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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 3, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. our latest headlines. a conservative—led council in northamptonshire, which has imposed emergency spending controls, has said it's been donald trump takes to twitter to claim a controversial memo proves he is innocent of colluding with alleged russian involvement in the presidential election. it's emerged tonight that two more women have reported harvey weinstein to the met police over allegations of sexual assault. after getting caught in a scuffle with protesters last night, jacob rees—mogg has stepped up his attack on the treasury accusing civil servants of "fiddling the figures" on brexit. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday, with me holly hamilton.
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a debut goal for arsenal's record signing pierre emerick aubameyang... but aaron ramsey steals the headlines with a hat tick against everton. tributes and tears as west brom remember cyrille regis and manchester united commemorated the 60th anniversary of the munich air disaster. kilmarnock enjoy their first win over celtic in nearly six years, as brendan rodgers suffers only his second domestic defeat at the club. also coming up in the programme. doubles trouble for great britain as spain take a 2—1 lead in their world group tie. and australia get off to a flyer in the t20 tri series, beating new zealand by seven wickets they'll face england on wednesday morning. what a start to the six nations
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campaign. earlier we saw wales claim a stinging victory over scotland in cardiff. but there was plenty of drama still to come in paris, it all came down to the final seconds of the game and a stunning performance from johnny sexton who finished what he had started to clinch victory with a last gasp drop goal from the half way line. in the six nations france have been left trading on mystery when the smoke clears who knows what will emerge? perhaps magic, perhaps a disappearing actment ireland prefer more reliable plans. get on—egyptian sex on the to get them. points were outnumbered by bruises. solid from ireland, turgid for the viewer, sexton kept the irish ahead
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but they never got clear. dragged into a dog fight on the greasy ground. ground. what they hadn't counted on with a frenchman with greyhound pace. teddy thomas tore through ireland's carefully laid plan. france were ahead. time was short. enough left to give them a chance to make sure. this penalty would have put them four points clear, france, remember are would have put them four points clear, france, rememberare never predictable. the gap was stilljust one, the clock was past 80 minute, any error from either side could mean the game. ireland looked for certainty, they looked for sexton. it looks good. he likes it. and ireland have stolen the game right at the death. sometimes the reliable can be spectacular.m right at the death. sometimes the reliable can be spectacular. it was one of those moment i was happy i got another chance. i had to kick to got another chance. i had to kick to go two scores leer clear, the last
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moment something caught my eye. hgppy moment something caught my eye. happy to get another chance to get the victory for the boys who worked so the victory for the boys who worked so hard for the last two week, all other goals would have crumbled if we had lost. it is great to be in the position after the away win. after flying high in the autumn, gregor townsend's side travelled to the prinicipality stadium in hope of beating wales for the first time in ten years. instead, the hosts were ruthless claiming a bonus point win and bursting scotland's bubble. 0ur correspondent joe wilson was there. the scottish players a couple of minuteses after the end of the game must be wondering what had happened. how can hay go from beating australia, to being overwhelmed by wales here in cardiff. i think maybe they were guilty of perhaps trying too much too early. trying to be too creative, but not getting through the phases, wales missing so many players, made everything about home advantage here in cardiff count.
