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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  February 16, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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turning the page on president zuma — south africa's enca profiles his successor and the eventful career that's taken cyril ramaphosa from activist to multi—millionaire and now given him the presidency. and finally the gulf today with a story that seems like an accident waiting to happen. how do you fancy taking in art exhibitions while you drive along a 100km/h stretch of motorway? well, if you're in abu dhabi you can — and not any old collection — it's in conjunction with the prestious louvre. —— prestigious. so let's begin and back with me is andrew tuck, editor of monocle. no surprise there are going to speak about the florida shooting. president trump says that mental health is the key issue. he is given a speech in which he cleverly does
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not mention guns. he —— it has made this a purely mental health issue. he says that's where you need to put the spotlight. in the speech, he says it is not enough to take actions which make us feel like we are making a difference. he is having a go at people who want to bring in legislation. when you look at what happened after dunblane, why don't they spring into action? but the europeans, it is impossible to get our heads around this, the power of the nra and you can't push these stories through a european filter. i must admit, on the whole, this is an argument about what the state can do to america. you put aside the idea that suddenly, gun controls are going to come in and it's going to change the landscape. focusing on mental health maybe is a point worth thinking about but the new york
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times points out that he did approve the removal of a regulation which came in under barack obama intended —— intended to prevent people with mental disabilities from buying guns. he is a bit of work to do in terms of action. he will feel some heat because the nra donate a large amount of money to his campaign. he said he would represent the interests of the an art —— the nra. barack obama interests of the an art —— the nra. ba rack obama tried interests of the an art —— the nra. barack obama tried to change legislation. here we have a president who has no intention of changing the legislation. let's hope we don't see any difference in attitude coming out of the sea. we don't see any difference in attitude coming out of the seal was listening to some of our former north american editors, explaining that you really don't get the american approach to guns unless you live there and you get under their
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skin of it. that's something we could learn from bit. it's not that straightforward, is it? the ft story about the drugmaker putting a $3000 pricetag on painkillers you can pick up pricetag on painkillers you can pick upfor pricetag on painkillers you can pick up for $36. we thought it would never happen again. this is to drugs which are being combined into a single dose and you can buy them over the counter for a few dollars an hourcharging over the counter for a few dollars an hour charging $3000. an irish company called horizon pharma. but this is a big companies, this is small companies try to make as much money as they can. we saw this before with my team shkreli, the most hated man in america for a while to doing a similar thing for a
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treatment for aids sufferers. —— martin. it is a relatively small piece. all these stories, they feed into a debate about how healthcare works. when you have an insurance company paying the bills, these companies know that in the end, this bill will be paid. there is not your me saying we won't pay this. you see the ugly even here in the uk where there are very highly in —— highly insured sectors. charges are off the charts because we know they will be picked up by our insurance companies. i think the labour party has said we are going to take into account cheaper vets bills for those who don't know. best headline of the day, it's good to be stinky and lazy. but with provisos. it's all to save the planet. dodge deodorant and shampoo. this is the son writing in up shampoo. this is the son writing in up in shampoo. this is the son writing in upina
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shampoo. this is the son writing in up in a way that they would. i think it's terrific. the findings of this report are quite alarming. certainly not realise that using shampoo could be such a big problem. a big meeting of the american association for the advancement of science. they are talking about volatile organic compounds. the sun hanis managed to get to this very quickly and the surprise here is, it's notjust car fumes that are destroying ozone and changing our environment. they say a huge number of household products arejust as bad. aerosols have been linked to damage of ozone in the past. here, we are talking about products as simple as shampoo that release these volatile organic compounds. 38% of pollution is
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coming from consumer products. there is one positive within this. damage from emissions has been improved upon. they say because we are cleaning up cars the sun mentions this tiny hat. none of the men are doing any of the cleaning. let's move on. we've come to friday. we are talking about the south african crisis, the jacob zuma one. cyril ramaphosa takes to the throne. we have enca on who is cyril ramaphosa? it isa
