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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 25, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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sunshine as well. easterly winds developing through this week, drawing in all that cold air from siberia and northern russia. during monday western parts of the country should be largely clear with some sunshine. in east we have more cloud, with snow showers in eastern england and eastern scotland. first thing monday morning we have those snow showers will stop to butchers subzero. we are likely to see widespread frost and icy conditions to start monday morning. most of the snow showers will be well scattered across parts of eastern england and eastern scotland. many places staying dry, particularly out towards the west. during the day on monday the cloud filter is further west. it will be a cold day. temperatures a few degrees above freezing for many of us, but when you add on the wind—chill, the easterly wind making it feel more like — five. a cold day on monday. we continue to seek snow showers in the east and overnight intojooste heavier snow works in two eastern scotla nd heavier snow works in two eastern scotland and england. it will be a
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bitterly cold started tuesday morning, well below freezing, and the met office had issued in amber warning. that's for the threat of disruptive is no particular about a beast in england on tuesday. the parts of yorkshire, lincolnshire, east midlands and down towards kent we could see several centimetres i committing, and likely to cause disruption to travel. there could be school closures as well. topic is not getting above freezing for many of us all day. further snow showers filtering on the brisk easterly wind tuesday night and into wednesday. further heavier cumulative snow from any part of the country on wednesday. and eastern england and eastern scotland where it will be bitterly cold once again, particularly when you add on the wind—chill. even further we could see snow showers down towards wales and the west to. snow is likely to cause disruption over the next few days. low pressure could bring blizzard conditions to the south
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later in the week. stayjune. this is bbc news. our latest headlines. a shift of policy on europe by labour. the shadow brexit secretary says the party would keep britain in a customs union. china's president xijinping could serve indefinitely, under changes that the communist party is proposing to the country's constitution. syrian jets continue their bombardment of eastern ghouta despite a un—agreed ceasefire. france and germany appeal to russia to put pressure on damascus. one of bollywood's most famous actresses, sridevi kapoor, dies aged 5a. she starred in more than 150 films. a show of unity between north and south korea as the winter olympics come to a close. pyongyang says it will now sit down for talks with the united states. and coming up, an all—star cast in finding your feet — but do they hit the mark? we'll find out about that and much more in the film review.
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now on bbc news — sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm damian johnson. the headlines this evening. pep guardiola claims his first trophy in english football as manchester city beat arsenal in the carabao cup final. city's neighbours, united, come from a goal down to beat chelsea and regain second place in the premier league. and ben stokes returns to the england fold for the first time in five months, but can't stop new zealand's thrilling victory in the latest one day international. manchester city secured the first trophy of pep guardiola's manageria
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reign by beating arsenal 3—0 in the carabao cup final at wembley manchester united have moved back to second in the premier league after coming from a goal down to beat chelsea 2—1. jessie lingaard scored the second—half winner as jose mourinho and chelsea boss antonio conte renewed rivalries at old trafford. ade adedoyin was watching. a match up is as much
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about the rivalry between two teams as the managers. a brief handshake, butjose mourinho and into conte‘s relationship has been like the weather, frosty. a lively start with the bar are being rattled in three minutes. eden hazard put chelsea ahead later. conte would not be happy with what happened next, as romelu lukaku scored his first goal against the side, to make it 1—1 at the break. he nearly made it two, with this acrobatic effort. jose mourinho‘s men hung on for the win, with victory against his old club. very special because we beat the champions, we beat a fantastic team that is very difficult to beat.
