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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  February 27, 2018 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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leader beyond his second term. russia says there'll be a daily five—hour pause in the fighting, and a humanitarian corridor established in syria's rebel—held enclave of ghouta from tuesday. us president donald trump suggests he would have been braver than the armed guard who failed to confront the florida school shooter, saying he would have run in even if he wasn't armed. and this video is trending on europe is in the grips of a deep freeze. a front dubbed ‘the beast from the east‘ has brought freezing temperatures and snow to large swathes of the continent and the united kingdom. that's all from me now, stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk: jeremy corbyn has revealed he would seek a new customs union with the eu if he was prime minister, saying it would safeguard jobs and living now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore.
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day two of the world mobile congress in barcelona. we find out what they have to say about the us ban on its product. new zealand public finance minister tells us what the gbp would mean for the best tpb would mean for the country's economy. good morning, asia, and hello world. clad you could join us for this edition of asia business report. it is tuesday, andi asia business report. it is tuesday, and i am rico he's on. we start off with the world mobile congress in barcelona today, and american politicians have been accused of barring the company from the us market for commercial reasons. operators have been warned from
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stalking him, mobile phones over concerns that the company is too close to the chinese government. the firm insists it's independent that it's mobile boss told rory katlyn jones that they have big ambitions, whatever happens in america. every year, we have strong growth, every year. we have a chance to be number one, not far away. you think you can be number 11 date with global smartphones? for sure. we have a chance. what are the problems with you achieving that, trying to get into the united states market. you are nowhere in the dutch in the united states market because american politicians do not trust you. why do you think that is? because some guy, some political things are trying to keep us out because we are too competitive. we have leading technology, so they worry about that, we are too strong.
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is that why american politicians wa nt to is that why american politicians want to keep you out, because you are too competitive, or they worry that you are too close to the chinese government? they are trying to say that, but we are actually independent of the company, so those political things, to keep us out... you are one of the leading chinese companies in advancing artificial intelligence. is china going to be a superpower in al? one of the things you are showing off this week is a car with a phone in it, which is basically making the autonomous car work. what are you trying to demonstrate there? we are demonstrating ai capability on a smartphone, how ai demonstrating ai capability on a smartphone, how al on a smartphone is really amazing. it is not smart enough, the smartphone, and we hope that in the future, and aia
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smartphone to be an intelligent phone. what is your prediction in five years from now, will you dominate the mobile phone industry, and will it be in an american market ina and will it be in an american market in a significant way? i think both. we can be number one globally. he was speaking to rick allenjones. a recent government report says new zealand could see $4 billion added to the economy with a revised transpacific partnership to the economy with a revised tra nspacific partnership kicks to the economy with a revised transpacific partnership kicks in later this year. let us —— that is welcome news for the new zealand economy, where growth is inspected to slow out —— slow donated this year. earlier i spoke to the country —— company's year. earlier i spoke to the country —— compa ny‘s new year. earlier i spoke to the country —— company's new finance minister, i asked him if the tpb would make a difference to the country's bottom line. i think the countries that have stayed the course with new zealand, canada, chile, countries like that, singapore, they know that there are good benefits for them in
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this agreement. an actual effect for some countries, the us withdrawal means is area is easier to sign up other areas. buffer new zealand, we area other areas. buffer new zealand, we are a small country, a trading nation, and we need agreements like this to grow our prosperity. but if the united states was of the tpp, this should be adding a lot more cash into the coffers. do you think president trump will ever change his mind and rejoin tpp? that is very difficult to know the answer, but what we are pleased about is a good quality agreement has been signed by 11 countries. if the us wants to come back and to the agreement at some point in the future, that remains possible, but we have an agreement that will open up access to markets for our exporters and service providers, as it will for other countries. it is a high quality agreement now, and new zealand is proud to be a part of the. there is lots of talk will be —— that the uk will be interested in joining the revised tpp after brexit, are they welcomed? all
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countries who want to be part of the agreement are welcome to be there. we have to get it signed obviously and ratified first, but new zealand is looking forward to discussing with the uk a possible trade agreement. it is important for new zealand to develop agreements with the eu following brexit, both are important markets for our exporters. let's look at the new zealand economy, the new government is taking a tough stance towards immigration and property purchases by foreigners. would this second —— impact economic growth? but we have had for the last nine years is a major housing crisis. new zealand has had high homeownership rates in the past, we are many tens of thousands of houses were of all we need. so part of what we have done is put in some new rules and criteria around existing residential housing, similar to the rules in australia, and we are putting them in place now to ensure that new
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zealanders can buy their own homes. what we still want our people coming from countries around the world to invest in building new housing and supporting us to build our infrastructure. we very much need that kind of investment. it was new zealand's finance minister greg roberson. china's top economic adviser of drives into the usa today to try to smooth tensions between the two countries over trade. discussions between the white house will take place as president trump continues this considers new tariffs on chinese steel imports. so what kind of reception can he expect?m likely to be quite frosty because we have seen increasingly tough talk on both sides. notjust that, on the us side of talks, we have robert light, who is known to be a china hawk, meaning he is very aggressive in the sta nce meaning he is very aggressive in the stance towards china, and trying to
