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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  February 17, 2018 3:45am-4:00am GMT

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there had also been harrowing news leading the six o'clock bulletin earlier that evening, after a man had been found guilty of murdering his niece last summer. and the attempted murder of a second woman. denise thought some of the description provided was inappropriate for an early evening broadcast. also on wednesday, the bbc‘s
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economics editor wrote online about the economic performance of the european union, pointing out that growth in the region was at levels not seen since 2007. initially the article had the headline" uk no longer shackled to a corpse." a reference to a comment once made by the eurosceptic mp douglas carswell, that britain's membership of the eu came ata that britain's membership of the eu came at a significant financial cost. the headline was later change but not before several readers have tweeted their objections. we put this points to bbc news, and
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they told us: a couple of weeks ago, you are russell moore contacted us with his thoughts on a practice that others have observed on bbc news.” thoughts on a practice that others have observed on bbc news. i would like to share my frustration at what i call suggestive reporting. be increasingly used bbc technique of shouting at using question that politicians as they walk in and out
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of meetings. are you still in control of your party prime minister? of course the person has no intention of answering or maybe hasn't even had the question, but that doesn't matter. we see the pictures, we hear the accusation and of course that is what sticks. and in itself that becomes the news and a new truth to be repeated. you want to be the chancellor, foreign secretary? at best it is cheap, lazy, sensationalist and only worthy of tabloids, but at worst it can feel like a deliberate technique, accusing suggestion to plant ideas into south —— our subconscious and in short to get the public to think and believe in a particular way. are you confident of staying in government? it is the bbc's job to report news, not created, and deliberately manipulated. so please, bbc news, stop doing this. at the end of last week it emerged that two british men believe to be members of an islamic state groups cell had
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been captured by syrian kurdish fighters. andy moore reported on the story for bbc news. the two men ca ptu red story for bbc news. the two men captured by kurdish forces last month and captured by the americans. together with another two men, they formed the kidnap gang known as the beatles, because they were usually masked and their captors could hear only their british accents. the reference there and on the bbc knew whether —— website of the gangs nickname of the beatles, annoyed some viewers. over the past few years, reports of
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sexual exploitation and abuse are those in powerful positions have hit institutions such as parliament, the church, the film industry, the world of sport and the bbc. and on saturday the headlines in the times newspaper focused on the charity sector. their investigation found that in 2011 four members of staff at oxfam had been sacked and three others resigned over charges of using local women, some under age, sex after the earthquake in haiti. further revelations followed and the bbc has been following up the story with angus crawford reporting on sunday evening. the government is 110w sunday evening. the government is now demanding every charity receiving taxpayer‘ money this goes all past and present cases of sexual misconduct. the scandal affecting one charity is now threatening to engulf the entire sector. the government has always defended this budget by saying, look, we are
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spending it better, we are making it all these kind of things. i think it isa all these kind of things. i think it is a little harder for the government to make that argument when you have some oxfam workers spending taxpayers money on orgies with young prostitutes. james langdale in the studio there. but some members of the audience took exception to the way the story was covered with one viewer who preferred to remain anonymous writing: grace dalton echoed that in this telephone message he left usli really feel that the bbc is not anywhere near careful enough to make clear that this scandal relates to a small number of people who no longer work for oxfam. i mean the reports that was aired last night said that this one scandal was threatening to engulf the whole sector. it is only threatening to engulf the whole because of the way that media outlets like yourself are reporting it. i would not mind at all if the
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government were to stop giving money to oxfam, but if people give less to all foreign aid charities because the bbc makes it seem as though foreign aid is now to be associated with sex scandals like this, people will die, less aid money will be given, and people will die. there was no one available from bbc news to discuss those concerns but instead they gave us this statement in response. finally, we discussed on last week‘s
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programme the changes introduced to the bbc‘s television weather forecasts with the head of bbc weather site —— describing the sophisticated new graphics now in operation. so it was something of surprise to those watching bbc one on saturday evening see this following the end of the news bulletin. now we are going to take a look at the weekend‘s weather. there will be some heavy rain which will move eastward this evening, ringing snow to northern hills, that is after the rain clears, they will be strong winds that will be sweeping in from the west, bringing wintry showers... and so it continued, leaving julie to ask: so, was this decidedly low—tech
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approach a deliberate reversion to presentation styles of 50 years ago? no, as it turned out. the bbc news press tea m no, as it turned out. the bbc news press team tweeted this explanation. thank you for your comments this week, we always welcome your opinions on bbc news and current affairs, if you would like them to be heard on the programme or even to adhere yourself, you can contact us: on our website you can watch previous interviews and discussions we have recorded. that‘s all from us, you will be back to your
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thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. the weather this weekend is looking a little mixed. most of us will get at least one fine day of weather. it will be saturday. we will have skies like this. this is an image from friday from one of our weather watchers. here is the weekend summary. we have some sunny weather on saturday, it will be bright. from sunday things will turn. clouds are gathering already for sunday. ahead of that this is what we will have in uk over saturday, that window of brighter weather. in the short term, through the early hours of saturday we have some rain around, maybe hill snow across the north. clear and cold weather across east anglia and the south—east. there will be a touch of frost in places. on saturday, a weak weather front moves across northern parts of the uk.
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first thing in the morning some of us will be waking up to overcast skies. there will be light rain here and there. through the morning, that area of cloud basically breaks up and the sun comes out. on balance, a fine day. not a completely fine and dry day, there might be one or two little showers developing. on balance, sunshine will prevail across the uk on saturday. the best of the weather, i suspect, on the south coast and some of these western areas, around 11 degrees. the forecast for saturday night into sunday, a lot of cloud behind me, this is streaming in our direction. this is actually a warm weather front, it will be followed by some milder weather conditions. this is the weather map. a cold front there, a warm front here. within this area we have that mild air pushing in our direction. the thinking is first thing in the morning on sunday it will be clouding over across many western areas and it will feel fairly damp. for the tips of cornwall, pembrokeshire, certainly in northern ireland, the rain getting in there during the morning. for many eastern areas on sunday,
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you can see norwich, hull, newcastle, all the way up to aberdeen, that eastern portion of the uk should stay dry. all day, we suspect, on sunday, before this weather front crosses you and brings the rain. watch what happens as we go through sunday into monday. still milder air, coming in from the south—west. then there is a sudden shift in the wind direction. it starts coming out of the east. that means as we head through the next few days things are set to turn that little bit colder. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: prosecutors in the us charge thirteen russian nationals with interfering in the 2016 presidential election. donald trump visits a hospital in
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florida, where victims of wednesday ‘s high school shooting are being treated. battling criminal gangs in rio de janeiro. brazil‘s president orders the army to take over security in the state. and south africa‘s new president sets out his plans to end corruption, in his first state of the nation address.
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