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was recording the special great celebrity bake off for stand up to cancer which begins tonight. in an interview, he said, i was getting pains in my legs and my hips particularly, and i thought, this is old age. eventually, they got so bad i thought i'd better go and see my gp. he said, i will give you a blood test. the next morning, the doctor said it is fairly clear you have advanced prostate cancer. in an interview in the radio times, he urges men not to ignore symptoms that might indicate prostate cancer which will affect one in eight men. the key symptoms are any very rapid changes to how often you go to the toilet to your innate, any pain when you do or pain generally in the pelvic area, though symptoms might not be cancer, they probably are not, but they would potentially suggest there is an issue and men should go to their gp if they have any symptoms. bill says he's still working and does not want to be defined by his illness. he adds, although cancer will shorten his
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co nsulta nt‘s although cancer will shorten his consulta nt‘s ambition is although cancer will shorten his consultant's ambition is he will see another 18 years. —— cancer will shorten his life. time for a look at the weather. here's matt taylor. this was the scene just outside glasgow this morning. the covering of snow yet again. across some parts of snow yet again. across some parts of scotland, it continues to snow. big temperature contrasts. england and wales, ten, 11 degrees this afternoon. a struggle to get to four, five in scotland. here in the grampians and the eastern islands, continuing to see snow on the hills through the day, another 10—15 centimetres possible. most will be dry. a few showers to the west of england and wales, through east anglia and the south—east. overnight, the snow clears from scotland, a few more showers pushing into the western half of the uk and potentially the channel islands, clear skies in between, it will be
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colder, greater chance of frostjust about anywhere, and where the ground is wet, on the icy side. tomorrow, for many, dry and bright. there will be some showers, rain, sleet and hill snow in the west, western fringes of england and wales, heavy in devon and cornwall with hail, through the day, we could see heavy rain working from south to east, and in between, most places dry with sunshine. low pressure still with us into thursday, clear skies, frosty night again, just watch this weather front developing across northern france, it could bring rain to the channel islands, it may skirt into the far south—east. a lot of dry and bright weather on thursday. a few showers. the further north, the more likely to see snow over the hills, but nothing compared to what we have had of late. the sun is gaining strength day by day. still frost by
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night, as we will see on friday. snow returns at times across northern scotland, most having a dry and bright day, during the day, cloudier and wetter in the south—west of england and wales. some very mild air which will try to push north through the weekend, called air still in place over scotland, so england and wales on saturday the rain spread north, it will turn to snow in the northern half of the country. the milder weather will eventually win, sunshine at times too. a weekend of a little bit of everything but finishing with milder and sunnier weather for many. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. the foreign secretary confirms the former russian spy and his daughter are the two people believed to have been poisoned in salisbury. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. you are watching bbc news. the time
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is 134. i am in the sports centre. lord coe is holding a scheduled news conference in birmingham at the end of the two day iaaf council. he insisted he did not mislead a parliamentary hearing into doping at sport. the accused him of giving misleading and servers in doping and collusion by his organisation and any cover—ups. let's hearfrom lord call right now. ——lord coe. do you think your has been
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diminished? no, that will be the response to make to the select committee and that group of members in parliament. the accusation against him was that he should have read and e—mail from against him was that he should have read and e—mailfrom david that field regarding some accusations against russia and doping and a possible corruption as well. he insists she never read that e—mail. we will bring you more from what he had to say later. they have upheld their own ban on russia from competing at its events under a russian flag. russian athletes can compete but officially athletes from russia, not under their own flag. they are upholding their own ban on russia although they have been at bitter to the olympic family after
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the winter olympics .— mean admitted. serena williams will return to the wta tour tomorrow at the indian wells tournament in the us. the fomer world number one has only played one competitve doubles match in the last 14 months and also had her first child six months ago the 23 time grand slam winnerfaces zarina diyas of kazakhstan in the first round. she's one major singles title short of margaret court's record but is trying to keep expectations toa minimum. yes, it has been hard. there have been many days when i am like, how ami been many days when i am like, how am i going to keep going? it has been very difficult but i keep going andi been very difficult but i keep going and i note that i might not be at my best yet but i am getting there. every day is a day and i should be getting better. as long as i am moving forward, even if it is at the turtle pace, i am ok with that. england wingerjack nowell is a doubt for this
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weekend's six nations match against france he missed training today. nowell has been used as a replacement so far but scored against italy on the opening weekend and also featured against wales and scotland. he could be replaced in the squad by elliot daly who has recovered from injury. two former champions are to return to play at the aegon championships at queen's club this summer the traditional grass court warm up for wimbledon will feature world number three marin cilic, who lifted the title in 2012, and grigor dimitrov — 2014 champion. cilic says it's one of the best tournaments on the calendar. rafa nadal is also down to play and so too andy murray pending hsi recovery from hip surgery. scotla nd scotland cricketers won their match.
