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this is bbc news. i'm shaun ley. the headlines at six: government ministers are more united over brexit than critics claim says the home secretary. two people have been killed and dozens injured after two trains collided with each other in the united states. a fire which killed a man in a care home in hertfordshire is believed to have been caused by an oxygen cylinder exploding. good evening and welcome to bbc news. viewers on bbc one willjoin us shortly for a full round up of the day's news with mishal husain, but before that a couple of stories to bring you. the home secretary amber rudd says the cabinet is more united than some leave—supporting conservative mps think. ms rudd told the bbc‘s andrew marr programme that the tory
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backbencherjacob rees—mogg was "wrong" to accuse the treasury of "fiddling the figures", with forecasts showing the uk would be worse off outside the eu. she also said she was "not intimidated" by brexiteers‘ warnings over the customs union and that the uk government would not "surrender too quickly" in its battle for a "bespoke" trade deal with the eu. two employees of the us train company amtrak have been killed and over 100 people injured in a rail crash in the us state of south carolina. a passenger train travelling between new york and miami collided with a freight train and derailed. earlier i spoke to our correspondent david willis, who said the south carolina governor, henry mcmaster, has been updating the media. he said that this incident occurred involving a passenger train belonging to the national trail
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carrier, amtrak, which had 139 passengers on board and eight crew. and a stationery freight train. the passenger train was headed from new york to miami when the collision occurred. it was shortly after 2.30 in the morning local time. this was near columbia, which is the capital of south carolina. the passenger train he said was travelling at about 59mph and that the two people known to have died were both amtrak employees. now, 116 people, he said, had been taken to hospital. most with minor injuries, some with broken bones. a shelter has been set up broken bones. a shelter has been set up at the scene. and he said that officials from the national transportation safety board, the federal authority here, that looks into these sorts of incidents, was
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on its way to the scene of the crash. the governor did say though that it appeared from his analysis, having been to the scene, that the passenger train was actually on the wrong track when it hit this freight train. in a sense that could give a simple explanation for the accident, but it is the third amtrak collision or derailment in the space of a month. none of them obviously connected, but raising questions about safety? you're right, yes, the governor did say it was time perhaps for a review of passenger safety on board amtrak trains. you mentioned that incident last... last month when an amtrak train carrying republican members of congress killed one person when it collided with a rubbish truck in virginia. thenin with a rubbish truck in virginia. then in december of last year, three
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people were killed when a passenger train derailed in washington state. now, amtrak makes the point that it transports 30 million passengers each year and its safety record is goodin each year and its safety record is good in that regard. but there are those who say that they're averaging about two derailments a month. albeit with minor or no injuries. but there are watchdog groups who say this is not good enough and we have had a call from the south carolina governor for a have had a call from the south carolina governorfor a review of safety. with the prime minister under pressure from conservative critics on brexit, the home secretary says the government will get a good deal. the cabinet is more united than the brexiteers think, says amber rudd, ahead of a crucial few days for the negotiations. we want frictionless trade at the border, we want to make sure there's no border on the island of ireland
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and we want to make sure we can do trade deals outside of the european union, that's the deal we're looking for. mps warn against cuts to the royal marines, saying that will undermine security. sinn fein's policing spokesman is accused of causing criminal damage after removing a parking clamp from his car. and england are triumphant at their opening six nations match in italy. good evening. the home secretary has played down the government's divisions over brexit — at the start of a crucial week in the negotiations. amber rudd said she had a "surprise message" for conservative critics of the prime minister — that the cabinet was "more
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united than they thought". tomorrow the european union's chief negotiator, michel barnier, will be in london for talks. and the cabinet‘s brexit committee will meet later this week, seeking an agreement on the way forward. 0ur political correspondent, eleanor garnier, reports. putting the uk on the world map — last week the prime minister was making friends in china and signing billions of pounds of business deals. but this week it is her own cabinet she needs to win over amid claims of disunity over brexit. cabinet she needs to win over amid claims of disunity over brexitlj have a surprise for the brexiteers, the committee that meets is mo united than they think. we meet for discussion and i think we will arrive at something which suits us all. exactly how we trade with the eu after brexit is a source of division in the tories. some want
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com plete division in the tories. some want complete disentanglement from brussels, others hope to stay close. the home secretary believes the government's priorities are clear. we wa nt government's priorities are clear. we want frictionless trade at the border, no border on the island of ireland and make sure we can do trade deals outside the eu. ireland and make sure we can do trade deal s outside the eu. but it is clear how difficult it will be to get everyone on side. there are tensions with brexit, because difficult people take different views not just difficult people take different views notjust in the conservative party or the labour party. we need a team effort here. so far the prime minister's prevented the decades—old split in the conservative party over europe from spilling out into something more serious. something which could spell a crisis for her government. but with crucial ministerial meetings later this week, to pin down an agreed position, theresa may will finally have to pick a path and which ever
