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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 9, 2018 9:00pm-9:32pm GMT

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bit you're watching bbc news. our main the south, perhaps with the odd rumble of thunder. headlines... rumble of thunder. and still main headlines... relatively mild. leader has offered to meet relatively mild. donald trump face—to—face. trump face—to—face. the us president has accepted. unsettled weather with rain at times. has accepted. result of the administrations tough strategy. strategy. besieged syrian rebel enclave of eastern goutha. eastern goutha. schelling forced many trucks to turn back on monday. many trucks to turn back on monday. this is bbc world news today. our top stories... over the agreement on a summit with yulia, both of whom kim jong—un. are still seriously ill. the offer, but could it prove to be a false dawn? seriously ill. were a false price of a dawn?
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life—saving medicine in 2015. 2015. will be here with a full round—up of the news. actions that match the words and rhetoric of north korea. but first, it's time for witness. to wear a headscarf. been sentenced to seven years in prison. hello, and welcome to world news today. the offer from north korea was simple. the reaction from washington, unexpected. has been overwhelmingly positive. to realise a new
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global peace. of the talks and urging them to begin as soon as possible. and missile tests. our north america correspondent nick bryant has the latest on the story. to tell reporters to expect a major announcement. after delivering to donald trump a message from kim jong—un. he expressed his eagerness to meet president
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trump as soon as possible. to achieve permanent denuclearisation. of friendship, rather than rattling his usual sabre. from the united states. improbable overture. the white house claims
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his tough talk has worked. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. washington has been in a whirlwind, taken by surprise. diplomat ruled out direct talks with pyongyang. and us negotiations, we are a long way from negotiations. diplomatic groundwork and without a guarantee of success. dramatic new gesture.
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most combustible problem. summit of the century. trump's campaign of sanctions against north korea. against north korea. military exercises between the us and south korea will continue. and south korea will continue.
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we see concrete actions that match the of north korea. the of north korea. russian spy and his daughter in salisbury. salisbury. tried to help them remains in a serious condition. weapon, the military arrived at salisbury hospital. the mission — to recover evidence. at the hospital, they were taking away a car. used in the attempt on his life. the military will go in the area, probably in protective equipment.
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contamination they can safely remove that and have it destroyed. of sergei skripal‘s son, alexander, who died last year. it has been suggested his body may be exhumed. to visit salisbury this morning. to the bottom of the alleged plot before pointing fingers. give us time, amber rudd said. the area, including firefighters. as they engage with these people.
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that they would not have done anything differently. of care to the victims. during the incident, is making good progress. his friends await news. always really easy to speak to, to get hold of, always delivers. and he delivers effectively and efficiently. he always has a sense of humouraround him. he does it easily and nothing is ever too much trouble for him. better to treatment. the investigation has become part of life in central salisbury. everybody is scared a little bit. hopefully everything is all right in the next couple of days. your t—shirt says it all. calm is exactly how people have remained. do you
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feel concerned? would not bring my son. event, but life will move on. there is so much love here, i don't think that would happen. reverberating around the world. a global trade war. angela merkel said it would be best if the european union was exempted. the eu is seeking talks on the issue.
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prince has ended with a massive arms deal. deal. saudi arabia has agreed to buy 48 typhoon jets. saudi arabia has agreed to buy 48 typhoonjets. 48 typhoonjets. human rights groups protested against the visit. since last yea r‘s bitterly contested election. each other "brothers". into government held—territory. before heading back to damascus. this is the emergency aid convoy inside eastern ghouta today. to the firing line.
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but was forced to leave because of ongoing fighting. killed in air strikes and shelling injust two weeks. has called the war in syria at colossal human tragedy. colossal human tragedy. i spoke to him earlier. you know what is tragic about syria? flee within the country. we reached today, there is no option to stay or flee. how much worse can it get get for a civilian? we've seen in a long time from a humanitarian perspective.
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syrian refugees are in lebanon. and what extent is lebanon receiving support for them ? they are mostly in urban centres, beirut and other cities. and in makeshift settlements. they are not in organised camps. the local community. they go to lebanese schools, those that go to school. it's a very meagre existence. is premature, they won't go back
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right now. turkey and others, that support must continue. until the crisis is resolved. in the near future? what's happening in eastern ghouta. this is on the outskirts of damascus, the capital. unstable areas. eventually return but not right now. it's too unstable, too dangerous, there are too many risks.