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scotland one a nervy victory. elsewhere in the two ornaments, ireland are chasing 236 to beat patchwork new guinea. more sport on the website. watch out on the website for reaction from that council meeting that he refuses the assertion that he misled that report regarding what he knew about historic russian doping. also the bradley wiggins review and how he refutes the claim is. i will be back just after two you. britain is promising to respond "robustly" if it's found that russia was involved in the suspected poisoning of a former spy, who's critically ill in hospital in wiltshire. sergei skripal — a double agent who was convicted of passing state secrets to m16 — was found slumped on a bench in the centre of salisbury two days ago alongside his daughter yulia
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who was also unconscious. moscow says it has no knowledge of the incident. but the foreign secretary boris johnson told the commons that an investigation had been launched. it is too early to speculate as to the precise nature of the crime or attempted crime that has taken place in salisbury yesterday. but i know members will have their suspicions and what i will say to the house is that if those suspicions proved to be well founded, this government will take whatever measures we deem necessary to protect the lives of people in this country, our values and ourfreedoms. people in this country, our values and our freedoms. although people in this country, our values and ourfreedoms. although i am not 110w and ourfreedoms. although i am not now pointing fingers, because we cannot point fingers, i say to
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government around the world that no attempt to take innocent life on uk soil will go on sanctions or unpunished. it may be that this country will continue to pay a price for our continued principle in standing up to russia. i hope that i will have the support of members on both sides of the house in continuing to do so. relatives of sergei skripal told the bbc russian service that he was always vigilant and fearful of the russian special services. olga ivshina reports from salisbury. i managed to speak to relatives of sergei skripal today and they told me that he called home to weeks ago. he sounded very optimistic. at the same time, they say he was vigilant because after the spy swap in 2010, he believed that the russian special services could come after him at any
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time. his family strongly condemns any accusations that sergei skripal worked for mi6. they believe the sp in age —— the case was fabricated in russian court. they say he is the biggest patriotic person in russia. we have lost many members, one by one his wife and then rather died. some believe they died in suspicious circumstances. sergei skripal and his daughter yulia skripal is in hospital. yulia skripal is to come to visit her father regularly. recently she came to the uk to see her father and recently she came to the uk to see herfather and for recently she came to the uk to see her father and for the last two days, she was not an string. that is why relatives are worrying about
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yulia skripal and sergei skripal. public health england warn that people who use counterfeit xanax pills laced with a powerful painkiller as a party drug are "dicing with death". our correspondent noel phillip's report does some graphic references to drugs use which you might not want children to see. we are inside a prescription drug party, the venue is a one—bedroom flat in the west midlands and these teenagers are preparing to get high illegally on an anti—anxiety tranquilliser. can you show us what you bought? two xanax. how much did you spend? i spent £5 for this. jordan and kieran, not their real names, are 18. they are both regular users of xanax. it is a psychiatric painkiller used to treat anxiety and insomnia. how long have you been using? i would say about nine months. how often do you use?
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probably once every two or three weeks or so. but this medication is not curing a mental disorder. instead, it is being misused. it is a psychiatric painkiller used to treat anxiety and insomnia. xanax washed down with alcohol, a lethal combination. and the authorities are now acknowledging the scope and severity of the risks associated with this drug. how big a problem is xanax at the moment? it is a real and immediate concern amongst the groups of young people with whom it seems to be a drug of choice. of course, people buy things from the internet, they have no guarantee of what they are getting. so whatever is in the drugs that they buy, it could change
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from one batch to another. so it is dicing with death, really. # i'm a rocking... nine months ago, after deciding to come off xanax19—year—old kristello had serious side effects. i did not know how addictive it would be. when it did take a hold of me it was a surprise, in hindsight, how quick it came on. there are no figures available to know how widespread xanax is being used. in england and scotland, the drug has been linked to a number of deaths. up until he was taking xanax, scott had had a problem with drugs for 17 years. there were no overdoses, no admissions to hospital. there was nothing like that. when he took xanax, the first time he took it, he was completely out of it.
