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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 3, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines: weather warnings for snow and icy roads remain in place across much of the uk. thousands of homes are without power. several flood warnings have been issued for parts of england, due to high tides and strong winds. motorists and rail passengers have been told to expect continued disruption on roads and railways. three men have been charged with manslaughter and arson over an explosion in leicester, which left five people dead and a number of people injured. the prime minister has helped bring together remain and leave supporters — according to the health secretary, jeremy hunt. video assistant referees are set to be used at this year's world cup in russia after football's lawmakers voted to approve the technology. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me hugh ferris
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and lizzie greenwood—hughes. the headlines this evening: swansea take a huge step towards survival. their 4—1 win over west ham in the premier league lifts them up five places in the table. the premier league aren't so sure after teething problems in england. but fifa look set to have var at the world cup this summer. another nailbiter in new zealand. england hold on to beat the black caps by four runs in wellington and take a 2—1 lead in the odi series. and i'm in brooklyn ahead of the heavyweight title. hello, again, thanks
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forjoining us on sportsday. lots to come, including redemption for riyad mahrez, and swansea's surge up the premier league table. lizzie will take you through it all injust a moment. while we'll hear from deontay wilder and phil neville later in the programme. but first to anfield and the late kick off in the premier league. liverpool have a chance to go second with a win over newcastle. mo farah has put liverpool in front. the egyptian has scored in several matches. —— mo saleh. they'vejust started the second half at anfield,
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it is still 1—0 to liverpool. lizzie, mo saleh again, the snip of the season. 32 goals he has now scored. john, i wanted to put this to you, a few years ago, pundits we re to you, a few years ago, pundits were dim owning the demise of the 30 goal striker, we've got loads of them. he's not even a striker, he is a winner. we expected him to do well but nobody ever expected him to do this well. that was a great save as well. let's move on to swansea, west ham. another 4—1 defeat for david moyes, swansea, this is who this lobby is about, leaping out of the relegation zone after 13? when you have to leave your fortress. 4—1
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winds today, they were in power, everything that could have gone wrong for west ham did. the manager seems to have a magic touch at the moment. seven successive home winds, we have goals in the first half, andy king, one of their new signings scored. michael antonio got a goal back from west ham. winston reid was carried off with a knee injury, had a head injury, he was unconscious and went to hospital. let's hear from both managers. it was the best performers we have done since we arrived. this performance was near our idea of that game. in defensive organisation, in the transitions also, it was a game that we really we re also, it was a game that we really were more near to what we wanted all
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the way we wanted to play so i am very delighted and proud about my players. we would have been disappointed because of the level of performance. we played so bad. ultimately, to corner kicks and appendices kick. we could have done a lot better. we did start well at the second—half but within two minutes, there was another goal from them. things but overall of the performance was poor. and wonder if he is having a tougher job than he thought. it was always going to be difficult. it was a good day for swansea because they moved out of ii relegation zone and dragged west ham back into trouble for the top watford west brom, bottom of the table, west brom, things are clearly not going well
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the club, we heard from alan pardew saying this is to be expect it, it is tough for him. eight points from safety now for the top it is getting very difficult now for west bromwich albion and any evil think they are down already. it will take the greatest of this gets to get out of this. five defeats in a row in the premier league. alan pardew, hisjob is under threat now because remember, the owners, there were reports that they were standing by for this watford game but i think he will certainly be in doubt. it is becoming untenable. 1—0 win for watford. tony pulis was brought in to be the sort of manager you don't get relegated with, pardew is brought in to be the sort of managing you don't get relegated with. it is not the right time in the season to be getting rid of
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managers. but what alternatives are out there? that is the problem. alan pa rd ew out there? that is the problem. alan pardew doesn't seem like he can turn this around, he is desperate to stay there. a really tight game, every feel for the layers. we have had chances, we put everything on the pitch, sometimes we were falling short. it is tough but it isn't about it, it's about west brom. it is tough for our fa ns about west brom. it is tough for our fans and players to experience games that are so tight and we can't get a win. 0bviously, that is putting us ina win. 0bviously, that is putting us in a difficult position. we have to keep going until we get something. that move onto early everton. an important win for them ending their run of ii important win for them ending their run of 11 matches without a win. everton took the lead, then barely fought act, ashley
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a nswered lead, then barely fought act, ashley answered the equaliser, 50 minutes. confusion at the back. chris wood giving burnley the breed —— lead, it wasn't to prove the winner as well and there was more bad news for everton for the top williams sent off for everton for the top williams sent offforan everton for the top williams sent off for an elbow there. didn't even come plain, just walked straight off the pitch. everton have lost their last five premier league games will top their away games. burton are only five points behind arsenal. it shows just how well they started the season. perhaps now they will pick up season. perhaps now they will pick upa bit season. perhaps now they will pick up a bit of form towards the end of the season. arsenal fans might argue it shows how poorly arsenal were doing. i think which adhere from sam alla rdyce. i think which adhere from sam allardyce. losing a goal of the corn is something i dislike and could
