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to make peace. more cloud and outbreaks of firing missiles any rain. picking up more of a breeze in the east and south—east as well. more. kim jong—un, that it could lead to the greatest deal for the world. it in three. the rebels have denied the claims. in north america and around the globe. my name is lewis vaughanjones. its offensive. it's time to have been found in a restaurant the pair had visited. talk. a first attempt at gun before they were both found collapsed control. on a bench. now on bbc news, it's dateline london.
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tariffs on imports. in a threatened congressional seat. kimjong—un, saying he thought pyongyang wanted to make peace. hello and welcome. people who write about the world beyond britain. beyond britain. seemed to be flexing their muscles this week. this week. donald trump, trade warrior and peacemaker. vigilant and now many good things are happening, but we will see. missiles up any more until through the meetings. of missiles sent.
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overjapan! they're very happy with what i'm doing. and who else could do it? honestly, when you think... they're not going to send missiles up, think of it. i think that also important. right? tariffs on steel and aluminium. what do we have to do? from the european union different countries, right? sounds nice, they kill us on trade. but you can't go any higher than you're already at
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anyway! we're going to tax bmw, you want to have money? you want to have money come into our country? on steel and aluminium. the background to the international efforts to avoid a trade war. japanese counterpart have long been in the diary. by the us this week, the meeting took on some urgency.
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a 25% tariff either. week to seek exactly that. but we want over the next few days to look at them in great detail. they willjoin an ever—growing list of nations who won't be paying. on friday and removed his country from the list. canada and mexico have already been exempted. will take its course to put that direction into effect. with the president.
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will also want to be spared. in the end it might only be russia and china paying the us tariffs. of the world's biggest exporters. with the speed of machine—guns. to kill fifty—eight people. will be changed to include bump stocks. our washington correspondent chris buckler has more. to improve gun safety.
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has talked about. guns, in effect. basically, they increase the speed at which bullets can be fired. then to use them effectively as machine—guns. in a lengthy process. the department of justice want to do it. that there will also be a legal challenge. that new laws to try to tighten legislation, is something they want. in itself new
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legislation. as a machine gun, and that is how it will be tightened. but effectively, it makes them illegalfor sale. of eastern ghouta, three weeks ago. the biggest town in the area, douma, and isolated another. martin patience reports. this is where the un calls "hell on earth". planes are overhead. there's no escape. the syrian army has now reportedly surrounded the main town of douma. syrian jets are pounding the besieged enclave.
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of thousands of civilians are trapped inside. the united nations calls these air strikes "collective punishment". syria and its backer, russia, are not listening. the syrian army is advancing. to the capital. this commander seems confident of victory. the terrorists, as he calls them, are on the run. but civilians are caught. they have nowhere to run. but international organisations say it's nowhere near enough. the final stage.
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but the end could be bloodier than what has come before. martin patience, bbc news, lebanon. making the news. were disqualified from its legislative council. third veto bloc in the legislature. four of the six vacant seats are being contested. movement that will win many victories. what he called the "globalised elite" and the mainstream media. he also spoke of a growing wave of populism across europe. this is bbc
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news. in the profession. murder of a former russian spy and his daughter. his daughter. the skripals are still in hospital in a critical condition. in hospital in a critical condition. where they were eating last sunday afternoon. —— pizza restaurant.
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and yulia skripal? in the pizzeria where they ate last sunday. who was there last sunday is in danger. it is a crucial piece of evidence in an evolving and a huge operation. warfare specialists arrived earlier today. a vehicle designed to save lives now posing a grave risk to the public. detectives calling on the help of the military to make it safe. in the last 24 hours. last night, we saw them take away a police car from the hospital. contaminated last sunday. who is behind this crime. ministers are being briefed on the unfolding investigation.
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emergency committee, cobra. where it should lead. the main cemetery is one of five sites under investigation. of mr skripal‘s wife and son. of his daughter — still critical, still in intensive care. victim of the nerve agent, detective sergeant nick bailey. on with normal life. to help businesses affected by the police operation.
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it is all over. load of teachers. on what actually matters". here's elaine dunkley. it's struggling to recruit teachers. it's had to use innovative ways to attract staff. we even offer housing. that is one of our school houses over there. off your student loan. now reply on agency supply teachers to cover permanent vacancies. into the profession.
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all those sorts of things. but stopping existing teachers from leaving the profession. to increase, along with pressures and demands on teachers. jake rusby left the profession after three years. marking, the assessments you're doing. time of everything! needed to be turned on its head for me. of extra funding. of gcses and a levels. stability in schools was the message.
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in the classroom. you've got 3x. is it plus or minus 21? but head teachers say extra funding is the missing part of the formula. elaine dunkley, bbc news. repeatedly in a street in south london, by a group of men. in the knife attack on thursday. he remains in hospital. police say his condition isn't life—threatening. this is bbc news. to make peace. rifles to fire continuously.
