. i apologise, because it is not... it as inappropriate as an england manager. are you a sexist? no, i'm not a sexist. i think my character over the last... stands up to any accusation that has been levelled at me. let's get going, eh?
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documentary about salford city fc, the non—league club he co—owns. job. for four, five hours. and i shouldn't be embarrassed about that. bid to get up to speed. just a stepping stone. about women's football? no, but i will. and that is part of myjob. already in the week. want to develop into an olympic gold medallist, i want to win the euros. i want the players to develop under me.
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i'm an england manager. not a step up. as a coach, he has plenty to prove. dan roan, bbc news. first thought — according to mps. and high salaries to executives. our business editor simon jack is here. tomorrow and the focus will be on the whole. the whole. time, frank field has written to the stakeholders about it. stakeholders about it.
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said they did not have enough cash flow. flow. the regulator who has powers to oversee these things. oversee these things. why did they allow it to happen? allow it to happen? field has called that tentative and apologetic. apologetic. fix this, the company says if we do, we will go bust, what do you do?
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to have a better system for emergency contacts. while looking after their two daughters. was absent from school. she's been speaking to our education editor branwenjeffreys. chris daykin, devoted to his girls, he took photos, almost every day. with their dad. it was on a trip to london that she became worried. and i hadn't got an answer. was still on the doorstep. to find out that pearl was not at school that day. that my husband
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had died. but that the children were 0k. found in bed with him. pearl was only four and had just started school. her little sister, iris, was two. of their dad, too frightened to go downstairs. they don't talk about it. pearl, especially. it is imprinted in her memory. so, they have got grief but they have also got trauma. on top of it. was coming home. helen now wants change. through
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this, what we went through as a family, again. it is not the only case. esther eketi—mulo, a single mum, died suddenly of epilepsy. her four year old son chadrack had learning difficulties. the school rang his mum repeatedly. it was the only contact number they had. but could not get access to the block of flats. chadrack‘s body was found two weeks later. curled up next to that of his mum. his school now has new policies on checking on pupils.
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to go further. but if that number is not answered, then what do you do? then everything else does not matter. family orfor helen, dealing with the trauma of her girls. bbc news.
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draw the raised bridge. covered it with white paint. that's when a local window cleaner stepped in. jason fanthorpe heard late last night that it had been vandalised. so he gathered up his equipment, and headed over to help. danny savage reports. it appeared last week on an old bridge in hull. attached to the end. people flocked to see it, but then it all went wrong. to this piece of culture. it was painted over and potentially ruined. but before it dried, volunteers turned up to uncover it. armed with some ladders and white spirit. he was back at work today, being modest about his achievements.
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one act of vandalism. it shows that people are better than that. now a plastic screen has been put up over it for protection. of culture of last year, have we learned nothing, you know? the fact that we are now having to protect something that is art. and i look at all these people, it is brilliant. must be looked after. danny savage, bbc news, hull. time for a look at the weather... here's ben rich. is a memory because things have changed significantly. changed significantly.
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cities but in the countryside, it could get two minus five. could get two minus five. in the north, more cloud. north, more cloud. generally speaking, the midlands into wales, a largely fine start. into wales, a largely fine start. temperatures down on why they were this morning. this morning. bear that in mind for the morning commute. the morning commute. similar story for northern ireland. for northern ireland. from aberdeen to edinburgh and glasgow, rain. to edinburgh and glasgow, rain. strengthening winds.
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decent day, some spells of sunshine, i is between six and 10 degrees. i is between six and 10 degrees. will be strong, touching gale—force in places. in places. in scotland, it will feel cold with the strength of the wind. the strength of the wind. change for freddie, cloud and rain will spread from the west. will spread from the west. is something colder —— change for friday. a reminder of our main story...
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including five murders — is spared decades behind bars. he offered to testify against his former associates. and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. 00:29:16,849 --> 613566586:35:35,789 this 613566586:35:35,789 --> 1227133172:41:54,729 is 1227133172:41:54,729 --> 1840699758:48:13,668 bbc 1840699758:48:13,668 --> 2454266344:54:32,607 news, 2454266344:54:32,607 --> 3067832931:00:51,547 our 3067832931:00:51,547 --> 3681399517:07:10,486 latest 3681399517:07:10,486 --> 4294966103:13:29,426 headlines.
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