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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  February 3, 2018 5:30am-6:00am GMT

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the latest headlines: the us congress has published a republican memo that accuses the fbi of abusing its powers to spy on president trump's election campaign. mr trump says the document tells a disgraceful story. democrats claim the memo is an attempt to discredit the investigation into russian interference in the election. there was a disruption during the sentencing of the former team doctor of the american gymnastics team, larry nassar, who's been found guilty of sexually abusing girls in his care. randall margraves, whose three daughters were victims, apologised. thejudge said she would not punish him. as many as 90 migrants are feared drowned after a smuggler‘s boat capsized off the east coast of libya. the bodies of ten people have been recovered so far. only three people have been rescued. coming up at six o'clock, it's breakfast with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. but first on bbc news, the travel show. is fill in but i had always reckoned
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the oil—rich abu dhabi, the hear me leave, it was never that interested in attracting tourists is, unlike its flashy neighbour dubai, for example. but on this trip, i think i might have to revise that opinion. because abu dhabi seems to be upping its game, especially in the cultural sta kes. its game, especially in the cultural stakes. on my journey, its game, especially in the cultural stakes. on myjourney, i am going to experience world—renowned architecture like the new louvre museum, and find out how traditional local musical instruments are being revived. but i will also be exploring both urban and desert landscapes to get a sense of how this emirate is making the most of its unique environment. abu dhabi is entering a new phase in
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its breakneck speed development. is its breakneck speed development. is it really going to reach the heights as must see tourist destination in its own right? it is hard to believe abu dhabi was just a fishing village only a few decades ago. in 1971, the united arab emirates became a nation and its dominant stakeholder has always been abu dhabi, led by a family, thanks largely to huge oil revenues. and when it opened in 2007, this impressive white marble edifice became a spiritual landmark. abu dhabi's grand mosque, brands in
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ambition, grand in scale, and grand in design. and when it was finished a decade ago, it became this emirate‘s calling card to the rest of the world. —— brand in ambition —— brand. now, when they made this mosque, they were making a statement, wednesday, about abu dhabi? absolutely. what were they trying to say? i think when people think about the united arab emirates and the middle east, the first city that comes to your mind is definitely dubai. i think after we built this mosque and it was the vision of his late highness, he knew that this was going to be the icon that this was going to be the icon
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that would ring people to abu dhabi and ensure the true message of the middle east. 10,000 visitors come here every day. inside, up to 40,000 worshippers can be accommodated on key days in the islamic calendar. just look at the details of every single part of the mosque. it is absolutely beautiful. the carpet is from iran. you have the chandeliers upper baa—baas. —— up above us. in fact, this is the largest handknotted carpet in the world and this cold chandelier is one of the biggest in the world. islam is regarded here as a living, breathing faith, with verses from the koran the inspiration for the design and architecture here. what i wanted to know from imam is the grand vision
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in abu dhabi really includes eve ryo ne in abu dhabi really includes everyone who lives here, like the expat community and the migrants are working relatively low paid jobs. after all, them at his own in the minority here. just look around you, you find a lot of people from all over the world in all different backgrounds who come here and make this place home. the us always sell the american dream, there is the emma rossi dream. believe it or not, the emma rossi dream is definitely leaving a great quality standard of life and, of course, living amongst people from all over the world. this is definitely the emma arty dream. —— emirati dream. there have been other large—scale construction projects, on saadiyat island, art galleries and museums, including quite possibly the most
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prestigious art brand in the world, which has just opened prestigious art brand in the world, which hasjust opened its doors. for a decade now, the grand mosque has been abu dhabi's most popular tourist location, and till this astonishing creation came along. —— until. the louvre abu dhabi houses a rtefa cts o n until. the louvre abu dhabi houses artefacts on loan from paris, and others bought and permanent. from ancient pieces to african sculptures, facing european masterpieces from every era. while contemporary arabic at shares space with chinese culture. —— —— art. contemporary arabic at shares space with chinese culture. -- -- art. it is the universal museum, it is museum that takes you through
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different cultures and similar stations in contact with each other. to me, walking to the gallery is walking to time and seeing what is happening in different cultures at the same moment. there is a medina 01’ the same moment. there is a medina or arabic village feel to the layout and as for the architecture here, well, it is all about geometry and light. it isa it is a dime, symbolising islamic architecture, but as you can see, there are eight layers up there that allows the light to filter through and come down as you can see it, with what the architect calls the reign of light. so, this whole display of the museum is in so, this whole display of the museum isina so, this whole display of the museum is in a way representing who we are, because we have always been in the middle of this region. the golf resort has been a connection of trade in different civilisations, so
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going through this narrative allows you to capture the essence of who we are, the essence of who the uae is today. and the museum is yet to reveal its most publicised exhibit, a 500—year—old painting of christ which recently achieved the highest auction price for any work of art, by the very same artist who created this, leonardo da vinci. so basically, the chances are that the world's most expensive painting is going to be in this room, possibly in this very spot. at 400 million... exactly who bought the painting for nearly half $1 billion has been shrouded in some mystery. reports claimed it was a saudi billionaire prince, the louvre people tell me it was the abu dhabi government. either way, it will be on display very $0011. way, it will be on display very soon. watch this space, literally. playing the cultural card here is
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not just about splashing cash playing the cultural card here is notjust about splashing cash on famous international brands and collections, there are indigenous art forms that are being revived, like traditional arabic instruments. in this academy, 60 students of all ages are learning how to play this instrument. the ood. it is related to the european route and
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