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efiggflz‘uzr euer e‘fir v4, mats u wt,» parts of england and wales, pushing northwards through thursday into friday, taking that snore northwards gci’oss friday, taking that snore northwards across the uk. likely to be more travel disruption. it puts labour at odds with the government position which has pledged to take britain out of the customs union. labour would seek to negotiate a new, comprehensive uk/eu customs union to make sure there are no tariffs with europe. labour claims it will be good for business and mean no hard border in northern ireland. but is labour promising more than the eu would give? also tonight... is this child being hit in his own classroom? a bbc investigation reveals the secret world of unregistered schools. the number of people killed in a massive explosion in a parade of shops in leicester rises to 5. are you ready from the beast from the east? weather blowing in from russia is set to make parts of the uk colder than the arctic. and a victorious homecoming: team
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gb returns to the uk with a record set of medals from the winter games. and coming up on sportsday on bbc news: tributes to british boxer scott westgarth who's died afterfalling ill following a light heavyweight fight in doncaster at the weekend. good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. jeremy corbyn has set out labour's vision for brexit — saying the uk should remain in an eu customs union but only if the british can have a say in negotiating the bloc‘s future trade deals. he said it would allow free—flowing trade and prevent a hard border in northern ireland. the current customs union ensures that some goods coming into the eu have the same tariffs, but international trade deals are negotiated by the eu. labour's announcement marks a clear difference in policy of the customs union.
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our political editor laura kuenssberg has more. bit by bit, piece by piece, a clearer view on brexit ifjeremy corbyn was in charge. labour wants to keep our customs deal with the eu essentially the same for good. labour would seek to negotiate a new, comprehensive uk eu customs union, to ensure there are no tariffs with europe and to help avoid any need whatsoeverfor a hard border in northern ireland. but listen very carefully, there is a big if in there. the option of a new uk customs union with the eu would need to ensure that the uk has a say in future trade deals. a new customs arrangement would depend on britain being able
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to negotiate agreement for new trade deals in our national interest. other countries with similar kinds of deals have very little control. we would have to have a meaningful say in how those negotiations went, and what the agreement was. so we would not end up as simply passive role takers. but what if they say no to your proposal? as is very likely, given what the european union has said. listen, we would want to make sure, and would make sure, that britain had a say in our trade relationship... but how? by negotiation. negotiations require an understanding of strengths and weaknesses of both sides by the degree of manufacturing industry, agriculture, food industries that operate on both sides of the channel. and also, as i say, we're not going to undercut the whole of europe. but what is your plan b? the plan b is to continue negotiating in order
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to achieve plan a. whether it's a or b, it seemingly tilts to a softer brexit. even though most labour seats in coventry and around the country voted to leave. but some brexit backing labour mps question whether it's real. there's no way they are going to agree that we would have oui’ own customs union. that we would stick our nose into any trade agreements they want to do. and thatjeremy‘s kept faith with his long—term objective that we must be free to negotiate our own trade agreements. for many voters there has been enough dancing around the details. a clean break, a total break, yes. why do you say that? because, like, let's get great britain back to great britain and how it used to be. why should stay as close as possible? i don't think we should stay as close as possible because i don't think it's a good idea to be in the eu.
