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tonight at ten — after the mass shooting at a school in florida, president trump declares that making america's schools safer is his priority. the latest images reveal the terror that spread through the school, where 17 were killed and dozens were injured. he went up and down the hallway, just hanging and shooting into the classrooms. he shot through my door. the gunman, a 19 year—old former pupil, has appeared in court, as the president focused not on gun control, but mental health issues. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. we'll have the latest from florida and from washington, and from florida, on the community's reaction. also tonight... barry bennell, the former youth football coach, is convicted of a total of 43 sex offences against young boys. some of his victims were in court today. my name is mickey fallon.
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i was abused by barry bennell as a child. my name is stephen walters. i was abused by barry bennell. my name is chris unsworth. i was abused by barry bennell as a child. a former oxfam director responds to allegations that he paid for sex while working in haiti after the earthquake. a tough line on fraud and corruption. and team gb could be about to win its first medal of the 2018 winter olympics. and coming up on sportsday on bbc news, alex mcleish has agreed a return to the scotland manager's job. he'll sign a deal until 2020, to replace gordon strachan, who left last october. good evening.
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president trump has promised action to make america's schools safer, after a teenager killed 17 people in a mass shooting in florida yesterday. nikolas cruz was a former pupil at the school in parkland. he appeared in court as short while ago. president trump described him as "mentally disturbed", and said that tackling mental health would be a priority for his administration. the fbi said it had been warned a year ago about the potential threat posed by cruz, but that there was no evidence he was planning an attack. live to parkland tonight, and our correspondent, aleem maqbool. sadly, we have seen this kind of seen so sadly, we have seen this kind of seen so many sadly, we have seen this kind of seen so many times in the past in
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america. a coming together after another mass shooting. just a month and a half into 2018. this was already the sixth shooting at a school that has involved fatalities are injuries. this was the deadliest. and the more we hear details of what these children had to go through, the more respect —— horrific incident seems to been. four hours, children at a high school found themselves in a combat zone. i have the gunshot victim. there was mayhem and bloodshed as a gunman stalked its corridors. shots can be heard close by as these terrified pupils sheltered in a classroom fearing for their own lives. he went up and down the hallway just banging and lives. he went up and down the hallwayjust banging and shooting into the classrooms. he shot through my door and broke the window. all of a sudden we hear one of the student government teachers say, run as fast
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as you can, and we hear a gunshot. this 17—year—old, originally from coventry, moved to florida three yea rs coventry, moved to florida three years ago and is a student at the school. he was barricaded in a storage cupboard for two hours. we heard the door to our room being unlocked. we had some lycee, police. there were two different people. we didn't know how many shooters there were. we didn't know if it was police. i remember my teacher turning to me and saying, what do we do? that's terrifying. she opened the door and the relief when you realised it was these guys in military getup holding pistols and assault rifles. i have friends who have been killed, friends who have been shot. how can this be? i'm watching video footage and it is my friends. police did finally get to every classroom. the fear palpable. police! police! put your hands up.
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survivors were ushered through the corridors with hands on their heads, police marksman watching in case of still a moment. the first of those identified as having been killed was a football's and security guard at the school. in the coming days we will learn details of the young victims as well. this is one of many vigils being held for those who died. shocking here to see the faces of so many young people who yesterday were attending what they thought was a regular day at school. and today they are morning friends who sat beside them in their classrooms. the killer escaped with fleeing schoolchildren but was soon arrested without a struggle. he is 19—year—old nikolas cruz. a young man known for having a fascination with guns, and who had even threatened in a social media post to become what he called a professional school shooter. the leader of a white nationalist
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militia said cruz had taken part in palin -- militia said cruz had taken part in palin —— paramilitary training with them. you are charged with some very serious crimes. this boy found the girl who sat next to him in english earlier in the day was one of those who have died. he also knew the gunman, a former student of the school attacked. he used racial slurs. he wasjust school attacked. he used racial slurs. he was just awful to other people. i'm sure he was bullied himself by some but he was the type of person who people were scared to bully because they knew something could happen. i just bully because they knew something could happen. ijust didn't think this could happen. it makes me angry because we all knew him, we'll knew that there was a potential for something to go wrong. it just sucks that we stop i with but ina
