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this welcome. is bbc who write about the world beyond. news, flexing their muscles, and europeans fear what it the may mean for them. donald trump — trade warrior and headlines peace maker? at 11. street of a double—agent? drubbing, are europe's leaders capable of fighting back? and his daughter. from a hostile country and is now a political commentator. marianne. wife has been cordoned for bloomberg markets. off. the mail on sunday. to a meeting with leader kim a warm welcome to you all, good to have you with us again. jong—un. is in hospital after being stabbed threat surprised many. repeatedly.
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and a british medal on day one of the winter paralympics. at repelling imports of steel and millie knight and guide brett wild take downhill silver aluminium. in pyeongchang. "trade wars are good and easy to win", president trump tweeted. on this slope where i crashed into the finish frankly, power" against line. pyongyang. medallists, is amazing. doesn't think he can win. warrior and peace maker? a double agent on an english street? that's all to come in dateline london. good combination of mockery and threats has delivered? morning has delivered? and this is that two mavericks might make a deal. but i think it's highly unlikely. welcome unlikely. to bbc and bragging and and and e—fit very different things are happening. different things are happening. news.
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one of his cards, just like with recognition ofjerusalem. into the poisoning of a former russian spy. recognition ofjerusalem. in salisbury after being exposed to a nerve agent. have been deployed to the city, as andy moore reports. a police car possibly contaminated by traces of nerve agent. it had been parked outside salisbury hospital. had made it ready for transportation. this cemetery is another focus of the investigation. and there's also a memorial stone for his son. alexander's birthday was last week. yulia had flown in from russia to visit her father. before they fell ill? to medical treatment, but they are both
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seriously ill. to the nerve agent, is said to be making good progress. but no sign of widespread fear. we're concerned about public safety. we've got two young sons who often come into the centre. so, you know, we want it to be safe here. that they are handling the case. i feel very safe in salisbury. i assume that everybody has got it under control. so we can actually find out exactly what's been happening. dealing with this attack. this afternoon, there will be a second meeting. will give an update on the progress of
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their investigation. but very little information is being shared with the public. andy moore, bbc news. has been speaking to the bbc. described how she dealt with her father being arrested in russia. translation: she never shared her problems, never. on all the tv channels. everyone was shocked. her from the best side. she hasn't done anything to deserve to die like this. i hope everything will be ok. i will go to church and pray. talk to our correspondent sarah corker, who was in salisbury. corker, who was in salisbury.
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yulia's decision, having come to england, to then return home. england, to then return home. about his work as a spy, a suspected double agent. double agent. living in the ukfora number of yea rs. living in the ukfora number of years. years.
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hospital, we could see those being moved by the army. moved by the army. facebook message, trying to reassure people. people. what has been the mood in the city? the city? people in hazmat suits wandering around your local streets. around your local streets. be slightly unnerving, but there is no wider threat to public health. no wider threat to public health. of daily life for people in salisbury. salisbury. gazing at the police cordon, carrying on. carrying on. they are trying to get back to normal if they can. back to normal if they can.
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tight—lipped about the progress of this investigation. this investigation. security and intelligence officials, civil servants and ministers. civil servants and ministers. will be looking at any potential new information, new evidence. information, new evidence. they will made any public comment after that meeting. after that meeting. when was this substance, this chemical agent, administered? chemical agent, administered? the latest on the condition of the three people in hospital? three people in hospital? intensive care at salisbury district hospital.
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hospital. scene on sunday, he is serious but stable in hospital. stable in hospital. any military that we see in salisbury as the day goes on. salisbury as the day goes on. thanks very much. would be very good for the world. were still to be determined. steps or actions by pyongyang. in the south korean capital, seoul. from the trump administration. with no preparatory talks that we know of.
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and it looked like they were rowing back. is clear the meeting will happen. there are no preconditions. it will happen before the end of may. we don't know where or when, but it is on. sitting down opposite each other as a miracle. as a milestone on the road to realising a peace.
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between the two men. of the prospect of getting north korea to change tack. and the americans stop military action with the south koreans. is any of that realistically on the table?
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that has brought the north koreans to the table. is that he has said that can go ahead. so that is not suspension for suspension. of the north koreans, presumably. due military exercise. i find that a little confusing.
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by the education secretary, damian hinds. so teachers can "focus on what really matters". spending on supply teachers. here's more from our education correspondent elaine dunkely. this is passmores academy in essex. like so many schools, it's struggling to recruit teachers. teachers to cover permanent vacancies. so they get to know the students. the systems or the students. a relationship isn't there. it is quite erosive of standards, potentially.