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it's not beneficial to everybody, really. i could speak to these two guys now and they would tell me one thing of the people behind them would tell another, everybody‘s views are so mixed up, i think, we just want an end to it now, i think. if a labour voter said to you, i back brexit, and i did not think that would mean still having a trading relationship with the european union, they want something more dramatic, and more dramatic break, what would you say to them, was it worth it? i would say to them think this thing through. we have a lot ofjobs that depend upon sales back and forth across the north sea, across the channel. we have to ensure those jobs. this isn'tjeremy corbyn tearing up labour's plans for brexit, it's more a careful step along the way, trying to contain the tensions inside his own party, those on both sides of the argument, the many labour voters who backed brexit in 2016. it does also, though, politically conveniently draw a clear difference between the labour position and the conservatives' plans. because notjust his fans, but some remain tending tory mps,
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want to keep our customs links, too. labour's firmer position and parliament's could cause trouble for number ten. laura kuenssberg, bbc news, coventry. so what difference could it make to trade if britain stayed in a permanent customs union with the eu? our reality check correspondent chris morris is here to explain.. being ina being in a customs union after brexit would mean a common external ta riffs brexit would mean a common external tariffs on goods brought in from elsewhere in the world and it would mean there would be no tariffs for goods crossing between the uk and the eu. that is important for companies based in the uk which operate complex manufacturing processes a cross operate complex manufacturing processes across europe. this is the bmw factory in oxford, mentioned by
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jeremy corbyn, the components cross borders many times. a crankshaft cast in france crosses to a plant here to be finished and goes to austria to be built into an engine which then comes back to oxford. half the cars built in oxford are exported back to the eu and it is all tariff free. the government says the problem is you can't negotiature own trade deals around the world — a key pa rt own trade deals around the world — a key part of taking control. you can't alter tariffs on goods, be i you can still do goods on services and harmonising regulations. labour said it would be involved in negotiating trade deals. so is it trying to have its cake and eat it? business leaders are still looking for a little more clarity. being in a customs union is a hassle—free
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solution for business, but there are different types of customs union, what we heard from jeremy corbyn is not all the details. we need to hear more. and being in a customs union wouldn't solve the problem of maintaining an invisible boarder in ireland, still a big day for labour's position on brexit, but whatever policy emerges, all it needs to be negotiated with the other 27 eu countries and all of them have opinions of their own. thank you. meanwhile the scottish and welsh governments have dismissed an offer by the government in westminster to make changes to its flagship brexit bill. the current bill has been criticised for not doing enough to hand over power, after brexit, to the devolved administrations in cardiff, edinburgh and belfast. but cabinet minister david lidington was told his offer needs to go beyond warm words. five people are now known to have died in a large explosion
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in leicester last night, which destroyed a building in the middle of a parade of shops. five others remain in hospital, one is said to be in a serious condition. emergency teams have been searching through the wreckage in the hinckley road area. sima kotecha is there now, sima authorities believe now that this is the final death toll? well the police have told us that people may still be trapped in the rubble. they say, because of the heavy snow expected tomorrow it the is crucial to do as much searching is tonight. we have heard from a man who told us the family that lived above the shop was his. he says he is concerned for their safety and well being. plumes of smoke bill lowing into the sky. last night an explosion. a shop and the flat above it were destroyed. flames shot up into the
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air. towering over the surrounding buildings. i heard a big bang. the owner of the shop was inside at the time. i didn't know what was that andi time. i didn't know what was that and i found myself time. i didn't know what was that and ifound myself on time. i didn't know what was that and i found myself on the floor. eyes open. looking up. half of my body was under the how how to say, bricks and rubble. how do you feel? i don't know how to tell you. never i feel how i am now. i don't know how to tell you. never i feel howl am now. well the shop was a polish supermarket and had only been operational since january. firefighters today spent hours wading through rubble, trying to find survivors. police have confirmed that five people died inside the building and several are in hospital with injuries. but there could be more. we can't confirm exact numbers. we are working on the
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possibility there could be people still within the building and we will sweep through with our teams to make sure that we have located everybody that could be in there. investigators will start looking for the cause of the explosion, once the search and rescue effort ends and the area is declared safe. some parts of the uk will feel colder than the arctic as we are being warned to prepare for the beast from the east — a blast of freezing air sweeping in from russia over the next few days. snowfall is expected across eastern england, the midlands, scotland and wales, the met office says some rural communities are likely to be cut off. trains are being cancelled on some routes from this evening and it's expected some schools will be shut. danny savage reports. as the cold air crept in from the east with it came the snow. showers and flurries so far, but more is on the way, say forecasters.