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have been avoided. two very easy goals gifted to burnley today, which ta kes goals gifted to burnley today, which takes them pressure off them and keeps the pressure on us stop that is five defeats on the trot. while our own form and points are good, simply not good enough. today. yet again. i'm very disappointed. john, less — bournemouth, i—i. amazing free kick, watch match of the day. 96 minutes in, a lot of injury time, bournemouth won't be happy. it was a rid goal, curling the ball around the wall. —— it was a brilliant goal. spurs, huddersfield, tottenham winning 2—0. they've to big game this week. 17
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unbeaten now. two goals for son. players were arrested and son came off, dem ballet came off, harry kane stayed on, you are right, a big game on wednesday. —— dembele came off. i wonder what pochettino has to say about that game today. never easy to play premier league games, today was tough, but i am happy, i'm pleased that we are... how have today but back goals affect the table. liverpool at the moment are up to second, oh, no, that says
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their fourth there. as are up to second, oh, no, that says theirfourth there. as it are up to second, oh, no, that says their fourth there. as it stands, liverpool are up to second. ranchers to united playing on monday against chelsea. tasty match, we hope, and arsenal are playing burnley tomorrow. every week, we say burnley are still seven. finally win. back from 1—0. are still seven. finally win. back from 1-0. everton are still in the top ten. it shows how condensed it is. let's have a look at the bottom of the table. grimm reading for west bromwich albion fans. southampton against stoke was all is. southampton eight straight home matches without a win. both the teams really struggling, stoke had
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the test chance in the first half. missed chances for southampton in the second half. we said liverpool and to second and they will probably stay there because they have just scored again. yes, sadio mane has golf liverpool second. two of the free have scored. —— two of the three. all the premier league matches away today, despite all the weather problems everyone is having across the country, still proving to bea across the country, still proving to be a problem for sporting bitches everywhere. jump racing has suffered, as did rugby union. there isa suffered, as did rugby union. there is a long list of postponements. all of scotland's league matches were called off but the quarterfinals of the scottish cup went ahead, aberdeen drew i—i the scottish cup went ahead, aberdeen drew 1—1 with your marnoch. celtic took another step towards the second consecutive trouble today.
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babies are weather and then morton 3-0. at parkhead, it takes a lot to call off a celtic match. this weekend, more than most, the glasgow spirit has been tested. but to seal domestic perfection, this club must clear all the obstacles. morton's manager wasn't pleased to see it go on, he wanted it postponed, perhaps to put off the onslaught. morton knew they would come under strain but in the first half, they held firm. celtic‘s dreams in europe are done for this year, now they want the rest of the trophies. they looked for moussa dembele, he found a quality he needed. it took more than an hour to master morton's resistance but after good play came good fortune. it looked like the leap took dembele inside the box, the frenchman got up to see celtic home but for all morton's good work,
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the tie has slipped away. celtic in the semis. when they are in their stride, it takes a lot to stop them. it might not have had the smooth introduction to english football that many had hoped for but video assistant referees are set to be used at this year's world cup in russia after football's lawmakers voted to approve the technology. var has been trialled in some fa and league cup games this season, with varying degrees of success, but that hasn't stopped the international football association board unanimously approving its introduction on a permanent basis. i asked our sports news correspondent richard conway why fifa are so sold on the new technology. under the days of said blatter, there were ideological opposition to
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there were ideological opposition to the thought and use of technology in football. they wanted it to be a human game and for it to have all the elements and mistakes that come when humans are involved and they didn't want video replays, there was a big argue at about goal technology for a long time. that, of course, happened. and, then, one of the first things that were said was they had to catch up with the times, they had to catch up with the times, they had to catch up with the times, they had to be like other sports like cricket and rugby and they had to introduce video technology into hot —— football. at how they do it and keep the essential core elements of football and other natural ebb and flow, the pace, not having lengthy delays, that was something they had to work out over a two—year experiment period. any 1000 games have taken part in that trial. have they got wings right? perhaps not. they think the principle of it is
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enough, they want to see it improved and they are happy to give it the go—ahead. and they are happy to give it the go-ahead. the teething problems have been not just go-ahead. the teething problems have been notjust in english football but elsewhere so clearly there is an issue about the fan x bierman is quite keeping the communication open between those in the stadium, do fifa have bright eyed is about how that might be improved for the world cup? they have said they want to specifically look at the issue of fan communication and how they colette fa ns fan communication and how they colette fans know, both those in the ground and those watching at home, what is happening, what is under review, what decision directory has made, why he has made not made certain decisions, and that is something they will be looking at the head of the start of the russian world cup but they want to make sure that the aer is used correctly and doesn't attract the kind of criticism it has had in certain
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games. they said they have a plan to communicate that to the fans in the stadium and two fans at home. it will probably involve extremes in the stadium but i think it won't be replays, just text messages saying what is under review and the position has been. —— what the decision has been. an unbeaten century from new zealand captain kane williamson couldn't deny england taking a 2—1 lead in their one day international series against new zealand. despite setting the home side a very get—able target of 235, england held on to win by four runs. adam wild reports. they call this stadium the cake tin or stop inside, a series warming up rather nicely. england have created a reputation for boldness with the captain top scoring with 48. he was joined in the middle by ben stokes, showing again why he remains such a valuable asset. slowed by the fall of wickets, england reached 234, a modest total by their high standards, made to look all the more so as new zealand started with only the faintest of faults. the progress was stopped mid—flight.
