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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 1, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm GMT

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he "wasn't mad, just angry". a police recording of him — admitting he drove the van — was played in court. theresa may hails a new golden era in the relationship between britain and china after trade talks with president xijinping. the head of ofsted has warned schools in england are being used to ‘indoctrinate‘ pupils under the guise of religious education and wants teachers to call out practices they think will negatively impact younger people. older and vulnerable people are being trapped in a cycle of avoidable hospital re—admissions , sometimes going in and out several times in a single year, according to a new report by the british red cross. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this
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evening on bbc news... in beyond 100 days tonight, we'll hear how the white house has clashed with the fbi and justice department over a controversial russia memo. the proportion of middle—aged people having strokes has risen largely over the past decade, we will ask what can be done to reverse the trend and a manchester art gallery has removed this, one of the most recognisable pre—raphaelite paintings and we'll out why. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm reshmin chowdhury. the headlines tonight... 28 russian athletes get their olympic life bans overturned — but what does that mean for the fight against doping? the chief executive of the scottish fa steps down — as the national side are still without a manager. good evening and welcome
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to the programme. withjust eight days to go until the start of the winter olympics there's been a significant development with regards to the participation of russian athletes. the ioc say a decision to overturn the olympic life bans of 28 russian athletes "may have a serious impact on the future fight against doping". our sports news correspondent ade adedoyinjoins me now. ade — why have these bans been overturned? this will come as a major shock to
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anti—doping campaigners, over a0 athletes were banned from the olympics the life following an investigation by the ioc after allegations of state—sponsored doping. all but one appealed, 28 of them have been told the olympic ban has been lifted, they say there wasn't enough evidence to show that actually cheated so the results from such games have been reinstated and they are effectively free to continue their career. if they're able to compete again, will they be at the pyeongchang games? this is unclear, the athlete in theory could appeal to the ioc to compete as a neutral. russia is banned from the winter olympics because of those allegations but the ioc will allow 169 athletes to compete as neutrals at the games so in theory these athletes could compete if they appeal to the ioc
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but the ioc have said that whilst there are disappointed by the decision it does not mean these athletes are clean nor does it mean there will be invited to compete at there will be invited to compete at the games. the russian authorities said the delighted and justice has been done and they hope the ioc the decision made. if they do not, they can go to court so it is not the ideal scenario, not the ideal scenario with the game so close. there were another 11 russian doping bans considered by cas today. what happened with them. they received partial bans and so their lifetime olympic ban is lifted but they will be banned from competing at the pyeongchang games. the sporting authorities said there was evidence to show there was some form of cheating that had happened. the situation is it has implications for britain in terms of bobsleigh because they finished fifth at the
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sochi games, two of the russian cruise that finished ahead of them have been banned so britain have been upgraded to third place and it is their best winter olympic games. bruce tasker is delighted. is their best winter olympic games. bruce tasker is delightedm is their best winter olympic games. bruce tasker is delighted. it is starting to sink in more than it was. i think the ultimate would be holding that medal should they reallocate them in the next one will feel proud of our achievements. this is not the ideal scenario because there are so close to the start of there are so close to the start of the games and are ready feels that the games and are ready feels that the narrative will be about russia and doping rather than what is happening on the field of sports. disappointing but we will see how this plays out. the club have suspended henry, our sports correspondentjoins us.