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she chooses, she risks making a large swathe of her party unhappy. but it is notjust a battle at home. winning in brussels is key too. and with more negotiations with the eu this week, the next few days could be pivotal for the this week, the next few days could be pivotalfor the prime minister. mps have warned that cuts to the royal marines would significantly weaken britain's defences. the government, which is reviewing defence spending, is said to be considering axing two thousand marines —— and the royal navy's two amphibious assault ships. daniela relph reports. it isa it is a warning to government over the future of the royal marines. they're among britain's elite fighting forces and provide half the personnel for the uk's special forces. the report says more cuts would affect their ability to be a
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high calibre unit. and cutting ships from which beach assaults are made one militarily ill lit rail. the committee praises the defence secretary. he is under pressure to make cuts against the funding cases being made by other government departments, but faces arguments from military chiefs that defence must be a priority. since 2010, our military has been cut by a third in its cape yabltd. —— capability. if this round of cuts happen it will be cut by half. spending on defence has fluctuated. since 2010 the figure show a decrease, reinforced by austerity measures. defence is now more complex and sophisticated than ever. the head of army warned of
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russia's increasingly powerful and aggressive military. a capability he said the uk would struggle to match. there is also now a technological side that needs resources. they have to put defence up against the wall now to make them deliver the savings that were promised. the mod say the royal marines play a vital role, but it is budget is stretched and in the face of arguments made by other departments, defence is trying to ensure the case for increased funding is heard. an elderly resident has died after an explosion and a fire at a care home at stevenage in hertfordshire. six other residents were also taken to hospital after the incident at woodlands view care home; one is said to be in a critical condition. an investigation is under way into the cause of the explosion.
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a woman's been rescued from a submerged car after she became stranded on a beach on the cumbrian coast as the tide was coming in. the driver was forced to climb on to the top of her vehicle to escape rising sea water between mawbray and beckfoot. she was rescued by silloth lifeboat and treated for hypothermia. sinn fein has confirmed that one of its stormont politicians — who speaks for the party on policing matters — removed a wheel clamp from his car after it was illegally parked in belfast. video footage of gerry kelly taking the clamp off has been posted on social media asjohn campbell reports. gerry kelly represents north belfast in the northern ireland assembly. he's a formerjunior minister and speaks for his party on policing matters. on friday morning, he parked outside his gym in what is clearly marked as a restricted area. what happened next was captured by eyewitnesses. gerry kelly's car is clamped.
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gerry kelly can be seen on the ground, removing the clamp from his car, untangling the chains from around the front wheel. 0n the ground beside them are a pair of what appeared to be bolt cutters. once the clamp is free, mr kelly took it to the back of his car and propped it against the wall. sinn fein said mr kelly then drove off to attend a meeting. the added that the issue is now in the hands of his solicitor and that he would be making no further comment at this time. it's not clear if the other cars parked next to mr kelly were also clamped. before his political role, gerry kelly was a senior member of the ira. five years ago, he was at the centre of another controversy, when he was carried on the bonnet of a police land rover. during an incident in his constituency. both he and the police driver were warned about their conduct. today, his political opponents say he must explain his latest actions. when people are elected
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to the assembly, we sign a pledge of office to comply with a code of conduct that no one should be above the law. so that's why we need these facts to be established as quickly as possible. the police say they are investigating a report of criminal damage to a wheel clamp. at least two people have been killed and 70 injured in a rail crash in the us state of south carolina. a passenger train travelling between new york and miami collided with a freight train in the early hours of the morning and derailed. north and south korea — two nations which remain technically at war — put on an unprecedented show of sporting collaboration when they fielded a joint women's ice hockey team. it played an international friendly against sweden ahead of the winter olympics, which start in south korea on friday. 0ur correspondent laura bicker was there. fierce and determined, the korean players head
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onto the rink to prove they are notjust pawns in a political drama or an experiment in sports diplomacy. they fight hard against high—ranking sweden. willed on by a crowd eager to witness a piece of history and waving the flag of a unified korea. translation: i was so touched, i feel so good because i felt the passion of the players and it felt like we were one together. but this team's formation has been controversial. the south korean hockey coach has had to tell players she has worked with for years that they have lost their spot to make way for north koreans, such as this player. we are not allowed to ask the north koreans any questions at the press conference, but the south korean coach was frank when i asked her about the challenges. translation: any players that have not been with us for the