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england was back then as two were stepping up, collecting five wickets for little over 20 new zealand runs. 0nly kane williamson saving them from complete collapse. his century took them to a final over. needing 15, new zealand found dumped, not enough. england rising to the challenge, another impressive triumph. adam wild reporting. the next match in the series is overnight tuesday into wednesday. you're watching sportsday. coming up on the road gram. i'm at the very latest to need the man who has masterminded richard rowing success but is bowing out. there will be plenty of trish no doubt livery eyes
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eyes on brooklyn in the early hours of tomorrow morning for the heavyweight title fight between wbc champion deontay wilder and luis 0rtiz. one of them will no doubt be anthonyjoshua... who holds all three of the other heavyweight belts... and if he wins his own title defence later in the month... let's go to new york and speak to our reporter ade adedoyin. ade... wilder has told joshua to watch... will he be entertained...? potentially, yes. this could well be that toughest career —— fight of his career. luis 0rtiz has stopped all for opponents, he is a southpaw, a left—hander. the controversial character as well because he has failed to drug tests in the last three years but the wbc, the sanctioning body, accented his information that he was taking medication for high that pressure. he hasn't connected with the meador as much as deontay wilder. also the
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prospect of recording career defining win. 0ther head—to—head yesterday, they stared intently into other‘s eyes. i caught up with wilder and asked him what he saw when he looked into luis 0rtiz‘s eyes. he is scared. he should be so. he never faced anybody like me. there is nobody he has faith that has been like me, been vocal, ready to knock his head off and do all the things i'm ready to do. yet the stands that, he can see the video, when you are knocking everybody out like that, you are going to have two metre fighter. only in boxing would be getting excited about a match we wouldn't ordinarily be that excited about, simply because in two matches time there might be a fight between anthonyjoshua and time there might be a fight between anthony joshua and deontay time there might be a fight between anthonyjoshua and deontay wilder. could he be put off, deontay wilder?
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i think he understands what is at sta ke, i think he understands what is at stake, it is notjust his wbc heavyweight title, blow this fight and you blow a fight against and julie —— anthonyjoshua and millions of dollars. it is a fighter that will invigorate heavyweight boxing. he can't afford to make any mistakes tonight. we know a lot about anthony joshua, we live in a country where he is one of the biggest superstars we see but we don't know very much about deontay wilder, here's the other world champion, what kind of style might we see is the watched the fight? deontay wilder has been criticised that he hasn't faced any opponents of the calibre of anthony joshua. joshua had his defining fight when he beat vladimir klitschko, it made him a huge star. deontay wilder believes he is the man that to be the man you have to
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beat the man and that man is anthony joshua. wilder will want to make a statement tonight by knocking out son. —— luis 0rtiz. enjoy the fight. england's women play their second game at the ‘she believes cup' tomorrow night. they're up against the world number 2 side — germany hoping to follow—up on their impressive victory over france. but since then, england have lost a key player in defender anita asante and germany will be a much tougher test as manager phil neville told our women's football repoterjo currie. we are massively disappointed. 0n we are massively disappointed. on a personal note, because she has done so well to get back into the international team with her performance for chelsea. there would have in an opportunity for her to probably play in all three games, that was my plan before the tournament because of the lack of probably ex—theories in that position but that is the point ——
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disappointment. she has got back in and worked so hard and paid so well and worked so hard and paid so well and now this opportunity has been taken away from her but what i said to the other day before we left is she has to get back really quick and work on her recovery and know that that door is always open for her to come back into the team when she recovers ? come back into the team when she recovers? do you talk to the players about your own memories? no, i don't, because then immersion comes into it. —— emotion. it is no different than when i is to play against liverpool or everton versus liverpool when you have got to have eyes running through your veins rather than going in there with all that emotion through your head about the history between the teams. to be focused and concentrated, no different than playing bosnia, wales, germany. let's switch our attention to the world indoor athletics championships where britain have a number of medal hopes going in this evening's action.