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but in a country burden themselves. but in a country where there have been more than 200 school shootings in less than five yea rs, school shootings in less than five years, more and more are being taught by such horrors. aleem maqbool, florida. yesterday's attack is thought to be the 18th school shooting in the us this year, and one of the deadliest in us history. as with other similar attacks, it's brought calls for stricter gun control. but there was no mention of this when president trump spoke at the white house, as our north america editor, jon sopel, reports. and egon ‘s new? and egon 's new? it is the size of an out—of—town diy centre. but the only things on sale here our weapons. in the us there are as many guns in circulation as there are people. and they are represented formidably by the national rifle association, the most powerful lobbying organisation in the united states. they have successfully resisted every move to tighten gun
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controls, and gave $21 million towards the trump campaign. he was the star turn at their conference last year. and he is their man. you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal agencies be coming after law—abiding gun owners. and true to his word, donald trump today made no mention of guns and gun control. the problem was mental illness. no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. the nra publicly grade lawmakers. if you're a capital a plus, you have
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made a vigorous effort to promote and defend the second amendment. and if you are an f, you are a true enemy of going ons writes. after mass shooting incidents, the nra are famously reticent to talk publicly. so we drove to their headquarters to speak about policy. we didn't get very far. nra security. how are you doing? i'm fine. can you take your car across “— doing? i'm fine. can you take your car across —— of the property. thank you, sir. have a good day. we just wa nt to you, sir. have a good day. we just want to get some shots of the building. but the nra is very happy to funnel money to supporters in congress. marco rubio, the local senator, who treated his horror about the shooting, has received more than $3 million from them over the years. another senator, offer it —— also offering condolences last night, has received $3 million. john mccain, 7 million over the course of his career. and the nra will run
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attack ads like this against candidates they don't like. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. no more lies. defeat hillary. after the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut, 120 children aged six and seven lost their lives, a clear majority of the american people favoured tighter gun control. it couldn't get through congress. senator chris murphy from connecticut told the bbc why. the nra remains powerful enough in this place to block any progress. this is an issue of the difficult power. that's my political power. they have been organising for 20, 30 years. the opposition movement dates from sandy hook. flags have been lowered asa sandy hook. flags have been lowered as a mark of respect for those who died yesterday, the nra. plans are being finalised donald
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trump to visit the school in parkland. the focus will be on school security and bringing airline style security to schools, and also on mental health. the question of guns? that will have to wait. and the absurdity that nikolas cruz, aged 18, was old enough to buy a semiautomatic rifle. but if he wa nted semiautomatic rifle. but if he wanted to buy a beer, you would have to wait until he was 21. jon sopel with the latest. victims of the former youth football coach, barry bennell, have been speaking about the sexual abuse they suffered between the 19705 and 1990s. they were speaking at the end of his trial at liverpool crown court, where he was found guilty of a total of 43 offences against young boys. some of the boys who were abused said the reputation of a coach, club or a sport had been put above the protection of children, as danny savage reports from liverpool. my name is mickey fallon.
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i was abused by barry bennell as a child. my name is stephen walters. i was abused by barry bennell. my name is chris unsworth. i was abused by barry bennell as a child. three of the 12 victims in this case. boys, now men, damaged by controlling paedophile barry bennell. now defiant and waiving their anonymity to shed light on their shocking childhood experiences. for decades we held our silence, just like our abuser told us to. for decades we have lived in fear, because we may be grown men stood in front of you now, but we were once a little child. we are no longer afraid you, barry bennell. for years, hundreds of us were groomed in plain view. the shame, the nightmares... no child should suffer
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the way we did. how can it be that no one realised something was wrong? how is it that no one protected us then? their remorseless abuser, now aged 64, shook his head and laughed as the jury returned their last guilty verdicts today. one of football's leading youth coaches, barry bennell, worked with manchester city and crewe. for him it was cover to get close to young boys and abused them. described in court as a child molester on an industrial scale, he told police how he worked out which boys to target. andy woodward was also abused by bennell. when he went public,
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other victims broke their silence. andy, if there are any other victims out there who have not yet come forward, what would be your message to them? if there is any other victims, which i believe there is, it's to each and every one of them whether they feel they are strong enough to come forward. but i hope this has given them some more courage, thatjustice has been served today. it is understood more than 80 other men have come forward to say bennell abused them. this prolific paedophile will be sentenced next week. danai savage, bbc news, liverpool. barry bennell, who worked with manchester city and crewe alexandra's youth teams, abused boys on an "industrial scale", according to prosecutors. the extent of his abuse has raised questions about football's handling of the case, and about the many missed opportunities to protect young players, as our sports editor, dan roan, reports. he was one of football's top talent spotters.