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last four years, learning our systems and understanding all our team plays, it is difficult. north korean is different different to south korean so for our team meetings it is going through to english, to south korean, to north korean, so the meetings take three times as long. the event feels like a celebration but playing as one team under one flag has not been welcomed by the younger generation in south korea. to them unifying the two countries is a very distant goal. the north korean players will not stay with their team—mates at the athletes‘ village, they will be kept in separate accommodation and watched over by minders. as the olympics draw ever closer, language is not the only barrier this team faces. laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. let's get the sport. good evening. england have started the defence
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of their six nations title with another confident and comfortable win over italy. it was an entertaining performance from eddiejones‘ side as they ran away with a 46—15 victory in rome. patrick gearey watched the action. the faces, the voices change, the results do not. when at home, or in rome, england have always beaten italy. their philosophy demand is that this team forget that and the fa ct that this team forget that and the fact they have only lost once in three years in the six nations. your mind must be fully on the next pass, the first tries. anthony watson scored it. with the next world cup 18 months away england have been trying to establish a cruel streak and with the ruthless instinct of the hunter, watson was over again five minutes later. italy were not simply wounded prey. they find an escape. tommaso benvenuti the getaway runner. england stayed
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further down the road. owen farrell before the break, then another. this is proof that there is space to be exploited, even if this player newly ran out. england will have learnt much themselves, like not to challenge this manta rays. his second try. his team finished with seven. the last one was by jack nowell. 46—15 perhaps more harsh than italy deserved. great britain have been beaten by spain in their davis cup tie. world number 114 cameron norrie couldn't quite repeat his five set match winning effort from friday and lost to albert ramos—vinolas. spain win the tie 3—1 while britain now face a play—off to stay in the world group. joe lynskey reports. the davis cup is where tennis turns tribal.
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it requires a special kind of resilience, but this weekend, new british talent has emerged. cameron norrie. before friday, he had never played beyond three sets, now he was keeping this tie alive. oh, my goodness! the briton recovered from two breaks down to force a first set tie—break. he faced a player ranked almost a hundred places higher. spain's albert ramos— vinolas can finish the important points, but norrie's fightback inspired a greater revival. in the second set, he did notjust respond, he ran away with it. this was becoming a match to define davis cup drama, and norrie was finding barely believable shots. he has got it! how on earth did he win that point? it forced the match to a third set tie—break, another pressure situation, but these are the moments when experience counts.
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ramos—vinolas wins his second tie—break of the match. this is the weekend britain's number three breust the world's best, but spin's strength in depth can match any nation. britain will not be champions but in cameron norrie they find the resilience required for a davis cup player. in the day's early kick off crystal palace and newcastle drew 1—1. mohamed diame had given newcastle the lead but crystal palace equalised to claim a point which moves them up to 14th place and three points clear of the relegation zone. there is just a minute left in the game between third placed, liverpool and tottenham at anfield. mo salah gave liverpool the lead in the third minute, his 20th goal this season. spurs equalised through a fantastic straight through victor wanyama. in the last few seconds, spurs have missed a penalty, while mohamed
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salah has scored again. it is 2—1 liverpool with just a few seconds remaining. the day's sports stories are on the bbc website including england's women start the defence of their six nations title and are tied 7—7 with italy. there's also build up to super bowl lii and results from the fourth round of the fa women's cup. mishal. there's more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel. we are back with the late news at 10:00. hello. you're watching the bbc news channel with mishal husain. research suggests regular churchgoers are more likely to support immigration than people who regard themselves as christian but don't attend services. the study of data from the british social attitudes survey has been carried out by bristol university for bbc local radio. graham satchell reports. sausages, bacon and a warm welcome. this the anglican church of the martyrs in leicester. it's open to everyone, families, students,
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homeless people, migrants. jane has been helping out here for more than a decade. for me, i think it is part of my faith to serve and to encourage people and to help people. some people leave their own country, not out of choice, but because they have to. as a christian, it is about being welcoming, welcoming to the stranger. ebony is just one migrant who has been warmly welcomed. she came to britain from zimbabwe 16 years ago. i found the same christian principles of loving your neighbour as yourself is what they hold here. so it was easy for them to welcome me, because of their christian faith. so surprising then that the vast majority of people who describe themselves as church of england are opposed to immigration. researchers at the university of bristol analysed a series of social attitude surveys. they found that 87% of anglicans think the number of immigrants coming to britain should be reduced. it compares with 77% of people who say the same thing with no religion. church leaders say
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they have work to do. we don't have a great history in this country and the church of england of having welcomed immigrants, way back since the ‘50s and ‘60s. and we still have a long way to go in order to enable, to help to educate congregations to be able to express a more fuller welcome to those who both enter our churches and also come to our country. the study also found a difference between those who go to church every week and those who call themselves christian, but don't go to church. 66% who regularly go to church say migrant numbers should be reduced. whereas it is 86% for those who say they're christian but never attend. the church of england, you know, you go to some of them and it feels like a branch meeting of momentum. david curtain is a ukip member of the london assembly. he is still a committed christian, but stopped going to church after the eu referendum. i was quite shocked at one point, because the vicar of the
