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00:00:00,001 --> 536870762:54:11,179 this 536870762:54:11,179 --> 1073741525:48:22,358 is 1073741525:48:22,358 --> 1610612288:42:33,536 bbc 1610612288:42:33,536 --> 2147483051:36:44,715 news, 2147483051:36:44,715 --> 2684353814:30:55,893 the 2684353814:30:55,893 --> 3221224577:25:07,070 headlines 3221224577:25:07,070 --> 3758095340:19:18,248 at 3758095340:19:18,248 --> 4294966103:13:29,426 midday. scandal involving aid workers in haiti. syrian anti—aircraft fire. the pilots escaped. in the 500 metre event. good afternoon and welcome to bbc
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news. of its staff in haiti. in the caribbean country in 2010. workers involved, some of whom were fired. charities, who were unaware of their past behaviour. 0xfam denies it gave good references for any staff who were sacked. jessica parker reports. an advert from the charity giant, 0xfam.
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said last night... earthquake in 2010. including the use of prostitutes. an enquiry into the claims in 2011. underage girls may have been involved were not proven. to resign as part of the external investigation. —— internal investigation. sexual behaviour going on at oxfam? no, no, no. there would be an investigation.
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board once a quarter. otherjobs in the sector. for its future. executive, mark goldring. public with the incident when it was investigated. been serious misconduct and that we had taken action.
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other activities such as bullying and misuse of oxfam property. and we have taken action. sexual behaviour, did you not say... given the push. that your aid workers had supposedly gone to help? yes, i do see that. in terms of the sensitivity
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on those issues. that is why it would have been better to have said more. which they thought balanced those interests. syrian anti—aircraft fire. and were taken to hospital. drone into its airspace. has been giving us more details about the incident. a military mission sent by the iranians inside syria. military, this drone was many miles from the border with syria. from the border
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with syria. to the jordanian border shared with israel, than the syrian one. in their words, anti—aircraft fire from syria. one of theirjets crashed. but syrian state tv says that it was shot down. the israelis do not use that form of words. two pilot were ejected, and one is seriously wounded.
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in the hague. been stripped of their british citizenship. invited the south korean leader to visit him. visit him. winter olympics as part of the delegation from pyongyang. delegation from pyongyang. with north korea in the hope that sanctions will be more effective. in pyeongchang in south korea. track speed skating. she set an
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olympic record. you are watching bbc news. bangladesh to see at first hand the crisis facing rohingya muslims. began there last august. of the need to resolve the crisis. million rescue support in the uk, to help these refugee. help these refugee. burma, creating conditions for a safe, dignified return. safe, dignified return.
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don't feel safe, and we got to work on that. news coming out of hong kong this lunchtime. lunchtime. an accident involving a double—decker bus. double—decker bus. in hong kong on what is now at the moment, saturday evening. moment, saturday evening. not known what caused the accident but it is clearly very serious one. but it is clearly very serious one. the emergency services are in attendance there. attendance there. martin, who is a bilingual laporta files copy. bilingual laporta files copy. its passengers have been confirmed dead. dead. reach dozens still trapped inside the bus. the bus. it was carrying spectators and workers home from horse racing. and workers home from
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horse racing. lot of the roads are on elevated sections on the hong kong island. sections on the hong kong island. incidents are extremely rare certainly ones involving totality. certainly ones involving totality. july 2003 when a double—decker fell off in an elevated highway. off in an elevated highway. —— the loss he can recall. loss he can recall. that was actually a collision. actually a collision. clearly caused a great deal of injury and sadly 19 deaths. injury and sadly 19 deaths. we will bring you more as we get it. bring you more as we get it. images but those have not been verified as being from the scene.
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verified as being from the scene. we will bring them to you on bbc news. them about a scam involving the apple itunes service. using itunes vouchers bought in high street shops. earlier i spoke to angela macdonald from hmrc. i asked her how widespread this fraud has been. since 2016, about 1500 people have fallen victim to this fraud. customer has been about £1150. £20,000 as part
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of that. out now or there's a warrant your west. —— your arrest. —— yourarrest. —— your arrest. back for an expiration, how is the scam worked? scam worked? told that it's from somebody in hm rc. rc. tax immediately they will go to court. court. sells on the code or buys purchases with them. with them.
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there have. impossible by the fact that many of this is coming from at the uk. this is coming from at the uk. —— outside the uk. outside the uk. possible for retailers to spot it going on? going on? might ask those elderly people why are they making those purchases? are they making
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those purchases? purchasing more than £1000 worth of vouchers, what that was for. vouchers, what that was for. intervention managed to stop that customer from losing their money. intervention managed to stop that customerfrom losing their money. customerfrom losing their money. the last line of defence against these ruthless people? these ruthless people? so they know to distinguish you from the fraudsters? the fraudsters? sufficient information to make sure we are who we say we are. we are who we say we are. yourself you are speaking to the right people. right people. you can get our numberfrom directory enquiries or online.
