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more there on the website. 00:58:18,350 --> 536870763:45:12,235 hello, 536870763:45:12,235 --> 1073741526:32:06,120 i'm 1073741526:32:06,120 --> 1610612289:19:00,005 ros 1610612289:19:00,005 --> 2147483052:05:53,890 atkins, 2147483052:05:53,890 --> 2684353814:52:47,775 this 2684353814:52:47,775 --> 3221224577:39:41,660 is 3221224577:39:41,660 --> 3758095340:26:35,545 0utside 3758095340:26:35,545 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 source. the deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe. 00:00:00,001 --> 1073741525:48:22,358 this 1073741525:48:22,358 --> 2147483051:36:44,715 is 2147483051:36:44,715 --> 3221224577:25:07,072 bbc 3221224577:25:07,072 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. there had been reports he wanted him gone. transition period after brexit. it says the uk will have to obey all eu rules during well, now mr mccabe is stepping down. decision—making process and we would refer you to the fbi. the transition. forced monkeys to inhale fumes. we'll hear from the journalist who broke the story. cannot be a la carte. more women in iran have taken off their headscarves in protest. bbc persian will help 1. us with this story. and a new discovery from 80 million years ago. against the government. grail for president donald trump repeatedly palaeontologists. it has been found in egypt. accused of political bias, fbi deputy director andrew has quit.
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mccabe has resigned. donald trump has often criticised by dangerous driving. than 200 terror offences. also coming up — no more towels on sun loungers. a scheme to book in advance. good evening and welcome to bbc news. march 2019 is when we are set to leave the european union.
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during the transition period. even though it won't have any voting rights after next march. as they can now. when the transition period ends. agreement" there were differences on "specific details". here's our europe editor, katya adler. brexit is back on the brussels agenda. after a longish winter break. guidelines for the transition phase to follow immediately after brexit. aware of political volatility back in london. do you worry about the fragility of the uk government? though clearly not keen to talk about
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it. in there to agree eu guidelines for transition negotiations. contrast to what they know is going on in the uk. the transition period, at least. it's pretty clear. to do deals outside. over our destiny in terms of any subsequent legislation. it's pretty simple really. but is it? as his european counterpart took to the podium in brussels. would transfer the uk from rule maker to
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rule taker. can the uk government take? access to the single market to provide stability to business. the uk has to accept our rules. single market a la cart is just not possible. into new trade deals with other countries. here are some more possible flash points. duration. the eu says the transition should last a total of 21 months. the uk may want more time.
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the transition period. longer be a decision maker. to be the easy part. after all, the uk requested a transition period from the eu. the uk leaves the block in march 2019. is now in the uk's court. to see the latest round of
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talks developed. developed. argued is a good thing for the uk and in its economic interests. and in its economic interests. is almost a good deal that we are offering you.
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offering you. those countries have outlined to him as the framework? as the framework? are the 27 remaining member states —— british negotiators. —— british negotiators. the best they can get and in effect he is doing them a favour. he is doing them a
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favour. that could affect the uk in that transition period? transition period? so it might not even matter. even matter. negotiating does go on about this transition period.
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transition period. stuff, the future relationship on trade and security and aviation. and broadcaster david davies. with mental health conditions. the overall bill could cost the government nearly £4 billion. 0ur social affairs correspondent michael buchanan is
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here. disability rights campaigners have always said this was unfair. always said this was unfair. disability campaigners have said was unfair and discriminatory. unfair and discriminatory. pip work discriminatory against mental—health claimants —— were.
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mental—health claimants —— were. found the consequences, every single person on pip, 1. person on pip, 1. 6 million people, they will have cases reviewed. they will have cases reviewed. cost to the government will be somewhere in the region of £3. somewhere in the region of £3. government will be somewhere in the region of $3. 7 billion. thanks for joining us. teenagers in west london. party when they were struck by a car in hayes on friday evening. 0ur correspondent frankie mccamley
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reports. holding tissues, watched from the public gallery. by dangerous driving. stop, a black audi travelling down this road hit three of them. despite paramedics' best efforts, they died at the scene. and 17—year—old harry rice. at the crash site today, the tragic news was still sinking in. james played football with the boys from the age of seven. they were the funniest boys you could ever meet. they always had smiles on theirfaces, always happy. always causing mischief around the football club. but they were quality boys.
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christopher also knew one of the victims. who had so much to live for, isjust horrible. after the crash. evening after handing himself in to a police station. the old bailey next month.
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frankie mccamley, bbc news. andrew mccabe is stepping down with immediate effect. and has been a constant target for the president. donald trump has previously accused him of having pro—democrat bias. on the fbi director, christopher wray, to sack mccabe. in the decision and has full confidence in mr wray. following this from washington. any more from the white house on this? this? any part in the decision and the fbi would have to speak to them.