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the six nations is designed to stir you. but does it inspire or overwhelm? josh adams was making his debut for wales here. steady now! if you get a chance, snatch it. interception. opportunity for wales. scotland could see their prematch optimism disappearing after six minutes, as gareth davies reached the line. wales led 14—0 at half—time. scotland tried the fancy stuff and failed. wales did basics brilliantly. leigh halfpenny scored two tries. who saw this coming? well, not the scotland coach. now, the welsh flourish to finish. four tries in a match means a tournament bonus point. at its best, rugby is power, pace and agility. in other words, steff evans. 34—7 final score. england next. had happened. how can hay go from beating australia, to being overwhelmed by wales here in
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cardiff. i think maybe they were guilty of perhaps trying too much too early. trying to be too creative, but not getting through the phases, wales missing so many players, made everything about home advantage here in cardiff count. it is funny how emotions and optimism and pessimism can change after one match. so let us get some post match reaction after that welsh victory. we have trained well in the last two weeks and i said to the players i think we'll better them. we took what we have been doing on the training pitch and been clinical, and we went out and produced a good performance. i am proud of the way the guys have played, but the way they have trained for the last couple of weeks, there was a quiet confidence in the squad. they put their heads down and played pretty well. it was a very open game in the first 15, 20 minutes, probably too open for both teams, and we didn't make the most of the ball we had, because it was probably the best way of attacking and getting behind the defence, and those mistakes gave wales confidence, and from that, once they went two
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tries up they looked like they were into their game much easier than we were. there is a long way to go in the six nations of course, but when you win your first match so convincingly, suddenly, everything seems possible. plenty of more premier league action. a few managers probably wanting to show off their new purchases. yes. we have some good games in the premier league. mkhitaryan, a new signing for arsenal having a hand in that early aaron ramsey goal against everton. koscielny headed in a second. this was after 13, 14 koscielny headed in a second. this was after 13, 1a minutes, very co mforta ble. was after 13, 1a minutes, very comfortable. aaron ramsey again with the third, that is his second, big deflection but he will take that, and then they scored again, before half—time, the big one, 0biang, the big signing this week, he started,
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despite illness that we heard about in the run—up to this game, scoring on his debut, aaron ramsey with the fifth. everton have pulled one back, but by then the game had gone. aaron ramsey the 20th arsenal player to score a hat—trick. that is more than any other premier league club. a good end to the week for arsenal. let us look at the top of the table. even though jose mourinho let us look at the top of the table. even thouthose mourinho conceded that this week that it is hewn lick any club is going to be able to cash manchester city no—one seemed to tell burnley that. they held city to a one all draw. ok, so manchester city, supreme so far this season, but could they do it on a cold wet afternoon in burnley? they showed their commitment to prove that early on. captain kompany going close, and colliding with the home goalkeeper. but with the effort came the execution. danilo is a defender. it doesn't matter. and while the strong start continued, city only remained ahead thanks to their goalkeeper.
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before sterling had the chance to really cement his side's dominance, and the managerfelt that would be costly — and he would be right. not at first though, ederson again magnificent, denying lennon a debut goal, while at the other end sterling's afternoon continued to be anything but sterling. what a miss. it was the cue for burnley to punish the league leaders. they hung on in this game and just eight minutes from the end of it, they were equals again. so, while city can do it almost in any weather, any day, at any time, that wasn't quite the case on a cold wet afternoon in burnley. that was talk point of the game. they are. the lead down to just 13
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point, pep guardiola won't lose too much sleep about dropping point, wa nt much sleep about dropping point, want he may be concerned is about is missing some of those chance, we saw sterling there, really one of the misses of the season. if anyone is losing sleep, i suspect it might be him this evening. for burnley, a really good draw for them, having been behind, such is manchester city's dominance this season, anyone who picks up points against them has had a very good day. let us get some reaction from that match. what they have done this season is amazing, the way they play. we control it perfect. my feeling is we control it perfect. my feeling is we control it, but we were able to score again. maybe we would have been easier but when this happens it is normal so they a good team, in that situation, but we control it good. i was really pleased. it is a side that are top class, we know that, we have been beaten before them in two previous game, we had to change