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these three points are the ones that keep us in second position, which is the position we're fighting for. that opens up the gap a little bit to chelsea. it is a very important result for us. the problem is you must be the best team at the end of the game, not only after the first half. we had a great chance today to get three points here. but we were not able to do this. chelsea's defeat means they've been overta ken by tottenha m, who left it late to beat struggling crystal palace. it threatened to be a frustrating afternoon for spurs, despite their dominance. even harry kane wasn't at his lethal goal—scoring best. although perhaps that miss doesn't look so bad up against serge aurier‘s bungled effort. but kane did come up with a goal for tottenham in the 88th minute, heading
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in christian erikssen‘s corner for the 150th goal of his club career. i feel that we achieved what we wanted, we had some chances before to score, and we're so happy, the three points because in a very good position the table to fight for the top four,... celtic have restored a nine—point lead at the top of the scottish premiership after beating aberdeen 2—0 at pittodrie. moussa dembele headed injames forrest's cross from close range to give celtic a 1—0 lead at half—time. he then set up kieran tierney for their second, giving celtic their tenth win in a row against the dons — who stay in third place in the league. the winter olympics has drawn to a close in pyeongchang with the final medals decided. the men's ice hockey final was a classic as the olympic athletes from russia
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came from behind to beat germany 4—3 in overtime in a thrilling climax. there were jubilant scenes as the oar won their second gold of the games and 17th medal overall. the winning team proudly sang the russian national anthem as the olympic flag was raised in honour of their win. russia meanwhile have been told by the international paralympic committee that their ban for state sponsored doping will be lifted if no more of their athletes test positive in south korea. two olympic athletes from russia have been caught cheating so far. the athletes had to parade at the closing ceremony under the olympic flag rather than their own. this is the final medal table. norway top with a record 39, ahead of germany and canada. great britain have had their best winter games with 5 medals, including lizzy yarnold's gold. they finished in 19th place. and though britain have been criticised for investing more in winter sports, the chair of uk sport
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think this performance represents good investment. there is an amazing reaction from people who see the olympic games, whether they love sport or do not follow sport, for the two weeks of the winter olympics, summer olympics and paralympics as well, people get engaged, people feel united over it, and you try to put a number on is it worth the values that we see, it is more complicated than that medal costs so many million or otherwise. the money you are seeing is buying into a huge system of sport in the country, and there are huge benefits from that. six nations rugby have confirmed they will investigate an incident in the tunnel between england and scotland players before yesterday's calcutta cup match, which was won by scotland at murrayfield. while in domestic rugby union, leicester won at allianz park for the first time after beating second—placed saracens 28 points
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to 20, jonah holmes crossing to secure leicester's bonus point. it takes them seventh. elsewhere, bottom side london irish got just their second win of the season against the team just above them in the table, worcester. meanwhile, in the pro 14 cardiff blues came out on top in a low scoring affair against zebre. an owen lane try and two jarrod evans kicks earning them a 10—7 win. and ireland have moved to third in the women's six nations. claire molloy scored two tries as the irish pulled away in the second half to beat wales 35—12. england lost a thrilling first one day international against new zealand. the kiwis chased down 285 to win with four balls to spare in hamilton. ben stokes was making his first appearance since he was charged with affray and although he made just 12 he helped an england fightback with the ball taking two wickets. tom latham for 79, then got colin de grandhomme cheaply caught
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behind by jos buttler. new zealand won by 3 wickets — mitchell santner finishing it in style in the final over. now, in athletics, the glasgow indoor grand prix has taken place today. in the men's 60 metres, there were four brits in the final but adam gemili, cj ujah, ojie edoburun and reece prescod all finish outside the first three places. china's bingtian su was the winner. in the women's 60 metre final, britain's dina asher smith went into the race in fine form with a personal best in the heats but she was pipped by the ivory coast's marie—josee ta lou on the line — just two hundreths of a second ahead of asher smith there's was some british sprinting success though with paralympic champion sophie hahn in the women's 60 metres t37—38. she'll be making her debut at the commonwealth games in april. absolutely delighted. had something
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to some training this week, and i am absolutely delighted. that is what i ran in training, so to do it on the track is amazing. how are you feeling ahead of the commonwealth games? i am excited, not long to train now, just to train and get to the commonwealth games now. england's eddie pepperell has claimed his first european tour title after holding off compatriot oliver fisher to win at the qatar masters. the pair shared the lead overnight, but fisher could have forced a play—off but missed a birdie putt on the 18th. pepperell carded a two—under final round to finish on 18 under and secure victory. ronnie o'sullivan needs just four more frames to win snooker‘s world grand prix in preston. that's all from sportsday. bye for now.
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hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. what have you been watching? interesting week, we have finding your feet, which i think is a british drama comedy. a dramedy! we have i, tonya with an astonishing performance by margot robbie who also produces. and dark river, a new film by clio barnard. finding your feet, even the poster looks like a quintessential british gathering. the poster doesn't do it any favours, it's aimed at the same audience that made
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best exotic marigold hotel a huge hit. the story begins with imelda staunton as lady sandra abbott on the eve of her retirement. she has her retirement planned out, she leads a very posh life and discovers suddenly that her husband has been having an affair. here is a clip. what the hell's going on? we were just... it's not what it looks like, sandra. sandra. sandra! sandra, wait. how long's it's been going on? let's not do this here. how long, mike? since we all went to sorrento. 0h, bloody hell. that's nearly five years ago! i've had enough of all this hide and seek, mike. how could you do this to me? you're supposed to be my friend. we even took you to the palace. i didn't mean for this to happen, sandra. oh, really?