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would have to speak to them. as possible and they could get on with other things. with other things. context or the background as to andrew mccabe now stepping down. andrew mccabe now stepping
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down. pressure on supposedly independent institutions like the fbi. institutions like the fbi. —— and who reports say tried to fire. fire. general is doing in its oversight of the mastication. the mastication. the department ofjustice —— in its oversight of the investigation.
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oversight of the investigation. the fbi was going to bring in a new team anyway. team anyway. powers in relation to the russian investigation. investigation. the intelligence agencies and the department of justice. the intelligence agencies and the department ofjustice. department ofjustice.
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we will leave it for there. thanks forjoining us. all eu rules during the transition. against the government. bias, has quit. here's holly
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hamilton. and we start with some news regarding david beckham. regarding david beckham. announced a franchise club in florida. florida. be to bring in and develop talent at his new mls club. his new mls club. there were moments when i did not think it was going to happen. think it was going to happen. but i don't like to lose. don't like to lose. i don't give in very easily. very easily. happen and i knew that this was the right place to be. right place to be. is where i wanted our team —— i always believed. finally we are here. here. how instrumental will you be in getting players from europe? in getting players
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from europe? leagues —— different clubs in different cities. different cities. players but also to build this academy, that we keep talking about. no previous experience of working in the women's game. the women's game. for controversial comments on twitter he made six years ago. twitter he made six years ago. for those words and the problems it has caused the fa. has caused the fa. character and the way i have been brought up by my parents.
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brought up by my parents. women's football, i had to work very hard for it. hard for it. long process and they put me through it. it. embarrassed about that —— ultimately. ultimately. ashworth, they have notjust plucked me from the top of a tree. repeat of the 2013 final with wigan athletic taking on manchester city. athletic taking on manchester city.
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brighton will take on coventry. details of that go to the bbc sport website. liverpool in april in what will be his first fight in two years. his first fight in two years. since his defeat in a wbo fight in may 2016 —— he will be looking. may 2016 —— he will be looking. hearn after a spell out of the sport. that is all the sport for now. more at 1030. more at1030. studio: thanks forjoining us. a raid on a military base. at least 11 soldiers were killed. afghan officials say two attackers blew themselves up. two were killed by the security services, and a fifth was arrested. the islamic state group says it was
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behind the attack. against his parents‘ wishes. of oxygen at birth. further treatment was "not in his best interests". to testify in court against his former associates. in the loyalist paramilitary group, the uvf. today a judge sentenced him to six and a half years in prison. to police and prosecutors. been allowed to murder at will. 0ur ireland correspondent, chris page, was in court.
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eamon fox and gary convie were shot dead by a uvf gunman... was discovered early yesterday... their grandfather... gary haggarty left a legacy of brutality, fear and grief. for 16 years he was a leading member of the ulster volunteer force. people, more than any other loyalist paramilitary group. it was difficult to prosecute any. in exchange for a shorter sentence for his own crimes.
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other terrorist offences. to six and a half years. a particularly savage reputation. the paramilitary commander was also working as a police informer. has let them down terribly. justice. what is justice in this country? it is just designed to look after the criminal. it's... how can a man convicted of that many crimes be set free into society? he was a serial killer. he was a paid state informant. he was allowed to kill at will. is the most senior loyalist ever to turn supergrass.
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who he gave information to. paramilitary suspect. in the witness box instead of the dock. the government's announced a big increase in the cost of a passport. — an increase of 27%. although those who order online will pay £10 less.
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and will raise an additional £50 million annually. while continuing to pay high salaries and dividends. than the £587 million initially estimated. into carillion's accounts. finds evidence of misconduct. following the story. in its collapse. underfunding the scheme.
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years since then. into the schemes and allowed them to put off contributions last year. in this case. to a scheme to shore it up. simon gompertz, there. time for a look at the weather with phil avery. of high pressure behind that, killing off the shells.
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killing off the shells. wind and breeze that keeps the temperatures up —— the combination. temperatures up —— the combination. will be clouding up in the afternoon. in the south west. but the rate keeps on coming in the far north of scotland —— the rain. far north of scotland —— the rain. it eventually comes down across the british isles on wednesday. british isles on wednesday. sunshine and some wintry showers, as well. this is
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bbc news. the latest headlines. period of 21 months after brexit during which little would change. against the government. president donald trump repeatedly accused of political bias, has quit. of three teenagers in a car crash in west london. offences, including
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five murders. position for the next phase of the brexit talks. and to give businesses time to adjust. during the transition period. barnier had to say. transition will last for 21 months until the 31st december 2020. until the 31st
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december 2020. whole eu will continue to apply to the uk. the uk. jurisdiction of the european court of justice. jurisdiction of the european court ofjustice. ofjustice. rules entering into force during this period. correspondent for politico. he joins us via webcam from brussels. writing up your copy on today's events. events. sound like mitchell barnier is offering it. offering it.
