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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 20, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello there, i'm tulsen tollett. and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme... incredible crowd scenes, as wigan athletic win1—0 to knock premier league leaders manchester city out of the fa cup at the last 16 stage. why monday night football in germany is not going down well with the fans. and a dead heat, as germany and canada tie for gold in the two man bobsleigh at the winter olympics. hello there and welcome to the programme, where we start with the football news that english premier league leaders manchester city have been knocked out of the fa cup at the last 16 stage by third tier, wigan athletic. a flashpoint came at the half time interval as city manager, pep guardiola, got into a heated tunnel row after fabien delph was sent off for a poor tackle minutes before the break. and despite having the weight of possession and shots, ten man city saw northern ireland international will grigg strike in the 79th minute to repeat the huge upset, which saw wigan win the fa cup final against
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the same opponents in 2013. pure delight from the fans after the game as they see their team move through to a quarterfinal clash, where they'll be at home to another premier league team in southampton. yeah, brilliant. it was a nice, easy game for a start there. we put a performance. and to score the goal is well in the way that you did, it was a nice little finish and you looked off—balance at the end? was a nice little finish and you looked off-balance at the end? yeah, it was nice to have a race with kyle walker, which was not exactly what i wanted, but i got there first. i saidi wanted, but i got there first. i said i am a goalscorer, if i get a chance, i will score at. congratulations to the win. they we re congratulations to the win. they were on target, and even with ten
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men, we made too many mistakes. and 0k, we accept the defeat, congratulations to them. lazio have moved fourth in italy's serie a after ciro immobile scored both goals in a 2—0 win over hellas verona. the result at the stadio olimpico takes them to within a point of third placed roma, while hellas remain second from bottom and five points from safety. in spain's primera division, getafe have moved up two places to ninth, beating celta vigo 3—0. angel rodriguez with a double and jorge molina with the goals. in the german bundesliga, the fans protesting monday night football was as much a headline grabber as the result — with eintracht frankfurt overcoming rb leipzig 2—1. tennis balls and toilet paper were used as supporters showed their disapproval at five matches being scheduled in this timeslot this season. and it looked as though things weren't going to go the way of the home side asjean—kevin augustin struck in the 13th minute, but two goals from the hosts within five minutes, including this kevin prince—boateng
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strike, saw them into a 2—1 lead. the start of the second half was delayed with a flurry of tennis balls, but the win means eintracht go from sixth to third, while leipzig drop two places to fifth. saudi arabia's al ahli are top of group a in the asian champions league after beating the united arab emirates' aljazira 2—1 at home on monday. with less than ten minutes gone, al ahli's captain taiseer al jassam put his side ahead. muhannad assiri later added another, before aljazira snatched a late consolation goal through ali ahmed mabkhout. now to the action at the winter olympics in pyeonchang, where day 11 is under way, but there was double gold delight for norway on monday. their men won the large hill team ski jumping event on day ten, while havard lorentzen won the men's 500m speed skating final. the real drama though came in the two man bobsleigh. where for the first time since 1998, there was a dead heat for first place — as rob heath reports. three is a crowd, four is decidedly
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cosy, but squeezing onto a podium is easy compared to this. the two man bobsleigh, decisively tight and a finish that was even tighter. the german pair set the pace, at their final runa german pair set the pace, at their final run a guaranteed them either silver or gold and mental would take the bonds. ca nada's silver or gold and mental would take the bonds. canada'sjustin kripps and alex kopacz marginally slower than the germans on their final run. two man bobsleigh, four gold medals. if bobsleigh seems hairy, how about this? a spectacular final leap secured norway gold in the men's large hill event, a second gold for norway on the ski slopes. and they we re norway on the ski slopes. and they were not slouching on the ice either. havard lorentzen set an
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0lympic record to win the men's's 500 metres speedskating final. 20 yea rs 500 metres speedskating final. 20 years ago, 20 years ago is the last gold medal of norway in speedskating. so it has been a while and it was time for norwegian to step it up and be the top of the podium again, it feels so good to do today. norway have now won 27 medals in pyeongchang, the most at a single win the olympics. the action at the winter olympics has been overshadowed by the news of an anti—doping case against an athlete from russia. alexander krushelnitsky won bronze in the mixed doubles curling event last tuesday with his wife, but now he's suspected of testing positve for meldonium. the court of arbitration for sport opened a case against the 25—year—old, following a request from the international olympic committee with a hearing date yet to be set. more than 160 competitors are in the olympic athletes from russia team — as their country was banned from the games over systemic doping at sochi, four years ago.