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first time i've seen snow like this in years. it was settling in north kent earlier as a stream of showers merged into a longer spell. hi, david? extra checks are being made on the elderly. there were no problems delivering meals in lincolnshire today, but tomorrow to be different, although everyone is optimistic. it doesn't bother me, really. you are provided, you are prepared for it. you've got stuff in the fridge and you've got everything like that, you've got to make sure you've got your boots ready, and things like that. by the middle of today, which is when we are delivering, there's not really a problem. i think there would be if we had to be there at seven o'clock in the morning, or ten o'clock at night. up and down the eastern flank of the uk, snow has been falling. this is norwich at the far end of the greater anglia rail route. further south, in colchester, and all along this line services will start winding down much earlier tonight in anticipation of the severe weather.
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scores of schools could be closed over the next few days if the forecast ring true. for parents here in lincoln that's good and bad news. i've been waiting for snow for three years, i'm desperate for it to snow! i have to work tomorrow, and my wife has to go to work, so if one of us would have to call in sick we lose money, so hopefully the school will be open. nearby at raf scampton the red arrows were getting in as much practice as possible before snow grounds them. butjust to show how patchy it is, this was the scene less than 30 miles away in boston. your perception of this winter blast will depend on your postcode. that point illustrated here in lincolnshire, where we are getting flurries, but there is quite a layer of snow in other parts of the country. two amber warnings are in place for the heaviest part of the snow. a large part of northern
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england and down through suffolk and essex into kent. it is notjust the snow that will cause problems, it is the cold. it will feel as cold as minus 15 in the wind. that will be a factor. it will start tonight and be a problem through until friday. thank you. our top story this evening. jeremy corbyn has set out his vision for trade post brexit — calling for the uk to form a new customs union with the eu. and still to come... the 5 year—old girl who died from an asthma attack — an inquest hears a gp refused to see her because she was late for her appointment. a bbc news investigation into unregistered schools has found
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"huge safeguarding issues" according to the children's commissioner for england. the schools watchdog, ofsted, has identified more than 350 suspected unregistered schools in england. anywhere that offers more than 18 hours a week of teaching is obliged to be registered as a school. little is known about what happens inside these unregulated schools, but bbc secret filming appears to show a child being hit at one school — in another pupils' text books suggest gay people should be killed. our special correspondent lucy manning reports. inside are secret schools unregistered, hidden from the authorities, operating out of offices and houses, even a disused building on an industrial estate. we've obtained photos of the inside of other suspected unregistered schools. they show shocking conditions,
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squalor, appalling food hygiene, dangerous wiring. schools need to be registered if five or more pupils are educated for at least 18 hours a week, many aren't. ofsted has identified more than 350 suspected unregistered schools, only half have been inspected. we were able to find two that haven't been. one is here in southend, essex. it's 9:a0am and children from the ultraorthodoxjewish community have started learning. on one day a young boy appears to be crying. there is a child here who clearly is upset. minutes later the teacher seems to use force. there is physicality about that. the man manhandling the child. the child remains very distressed. that raises immediate concerns.
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i wouldn't expect to see that in the classroom. any parent watching that would be very, very worried about what's going on. on a different occasion, a boy appears to cower away from the teacher. what you've got there is clearly a child who seems to be quite wary of the adult that's there. when the adult turns around the child steps back. and the adult clearly strikes the child. that is completely unacceptable on all counts. there are huge safety guarding issues about the well—being of the children. are you surprised that this can happen in the uk in this day and age? iam. parents throughout the land will be so surprised that schools of this scale are operating outside the legal system. the synagogue denies this is an unregistered schools. it says education is provided here within the 18 hour limit, but when we observed it it was operating for longer. it also says it's not aware of any assaults but asked for more information.
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we've learned there have been more than 50 safeguarding alerts about unregistered schools across england and wales in the past four years, according to ourfreedom of information request. these are primarily physical abuse concerns that include sexual abuse allegations. not all unregistered schools are religious. of those that are half are muslim. the bbc has contained the copy of a book from a suspected unregistered school in birmingham that is now closed. in one section it openly advocates the murder of homosexuals. another chapter warns a wife against refusing sects with her husband. —— sex with her husband. elsewhere, it says a woman wearing perfume is an adulterer. another suspected unregistered school was run here in east london. a broad and balanced curriculum... muhamed, a former headteacher, was issued with a warning notice by ofsted for running it. we've learned he is facing prosecution for racially abusing ofsted inspectors.