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something. we wanted to go long and strong and into that back—line, we didn't play with the quality needed, we had a great chance and a great chance for a corner they didn't have nuech for a team of their quality. second half they started really well and we had to keep our shape. row are not going to dominate these game, you have to do all the ugly stuff, the diligence, the shape, which we did, kept them as minimal as we could and we grew into the gamel as we could and we grew into the game i thought. there was a sombre start to manchester united's game against huddersfield town with united commemorating the 60th anniversary of the munich air disaster. players were wearing black armbands, fans received a commemorative book and a minute's silence was observed before kick off. united had to wait. they had several
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penalty shout, they had to be patient, they were, the goal did dully come. that man there lukaku got the first, the second, that is the one the fans at old trafford we re the one the fans at old trafford were waiting for, sanchez, with his first goalfor the were waiting for, sanchez, with his first goal for the club. a co mforta ble first goal for the club. a comfortable afternoon for united. united. 2—0 winners in the end. they barely had to get out of second gear. let us hear whatjose mourinho had to say. i guess we had round probably 80% of ball possession in the first half, but, it was not enough to score a goal, in the second half we kept doing basically the same. the ball arrived and with 1-0i the same. the ball arrived and with 1-0 i felt the same. the ball arrived and with 1—0 i felt the game was totally controlled, our defensive live was —— line was far from the dangerous areas, then the second goal killed the game. emotional day as west brom celebrated the life of cyril regis in their first home gaem since he died. ron atkinson, dion dublin and former player and manager at west brom bryan robson. fans of both teams then held scarves aloft for cyrille in an emotional tribute... for all the black people of my age
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that played football professionally, semi pros, cyrille regis was the one. if i'd been cyrille regis, i think i would have been tempted to just walk away from it all. the best way to deal with all that rubbish that he had to put up with, the only way really, was to be brilliant. a difficult day for them and on the pitch as well. this was a big one, rooted down at the bottom of the premier league, a big game also for southampton, they have gone several without a win, west brom did take the lead early on. then three goals
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for southampton put them in control. west brom pulled one back in the second half but it wasn't going to be enough. west brom have got a lot to do to turn their season around. a really good result for southampton, having gone into that one 13 games without a win, they have got that, so without a win, they have got that, $03 without a win, they have got that, so a good afternoon for them. leicester city without mahrez, he went leicester city without mahrez, he we nt awo l leicester city without mahrez, he went awol during the transfer window, did they miss him today? that saga continue, he has been missing from training for three or four days after that move to manchester city fell through. i suspect the players would have been desperate to prove they can do it without him. vardy put them ahead, but swansea, they have some fight, thatis but swansea, they have some fight, that is now seven games in all competitions without defeat. they pulled one back through their captain fernandez, so a good
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afternoon for them, 1—1 the final score. let us look at the rest of the results are. bournemouth against stoke, the results are. bournemouth against sto ke, sto ke the results are. bournemouth against stoke, stoke dropping into the relegation zone. yes, they are in big trouble. they had gone ahead in that one, so good afternoon for bournemouth. the other one brighton beat west ham 3—1. some terrific goals, well worth watching match of day for those. very angry west ham fa ns day for those. very angry west ham fans at the end of that. 3—1 the final score. let us look at the top of the table. manchester city their lead at the top isjust 13 points but those manchester city their lead at the top is just 13 points but those at the top half, all seem to be safe 110w. the top half, all seem to be safe now. yes, you would have to think so, it is turning into a league of two halves now, all the teams at the top are looking comfortable. particularly manchester city. everton and bournemouth are in that category where they should be fine. i think you are right. different
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story at the bottom of the table. it really is very very tight down there, a few wins will take any of those clubs out of that picture, west brom though, a bad defeat for them today, they remain at the bottom. stoke beaten as well. they drop into the relegation zone. well, manchester city might be running away with it at the top of the premier league, but it does seem that there is plenty to play for in the rest of the league. it is terrible when we are saying only 13 points. thank you. it is a similar story in the scottish premiership. but today celtic suffered only their second domestic defeat under brendan rodgers as kilmarnock claimed a 1—0 victory at rugby park. nick parrott was watching. steve clark said his kilmarnock side needed to play a perfect game. given they had only lost once this season he would need luck too. that arrived with boyata limping off with a groin strain and ajer injuring his ankle. celtic were exposed to danger