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we do a lot of talking to them, as well as showing them skills and explaining the game. there is more to it than just coming here for an hour a week. we give them homework. but bennell was also a serial paedophile. gary cliffe was one victim, abused by his former coach when playing forjunior teams linked to manchester city. every school holiday, christmas time, and this is over a four to five—year period. he's ruined a lot of lives, hundreds of boys' lives. i know because i was there. manchester city say they are investigating, but cliffe insists some people at the club in the ‘80s would have known about bennell‘s behaviour. they knew what he was, but they allowed it to continue because he was producing results. bennell‘s precise relationship with manchester city remains unclear, but we've obtained what is believed to be a business card the coach handed to young players and their parents, describing himself as
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a club representative. if this is what it appears to be, it may show how bennell used city's name to lure some of his victims. simon cussons was a board director at manchester city when bennell had an association with the club. could more have been done, do you think, to pay more attention to the young players and how they were being looked after and treated ? with hindsight, the answer is yes, but... did anybody raise it at the time or know about it? no. simon cussons died last year, before manchester city spoke to him as part of their enquiry. the club has now identified another alleged paedophile, now deceased, with whom they had potential connections and face the threat of legal action. bennell was most closely linked with crewe alexandra, where he was youth team coach in the late ‘80s. hamilton smith was the managing director at the time and he says that, after being made aware of concerns and rumours
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about bennell‘s behaviour, he raised the issue in a board meeting, but the coach was allowed to stay for three more years. the meeting that we had, the special board meeting that we had, and they are still saying they didn't know something was going on? i went to the fa to talk to them about my concerns. and ended up getting a dearjohn letter, which said they had investigated, and found nothing to be answered. everybody involved could have done, and should have done a lot more. the then manager, dario gradi, was one of those who smith says was aware of general concerns about bennell‘s behaviour. now the club's director of football, he denies having had any knowledge of bennell‘s crimes, but he was suspended by the fa in 2016. crewe say they were unaware of bennell‘s behaviour before his first of three previous
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convictions in 1994, butjust over a year ago the full extent of the football abuse scandal was exposed. it is massive, it is huge. and the ripple effect through football, i hope people are listening. former england international paul stewart revealed the extent of the abuse he had been subject to by a different paedophile. horrific. how long did it go on for? four years. almost every day. and as more players spoke out the chairman of the fa launched a review into the crisis. we are making sure we do what we can to step up to the mark. with police forces investigating a fund was set up for the victims, 285 potential victims identified and 331 clubs involved. youth football is now more regulated than when barry bennell was coaching and abusing but the game's most notorious paedophile
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continues to wan haunt the sport. and tomorrow from 9am on the bbc news channel, there will be a special edition of the victoria derbyshire programme devoted to the barry bennell case, and the football abuse story. the leader of the african national congress, cyril ramaphosa, has been sworn in as the new president of south africa, following the resignation ofjacob zuma last night. mr zuma had faced persistent allegations of corruption, and the new president said today that fighting corruption would be his main priority. 0ur africa editor fergal keane reports from cape town. in the place they call the mother city of the republic, exaltation, at what they felt was nothing less than a deliverance. and inside, the words that signalled the arrival of a new and very different order.
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i declare the honourable cyril ramaphosa duly elected president of the republic of south africa. he knew this moment was coming, but he had seemed abashed. in his first words as president the tone was consciously humble. when one is elected in this type of position, you basically become a servant of the people of south africa. and i will seek to execute that task with humility, faithfulness, and with dignity as well. this is the story of the political triumph long deferred. cyril ramaphosa was mandela's chosen heir after leading the anc in the successful negotiations to end apartheid. but cyril ramaphosa lost out to party politics. the bleak years of jacob zuma
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were the eventual result. now that he's finally become president a unique insight into cyril ramaphosa from the white negotiator who faced him across the table in the last days of apartheid. he reminds many people of a mandela in a different way. of course mandela had the aura, the iconic status which nobody else will ever have. but it's the moment where you have a person who can lead the country with aspiration and inspiration. for now his party enemies are defeated and the country is broadly behind him. but ramaphosa has stern critics, those who accuse the wealthy businessman of being out of touch with the poor. this incident in 2012 when 3a striking miners were shot by police haunts cyril ramaphosa who was a director of the company that owned the mine. for me i blame mr ramaphosa, says
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a miner's widow because he was part of the problem, instead of helping the people. but tonight as he was being sworn in before ministers and family... so help me god. there was a genuine sense of optimism. there you have it. the final step in bringing cyril ramaphosa to the presidency of south africa. you can hear them now beginning to sing one of the songs of the liberation struggle. it is cyril ramaphosa's hope to bring the movement back to the idealism of those founding fathers. after years of corruption and misrule, south africans are daring to hope. tomorrow, cyril ramophosa will
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address practical plans, to tackle unemployment and endemic corruption. more than two thirds of under 25s are without work here, and that is the greatest threat of this country's long—term stability. south africans tell you what they wanted a leader who is honest, efficient and get things done. the time of the legends is over. many thanks for the latest in cape town, fergal keane, africa editor. archbishop desmond tutu has become the latest prominent supporter of oxfam to cut his ties with the charity, following allegations of sexual misconduct involving some of its staff abroad. the former 0xfam country director in haiti, had today responded to allegations that he paid a woman for sex. he said it was a malicious rumour but he was ashamed of some of his behaviour. 0ur correspondent will grant reports from haiti. this apartment complex could cost 0xfa m this apartment complex could cost 0xfam millions in public donations.