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it is alleged he shouted "britain first paedophiles" at them. we understand the registered school he ran previously featured here in online footage faced and extremism complaint. he denies all the allegations. he maintains he wasn't operating an unregistered school and says the centre was being run by somebody else. louise casey warned about the problem of unregistered schools in her 2016 report into community cohesion. the department for education really need to wake up to their own research, their own evidence, and what ofsted is telling them and take action. it brings up kids in an anti—british way of life. sometimes in these environments they feel they have more in common with some of the extremists, and some of the terrorists. run out of a basement of a church in south—east london we've also learned of an
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unregistered school that even had its own logo and uniform. the problem, four months after it opened the headteacher was banned from teaching for allegedly hitting a five—year—old pupil with learning difficulties at a previous school. she denies the allegation. and also says she never set out to do anything illegal by running the school. we have this little hidden universe of tiny schools... ofsted says it needs a change in the law to close these schools. why have there been no prosecutions of those running unregistered schools? there isa chain running unregistered schools? there is a chain to this. it starts with ofsted preparing a case. it goes to the secretary of state to approve taking it forward, then it goes to the crown prosecution service. we've prepared a number of cases, none of them have yet been approved, we believe many of these cases should have been taken forward. why can't you just go in and shot the schools down? my hands are tied. we have no power to shut down. we can enter and
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report. that's it. we can't even pick up evidence we find there. the bbc understands ministers have known about the presence of unregistered schools for nearly a decade. in 2009 ed balls was warned some schools we re ed balls was warned some schools were operating legally without the most basic health, safety, and welfare checks. and this confidential advice note reveals ofsted warned education secretary nicky morgan urgent action was needed. that was in 2015. shortly after then prime minister david cameron made a promise. after then prime minister david cameron made a promiselj after then prime minister david cameron made a promise. i can announce this today. if an institution is teaching children intensively then whatever its religion we will, like any other school, make it register so it can be inspected. the department for education declined to be interviewed about our investigation. it says it jointly agrees with ofsted is cases
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should be put forward for prosecution. and it says were a school is operating legally action must be taken. meanwhile hundreds of these schools are still running and thousands of children are left at risk of extremism, uninspected teachers, and poor facilities management. a man has admitted killing three teenage boys in a car crash in west london last month. the boys, aged 16 and 17, were hit near a bus stop as they walked to a birthday party. 28—year—old jaynesh chuda—sama from hayes, who was more than two and half times over the drink drive limit, has admitted three counts of causing death by dangerous driving. a teenager has been charged with stabbing two young somali men to death in the camden area of north london last week. eighteen year—old isaiah popoola has been charged with the murders of abdikarim hassan and sadiq mohamed last tuesday. police say popoola has also been charged with alleged attacks on two others on the same night. an inquest has heard how a five year—old girl —
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suffering from asthma — died after being turned away from an emergency doctor's appointment because she was a few minutes late. ellie may clark arrived at a clinic in newport, south wales but was told the doctor wouldn't see her because she was late. she returned home but was taken to hospital later that night and died. our wales correspondent sian lloyd was at the inquest, what more can you tell us? ellie may clark had suffered with asthma throughout her short life. on the day she died she has been turned away from an emergency appointment at the grange clinic in newport because she was more than ten minutes late. doctor joanne because she was more than ten minutes late. doctorjoanne roe, the doctor who took that decision, told the inquest today she was busy with another patient. the hearing heard it had a ten minute rule doctors had where they could turn patients away. but never before had it been applied
