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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 23, 2018 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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connected by high—speed rail. it not only grows denser, it connects to these external areas through high—speed rail and that kind of transit is london's future. thank you, both, very much indeed. that's all we have time for tonight. before we go, news broke this evening of the death aged 73 of soul star, eddy amoo. he was a member of the band the real thing in the 1970s, who were pioneers of black british music and the first all—black band that was with you to me are everything in 1976. we'll leave you now with another of their performances — from top of the pops in 1977. goodnight. #my # my love is a shelter...
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# my love is a shelter... # let it be a shade... # let it be a shade... # somewhere you can run to... # somewhere you can run to... # your troubles will fade... life so full of shadows, and so # life so full of shadows, and so full of rain, let my arms around you and keep out the pain... # good evening and welcome to sportsday. the headlines tonight. it is the first six nations win of 2018 forefront and the first with a match laid outside paris. demonstrations at hull city into night's
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championship, we will renew more. and great britain's women miss out on olympic curling gold, but they will battle for bronze tomorrow. the third round a rugby union's six nations championship is under way with france beating italy in marseilles this evening. the first time they have played six nations home game away from paris. they got the perfect start, off the mark with an early try. but italy responded with a penalty try of their own which saw them take the lead. the match was not ritchie, littered with handling errors, a ram it of fleet —— free—flowing rugby with hugo barneveld stretching fronts's lead. both came into the match with two
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defeats from two but fronts are now up defeats from two but fronts are now up and running. ireland have a number of injuries ahead of their match against wales tomorrow, concerns over the fitness of fly half danny sexton who sat out training today with a back problem, he helped ireland to two wins from two and to the top of the table. it isa it is a massive game for us, a must win game in dublin, against a team that are difficult to get the ball off, comfortable playing through lots and lots of phases, got an excellent kicking game and a combination of nine and ten are problem with one of the best in world rugby. we have got a job to do to shut them down. also unbeaten, england face scotland in the calcutta cup tomorrow afternoon when the sellout crowd expected at
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murrayfield. captain john barclay also aware of the threat posed by eddiejones's side who are aiming to become the first team to win three outright six nations titles. they are one of the best teams in the world, their record is fantastic, they come here as massive favourites, in my opinion. they are a quality side with quality players throughout, it is a big challenge for us for a to stop them. scotland are playing well at the moment, defensively we have to be honest, and in attack we know we need to ta ke and in attack we know we need to take our chances because they are a pretty good side, and it is a game we are looking forward to, the calcutta cup is up for grabs which always adds a little bit of extras biased to the game. -- extra spice. this is how the lineup looks. don't forget you can watch scotland's match against england live on bbc
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one tomorrow afternoon, kick—off is at 4:16 p.m.. the women's 6—nation championship runs alongside the men's and england are still on course per second successive succession is grandslam, they beat scotla nd succession is grandslam, they beat scotland 43— eight, the red roses making it three from three. they ran in seven tries in total, this try securing england a bonus point in that match just before half—time. in by that match just before half—time. in rugby league warrington wolves ended wigan‘s unbeaten start to the season with a 16— ten victory at home. warrington took the lead early on against a weakened side playing their first against a weakened side playing theirfirst game against a weakened side playing their first game since returning from down under. despite a late fightback from wigan it was too late to rescue the match as warrington wolves claimed victory. to football and in the championship tonight hull city's match was suspended for 2.5
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minutes after a protest from supporters against the team's ownership. items were thrown on to the field as a protest against the allam family's running of the club. home side did go on to rain the the home side did go on to win the match, 1—0 as they climb out of the relegation zone. that goal the only goal of the game. sheffield united remain just goal of the game. sheffield united remainjust outside the goal of the game. sheffield united remain just outside the play—offs. the manchester city manager by dell has been charged i the fa for wearing a yellow ribbon which shows his support for those in present in the fight for catalonian independence. —— pep guardiola. he revealed in november that he wears it in revealed in november that he wears itina revealed in november that he wears it in a show of solidarity as a for politicians imprisoned in his native catalonia. the fa governing body
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said he was in breach of their uniform regulations. the first game in the europa league will take place on march with in the europa league will take place on march - with arsenal facing on march eight, with arsenal facing a similar. some transfer news, west ham have agreed to selljose allam toa ham have agreed to selljose allam to a chinese clubfoot £34 million. for the 34-year—old has net featured fe ~ ~ ~ november the 34-yeer—eld hee het teetered fe ~ ~ ~ november and the 34-yeer—eld hee het teetered fe ~ ~ ~ ‘ portugal (ember and the 34-yeer—eld hee het teetered fe ~ ~ ~ ‘ portugal in nber and the 34-yeer—eld hee het teetered fe ~ ~ ~ ‘ portugal in the r and to feature for portugal in the world cup, hence g move. = the man who exposed the russian doping scandal has given his first international broadcast interview to the bbc. evidence from whistleblower dr grigory rodchenkov got russia banned from the olympics — and the fallout from the testimony forced him into hiding and in fear of his life. now living in the united states, we interviewed dr rodchenkov from a secret location — where he said if he hadn't fled russia he'd now be dead.