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church actually was against brexit and he started using the pulpit to preach against brexit. for people like me, who think, well, it is not so much that i've left the church, but perhaps the church has left me. but aren't christians meant to love your neighbour as yourself? absolutely, but that doesn't mean that you support rapid mass immigration. back in leicester, breakfast is still going strong. so is it possible to be a christian and to be opposed to immigration? richard worsfold is the vicar here. intellectually, i'm sure it's possible for people to make an argument for that, whether i would accept that argument is another matter. there are complex arguments here about cultural attitudes, christian teaching, politics, the difference between economic migrants and refugees, but if the surveys are right, there remains a huge disconnect between hierarchy in the church and the majority of its congregation. darkest hour, a film depicting winston churchill during the war,
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has been nominated for nine baftas and six oscars. the make—up team that transformed gary oldman into the prime minister are among those hoping to win an academy award. brennan nicholls has been to meet one of them. you cannot reason with the tiger when your head is in its mouth. gary oldman's performance in darkest hour has already earned him many accolades and critical acclaim. turning him, though, into britain's wartime prime minister has been hailed as a masterpiece of make—up. gary would come into the bus, we would shave his head, apply the make—up, it takes just over three hours to apply the make—up and the wig, plus including getting into his fat suit and costume, close to four hours for the entire thing. he would then go to set for ten, 12 hours a day filming and we need to be there the whole time to maintain his make—up throughout that. he would then have his make—up removed which takes an hour. and then, once he goes, lucy and i stay for another hour or two. gary oldman convinced kazuhiro tsuji
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to come out of retirement to design the churchill make—up. he had just been working with david on another movie, and it was oldman who asked him to be on set applying it alongside colleague lucy sibbick and it's the three of them that have been nominated for the oscar. extremely proud. it's the bestjob i have done so far to date and i am just so pleased it is getting the recognition it deserves because of the amount of effort myself, kazuhiro and lucy have put into it and the people behind—the—scenes, such a big team involved. we are getting the credit and our names are on the award, but the amount of people in the workshops involved is amazing. we are to receive our reward. the 39—year—old make—up artist has a cv full of blockbusters to his name, but this is his first—ever oscar nomination. but look at the work here, the colour. the broken vein work.
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spending a bit more time prepping, that is why the day was so long, i wanted to make sure i painted all of it perfectly so that they match every day. david flies out to los angeles for the oscar nomination lunch this weekend. then back for the baftas, before heading off to la again for the oscars themselves on the 11th of march for what could be his finest hour. time for a look at the weather with nick miller. hello. the weather showed a sunnier improvement today. there will be sunshine at times in the week ahead, but some fairly wintry weather at times, too. take advantage of the sun when it is out there, as it was in the bristol area for a time today. there have been a few showers dotted about through eastern parts of england in particular, and a keen and cold north—easterly wind. the showers will turn increasingly to snow in parts of east anglia, but especially south— east england as we go through the night. they will come through in bands so not everybody will see one. if you're underneath one
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of these bands of showers, you could see a few centimetres, icy conditions. if you're away from them, you will probably see nothing at all. there is a risk of some disruption from snow showers in parts of south—east england in particular, going into the morning. here is how things look at 8 o'clock in the morning. there may be a few showers dotted about through northern ireland and scotland. rain, sleet, hail possible, a bit of snow on the higher ground, not amounting to too much, but an ice risk with these. some fog patches around. much of england and wales, away from east anglia and the southeast, will be dry, frosty to begin the day, and the keen, cold wind still blowing in across east anglia and the south—east of england, and still with the snow showers to begin with. some will drift the little further west during the day but in the afternoon they will tend to fade away, along with the wind easing as well. many other places will have a fine monday, quite a bit of sunshine, variable cloud around, but temperatures struggling, setting the theme for the week ahead, really. around four degrees for most of us. we look to the northwest at the end of monday,
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a weather system coming in from the atlantic. we know we have got loads of cold air in place across us, so away from the coastline in scotland and northern ireland, as this moves in, during monday evening and night, there will be some snow, giving a covering for many on tuesday morning. by tuesday morning, this will be working into northern england and wales, again with a couple of centimetres in places. this system is weakening all the time as it heads its way south during tuesday. it will tend to fizzle out because of this. a few heavy snow and hail showers follow those later on tuesday, to parts of scotland, northern ireland and wales. a weather front going into wednesday morning still close by south—eastern england and east anglia, so still the risk of some sleet and snow shares, but an improving picture on wednesday before we see another weather system spreading south on thursday, with some cloud and mostly rain around with this one, some sleet and snow to higher ground. a cold week to come, frosty nights, especially during the first half of the week, then some snow.
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