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when kilmarnock went forward. in the 70th minute they could hold out no longer. mulumbu ending his four year goal drought in style. kilmarnock‘s winless streak goes back further, yet they could have scored more. jordan jones spurning a golden opportunity and mulumbu doing almost everything right. killie would have paid dearly but for mcdonald saving celtic‘s only shot on target in the 90th minute. defeat wouldn't derail brendan rodgers but with the europa tie looming an injury list is what he doesn't want. elsewhere, aberdeen closed to gap at the top of the premiership to just eight points after their 3—0 victory over hamilton. bottom side ross county beat dundee four one.. there were also wins for hearts and hibs while it ended in a draw at fir park between motherwell and partick thistle. tennis now, and britain face an uphill battle in marbella
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to rescue their david cup tie with spain, after losing in the doubles this afternoon. jamie murray and dominic inglot were beaten in straight sets by pablo carreno and feliciano lopez which means britain have to win both singles matches tomorrow to be victorious. sue barker and john lloyd watched the action. john, in the end a disappointing doubles result. i think we felt going into it that jamie murray and dom inglot were the favourites in this match. i thought they were. it can happen. it is a clay court, a tough match. you hope they play at their best. if they lose, they lose. today it wasn't that way. i thought jamie murray played well but dom inglot had a day he would want to forget. he served double faults on crucial points and lopez was the best player on the court. so it is a tough match. lopez and correno busta, they targeted dom a fair bit. that is what you have to do. of course. he was the weak link today. he has played good matches in the past. he was trying to find it,
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they were trying to get him going, jamie and leon smith. almost got it back in the third set, but it was too late. the momentum was with great britain after norrie's victory yesterday. now the momentum has gone to spain and the spanish captain can choose any one out of five. he just needs one win tomorrow. the match was the big one today. i thought we were going to win the tie. i didn't think at the beginning of the match. now spain is a heavy favourite. the way correno busta was playing today i think he will be on for one of those singles. what do you think about leon smith and what he can do? do you any if kyle is fit he would love to get out there. i would love him to play. it would be a boost for the team if he does. i would like him to take on this match. he is about to be our new number one player. let him show what he can do,
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look at what he did at the australian open. i hope he plays. the single matches are tomorrow and you will be able to see them on bbc two at 10.00, we less have live coverage we will have live coverage of the first singles matches. that is tomorrow. cricket next, and england now have an idea what they're up against in the t20 tri series, after australia beat new zealand comfortably in the opening game. austrlia will be the first side eoin morgan's team in hobart on wednesday morning and they will be confident after winning today's rain interrupted match in sydney by seven wickets. stuart pollitt reports. first game an it was new zealand feeling the heat from the start. in sydney. thanks to billy stanlake. he was too quick for munroe, this was undrodge. this was unplayable to dismiss guptill. while the hosts relied on a tall man new zealand looked to a grand home. colin
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degrand home has the fastest strike rate in t20 cricket. despite his unbeaten 38 the kiwis could only post 117—9. surely that wouldn't be enough. rain reduced the target to 95 in15 enough. rain reduced the target to 95 in 15 over, debutante d'arcy short didn't last long and neither did captain david warner. new zealand had a foot hold in the game but big blows from maxwell eased the aussies to victory. 0n but big blows from maxwell eased the aussies to victory. on this evidence england have plenty to fear in this format when the two rivals meet in tasmania next week. britain's evie richards collapsed after living up to her favourite billing by winning the women's under 23 title at the cyclo cross world championships. richards won the title in 2016 and finished third last year. she was carried to the medical tent, but recovered to stand on the podium at valkenburg in the netherlands. ben tulett made it back to back world title wins for britain in the men'sjunior race. he follows tom pidcock who led home a british one two three last year. lee westwood remains in contention
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at golf‘s european tour event in malaysia after carding a two under par 70 in the third round. he goes into tomorrow's final day on 12 under par three shots behind spain's jorge campillo and dylan frittelli of south africa. while scotland's marc warren is one of six players tied in fifth place, that's one shot ahead of westwood who is on 13 under. he carded a third round of 69, which produced 5 birdies, including one on the final hole. horse racing, and there was a big surprise in the race of the day, as former cheltenham festival winner faugheen was beaten in the irish champion hurdle at leopardstown. the nine to ten favourite in the white, had been ahead, but eight to one shot supasundae was the stronger heading home and won by a couple of lengths. the victor, trained byjessie harrington was ridden by robbie power. sunday's super bowl will be one of the coldest in history hosted at the minnesota vikings' ground in minneapolis with temperatures expected of minus 15 degrees celsius.