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stay with us here on bbc world news. including six nations rugby and england's preparations. atrocity on european soil in modern times. times. and replace them with a dynamic figure. figure. out of a fire exit and started firing. firing.
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to 99 years, travelled from national to memphis prison. to memphis prison. what will you do now? will this change your life? change your life? i don't know, i've never been married before. this is bbc world news today. over the agreement on a summit with kim jong—un. help investigate the suspected poisoning of a former spy. poisoning of a former spy.
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been sentenced to seven years in prison. prison. jacking up that price of a drug from $13 per dose to 750. $13 per dose to 750. convicted for defrauding investors into hedge funds is he ran. into hedge funds is he ran. isolated lapses in judgment but a pattern in conduct. pattern in conduct. he was reviled by many americans. by many americans. the poster child of the pharmaceutical industry. pharmaceutical industry.
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martin shkreli by the defence and prosecutors. prosecutors. it wasn't price hiking for which he was convicted. for which he was convicted. into hedge funds is and then another pharmaceutical
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company. pharmaceutical company. been 25, so it was lighter than prosecutors hope for. thank you.
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four wins in four by beating scotland. john watson is in dublin. crucial weekend in rugby union six nations championship. nations championship. nations champions, their third title in five years. in five years. that ireland will have this wrapped up? up?
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here underjoe schmidt, they have one 19 of their last 20 games here. one 19 of their last 20 games here. irish team is a mighty tough challenge. challenge. beat, but scotland's last i win —— away win came in eight years ago. away win came in eight years ago. all teams struggle. again and tried to quieten the road and put doubt in this irish team. and put doubt in this
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irish team. perform as well as they can. it will be fascinating to watch. be fascinating to watch. win was here in dublin eight years ago. ago. hopefully that may play in their favour tomorrow. their favour tomorrow.
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of imprisoned politicians in his native catalonia. message after it was seen in the cup tie at wigan. he can only wear it pre—and post match. no longer wear it on the touchline. south africa have the upper hand at port elizabeth. port elizabeth. top scorer with 63 as the tourists made 243. made 243. they will resume today to 204 runs behind. 204 runs behind. australia leads the series 1—0. that is all the sport.
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are campaigning against it as a symbol of oppression. seeing it as empowering. nomia iqbal investigates. the spotlight is on the hijab. many muslim women choose to wear it proudly. for some, it's an act of modesty. to remove in protest. it may divide opinion, but the hijab is going high fashion. the agency that found supermodel kate moss. taking to the catwalk. yeah, definitely don't want to be considered a token girl. i want the way to stay there, become
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the norm within society. because it is the norm outside of the modelling sphere. shahira is becoming the face of modest fashion. from all over the world to promote their clothes. the market for modest fashion is on course to be worth billions. in my family wore the hijab. none of my muslim friends wore it either. but now, more and more young women are wearing it. the reason why i wear it is to number one, cover my hair. i feel like it makes a statement. it's part of who i am, it's my crown. to show to the world. being online has given some women a powerful platform. social media star mariah idrissi has
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a huge following on instagram. and its representation. you know, we shouldn't be ashamed or shy to represent who we are. of what the hijab is supposed to be about? representing muslims on tv, in fashion, anywhere. the only time we are represented is for something bad. about women being oppressed, i'm talking about fashion. is a political statement. they feel uneasy about its use as an expression of identity. modest does not mean you need to wear the hijab. modesty goes beyond that in your behaviour and your way of dressing.
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especially in the western world. the hijab means different things to different people. shahira believes you can wear it and be a successful model. herdream? the cover of british vogue, wearing her hijab. and that's it from me. thanks for joining us.
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northeast storm we could pick up another next week. another next week. main and new england, and it's reluctant to clear our way. reluctant to clear our way. north—east across the north eastern side of the us and canada next week. side of the us and canada next week. something more significant back north by the weekend. north by the weekend.
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days of showers in la, which could lead to flash flooding. lead to flash flooding. next week and things may get icy with the thought taking place. with the thought taking place. island, and will bring nasty conditions. conditions. wet and that continues, we could see another cyclone to the north. another cyclone to the north.
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milder temperatures, so we lose those night—time frosts. those night—time frosts. will have more on that for you in around half an hour.
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