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have enca on who is cyril ramaphosa? it is a question worth asking. there is somebody who was in prison, kept in solitary confinement. the heart of the anc story. really closely aligned with nelson mandela. then he went off into the world of business and he was hugely successful and now returns to politics. what people are keen to see, here is a man who knows what south africa needs to do but also linked in with the very heartland of the needs and desires of people who supported the anc in the early days. it is hoped he can be the bridge between both words that they are —— both worlds. because he is a wealthy man, he will not be prone to any attractions of doing deals, possibly assisting and influence peddling. there has been this notion of state capture. i
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guess that's true but we shouldn't fall into the trip —— the trap that only rich people should be our leaders which many people have gone with. because he is super rich, it's a good thing. yes, there was corruption but that can happen with wealthy people as well. as he was being pronounced president, a huge amount of kerfuffle, particularly by the opposition, saying we are going to come harder —— come after you harder than we did with jacob zuma. he says corruption is the biggest issue that they need to tackle. that plays out on a world stage. that corruption has been a real impediment to people putting their money into south africa. also talking about abu dhabi pushing the
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louvre. but he can go to your exhibits as you drive down the motorway. you drive down the motorway. you drive down the motorway a 100 kilometres and you will see on the highway side artworks in the louvre —— in the louvre. the idea that you have to hu rtle louvre. the idea that you have to hurtle100. i think they are more interested in reminding you that you have a louvre. could to speak he once again. thanks for watching. from all of us, thank give are joining us. the weekend is fast approaching and the weather is looking mixed. a little mixed through the weekend. friday, for most of us, is looking absolutely fine. a lot of clear skies out
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there so there is plenty of sunshine on the way. but friday is going to start off pretty frosty. here is the satellite image. we have got some snow clouds across scotland right now. there's a cold airstream coming all the way from the arctic regions — from greenland, from iceland, tucking into scotland, so here we could see over the next couple of days or so quite a bit of snow. but that is going to be mostly across the hills. so the towns and cities and coastal areas will be mostly getting rainfall. the rest of the country, the early hours, look absolutely clear, england and wales. even around plymouth the temperatures will be around freezing or below. barely above freezing. around +1. here is the pressure map for friday. this is an area of high pressure, the closer you are to this area of high pressure today the better the weather will be. for places like hull, norwich and london and southampton will have plenty of sunshine and actually a lot of sun further
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north as well. across scotland, more cloud and rain in the western isles, slightly stronger wind and thicker cloud also for northern ireland. it won't be cold, around about 10 degrees in the south and in the north, newcastle eight degress, aberdeen around seven. that's friday daytime. let's look at friday night. into the early hours of saturday and the weather front is approaching, thick cloud on the tip of cornwall through wales into western scotland there will be some rain around too. snow mostly across the hills, first thing on saturday morning in the north of the pennines, the highlands as well. then saturday itself we have weather fronts grazing northern parts of the uk, so this is where we are most likely to have the thickest of the cloud, there will be some, again, wintry showers around across scotland but for most of us the weather on saturday actually doesn't look too bad at all. some hazy sunshine around and those temperatures will be just about double figures in the south, seven or eight in the north. a lot more cloud in the atlantic.
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that will be coming our way, so come sunday, thick cloud right across the country here, a very different day, out of the two days, saturday is the sunnier day, sunday will be more cloudy with outbreaks of rain getting into cardiff, birmingham, belfast. maybe a bit of brightness in the north—east of scotland and east anglia for a time. bye— bye. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. the suspect in america's latest high school shooting appears in court charged with 17 counts of murder. 19—year—old nikolas cruz is accused of carrying out his killing spree at a campus in florida. police say thatjust moments after his attack the teenager ate at a mcdonald's and subway before being arrested. tributes have been paid to his victims as vigils are held in the town of parkland
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late into the night. good morning, it's friday the 16th of february. also this morning: the aid worker at the centre of the 0xfam scandal speaks publically for the first time as he denies using prostitutes in haiti.
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