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one of the stories of the winter olympics so far has been the performance of american ice skater, vincent zhou. he finished a creditable sixth in the single skating short programme and became the first person to land a quadruple lutz in any olympic games at the age ofjust 17. i feel like ifeel like aged is not i feel like aged is not really play that big of a role in my experience here, just because i'm 17 does not meani here, just because i'm 17 does not mean i get special treatment. i am still here to skate and to do my job. my teammates kind of as a baby, i don't really appreciate that because i'm not one but they will get to know me. to place sixth amongst the best figure skaters in the history of figure skating was incredible, it was better than anybody expected from me, it was better than i expected from myself. it was such an honour for my name to be there with the great names. they
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are at the top of the sport and i am making my way up there too. it is so incredible, it is an honour. there is so much more pressure and expectation that the olympics because it is the olympics, every four years, and it is the defining moment of, as athletes, it is the defining moment of our careers. going back home, i will probably appreciate the experience and handling the pressure and getting my mind in the moment, that is what i will take back. in 2022, in beijing, i will have lots of attention heading in because i am really popular in china, my parents are from ageing, my grandparents still live there, so it is going to be like a second home town. red bull have launched the car they hope will return them to formula 1 championship contention for the first time in five years.
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the rb14 was shown off in the pouring rain at silverstone, home of the british grand prix, appearing well before the start of pre—season testing. red bull's fortunes improved towards the end of last season after a slow start, with max verstappen winning two of the last six races. the new formula 1 season begin on the 25th of march with the australian grand prix in melbourne, the home event for daniel ricciardo. it was, although it is very cold here, it was nice to be back in the carand here, it was nice to be back in the car and always when you start, it has been such a long off—season. i think too long and it is nice to kind of shake out the cobwebs again and yeah, it has just been, kind of shake out the cobwebs again and yeah, it hasjust been, at kind of shake out the cobwebs again and yeah, it has just been, at the last week i have been bought, so it is nice to get in the car and now i am just starting to get more role —— rolling. to the nhl, where the boston bruins defeated the calgary flames 2—1
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in overtime on monday as neither team could break the deadlock in the third period. the bruins without a stanley cup title since 2011 are second in the eastern conference, and it was a canadian in brad marchand who ironically scored the game—winning goal in overtime to hand the bruins victory in alberta. the chasing pack is profited from windy weather with just 100 miles covering all six shots. teams have been sailing near the solomon islands on their way to auckland, in new zealand. day 11 of the winter 0lympics new zealand. day 11 of the winter olympics is under way and of course, you can get all the latest on our website. there it is. great britain, ican website. there it is. great britain, i can tell you, have already won their men's round—robin curling match up against norway by 10—3. great britain, a victory there in
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the first of the men's round—robin. also, canada, the republic of korea and switzerland. but from me, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. once again, ijust want to bring you up to date with how we see the weather developing right across the british isles in the coming days. and i think there will be something of a transformation for many of us as early as today. a much brighter day for central and western parts compared to monday, simply because monday's weather front slowly but surely is easing its way over towards the north sea but not quite completing the job, and that's quite important because it gives leaden skies for tuesday. the last of the mild air trapped with that weather front, slowly just becoming confined to the east. 0ut towards the west, underneath clear skies, tuesday will start fairly cool.
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western scotland, northern ireland, parts of wales too. there could be a touch of frost if you're very prone. now, let's see how we're going to do for the school run and the morning commute. as i say, with the weather front making its progress over towards the east, there will be brighter skies. just putting the detail model on here, to show you there's a speckling of showers, particularly over the high ground. they could be wintry across scotland. but dry to start with to the western side of the pennines, through northern ireland, the west midlands, wales and the south—west of england. but go that bit further east, anywhere really from about yorkshire down to the far south—east, and you're looking at a fair amount of cloud and the prospect of some rain as well, which could, for some, hang around for the greater part of the day. you've got an onshore breeze as well, along these eastern shores. that combination of the cloud, the lack of sunshine and that breeze, 7—9. but further towards the north and the west, where you get some sunshine at last, will push those
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temperatures up nicely — 10, 11, 12 degrees or so. now, with high pressure building in across that old weather front, we're left with just a residue of cloud which helps to keep the temperatures up as we start the new day on wednesday but either side of it, where the skies are clear, we will end up with a touch of frost and that is the shape of things to come as we move into the latter part of the week and indeed on into the weekend. high pressure trying to build in and starting to connect us to a really cold continent. we will not be looking to the atlantic, as we have done through monday and tuesday, we will be looking towards the continent and scandinavia. so here is wednesday, with a high—pressure close by to us, keeping the atlantic fronts at bay, but there will be sunshine, yes, there will be a lot of dry weather, but notice the temperatures, after that coolish sort of start - it's 7-9d. no more the 10—12, if indeed you ever saw that. here, we are into thursday and indeed towards the tail—end and of the week, and here is the mechanism that eventually draws that cold air towards the british isles. the high pressure.
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dry, yes, but the temperatures set to drop quite markedly as we get through to the weekend. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: enough is enough! students protest outside the white house, demanding action on gun control. president trump says he'll support efforts to tighten background checks, on gun owners. jailed for 32 years — a british university lecturer is described as one of the worst paedophiles ever found on the web. a bbc arabic crew, gains exclusive access to the syrian city of afrin — as fighting between kurds and turkish forces escalates, and pro—government forces head towards the city. more than 2.5 half million babies a year die before they're a month old. a unicef report on infant mortality says many of the deaths are preventable.
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