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you knew precisely what you were doing! now, please calm down, sandra. rememberwhere you are. i know exactly where i am, in my own bloody home! i have spent my entire married life putting you and your career first, and what got me through was knowing that when you retired we would share our golden years together. but instead, you've traded me in for a newer model. and let me tell you, mike. she's had more than one previous owner. and all her bodywork is mainly filler! you laughed at least twice! exactly, because it's funny. she walks out and goes to stay with her sister with whom she is like chalk and cheese and her sister basically tells her, this life you have been leading is an artificial life and you have to learn to enjoy things more, she teaches her to go swimming in the hampstead pond and dance lessons where she meets characters
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likejoanna lumley and a character called charlie played by timothy spall. you know from the outset that that character is going to soften and discover more to life than material possessions and the dream of her husband's retirement. you know from the outset when she meets timothy spall and she finds him abrasive and difficult she will warm to him and you know from the outset amongst the comedy there will be tragedy and tears amongst laughs. the question is, how well this all plays out? i have to say rather better than i expected. it was charming and funny, not least because it's a great cast. they are throwing themselves into it and having a very good time. it is well directed. no cliche goes unturned. it owes a certain structural debt to nativity, the debbie isitt film, and in fact, funnily enough, it would've made more sense to release this in the run—up to christmas because there is slight christmas theme to it so it is odd that it's coming out now. despite your reservations about the posterm, which i understand, i thought it was funny and charming and i liked the performances and my heart went with it enough that when my head kept going,
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hang on, my heart went, just let it be, and i did and i enjoyed it. all right. 0k. you have seen i, tonya as well. it's a good watch. margot robbie stars and also produces. she was implicated in an attack and her career fell apart. it's been nominated for awards. the film takes the structure of telling contradictory stories. at the beginning, it says, "based on the totally true and utterly contradictory testimonies of its central characters" and during the narrative we see each of the central characters talking to the audience either through faux interviews or breaking the fourth wall, turning to the audience and going, "this didn't happen." but essentially it is a story of somebody who has come through and abusive background. through an abusive background. she is beaten by her husband. she is also attacked by her mother although the mother who is allisonjanney, says for heaven's sake, show me a family that don't have their ups and downs. it manages to balance, in my opinion, the serious subject matter of domestic abuse, which it is about, with also being filmed playing with post modern conventions in a way that
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reminded me of the film 2a—hour party people in which characters will turn up and go, "this didn't happen." it's a film about a story being told from lots of different perspectives with a brilliant central performance. i found it hugely watchable, i'm not going to lie, and the story is fascinating. it was that thing of turning to the camera and being veryjokey about something precisely at the moment when they are talking about domestic abuse and he hasjust punched her. she marries the first man who comes along and he beats her up for years. unfortunately that is not a subject for comedy. her mother says to her at one point, you think you deserve to be beaten, and she said, i would never be with a man who beat me, and she says, you beat up our dad, and she says that's different. there is a scene when tonya harding has a shotgun and she says, "this never happened." the triumph is it deals with the serious issues while also being entertaining
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and funny and sharp. essentially it gives you a kaleidoscopic portrait and says, you decide. everyone watching it would come out with the same opinion that she is a survivor. whatever else you think, she is a survivor. absolutely, and allisonjanney is a genius, that is the other thing you come out saying. she eats that role for breakfast. she is just fantastic. the shape of water. wonderful. dark river. i'm jumping ahead, sorry. easily confused. it deals with abuse and in different way. ruth wilson plays a character who returns to the tenant farm on which she grew up. she's been away 15 years and her abusive father has died and she comes back to the farm which she feels she has a right to take on the tenancy. her brother, however, is there disagrees. is there, and disagrees. here's a clip.
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i'm here now. what good is that? really, i mean, it's too late now, isn't it? he's gone. i've been driving all night... where's she gone?


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