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the club have suspended henry, our sports correspondent joins us. what exactly has been said today? this stems from an e—mail that was allegedly sent by tony henry to a players agent and a senior west ham official in which he outlined the clu b official in which he outlined the club did not wish to sign any more african players. the daily mail obtain this e—mail and are reporting they confronted him and asked about this and he confirmed the club did not want to sign any additional african players in his words they caused mayhem when they were not in the team and had a bad attitude. furthermore he said the club management were aware of this, west ham were swift to react to this today, they said they had no intentions of ever being discriminatory and that was not the case that they were an inclusive clu b case that they were an inclusive club and they did not discriminate on any grounds of gender, sexual orientation or nationality or race. they suspended tony henry and say that conducting a full enquiry and
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they will not say more until it is completed. the fa are investigating this matter, there has been a widescale reaction from the world of football, the pfa have condemned the reported comments saying it has no place in football for such views and some of the players themselves from west ham, some of the african players have tweeted and been on social media today giving their views as well so this will go on from here, the fa conducting their enquiry and the club looking into the matter. it could prove a pivotal night in the women's super league this evening — chelsea ladies host manchester city women as the top two teams face off. our women's football reporter jo currie will be watching this one for us at kingsmeadow. jo — is this one too close to call? yes, these teams are in cracking form so far this season. both are
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unbeaten in the league although manchester city do have the 2—point narrow advantage at the top of the table. when these sides meet it tends to be fast and furious but we do not always get an awful lot of goals, they lust that 2.5 weeks ago in the semifinals of the continental cup. manchester city won that 1—0 and we will hear from the city boss but first i asked the chelsea ladies boss what she thought of her team had learnt from that defeat. we will soon find out come kick—off but the players have ta ken soon find out come kick—off but the players have taken tremendous responsibility in the last week or ten days and i expect to see the right response for them and hopefully the things we have learnt we can put into practice and if we do that i have no doubt we have the belief and character to win the game. we both have immense respect for each other and for the improvements we have made over the four years i have been manager. i
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have seen chelsea grow immensely so it becomes a real challenge and almost a rivalry in who wants to be the best team in england, it is not a grudge was —— match there was a lot of respect there. the new england women's manager phil neville is going to be here watching this evening and he will have plenty to make notes on because 12 of the current england women's squad are due to start this match and if you like to follow the action tune into five live sports extra from 7pm because be updates throughout the evening. we look forward to that. it should be a cracker. uk sport have announced that millions of pounds will be invested into new sports like para taekwondo and karate, and for athletes with strong potential to win medals at the tokyo olympics in 2020. there's also a partial reprieve for some sports that originally lost theirfunding... including badminton — with certain athletes getting a slice of the 2.5 million pounds. with sports that are small and new
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sports and investment decisions are announcing we are focusing on a new approach to have a medal support plan for the next games because a sport like karate is only confirmed to the next games sony to focus on talent now, an opportunity to wrap the right support around the athletes to get into the games and give them an opportunity to be great medallists. uk sport have recognised potential said gets a of backing from them is only positive news. and for you, chris, a confidence boost, a belief in what you achieved? we have always had it ourselves but having backing from uk sport we have worked hard and kept things together and to get that medal and all our ha rd and to get that medal and all our hard work rewarded by uk sport is positive steps. climbing is one of the sports which will receive national lottery
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support as they enter the olympic and paralympic programme for the first time, and our sports correspondentjoe wilson went to investigate just what the sport entails. a demonstration, 25—year—old sean cox c is consistently the best sports climber in the world. now she isa sports climber in the world. now she is a fully lottery funded athlete heading to the olympics. prepare for much more of this. i think people below is be hesitant with change but at the same time climbing is a new sport that will reach more people in different ways. it is a sport that catches people for different reasons, it is very different to the traditional sports and i think that is what is exciting about it. climbing walls are springing up all over the country and the idea it is elite sport but also accessible. we might even see a sports minister of one of these. tracy crouch, this is bouldering one of three climbing
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disciplines that will combine for the olympic event and the minister isa the olympic event and the minister is a big fan. it is a fantastic crossover sport, something that absolutely builds strength and fitness for children of all ages and this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase that. i can hear the traditional sports so what is this, climbing we have to fund. climbing is part of tokyo 2020, they took that decision is part of their olympic plans and we have an opportunity here to showcase the best talent at tokyo, it is only right to be funded. aim high, lands safely in the olympics as in politics it is an abiding principle. the new super league season kicks off injust an hours' time, with defending champions leeds rhinos taking on warrington wolves, whilst challenge cup holders hull fc are at home to the huddersfield giants. adam wild takes a look at what to expect. leeds rhinos the 2017 super league