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he went back the next day, the next day, and the next day. pfizer, the company that produces xanax are alarmed by the rise of counterfeit versions being used by young people. you are exposing yourself to all sorts of potential risks by using xanax. yes. you are aware of that, aren't you? we are 100% aware of the risks but we are level—headed about it. we know the limits that we take. what i have seen here shows pretty convincingly the challenges the authorities are up against in tackling the misuse of xanax. the european parliament's brexit chief guy verhofstadt has been holding talks inside downing street with david davis over brexit. he said theresa may must move beyond
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vague aspirations if she wants a trade deal. chris. afternoon. lots of strands to the brexit discussion and debate after the speech last friday. as you say, verhofstadt was critical of the speech in matters afterwards. this morning he was in downing street meeting the brexit secretary, the home secretary and the prime minister as well. in the last hour or so he came out into the street to answer our questions. he had a particular idea of how he thinks the uk's future relationship with the european union should be framed. if you have an agreement on that, the concept, architecture, it is easy to start negotiations to fill it in. better to start
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negotiations when you ask and request a huge number of individual arrangements in the different sectors and fields of cooperation. he has entertained this thought before in meetings with british mps, some today thought that would not be an option they would want to see because they would think that would amount toa because they would think that would amount to a relationship with the european union to close to comfort, as they would see it. also coming up this week, we will hear from the president of the european council as the representatives of the member states with their examples of the future relationship after brexit. that will be published tomorrow. the trickle of developments coming this week as we head towards the big summit in brussels later this month, from the british perspective, we hope of a transition period that
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will follow brexit at the end of march next year. thank you. in a moment we will have a summary of the business news this hour. the foreign secretary has confirmed the women found unconscious on sunday alongside a former russian spy is his daughter. britain will respond robust slate if suspicions he was poisoned are confirmed. written as told to go on a diet. food companies are told to cut calories to try and halt obesity. hello. now for the business news. the takeover of uk engineering giant gkn should be blocked — that's according to a group of 16 mps who have written to the business secretary. melrose industries, who say they specialise in the acquisition and performance improvement of manufacturing businesses, has offered £7.4bn for gkn — one of the uk's largest
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industrial firms. the pensions regulator has warned that a take over could affect gkn's ability to fund its pension scheme. harley davidson motorbikes, bourbon whiskey and levi jeans are among the us goods that could be hit by eu taxes if the us imposes import tariffs on steel and aluminium. the bbc understands that the eu has drawn up a target list of 100 us goods worth £2.5bn. the list was circulated to the 28 eu member governments on monday and eu commissioners are expected to discuss the proposals tomorrow. the disgraced former co—op bank boss paul flowers has been banned from the financial services industry by the city watchdog. mr flowers was chair of co—op bank between 2010 and 2013, but was forced to step down amid allegations he bought and used illegal drugs, as well as claiming inappropriate expenses. hello. shares injust eat dropped by as much as 14% this morning after they reported full year figures. orders are up and pre
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tax loss has fallen — but investors seem unimpressed with plans to invest in delivery services. currently, just eat only handles the ordering side of the transaction, leaving delivery to the restaurants — but it looks like that could change. shares have recovered a little currently trading down about 9% joining us is neil wilson, senior market analyst from etx capital thank you forjoining us. talk us through the figures. why is it down 10% in the market? the first thing to recall is the share price has risen so much that a lot of the good news has been baked into the share price and although underlying earnings and profits were ahead of guidance, we did see quite a significant hit from the new zealand business. hundred and 80 provision there. on top of that, the guidance
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for 2018 maybe was not quite as strong as we would have expected. we mentioned there that the only handle the ordering side of the transaction. they leave delivery up to the restaurants that they are looking at investing in that, getting into delivery and ticking on other companies. investors do not seem other companies. investors do not seem that inspired by that, do they? that is a lot of competition now and they have to respond to that. there isa they have to respond to that. there is a significant market in the branded restaurants who do not deliver. i think they want to tap into that. once you go down the route of delivery service, then you have higher overheads and higher costs. at the moment, the growth in that sector, the margins are not as impressive as they have had up until 110w. impressive as they have had up until now. it is maybe a sign that they
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can't fix toon army —— antics that —— and expect the growth. it was the first consumer tech constituent of the ftse100. i think it reflected a big shift in the way consumers are consuming goods and food and so on. i think the share price rose so much that it exceeded the market cap, even that of sainsbury‘s. that is a reflection on consumer habits and how they are changing and how demand things quicker than they used to. the new market analyst, thank you for your time. thank you. donald trump has fallen on the rich list. the drop was part of new york property values. danish toymaker lego has
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suffered its first annual sales fall in 13 years as it faces difficult markets in north america and europe. sales dropped 8% while pre—tax profit slumped by 18%. sainsbury‘s is raising the basic rate of pay for shop floor staff by 15% to £9.20. but it's not all good news. bonuses and paid breaks will be removed, while sainsbury‘s also plans to reduce the number of in—store roles to five from the current 22. union usdaw gave the announcement a cautious welcome. let's have a look at the markets. markets have been trading up. the threats from the us does not seem as big now and investors are thinking about when it will happen and markets are having an increased. melrose, pretty flat today.