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because most of the transition is just not negotiatable. just not negotiatable. actually in david davis phrase any wiggle room to negotiate this? wiggle room to negotiate this7m doesn't seem to be. doesn't seem to be. bit of urgency on the uk side to get this transition agreed. this transition agreed. not go hurtling off the cliff as it's called on march 29th, 2019. it's called on march 29th, 2019. so there's a bit of pressure. there's a bit of pressure. after it no longer has voting rights. rights. today, that's just not going to be possible. possible. means leaving and the eu won't have a say at that point.
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a say at that point. essentially what britain will have to accept? to accept? uk really is in its weakest position. position. to argue against what barnier and the eu are postitting. the eu are postitting. that in fact they will only have to adjust to one set of changes. adjust to one set of changes. longer have any vote, any say, any place at the table.
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place at the table. acknowledged but even david davis doesn't seem ready to accept. willjust leave, let's tear up the agreements and go, will win the day? agreements and go, will win the day? the finish line to sufficient progress. progress. was no real solution on ireland, for example. example. and catastrophe that might follow if there is a disorderly exit. there is a disorderly
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exit. and the slim majority she controls becomes more evident. becomes more evident. ironically that may be some advantage that the uk has. advantage that the uk has. david, thank you very much. thank you very much. we will let you get back to filing for the website. expressed reservations about donald trump's behaviour. told bbc news the president was a "work in progress". to blackpool later this year. he's been speaking to our religion editor martin bashir.
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i donald trump do solemnly swear... billy graham, led the nation in prayer. prayer. president when you came to the flat form... -- platform. blackpool in september, said he was surprised by trump's victory. surprised by trump's victory. believe on election night he was supposed to lose. supposed to lose. showed him, notjust a little behind, way behind. behind, way behind. happened mysteriously that night of the election. the election. ijust believe it was god's hand.
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god's hand. star stormy daniels $130,000 to remain silent about an affair. remain silent about an affair. does donald trump fit your model of christian character? christian character? donald trump is a work in progress. a work in progress. does he fit your model of christian character? model of christian character? does he fit my model? no. mrgraham will preach at a christian event in blackpool. event in blackpool. islam is a wicked and evail religion.
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religion. derogatory towards the gay community and muslims. and muslims. preach against muslim, i don't preach against the gay community. preach against the gay community. the bible teaches it is between a man and woman. man and woman. president trump delivers his state of the union address. of the union address. says he will be praying for the president. credible online profile without any experience or carrying out any work. experience or carrying out any work.
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0ur correspondent philip norton reports. those who are listed. the repairs fell off. and she was left £1200 out of pocket. the roof and lands at my feet. i couldn't move. and itjust falls apart like it's lego bricks. of the main trustworthy trader websites to the test. i was able to get myself listed on rated people and my builder. of the website's employee are voiced by an actor. or anything to you or anything. not for the most part.
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i mean, every so often. of thing, but very rarely. so i've got the van, i've got the overalls. but what i haven't got is any experience or ability. yet here is my profile on rated people. stars for extra credibility. for work at people's homes. on tradespeople before hiring. all its trades individually. it said it will review its processes following on from our investigation. emma had to pay hundreds of pounds to have her roof put right. phillip norton, bbc
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news. diesel exhaust fumes. to wrongdoing and said that investigations would be held. this scandal involves two different studies. at a time over a month. at albuquerque in the us. to inhale exhaust fumes coming from a volkswagen car. pollution from diesel engines to safe levels.
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the emissions data in 1. the volkswagen, seat, audi, and skoda brands. and environmental medicine at queen mary university of london. good evening. outrage in germany and now spreading. spreading. scientifically controlled and subsequently published. subsequently published. but whether these are ethical is the key thing.
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key thing. pollution when they move near roads and that is the true scandal. and that is the true scandal. pollution, particularly from diesel cars, in our cities. pollution, particularly from diesel cars, in ourcities. pollution, particularly from diesel cars, in our cities. cars, in our cities. the figures are like at this time of year? year? metrelogical conditions mean the overall pollutants vary day—to—day. overall pollutants vary day—to—day. near heavily used roads remain the same. same. significant health effects in children and in adults. children and in adults. is the science on that absolutely clear? science on that absolutely clear?
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are far worse than any other vehicles on the roads? vehicles on the roads? nitrogen objectionied and if they're not maintained sooty particals. of emissions analytics, an emissions testing company. thank you forjoining us. concern about partical matter, does the diesel have a future? the diesel have a future? do in fundamental engineering terms, it should do.