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directory enquiries or online. that extra safety and security precaution. precaution. you can't pay your tax with it in such a? such a? you can never play your tax with itunes factors. —— with itunes vouchers. that's quite story, you have been warned. let's look at the headlines. scandal involving aid workers in haiti. syrian anti—aircraft fire. the pilots escaped. according to a government minister.
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in the hague. british citizenship. 0ur political correspondent, chris mason, reports. this is tobias ellwood. attack last year. he also lost his brother in a terrorist attack in bali in 2002. el shafee elsheikh. a long—time aid workerfrom perth. for captured
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fighters... guantanamo bay open. to alexander kotey and el shafee elsheikh. in the hands of workers. a "political decision" but an "economic
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necessity". who rely upon their work. for the long—term. the ownership of them. be taken away from us. of visiting north korea. delegation from the north in seoul.
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0ur correspondent, steven mcdonnell is in pyeongchang. to watch the opening ceremony, an impressive sight. impressive sight. that this is going to happen and it will be quite something if it did? absolutely. continues at the winter olympics in pyeongchang. pyeongchang. when there was no north korean team coming to the olympics. coming to the olympics. missile test or something like that to upstage these games.
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to upstage these games. inviting president moon to visit his earliest convenience, the north. earliest convenience, the north. are at the women's hockey game tonight. tonight. korean's leader's a sister, and otherfigures. korean's leader's a sister, and other figures. other figures. is happening here at the winter 0lympics. is happening here at the winter olympics. olympics. vice president mike pence who has left and is on his way home. left and is on his way home. the americans given any official reaction?
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reaction? team appeared in the opening ceremony? ceremony? no, we have not heard from the americans yet. the americans yet. administration will not be happy about it. about it. not to go down this path of further engagement with the north. engagement with the north. ally and decided this opportunity is too good to miss. too good to miss. the north, because the view is that isolation has not work. isolation has not work. they have still develop nuclear weapons. still develop nuclear weapons. the past and that has not stopped them having nuclear weapons. them having nuclear weapons. we will have to wait and see what happens. have to wait and see
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what happens. considering taking up this offer and going to the north for his visit. going to the north for his visit. thank you. as the church faces criticism over how it deals with complaints. death of sexual abuse. here's our religion editor martin bashir. he is at church house in central london. what has been the tone today? weather has turned difficult and we got one umbrella. got one umbrella. i want to protect the camera. it suits you! has been one of immense humility, frankly and listening.
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frankly and listening. archbishop of york, canterbury and the bishop elect of london. the bishop elect of london. sexual abuse in the church of england. england. chichester. he says we speak in the dust of shame. those were his words. explained what the church is doing to address the problem. to address the problem. investment resulting in safeguarding fivefold.
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fivefold. safeguarding lead individual, an official with the diocese. official with the diocese. country has been through training in the area of safeguarding. the area of safeguarding. sexual abuse, it had to prepare for even more challenging times. even more challenging times. but it would also be a route to making progress. making progress. but also a desire to address what is a decade old problem. —— decades old. old. 3300 cases of safeguarding were raised in the church of england. raised in the church of england. just 18% of those involved clergy.
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the rest were individual members of the congregation. the congregation. those are the latest figures we have. have. take on board some of the recommendations that it has had. recommendations that it has had. the last two years, there have been three independent enquiry. three independent enquiry. individual who made allegations against the church. against the church. and now a bishop who has been sent to jail. to jail. there have some attempts move forward. move forward. braving the weather to give that update.
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update. glad management won't take that away from him. after brexit according to the local government association. helps customers understand what's in the products they buy. charlotte gallagher reports. of the food and drink we buy. sugar and salt a product contains. of health in 2013, are voluntary. thirds of products sold in the uk have them. requirement once eu legislation is transferred into british law. eating and drinking.
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britain's obesity crisis. continue to help consumers make healthy choices. charlotte gallagher, bbc news. now for a look at the weather. colder once again. through the course of the afternoon. sunny spells back to northern ireland. before the end of the afternoon. parts of south england. this evening tonight.
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for southern scotland and northern england. there will be ice going into the morning. spreading south—eastwards across the uk as the day goes on. this is bbc news. its work with 0xfam. aid workers in haiti. downing street says 0xfam has serious questions to answer. syrian anti—aircraft fire. and were taken to hospital. to a government
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minister. it's thought the pair were part of a unit that murdered 27 hostages. there's a warning about a new scam involving the apple itunes service. using itunes vouchers bought in high street shops. moron nobles stories in the 1pm moves. moves. now it's time for an update on the sport. it's been a great start by elise christie. good morning. the winter olympics in south korea. in the heats for the 500 metre short track speed skating.
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better than the snowboarders. edelmann died been nervous like that in about six years. in about six years. it wasn't even my skating. my skating. waiting to see me skating, i was so nervous. nervous. i was so nervous, but actually it was fine. was fine. and just glad i got to do it in front of everyone against. morning. final. contest at twickenham, where england take on wales. but wales were mightily impressive too, in their win against scotland. it's a big occasion for everyone involved. but, for us, it's the next game. and focus on performance.
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