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new world recold holder christian coleman will be the man to beat in the men's 60 metres where cj ujah and andrew robertson have both qualified for the semi—finals. ujah won his heat while robertson was a fastest loser. there was a season's best time for great britain's women's 4 x 400 metre relay team to earn them a place in tomorrow's final. megan beesley overtook the italians in the anchor leg and just managed to hold them off to cross the line in second place behind the usa, guaranteeing automatic qualification.
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and there was also a strong performance from the men's 4 x 4 team — they'll compete for gold tomorrow. the quartet recorded a season's best time of 3 minutes 5.29 seconds. and later this evening laura muir is hoping to win her second medal of the championships in the 1500 metres final tonight. muir took bronze in the 3,000 metres on thursday. the man who has masterminded great britain's domination of rowing over the past two decades, sir david tanner, has retired this week. but despite his crews winning 35 olympic and paralympic medals — he never attracted much attention. so our reporter tim hague went to meet him, and find out more. surprising that one of which an's best elite coaches ever is little known outside of rowing. best elite coaches ever he's won many medals. best elite coaches ever why is he retiring? best elite coaches ever it will be hard to step out. best elite coaches ever rowing is my hobby and my life in some ways. i shan't leave rowing, i have done 21 years that is quite long time. the first rovers have been out on the water from 7am this morning, the sun is still coming up, and that commitment to be the best comes
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from sir david tanner all the way down. he is an ex—headteacher and he still carries that with him. we have all been called into the headmaster‘s office. he has created this incredible place of success and inspiration. he will always be remembered. i was confident that with financial support, that's where the lottery comes in, i could build something pretty good. does he feel sorry for his successor? comparisons have been made that the irreplaceable sir alex when he left manchester united. i don't see myself as alex fergusson at all. i'm not a big cheese in that way at all. i'm not modest about being the leader of the best rowing nation in the world but i don't need to be someone that puts his head above the parapet to match. but success like his should surely be celebrated. did you know that since you took over, you have had a hand in 40%
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of british rowing medals in history? the first game was 1900, sir david. that is not bad, is it? not bad at all. good luck to him. 2—0 is the latest score between liverpool and newcastle but that is it from us. thank you for watching. good night. let's get the weather for the week ahead. staying and settled because we've got that area of low pressure very close by to us. that will take us very close by to us. that will take us into the start of the forthcoming week. that is rather disappointing given that we are supposed to be in is winged but at least we're not
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going to see the level of cold that we have seen of late. we swapped the easterly and lots of it for something in the south and south—west. these shots will become something of a distant memory but in the midst of all of that struggle to get somewhere, some people have at least made the very best of the conditions. overnight, there is still a wintry flavour to proceedings, as we push snow further north. i had a bad belt of snow, but a couple of centimetres perhaps, towards the north and east, still showers. further south, we have felt this first signs of something little milder in many counties across england and in wales. but as we start the new day, we've got an ice problem. lots of warnings about ice. just watch out for that if you are on the move on sunday. showers are
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crossed the south west. further north, you'll have to go on the of england to see little bit of snow, there will be further snow across eastern parts of scotland but not on the scale we have seen of eight stop —— of late. we have some premier league football for you. manchester city versus chelsea shouldn't be an issue with whether there. 0ver city versus chelsea shouldn't be an issue with whether there. over the next few days or so, into the forthcoming week, we are going to end up with snow on the hills, probably not have low levels, feeling less cold, and there will be some rain at times. the good news is we will pick those temperatures up for you, initially across some parts of the british isles. further north, we get round about seven or 8 degrees. more on the bbc were the website. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven.
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thousands of homes are without power in parts of wales and england as the uk struggles with the bitter winter conditions. that's my car there, so that's not going anywhere and then all the local trains and buses are cancelled, people are just going around on sledges on the main road yesterday. several flood warnings have been issued for parts of england due to high tides and strong winds. further travel disruption is expected. three men have been charged with manslaughter and arson over an explosion in leicester, which left five people dead and a number of people injured. the prime minister has helped bring together remain and leave supporters — according to the health secretary, jeremy hunt. video assistant referees are set to be used at this year's world cup in russia after football's lawmakers voted to approve the technology.


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