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address trade imbalances. the us side, the trust and believes there has been more talk about reform and not enough action to the dish to address the fact that china has a huge trade surplus with america, and they want to narrow that. now the man traveling is hopefully the right person to smooth over —— over these tensions, because he is very senior. he isa tensions, because he is very senior. he is a trained at harvard economist, he is also a very trusted confidant of president seizing ping, and china's annual meeting, he is inspected to be promoted to vice senior premier. according to reuters, he is also the front runner to be the next governor of china's central bank after the current governor “— central bank after the current governor —— governor retires. there isa governor —— governor retires. there is a lot more for him destined to discuss, including the possibility of the us putting new tariffs on chinese steel, as well as this fight over intellectual property practices in china. so lots for them to talk about. china and the us are always at loggerheads in many ways ——
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issues. they you for the update. a few years ago, it was revealed that north korea had just a handful of websites, and minimal infrastructure. a new report from cyber security firm fire eyes suggests that has not stopped the country from making trouble. business reporter monica miller spoke to bryce bolton, the firm's asia—pacific —— chief officer, who told her the hackers from the hermit state are becoming more sophisticated. you do not need to have a massive investment in informational warfare to be very effective. in north korea, to recognize that a decade ago, and started investigate that investing in their cyber warfare. what we're seeing today is the fruits of their investment. are there third parties involved? are the north koreans working with another country or individuals or corporations to make this all happened? it is clear that they are able to learn from what other countries have been doing, and
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they have had relationships in the past with china and russia, and they may well be also using relationships with ironic, also an emerging cyber power over the last few years. you are describing something that flies under the radar, it if it is tough to detect, what are signs that your computer has been impacted. today, you have two modes of operation for attackers, a targeted attack going under the radar to steal information that could be used for your advantage in informational warfare, but we also now have crypto currencies, creating a massive opportunity for countries like north korea to extra ct opportunity for countries like north korea to extract value from computers anywhere in the world, they can turn this computers into crypto currency minors, and use those to extract money from the compute power that they have co—opted. there is a term for this called crypto jacking, and it is
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becoming a new nuisance for organizations, and what you are seeing with crypto jacking is your cpu system will. .. seeing with crypto jacking is your cpu system will... that is relatively easy to find and easy to stop. let's look at the asian stock markets, currently all headed north. after major gains on wall street overnight. thank you so much for investing your time with us, i am rico hizon, sport today is up next. the top stories this hour. online critics in china's plan to allow president xijinping extra critics in china's plan to allow president xi jinping extra time critics in china's plan to allow president xijinping extra time in office have found there, and censored. russia says there'll be a daily five—hour pause in the fighting in rebel—held eastern ghouta in syria from tuesday. monday has been one of the coldest days of the winter so far for much of the uk, and weather experts say
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the freezing conditions will continue for the rest of the week. there are yellow and amber warnings of snow in scotland, wales and central, eastern and southern parts of england. our science editor david shukman has the latest. the first wave of the storm. norwich this afternoon, blanketed in white. not enough to stop the postmen or the rubbish collection, but this is just the beginning of what is forecast. london had an icy start this morning, and the bands of dark clouds are a hint of heavy snow to come, along with plummeting temperatures. already, some areas have felt a wind chill of minus 15. would you like soup? so, busy times at the largest emergency shelter in london. the charity glass door has decided that it's too cold to turn anyone away tonight. the homeless are at greatest risk. you feel more vulnerable. you've got to have two sleeping bags, or... this morning, i was woken
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up with a snowflake just dropped in my eye. i'm just dreading what it's going to be like tonight. at least there's been plenty of warning. nearly a dozen rail companies in east and south—east england announced early on that they would be limiting or stopping services altogether. at this station, which this evening looks almost abandoned, this is how the disruption was announced. during the night, some empty trains will be run to try to keep lines open. so, what's behind this icy blast? well, it's all about the circulation of the winds high above the arctic, moving in a way that means warm air is descending towards the north pole, and that's why temperatures in greenland have been slightly above zero. now, this pattern in the weather also affects the jet stream. normally it flows from west to east bringing us mild weather. but now it's reversed, which is like opening a door of a freezer, allowing extreme cold from siberia to flow our way.
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knocking. hi, david! in lincolnshire, meals on wheels went smoothly today, but the elderly are warned to get ready. it doesn't bother me unduly. provided you are prepared for it, you've got stuff in the fridge and everything of that nature. you've got your boots ready. in essex, gritters are being deployed. if the forecasts are right, they will be even busier at the end of the week. today has been a taste of what's on the cards. the real challenges come overnight and in the days ahead. david shukman, bbc news. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello there, this is sport today
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live from the bbc sports center. coming up on this programme. forward neighbor has broken his foot and sprained an ankle. a hero's welcome and also, she celebrates becoming the most decorated winter olympian of all time. surfing in a different way is coming to an artificial wave park in california. hello there, welcome to the programme, all that and more. we server welcome to the programme, all that and more. we server the news that pa rents and more. we server the news that parents age a forward neighbor has been diagnosed with a broken foot and sprained ankle. after being carried off on sunday's game. the 26—year—old brazilian is set to miss the champions league as rail madrid next week, and willjoin pierce g for a record... of next week, and willjoin pierce g fora record... of more next week, and willjoin pierce g for a record... of more than $260


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