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behind the armed guard, high fences and barbed wire live haiti's elite foreign aid workers. it is believed 0xfa m foreign aid workers. it is believed 0xfam workers held alleged sex parties in 2010. the man who led 0xfam's haiti operation at the time has denied using prostitutes. roland van hauwermeiren, who resigned from 0xfam, has finally spoken to a belgian broadcaster and denied the main allegations against him. translation: some unprofessional journalists are claiming oxfam organises sex orgies using money from donations, which is absolutely untrue. he said he was solely in haiti to lead oxfam's operations at a difficult time for the organisation and the country. he condemned sex parties with prostitutes as reprehensible. he admits having a relationship with a local woman but insists she was not a prostitute. anything else, he
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says, is malicious rumour. translation: that was just as respectable as if i met a woman here. we fell in love. there is nothing wrong with that. i admit i should have known better at the time that gossip can spread and causes vision and be wrongly interpreted. doubtless, the majority of oxfam employees came to haiti with the intention of doing good, to help with the restoration after the devastating earthquake in 2010. but the charity is holding on by its fingertips, in danger of being thrown out of the country altogether after allegations of what went on in these staff villas. haiti has asked the oxfam leaders to explain themselves. incredibly, they did not turn up. if they are allowed to stay in haiti, they will be expected to change the way they operate. i think they are to free operating haiti now and that is why those things are happening. you see
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those people on the beach with young people, with underage young girls and boys, being abused. it is very common. within the expat community in haiti, the poor behaviour of some individuals was well—known. a day agency cars could be seen picking up prostitutes. post-earthquake when there was an explosion in the number of empty the macro ngo vehicles here it is fairto of empty the macro ngo vehicles here it is fair to say it did happen quite frequently. as is so often the case, it is the poorest who have so much to lose. oxfam has carried out billions of developing projects around the world. a few members of staff have caused the charity immeasurable harm, but it may still have further to fall. the government and financial regulators have been accused of failing to protect british steelworkers from a "major pensions mis—selling scandal". a parliamentary committee at westminster said it had received worrying evidence about the financial advice given to members of the british steel pension scheme, with some encouraged to give
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up their final salary benefits in favour of more risky investments. our wales correspondent sian lloyd reports. "exploited. . .. for cynical personal gain. shamelessly bamboozled by dubious financial advisers." the words of a report today by mps about steelworkers who devoted years to the industry but face changes to their pension scheme. some had the option of transferring their benefits to private schemes, but what happened has been described as a mis—selling scandal. yes, we've been let down with the trustees, we've been let down by tata as a company. we uncovered the case of richard bevan who had transferred his savings into a private scheme. he believes the financial advice he was given was unsuitable and resulted in him losing out on £200,000. he welcomes the scrutiny by mps but says it's too late for him. where that leaves people like myself i really don't know.
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it may highlight the fact for other pension schemes in the future, and this may not happen on this scale again. hopefully it doesn't, but that's little comfort to people like myself, you know? the report noted that the regulator, the financial conduct authority, only acted two months after we highlighted richard's case. it calls for the authorities to be more proactive. there are large numbers of people who will do other people down when it comes to money, and therefore what we want is robust regulators who don't wait to be pushed into it but actually are on the lookout, on the front foot, thinking, "these are our responsibilities". the financial conduct authority told us that following what happened to steelworkers at plants like this one in port talbot, it's reviewing its rules on pension transfers. but some experts say that what happened here should be a wake—up call to the industry. this is not uncommon.
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we have seen bhs and carillion are similar examples of this, so the individual details will vary but these situations will arise again so it is important the lessons are learned from this case. pension freedom reforms have led to a boom in similar transfers over recent years. this report highlights that workers like richard need more protection. sian lloyd, bbc news, port talbot. alex mcleish has agreed a deal to become the new scotland football manager, for the second time. he had 10 games in charge before leaving for birmingham city in 2008. mcleish has been given a deal until 2020 after discussions with the scottish fa over the past few days. he takes over from gordon strachan who left in october. team gb could be about to win its first medal of the 2018 winter olympics, after dom parsons put himself in contention in the men's skeleton competition.
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he's in fourth place at the halfway stage, ahead of the final runs tomorrow. there are flashing images in this report from our sports correspondent andy swiss in pyeongchang. here he is for great britain. run two, dom parsons. he arrived an outsider, he is now a contender. dom parsons is ranked just 12th in the world but wearing team gb's much discussed new skin suit, he was out to prove his case. dom parsons is flying around this track. he looked so impressive in his training runs here, but can he back it up with a big performance when it really matters? the answer was encouraging. dom parsons goes to the front! he ended up fourth at the halfway stage, just 300th off a second off the medal places. tomorrow could be special. the medal chase for britain is on here. i hope i can sleep tonight!


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