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rick saccone. wants to see a policy of zero tolerance for dealers. 5000 people during the course of his or her life. or her life. destroyed, their families are destroyed. destroyed. of people and go to jail for 30 days. days. they catch a drug dealer, they don't even put them in jail. they catch a drug dealer, they don't even put them injail. don't even put them injail. kill one person, you get the death penalty, in many states. penalty, in many states. or you get life imprisonment. think about it.
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are dying, and they don't even put you injail. are dying, and they don't even put you in jail. they don't do anything. i think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. start thinking about. if you are ready, i don't know if this country is ready. this country is ready. it is a discussion we have to start thinking about. by days of violent anti—muslim protests in the city of kandy. were ransacked in four days of riots. by buddhist hardliners. jill mcgivering has the latest. and badly damaged mosques. immunities run deep. —— communities.
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friday prayers were in the open air under army protection. the military are out in force now, on the surface, all is calm. to hide at night. the government now promises to pay for the damage. local officials have been told to start the clean—up at once. the curfew was lifted on saturday. but a social media ban is still in place. and thousands of troops were sent onto the streets. been killed by a group of muslims. —— buddhist mobs mostly from the sinhalese community.
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area from attack. and sent them away. to happen to them. attacks with petrol—bombs. mohamed's home was ransacked. got married recently. they have taken all herjewellery. and they have even taken that. see how they have torn our two—month—old child's toy. i think more than racism, their intention was to loot. police say they have arrested nearly 150 people. will restore justice here.
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called for an international ban on landmines. by walking through a live minefield. the halo trust, was with diana during her iconic walk. campaign which took place just six months before she died. good morning. when she arrived she was very nervous. was very nervous. i'm going to give you a safety briefing. —— this fat welshmen.
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could get killed or seriously injured. injured. probably not the best opening lines were a princess. opening lines were a princess. endorsing the red cross campaign from worldwide ban on landmines. vital, but until now largely neglected, issue. neglected, issue. clearing landmines and the other detritus of war. detritus of war. opportunity to highlight and show off the amazing work we did. off the amazing work we did. in terms of the amount of media that came off planes. came off planes. i was expecting a few journalists. i was expecting a fewjournalists. fewjournalists. something like 90, following her around.
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around. mining teams in the former rebel stronghold. stronghold. excavated out and uncovered the mind. mind. next day for blowing up the princess of wales. of wales. campaign to ban antipersonnel mines as a distraction that wasn't needed. as a distraction that wasn't needed. has said you a loose cannon by supporting this campaign. —— ma'am. you have any reaction to that? that is going on all around the world. that's all. she was caught out quite badly by that question. out quite badly by that question. think she was really caught offguard by how political it became. by how political it became. —— very upset, and i think.
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upset, and i think. use her celebrity to highlight a problem. problem. million unexploded landmines which littered the country. princess diana really did engage. really did engage. of the questions, that she was very moved by what she was seeing. moved by what she was seeing. she was very engaged on the issue. was very engaged on the issue. the treatment, do you cope the psychological aspect as well? psychological aspect as well? pieces and were missing limbs, it moved her. moved her. and you could see it moved her. moved her. public awareness of the problem of mines. —— 0ttawa
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treaty. number of other governments not to ratify the treaty. ratify the treaty. you know, you say a picture paints a thousand words. a picture paints a thousand words. minefield, that image has been an iconic image of the 20th century. memories of the work of princess diana there, from the witness team. hard hats as its eruptions get more violent. into the air. it's the volcano's fourth eruption this century. andrew plant reports. night—time in south—western japan. glow of one of
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the country's most active volcanoes. active volcanoes. shinmoedake, awake again after seven yea rs. shinmoedake, awake again after seven years. in 2011, locals were evacuated. it is now being watched closely. closely. smoke is rising more than 3000 metres into the air. 3000 metres into the air. high wind blowing ash across the towns nearby. blowing ash across the towns nearby. flying rocks up to four kilometres around the volcano. around the volcano. volcanic range in a country with more than 100 volcanoes. more than 100 volcanoes. villains of the spectre organisation. organisation.
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just how violent this volcano will come. come. tremors and more than ten eruptions per day. of the team on twitter. i'm @lvaughanjones. the weather now, with stav danaos. of england and wales. but thoroughly wet across many northern areas. across parts of scotland with some snow on the hills. as the weather front continues to move northwards.
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of the night. but elsewhere a dry and chilly start to sunday. and stubborn to clear. but eventually they should do. of the morning. of scotland as well. into the afternoon, some could be heavy, maybe thundery. but a milder day for scotland, temperatures here, ten or 11.
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more breeze and also outbreaks of rain. parts of the uk. of the sunshine through monday. for scotland, variable cloud, a few sunny spells. temperatures of 7—10 degrees. celsius. or the south—east. 00:28:53,511 --> 1073741526:10:02,491 this 1073741526:10:02,491 --> 2147483051:51:11,471 is 2147483051:51:11,471 --> 3221224577:32:20,449 bbc 3221224577:32:20,449 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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