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it should do. hill it has to climb steeper and steeper. steeper. 16% c02 benefit compared to typical petrol. petrol. electricity is produced from clean sources? sources? yes, that's an important remaining question. remaining question. produced quickly enough to dent the problem. problem. medium to longer term need to reduce c02 emissions.
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c02 emissions. you are —— monkeys to test the damage done.
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damage done. reality of certain diesel vehicles that are very clean. that are very clean. emissions standards that hey hear now. absolutely right. in europe at the moment that would be what i would call clean. be what i would call clean. limit when you drive them in normal driving conditions. driving conditions. good number of examples on the road which prove that. which prove that.
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briefly, can you accept the notion of a clean diesel car? of a clean diesel car? with hgvs, if you put enough money in you can reduce emissions. in you can reduce emissions. diesel fleet some way, either by carrot or stick or both. carrot or stick or both. thank you both very much. the perfect poolside spot. in advance for their entire stay. but it comes at a price — it'll cost around £22. russell trott has more. winter sun and relaxing on the poolside sun lounger. unless, of course, you've already been
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beaten to it. tourist into a stressed sun—seeker. become an all—too—common part of the holiday—maker's experience. their sunbed in advance. will be able to book a specific lounger for their entire stay. customers want to spend their time relaxing. they want around the pool with their friends and family. reserve the sunbed they prefer, much like booking a cinema seat.
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it means, says the travel firm, the holiday—maker can have a lie—in. russell trott, bbc news. telegraph travel. it is a good idea, something to laugh at or what not. what do you think? think? scrambling to get the first sunbeds by the pool. by the pool. ahead of the holiday is a good thing. thing. a family of five, it's an extra £110. £110. which is adding extra costs to create revenue for them. create revenue for them. essence you are paying for something you have already paid for.
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you have already paid for. bar or the football pitch or whatever it is. precisely. choose where you are going to be by the pool. the pool. that's nice, we do know where we are going to be for our entire week. going to be for our entire week. know exactly what our view is going to be. to be. are a family of five, it's £110 extra pounds. extra pounds. which may be more than the flight in some cases. the flight in some cases. to the beach and lie on a beech towel perhaps. exactly. there is that —— beach towel. that —— beach towel. i am not sure i would be paying this. would be paying this. airlines, do they need to do this, are they stretched for the profits? are they stretched for the profits? no, absolutely
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not. and if it proves successful they'll roll it out across 30 hotels. roll it out across 30 hotels. before you know it, do you then get creeping costs for everything else? creeping costs for everything else? i think that's the thing. airlines have set a precedent and other companies are following suit. other companies are following suit. will be paying for things you might have already paid for.
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we will leave it there, thank you. draw the raised bridge. covered it with white paint. that's when a local window cleaner stepped in. jason fanthorpe heard late last night that it had been vandalised. so he gathered up his equipment, and headed over to help. danny savage reports. it appeared last week on an old bridge in hull. attached to the end. people flocked to see it, but then it all went wrong. to this piece of culture. it was painted over and potentially ruined. but before it dried, volunteers turned up to uncover it. armed with some ladders and white spirit. he was back at work today, being modest about his achievements.
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one act of vandalism. it shows that people are better than that. now a plastic screen has been put up over it for protection. of culture of last year, have we learned nothing, you know? the fact that we are now having to protect something that is art. and i look at all these people, it is brilliant. must be looked after. danny savage, bbc news, hull. let's take a look at the weather now. now. more rain, i guess? well, at some point, yes. point, yes. trying to look more optimistically than that.
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optimistically than that. some rain today, some got caught out in it. in it. isle, and nicely across the south, as well. but it wasn't always like that. you get that impression. further towards the south, leaving behind it a decent sort of day. behind it a decent sort of day. there, urged on by a noticeable wind. further south, little cloud or breeze. breeze. many of us are going to be scraping car wind screens tomorrow. car wind screens tomorrow. this is how we shape up first thing. how we shape up first thing. enough start, perhaps cloud already filling in the west of cornwall. filling in the west of cornwall. elsewhere, a dry, fine and bright start to the day. a frosty one as well. well. little breeze across the greater part of england and wales.
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greater part of england and wales. great glen towards argyll and bute as well. as well. how do we shape up for the rest of the day? rest of the day? cornwall and devon and eventually flirting with pembrokeshire as well. flirting with pembrokeshire as well. further east you will keep sunshine and dry weather. and dry weather. many enjoyed during the course of monday. monday. slumping down across the british isles. isles. notice the direction of flow of the isobars.
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of the isobars. because you will see a temperature no better than three or four. no better than three or four. thursday but there will be a lot of sunshine around. sunshine around. for some but it will mean the arrival of cloud and rain. arrival of cloud and rain.
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