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investors not that keen on the idea of just eat investing investors not that keen on the idea ofjust eat investing on the delivery side. iwg manages office space— rents out meeting rooms, business lounges and office space under the regus brand, there sure point is down .6 of the percent. i will be back later. thank you. chewing gum is the second most common type of street litter after cigarettes. but a british designer thinks she has a solution to the problem, that will stop people leaving chewing gum on the floor. dougal shaw reports. and all too familiar eyesore. chewing gum is the second most common litter on the streets after cigarettes. councils spend millions cleaning it up every year. one designerfrom london cleaning it up every year. one designer from london has cleaning it up every year. one designerfrom london has a plan to deal with the problem. it began with an experiment, taking examples of
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street litter. i could find pretty much programmes for recycling for litter apart from chewing gum. most chewing gum is made of synthetic rubber. black plastic, this is obtained from petrochemicals, which are refined from fossil fuels. chewing gum is a versatile material for lots of manufacturing processes but you it before it sticks to the ground? but you it before it sticks to the ground ? these are but you it before it sticks to the ground? these are where the special bins come in, they are made from chewing gum themselves. they have signed up to use the bins here.|j can recycle my chewing gum and it gets turned into something nice. lot of the chewing gum gets changed into these coffee cups. recycled, can be turned into something useful if it is not dropped on the floor.
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the old chewing gum is taken to a recycling plant. it is compounded with recycled plastics and it gets turned into the new objects. as well as the coffee cups and bins, these include eye—catching designs. the main goal is to educate and clean up the environment. the biggest chewing gum company is backing the scheme. the only long—term and sustainable solution. the scheme's success determined on how many people are persuaded that their chewing gum in the bins and not on the street any more. intriguing. now it is time the weather. while lisa continues, temperatures are on the up. it feels like spring. —— be thaw. scotland has seen a wintry day. windfall and this latest
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shot coming in from aberdeen shows snow is still falling as well. ten centimetres also know over grampians and into the highlands. temperatures here are struggling. some staying at two celsius all day long. further south, 11th celsius. sunshine and bright skies. eventually up in scotland. one to isolated showers and northern ireland and some in counties of england as well. through tonight, snow in the grampians sta rts tonight, snow in the grampians starts to ease. overnight, some showers down towards the west and the channel islands. for many a dry night. clear skies. cold the channel islands. for many a dry night. clearskies. cold out the channel islands. for many a dry night. clear skies. cold out there. frost just about anywhere. fog patches and with the ground is wet it will be icy. tomorrow, heavy showers potentially from south—east
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england through east anglia. cloud and rain in shetland and the hebrides. most having a dry and bright day. some showers down to south west england. maybe rain and hail as well. sleet and snow in parts of scotland, too. it is still feeling quite pleasant. this weather front could be developing from northern france. a wet day for the channel islands. some coastal counties could be close to the rain at times. sunny spells after a frosty start. temperatures dropping again. any snow will be limited to the hills. most places will stay dry. a frosty start to friday. friday we will see changes. snow in the form of showers. it could turn cloudy and wet across southern england and wales. yellow colours in
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the chart. mild air crashing again be cold a to begin the weekend. england and wales will see some rain on saturday. some snow for a time in scotland. the mild air will win out and by sunday, sunshine. more details coming up next. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm ben brown. today at 2pm. the former russian spy who's a suspected victim of poisoning in salisbury — it's emerged the woman areas around the incident. " ' " "' " what was necessary if russia is found to be involved. i can reassure the house that should evidence emerge that state state responsibility
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then her majesty's government will respond appropriately and robustly. north korea's leader, kimjong—un, says he will discuss giving up his nuclear weapons — as long as there is no military threat to his state.
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