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the philadelphia eagles are the underdogs, up against the new england patriots, but won't be guaranteed a warm welcome having beaten the minnesota vikings to get here. 0ur reporter caroline barker has her gloves on. anyone would think it is cold. it is, and you can probably tell not just by my breath but the fact there is a ski ramp in the middle of the street. that is what happened when super bowl rolls into town. it will kick off as the new england patriots take on the philadelphia eagles. it will be on record the coldest super bowl sunday. i am talking about temperatures down to minus 25. that won't affect the players, the fans or us, we will be inside. a good job they rebuilt the stadium. the old one the roof collapsed because of the weight of snow. no such problems come super bowl sunday. what do you need to know about the game? perhaps the eagles the underdogs.
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don't mention their name too often. they beat the home side, the vikings to get to the super bowl. as for new england they have been here, done it before, they have that superstar quarterback tom brady. he is going for a record sixth win and six super bowls for his team too. they have the edge, the advantage but the eagles have come back from adversity, they lost their own quarterback in december, they brought in a new guy, he had a wobble but he is now doing the team justice, that is about all you need to know apart from it is so cold. round about 20 minutes is all you need to get frostbite. so perhaps with my fingers still intact i will leave you at that. she looks so cold. 0ur tope 0badeyi. the six nations which began today, ireland snatched what was a remarkable win over france thanks to a brilliant long range drop goal by johnny sexton in the final seconds
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of the game. 15—13 the final score, and wales thrashed one of the favourites, scotland 34—7 in cardiff. in the premier league, and aaron ramsey hat—trick helped arsenal beat everton 5—1 in the end. burnley drew with manchester city whose lead at the top has been cut to just 13 whose lead at the top has been cut tojust 13 points. whose lead at the top has been cut to just 13 points. that whose lead at the top has been cut tojust 13 points. that is whose lead at the top has been cut to just 13 points. that is all from sportsday. more on bbc news throughout the evening. bye for now. in most parts of the country the weather was horrendous, grey, cold, dark, an awful day with outbreaks of rain, sunday, is looking better. this is what we have been dealing with today, you can see this very slow—moving weather front, what does this slow—moving weather front mean? it means once it is over, it stays there, and it is cloudy and drizzly
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and horrible, and the reason it is slow—moving it is stuck between the wind coming out of the east and also this wind from a different direction in western area, what is going to happen, over the next 2a hours, that eastleigh wind is going to win, so we will see predominantly east north—easterly wind developing, when they come from that direction this time of the year it tend to stay cold because the mild air is pushed out into the atlantic, so this is what it looks like first thing on sunday morning, temperatures will be hovering round two or three degree, freezing in some spots am lot of sunshine, the further west and south—west you are, the better, it will be first thing, but notice there are showers there in south—east england, east anglia, into lincolnshire as well and through sunday into monday, some of the showers coming out of the east 01’ the showers coming out of the east or north east on that cold wind, they will turn wintry, so first rain, then possibly hail, sleet and
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then snow, so it will feel cold in then snow, so it will feel cold in the north or south. barely above freezing for most on sunday. here is a closer look. sunday night into monday. some of these snow showers could be substantial so it could be a nice covering in some areas in the south—east and into east anglia, the message is overall, for most of us on monday the weather is looking bright and cold, so snow not for everybody, that is for sure, then, as we head into tuesday, another weather front pushes out the atlantic, so this time, the winds wa nt to atlantic, so this time, the winds want to push in from the north—west, and this weather front could bump into the cold air, so there could be snow in northern and north—west area, so the basic message over the next few days is it going to stay cold. cold enough for snow, not everywhere so just stay attuned to the weather forecast because there could be a few snow showers on the way. this is bbc news.
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i'm vicki young. the headlines at eight... the leader of northamptonshire council, which has had to ban almost all spending, so she warned the government their finances was unsustainable. we've been in what you might call a perfect storm of huge increases in demand for our services at the same time as significant reductions in funding coming from central government. it's emerged tonight that two more women have reported harvey weinstein to the metropolitan police over allegations of sexual assault. six migrants have been injured after a gunman opened fire from a car in the central italian city of macerata. the gunman has been arrested. after getting caught in a scuffle
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with protesters last night, conservative mpjacob rees—mogg accuses the treasury of "fiddling" its figures on brexit.
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