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to emergency patients. the coroner heard there were serious concerns. she was going to be writing a report now highlighting them, that ellie may clark had been let down by failings in the system, that opportunities to give her potentially life—saving treatment had been missed. herfamily were here at the hearing today. they said they were disappointed there was no finding of neglect and said they had waited three years for these a nswe i’s. thanks very much. there were crowds at heathrow airport this afternoon as british olympians arrived home after the winter games in pyeongchang. team gb achieved their target of five medals — one gold and four bronze — beating their previous record of four. our sports correspondentjoe wilson was at heathrow as the team arrived. flags at heathrow for everyone. a calm welcome home. but the olympics changes you. cheering suddenly back with a medal and a reputation, new fans and old friends
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for billie morgan. or is the acting. in total, five british medallists, up in total, five british medallists, up to £28 million invested. the record lottery funding from uk sport was allocated to create leapt off the sofa moments like watching lizzie yarnold in the skeleton, gold medallist again. i wondered what her legacy could be. there are many escalators in britain but no skeleton courses to slide down. we are not a snow nation, we're not a nice nation. the inspirational message i take to schools is that i grew up in kent and i loved sport andi grew up in kent and i loved sport and ijust grew up in kent and i loved sport and i just wanted grew up in kent and i loved sport and ijust wanted to be an olympian. i ended up going, to my best, and coming home with a gold medal. and i was a normal kid from kent. absolutely stratospheric. that remains if you want to excel in winter sports you need to travel abroad. there are some olympic sports which are far easier to play in every town and city in great britain. like this one. in east
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london some of the best teenage basketball players in britain, it is a sport widely played byjohn people here. but the british team isn't expected to win olympic medals, so there isn't any uk sport funding. we are in danger of losing this. it needs to be looked up now. it's not just re—evaluating, notjust talking about my sport, talking about all sports, the way they are funded. some sports are given huge amounts of money and it is a very low participation sport. participation is vital, everybody agrees. uk sport exist to turn lottery money into medals, which everybody enjoys. like sliding on ice, the need to find balance is crucial. joe wilson, bbc news, heathrow. time for a look at the weather... this beast from the east, will it be as bad as everybody is saying? this is it and i shall explain why
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it is cold that. high pressure over scandinavia. coming all the way from russia where it was “41 today. the winds will strengthen. it will get colder. and we will have more snow. we had some snow today. we have dry air, so there were not great amounts. that will change. snow showers tonight over the southern uk areas. we have the killing cloud and areas. we have the killing cloud and a spell of snow coming later tonight for eastern scotland and northern england. it is running into the cold air. easily down to “4 over tonight. amber warnings from the met office. one in the south—east corner of england and the secondary one where we have more persistent snow in north—east england, perhaps close to greater manchester and yorkshire. in both cases it is going to be in the morning. some of it may blow across to wales. western areas dry in the afternoon. snow showers coming into
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eastern areas. the south—east should be dry and sunny but the temperatures will be a bit lower than we had today. another area of concern for wednesday, northern and eastern scotland, the central belt, and north—eastern england. up to ten centimetres of snow, particularly over higher ground. shower after shower coming in on a stronger wind. it shifts towards the northern half of the uk. there will still be some sunshine and snow showers. we are dropping down day by day in temperatures. add onto that the strength of the wind, because it will be very windy by wednesday and significantly colder. more snow showers in the north by thursday. it will bring a spell of snow with this cold air heading in a northerly direction continuing until friday. that's all from the bbc news at six. this is bbc news — our latest headlines in a speech to clarify his party's position on brexit — labour leaderjeremy corbyn backs
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the uk being in a permanent customs union with the eu. weather warnings are in place across eastern and southern england — as heavy snow and sub—zero temperatures arrive. search teams in leicester continue to sift through the site of an explosion which destroyed a building in the city last night — five people have died. a driver admits killing three boys he hit at more than 70mph as they walked to a birthday party in west london. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. in beyond 100 days, the latest from syria as russia gives in to pressure at the un for a brief cease fire. here, the beast
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from the east has arrived — and as the cold snap takes hold, we'll take a closer look at the weather warnings around the country. and as more than 100 school girls are abducted from a village in nigeria, we'll have the latest from lagos. that's all ahead on bbc news.


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