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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 2, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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coming up on this programme: why the lifting of lifetime bans for 28 russian athletes could have serious consequences in the fight against doping. it's first blood to barcelona in their copa del rey semi—final against valencia. and australian open champion caroline wozniacki drops just one game as she cruises through to the quater—finals in st petersburg. welcome along. 28 russian athletes have had their lifetime bans overturned by the court of arbitraition for sport, in a case which could have far reaching consequences in the fight against doping. it could now pave the way for legal action, as they attempt to fight to join other russian athletes who've been cleared to compete as neutrals at the winter olympics in pyongchang. olivia crellin reports. olympic athlete from russia. that's
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the official title of the 169 athletes who have arrived to compete in this month's pyeongchang winter olympics in south korea as so—called neutral athletes. it is a result of last yea r‘s neutral athletes. it is a result of last year's international olympic committee ban on russia that followed a long investigation into what they concluded was an unprecedented systematic manipulation of the anti— doping system at the 2014 sochi winter olympics. a whistleblower from the head of the anti— doping laboratory in russia revealed how dirty samples had been swapped for clean ones. but today the court of arbitration for sport has reopened the issue, upholding 28 appeals and partially upholding 28 appeals and partially upholding the remaining 11. the arbitrators unanimously found that the evidence moved forward by the ioc in relation to this matter did not have the same weight in each individual case. this does not mean
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that these 28 athletes are declared innocent, but in that case due to insufficient evidence the appeal is upheld. as a consequence, declared athletes have had their lifetime bans revoked. sanctions annulled and the individual results achieved in sochi reinstated. the ioc expressed both its satisfaction and disappointment at the upholding of 11 partial bans and the 28 successful appeals. this may have a serious impact on the future fight against doping. therefore, the ioc will analyse the recent decisions carefully once they are available and consider the consequences, including an appeal to the swiss federal tribunal. but for now the announcement is federal tribunal. but for now the announcement is a federal tribunal. but for now the announcement is a sweet victory for both the russian state, which has repeatedly denied any involvement in the doping, and for those cleared. translation: we have waited for the decision for a long time and we were hoping forjustice and it has
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prevailed. it's a matter of my life, what i do, and when you are accused like that it's very unpleasant and everything falls apart. we will hope we still make it to these olympic games. but with the games only one week away and the deadline to register past, that looks unlikely. history will be made in pyeongchang, with nigeria becoming the first african nation to enter a bobsleigh tea m african nation to enter a bobsleigh team at the games. our sports news correspondent has been to meet the women's team as they got their final preparations under way at their training camp. we are the nigerian women's bobsleigh team. we are the first tea m bobsleigh team. we are the first team from the country of nigeria. the first country from the continent of africa. and the first team to be represented in the winter olympics in bobsleigh... represented in the winter olympics in bobsleigh. .. in represented in the winter olympics in bobsleigh... in pyeongchang! they
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are known as the ice blazers, going where no african has gone before. heading to a bobsleigh track at the olympics. the opening ceremony will be really cool. we will be like, gosh, we are carrying the nigerian flag ina gosh, we are carrying the nigerian flag in a winter olympics! gosh! born in america, like her teammates she qualifies the nigeria through her parents and it all began in her garage in houston, with a home—made wooden sled. get up! it is bobsled time! the exploits of the american men's team at the calgary olympics inspired a hollywood movie. comparisons are inevitable. it's very honourable to say the least. to say that we are on that same path of what people consider to be let in derry is really humbling and an
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honour to receive. just over one year ago, she recruited to teammates who take it in turns to sit kind of drive. they knew nothing about the sport and its risks. —— sit behind the driver. after going to whistler, it was like a this sport is dangerous. people can get seriously hurt. behind the excitement and the global exposure is a group of women who have no desire to be considered a novelty act. rank outsiders, yes, but they want to be taken seriously in their bid to set a new benchmark for africa at the winter olympics. people didn't think we had a chance to make it at the olympics, so when you talk about things like that, anything can happen and we are here to compete. the key note they are unlikely to become the first africans to stand on a podium at a winter games, but they also know the olympics is about more than just medals. we will keep you updated on their progress. barcelona are in pole position to reach a fifth consecutive copa del rey final, as they saw off
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valencia 1—0 at camp nou in their semi—final first leg. despite dominating possession, it wasn't until midway through the second half that luis suarez found the net with a diving header. despite being the club record signing, philippe coutinho is getting no privileges. no start for him, brought on as a sub in the second half. the second leg is next thursday. fresh from her austraian open triumph, caroline wozniacki dropped just one game as she beat russian youngster anastasia potapova at the st petersburg ladies' trophy on thursday. the world number one picked up a 6—0, 6—1victory to set—up a quarter—final clash with another young russian daria kasatkina, who defeated france's alize cornet. potapova fired 17 winners to wozniacki's 16 but was undone by unforced errors, hitting 31 during the match. this sunday marks one of the high points on the american sporting calendar.