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this exclusive interview is by our sports editor, dan roan. iam i am especially sorry that i contributed and wrongly used all my knowledge and experience against clea n knowledge and experience against clean athletes and the whole world and that is why i am sitting here and that is why i am sitting here and telling the truth about what happened at the time. does british sport have a problem with cheating, do you think? (laughs). honestly, yes. i have some several, extremely suspicious cases in british sport. this is the most important moment in the history of the international leather committee and it should show how they are consistent with the fight against doping. you know that russia rejects any charges come they say that i am a liar, and if they will be allowed to appeal, it will be the worst decision, olympics
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could die. you can hear more of that interview across bbc news and the bbc website. let's round up the action from the winter olympics in pyeongchang. with just two days of competition remaining. sadly britain's women's curlers will not get the chance to contest lead at the end off . m w , g stones, at ’ ’ sweden added % sweden added two in % sweden added two the ninth, to secure their more in the ninth, to secure their place in the final. the team gb now hopeful of adding another bronze to their third pace finish in sochi four years ago tomorrow. we gave it oui’ four years ago tomorrow. we gave it our all tonight, and the swedish girls were on fire, myself, i missed a couple of key draws out there and you can't afford to do that, and of course, iam
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you can't afford to do that, and of course, i am gutted, you can't afford to do that, and of course, iam gutted, i you can't afford to do that, and of course, i am gutted, i guess we have trained hard for the last three or four years to be in a position and u nfortu nately four years to be in a position and unfortunately today we were just outplayed, but we have still got a medal to play for, so we will be giving it our all tomorrow will stop good luck to them tomorrow. in the women's ski cross, emily sarsfield made it through herfirst heat women's ski cross, emily sarsfield made it through her first heat but was not in the quarterfinals, a big crash aiding her progression first time around. emily sarsfield lucky to have made it to the games having received no funding to compete. to eventually get here after kind of multiple knee surgeries and whatever else it might be, and working three jobs in the summer and stuff, it is huge to be standing there on outline today and the big thing to me was to go out there and have fun, and ski cross is such a cool sport, i wanted to put on a map, i hope i have a little bit. she was determined to get there. the final saw canada dominate with the first and second
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place finish, taking gold and silver. canada have dominated this event, winning it all three times it has featured a deal index. what a performance today from the 15—year—old russian figure skater alina zagitova who won the first gold for olympic athletes from russia. after a world record in her short programme, she produced an impeccable routine in the free dance, beating training partner and reigning world champion yevgenia medvedeva to silver. she was clearly disappointed not to get that gold. she was the favourite going into it but zagitova earns her own slice of olymnpic history at just 15 years old. good evening, three minutes to midnight, we can probably say we
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have made it to the weekend. what does the weather had in store? it will look pretty nice, should be a decent looking weekend to get out and about, this is how it looked to weather in shropshire. you will need to be papley dress for the conditions over the weekend because it is going to be cold, a bitter easterly wind, sharp overnight frosts and that is what most of us will see through the rest of the night. the blue colours on the chart indicating where we will see two bridges below freezing. those tunbridge is holding up a little bit across northern ireland, because we will have more cloud here but this shimmering white on the map, that shows where we are expecting a frost tomorrow morning. the frost only lifting as temperatures slowly climb, but tomorrow is looking like a largely fine day with large amounts of sunshine. some extra cloud at times in cornwall and the south devon but even that is breaking through the afternoon. east anglia and the south—east seeing sunny skies, and the bridges of 5— seven degrees but it will feel
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colder than that. wales plenty of sunshine and brightening up for scotland and northern ireland, through eastern scotland up to the northern isles, bright tomorrow afternoon. bright skies by date translate to clear skies by night, again under this clear starry skies will turn cold in the early hours of sunday morning, towns and cities generally below freezing out in the countryside it could be down to “11 minus five. here is our frost showing a very clearly on the map, that frost easing and lifting once again, and then we get some blue skies and sunshine to enjoy. at this stage it more cloud is likely to work into eastern scotland and north—east england, maybe introducing the odd wintry flurry, a biting wind in the south, those temperatures dipping away and when we add on the strength of the wind this is what it will feel like, —2 in birmingham, my nursery in norwich, it cold feeling day. but if thatis norwich, it cold feeling day. but if that is cold enough, wait until next week because we will start to tap into this really bitter at that is sitting in place across siberia,
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easterly winds across our shores so temperatures even by day in next week will struggle to get above freezing. it could well be quite a few snow showers in some eastern areas, perhaps some organised spells of consistent snow at times, further west not as many snow showers but nowhere is completely exempt, and wherever you are it will be cold. but before we get to next week, the weekend not looking too bad if you are wrapped up and warm. good night. this is bbc news. i'm kasia madera. our top stories: one of donald trump's former campaign aides admits to conspiring against the united states and lying to investigators. for the sixth day in a row, syrian airstrikes hit the rebel—held area of eastern ghouta, but the un security council has postponed a vote on a ceasefire until saturday. a blunt assessment from brussels of the uk's plans for a post—brexit relationship with
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the european union. is in media reports are correct, i am afraid that the uk position today is based on pure illogic.
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