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champions, it is an amazing night and an amazing ten. it is only a few months on from leeds stunning triumph in the grand final but now the hard work starts all over again. even in that short time rugby league looks a different place above the champions the aim remains the same. for us our goal is to be successful asa for us our goal is to be successful as a group. a lot of teams will be challenging for this year. tonight they take on one of last years big disappointments, warrington with a new coach looking to put behind them a season of underachievement. what has happened in the past has happened, well focused on the now and it is exciting times for the clu b and it is exciting times for the club going forward. there has been little rest, the world cup in australia was their showcase, no one
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catching the eye more than england at huddersfield'sjermaine mcgillvary. mcgillvary and huddersfield start against hull fc you're looking to finally ten years into super league success. we are there and sustaining that and surpassing that is what you are working towards. hull are joined by the nearest and not so dearest hull kingston rovers, returning after a brief absence but now with someone who knows what it takes to reach the top. i have really enjoyed it so far, i'm looking forward to getting out on the field. danny mcguire as a leeds player was man of the match over castleford tigers, bitter blow for them after an extraordinary year. we moved on, we focused on what is ahead of us, tough challenge, everything i have seen from the players is there but had to
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go. 2018 males to see major changes to the way the sport is run in this country, with the likes of saint helens and wigan also looking to return to former glories it will be on the pitch with real excitement. there's no andy murray and now kyle edmund is set to miss great britain's davis cup tie against spain in marbella which starts tomorrow. edmund sustained a hip injury during last week's australian open semifinal defeat, and he did intend to play in the tie — he's not been named in any of the first singles or doubles rubbers. alistair bruce ball is in spain with more details... what it means is davis cup debuts for 22—year—old cameron norrie and 2a—year—old liam broady who have barely paid a competitive top—level match on outdoor play between them in their careers, brody will start things off against ramos and norrie will follow him in court in the opening day singles against the world number 23, roberto bautista. both players have nothing to lose
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under pressure is on their opponents because they are significant favourites in the tie and captain agrees. they will be on the main tour at some point in the future, i have been impressed by their workrate, they both have closed mindsets which is great to see and they are absorbing everything in the tea m they are absorbing everything in the team and getting to be around jamie and kyle who are banking experience. it'll be good for them. another stepping massive challenge but if they are serious about what they want to go which i they are this is really good for them. how difficult a cool is that, as leon had to hold you back from playing in the thai? not too much. it is my decision because i know my body better than anyone else and what i'm feeling. i know what it is to go and play best—of—5 sets against any other spanish players on clay is a tough ask and you have to be ready to do it. if great britain lose the tie they will face a relegation play—off
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in september to stay in the world gi’oup in september to stay in the world group and if you want to watch the tennis there on court at 10am tomorrow morning, coverage starts on the red button and online at 9:a5am and there will be coverage on bbc two from 1pm. the chief executive of the scottish fa has stepped down. it comes just weeks after the sfa failed to tempt northern ireland manager michael o'neill to take over the national side. the statement when it came announced the resignation of the scottish fa's chief executive. those headwinds was strong at times
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including dealing with the demise of rangers old holding company and its controversies strip it was also responsible for the recruitment of gordon strachan and after two failed qualifying campaigns the decision to let him go. reagan also presided over the appointment of malky mackay as performance director at the scottish fa, his failure to persuade the northern ireland manager michael o'neill to take over as scotland boss left him exposed to major criticism. unfortunately his time at the helm will be looked upon by the majority as being one that is negative although without wanting to there are things he has done which are positive in the permit system
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that has been brought in is positive for the teams at the lower end. the big decisions and the big topics i think the fans feel as if things have not been done right. think the fans feel as if things have not been done rightm think the fans feel as if things have not been done right. it is no surprise to me. over the years he has been under a lot of scrutiny and there is one thing the chief executive is always good to split opinion but there has been a number of issues throughout his time in charge and i think recently the final nail in the coffin for him has been the handling of the michael o'neill management position and the summer o'neill management position and the summer friendlies. his resignation leaves the sfa in a sort of limbo, no chief executive, no national team manager and uncertainty about whether the scottish fa will stay at hampden park or move to murrayfield. we're into the last stages
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of cricket's big bash in australia, and they'll be some english representation in the women's final. natalie sciver hit 38 as her perth scorchers side came past sydney thunder by 27 runs in the semifinal in perth. the men's perth scorchers team came up short in their semifinal, despite the efforts of former england bowler tim bresnan. he picked up two wickets against hobart hurricanes and top scored with the bat...when he managed to keep hold of it that is! but the hurricanes, who have young starlet jofra archer in their side, proved too much, winning by 71 runs. bresnan the last man out for a3. 28 russian athletes have had their olympic life bans overturned, the international olympic committee says it may have a serious impact on the fight against doping. that is all from us. plenty more sport throughout the evening on bbc news.


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