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the past three years. on supply teachers. schools are spending £835 million per year on supply agencies. but stopping existing teachers leaving. for me, it was a multitude of factors. i found the workload and the job itself consuming. i would work 65 or 70—hour weeks. with planning, marking, the assessments you're doing. the least time of everything. says will attract new teachers and stop experienced ones leaving. elaine dunkley, bbc news.
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eu will be affected by steel tariffs. joe lynam is here. us what it is the americans are doing. doing. to protect the rust belt states that were pivotal in his election. were pivotal in his election. imposition of these tariffs, the exemption started. exemption started.
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canada, the number two is brazil, number four is mexico. canada, the number two is brazil, numberfour is mexico. canada, the number two is brazil, number four is mexico. number four is mexico. mexico and canada have been exempted. canada have been exempted. the trade representative, also looking for an exemption. looking for an exemption. brussels also is japan, which is also looking for an exemption. also looking for an exemption. for exemptions, many of them will get their exemptions. get their exemptions. have said that the last couple of days. days. good headlines out of it, but what about the longer—term consequences? about the longer—term consequences? —— so president trump has got his
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good headlines out of it. good headlines out of it. imposed a safeguard tariff on tyres under president 0bama. —— the democrats. democrats. $900,000, because consumers ended up paying for the extra costs. paying for the extra costs. of the balloon, pushing it out on the other. the other. especially with increased robotics, increased automation. increased automation. difficult to force a that the curve will go back up again. will go back up again.
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war from which consumers will end up paying. and it won't save that many jobs. joe lynam, thank you very much. the nephew of liz hurley has been stabbed in london on thursday night. stabbed in london on thursday night. thanking friends and fans for their support. because of "dangerous overcrowding" according to a hospital boss. consultant at northampton general hospital. as "due entirely to dangerous overcrowding in the department". treatment was unacceptable.
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continues into the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. former russian spy and his daughter. he agrees to a meeting with kim jong—un. jong—un. after he was repeatedly stabbed on a street in london. after the state of florida signed new gun control measures into law. in which 17 students and staff were killed.
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against the constitutional right to bear arms. 0ur washington correspondent chris buckler reports. by restricting access to guns. we need to harden our schools. we need to make sure people that are going to do harm... think about it — we know these people are talking. the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland. were shot dead here, as others fled from classrooms in search of safety. with an assault rifle he had bought when he was just 18.
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and imposes a three—day waiting period for all sales. weapons that were used in the parkland shooting. a campaign for tighter laws. gun control! now! notjust in this state but across america. and the gun lobby has huge political sway in the us. and individual liberty in america.
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the new legislation in florida. breaches both the second and 14th amendments of the us constitution. to demand new countrywide restrictions on gun sales. they want change. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. sport now, and a full round up from the bbc sport centre.
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to the visually imparied skier millie knight. the world championship title. kate grey reports from south korea. the downhill for millie knight and her guide, brett wild. her guide, brett wild. caught with them before they went to the medals ceremony. the medals ceremony. it is absolutely fantastic. absolutely fantastic. now cross the line as silver medallist is amazing. medallist is amazing. britain's wheelchair curlers were up against world champions norway.
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against world champions norway. brilliant result, great way to start their campaign. their campaign. action tomorrow, as is millie knight and many other british athletes. if results go their way, ireland will take the title. to the final weekend. game is all about experience, getting together and using it. of confidence after beating england.
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and victory for them would mean a whole new set of permutations. if we want to challenge for the title, we need to win this game. title, we need to win this game. going well, a very good side, so it is going to be a huge test for us. they kick off in paris. point, but their boss won't be rolling the dice. i am not a gambler, i am not a speculator. against france, it is all we can control. we will win the game.
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means so much to the fans. and liverpool won't be afraid to do likewise. it is not a battle of systems or philosophies. it's two very good football teams who face each other. are involved in defending, to be honest. then we park the bus, i have no problem with that. by seven wickets in christchurch to win the one—day series 3—2. chris woakes bowled brilliantly, taking 3—32. with the loss ofjust three wickets. they've won the last six 0di series.
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that is all the sport for now, time for the weather with louise lear. north into scotland as we go through the day. the day. from the south—west later on this afternoon. afternoon. northern ireland, stretching up into scotland. scotland. about that, showery outbreaks of rain following on behind.
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rain following on behind. looks like it will be 16 degrees and largely dry. —— ireland—scotland. unsettled, but feeling reasonably pleasant with southerly winds. pleasant with southerly winds. afternoon, heavy rain perhaps into the lake district. the lake district. showery outbreaks of rain for england and wales. england and wales. when you think about where we were this time last week. this time last week.
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particularly for the north of the country. country. showers, possibly heavy and thundery into the afternoon. into the afternoon. showers, well, top temperatures are likely to sit at 9—12d. enjoy your sunday. take care. 00:28:26,726 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 hello.
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