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i'm talking of course about the superbowl. the game is being played in minneapolis. the two teams to make this year's big game are boston and philadelphia, two cities that are steeped in history, rich in culture, and populated by obsessive fans. mat morrison explains. we are going to minnesota! this year the super bowl hit the city of brotherly love against this town. this guy against, well, that life. yes, both philadelphia and boston are known for their rabid fans, sometimes too much so. i'm ready for the super bowl! and philadelphia, a team of self—described crisco cops, have greased up the city's like —— lightbulbs. in philadelphia who got up lightbulbs. in philadelphia who got up twice in different weekends. for
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patriots' fans it is the success that runs people the wrong way. appearing in eight of the last 17 super balls will do that to you. philadelphia where is the face of the underdog. dog masks have reportedly sold out on amazon. and as the philadelphia fan, the food is all about cheese sticks. in boston, clu b all about cheese sticks. in boston, club chowder. all of this rivalry on and off the field is a shame because the two cities actually have a lot in common. both are east coast ports it is founded on the 1600s, when the area was just a collection of british colonies. boston, the scene of the famous tea party, philadelphia hosting the signing of the declaration of independence. both cities have a number of famous buildings. in the end there can be only one winner and there is more than just only one winner and there is more thanjust a only one winner and there is more than just a foot or game at stake. there's also a wager between the mayors of and massachusetts, a town
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near boston and the home of real—life boxer rocky. the winning city gets to dress the other rocky statue in the team's colours. philadelphia fans would rather not. so now it is the patriots versus the eagles. all that's left to do is play a game of football. a different type of preview. a different type of preview. a second straight test from the silver has thwarted bangladesh. and the— were bowled outjust after lunch. shall i do are in a co mforta ble lunch. shall i do are in a comfortable position at stumps now. and finally the leaders in the ocean race have arrived ahead of the fifth stage. mapfre whether first to port. next up for the fleet is an import
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race on saturday before they depart on monday for auckland. that's all your sport for now. stick with the website and we will be back in the next hour. goodbye. hello once again. it was quite a windy day, to say the very least, on thursday — and coming from a pretty cold direction, from the north and north—west. the wind probably at its strongest across parts of scotland, especially across northern and western shores. there was some disruption to ferries. the only difference i can see about the wind on friday is that there'll be less of it. the isobars just that little bit further apart. it may not seem that way first up along the eastern shores of england where you have a combination of quite a stiff north and north—westerly breeze, and also quite a supply of showers as well. those tending to lose their oomph as we get on through the day. out towards the west, maybe even some of these showers through western wales and the south—west will also
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lose their intensity. elsewhere, it's a really decent day. plenty of sunshine but not, again, overly warm if you're exposed to that breeze. temperatures dipping away under clear skies until we bring cloud in, in association with a weather front from the atlantic. this is going to be the major feature of interest, certainly from a meteorological point of view, on saturday. if only because we're not quite sure how far east it's going to go, some of it wants to go that way, some of it wants to come this way. other portions of it mayjust go round and round as it forms a little low centre somewhere along its length. and where it stops going eastward is really quite important because, if you don't get all of the weather on at this front, you'll end up with a dry day, maybe even a bit of sunshine there. but on its eastern flank, because it's so cold, the moisture will turn to snow, particularly over the higher ground, i suspect. wherever it stops going eastwards, i think it is going to be all over cardiff. no great issues, france versus ireland in paris. the more westerly fixtures here affected by that rain.
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possibly a little bit of sleet and snow getting over the pennines, and the eastern fixtures in scotland, again i'm not promising that everybody is going to stay dry by any means at all. less in the way of rain or snow on sunday. there will be some snow showers coming down on this noticeable north—easterly wind into the far south—east. best of the sunshine — scotland and into northern ireland. and, if you're heading as far as italy for england's fixture on sunday, well, there really won't be many issues with the weather there, we suspect. so, the weekend — a real mishmash. the rain and snow come sunday will eventually ease across many parts, but it will remain cloudy and there will be that cold wind. monday is very much more straightforward until we bring more moisture from the atlantic. and tuesday's weather's going to be really tricky because there could be quite significant amounts of snow right across the heart of the british isles. stay up to date on the forecast for that one. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my
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name is mike embley. our top stories: the british prime minister holds talks with the chinese president — they discuss trade, the environment and north korea. the reality of life in china's xinjiang province — our reporter finds out what it's like to live under a huge security operation. china is building a total surveillance state. it is a place where saying, doing, or even thinking the wrong thing can get you locked up in an internment camp. american actor robert wagner is declared a "person of interest" in an investigation into the death of his wife. and making history — nigeria's bobsleigh team become the country's first athletes to qualify for the winter olympics.
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