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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 17, 2018 6:30pm-6:59pm GMT

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this is bbc news. our latest headlines: 23 british diplomats are to be expelled by moscow amid tensions over the nerve agent attack in salisbury. the british consulate in st petersburg will also close. the prime minister has said russia must account for its actions. we will never tolerate a threat to the life of british citizens and others on british soil from the russian government. applause meanwhile, counter—terrorism police have started contacting russian exiles living in the uk, about their personal safety, following the suspected murder of businessman nikolai glushkov. facebook suspends a data company which worked for president trump's election campaign over allegations it harvested private information from users. a 35—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after two women are shot dead in east sussex. flights are cancelled and the met office sets out an amber weather warning as snow and freezing temperatures are forecast for much of the country this weekend.
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time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with karthi gna nasegaram and james pearce. the headlines this evening. it's an irish grand slam, as england are beaten at twickenham. a last—gasp penalty for scotland as they come from behind to beat italy. spurs cruise into the fa cup semi—finals. christian eriksen scores twice as tottenham target premier league, mtg es leevee them elieing'e and there was a horrible crash for mark cavendish in italy.
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good evening. we'll get to the fa cup and the premier league a little later but we start with a brilliant victory for ireland over england in the six nations which gives ireland the grand slam. the 2a points to 15 win was the perfect end to the irish campaign, winning their third grand slam on st patrick's day. joe wilson was watching for us at twickenham. ireland's rugby players on the pitch at twickenham, surrounded by photographers and the media, reflecting an outstanding performance. they are grand slam winners, 6—nation champions and they have won away in paris and london.
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this was a finality to a perfect 2018 for irish rugby. if you've missed ireland's progress, he a recap. first it was france and a last—minute goal, then we thrashed italy. and then ireland beat wales in dublin. yes six? we scored four tries to beat scotland, for tries. and that's just left twickenham. and tries to beat scotland, for tries. and that's just left twici the am. and primroses if , primroses for , primroses for ireland, j snowflakes. primroses for ireland, it try and another forward. 14th — zero down and england had to respond. year it came. the home side had something. something, but watch jacob stockdale, ireland's superhero. england had extended the pitch, perfect for this.
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scottsdale's seventh try of the six nations and that is a record. eddie jones had —— had seen his first twickenham defeat with england comment. ireland's grand slam, a perfect six nations completed here, never better. let's get some reflection on this match. you can a lwa ys reflection on this match. you can always dream about it. my friends and everyone i've met over the last eight weeks talked about her stay, as to get us to have st patrick's day and i grand slam on the line. we knew we had a good enough team to do it but we are also experienced players and we know how hard you to work and prepare for each game and ta ke work and prepare for each game and take it week by week. it was on the back of my mind, i can add matip 110w. back of my mind, i can add matip now. i'm sure i won't get into trouble for that. it's an amazing feeling. the problems we have had over the past period of time it surfaced again. i dot profits team
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distance, individual discipline letting us down at times which allowed i want to get in the fatal position where they scored points. a breakdown improved, as i said to the players after the game, there is nothing wrong with the character of the team but there's a few things that we have to improve. wedding to some friends and family in the clouds are there. remember, he returned as england captain here. this is the first time that england have lost at twickenham under coach eddiejones. also have lost at twickenham under coach eddie jones. also remember that england aspire to be the best team in the world. suddenly, they seem like a long way from that goal. earlier, a late scottish penalty denied italy first six nations victory since 2015. the final score in rome was 29—27 which means scoland finish with threee wins out of five.
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while conor o'shea's italy collect the wooden spoon for the third year in a row, asjoe lynskey reports. sport's hardest words are what might have been. and scotland booked the trip to rome, they had hoped to see a title march but fumbles in dublin sold their stale strut away and dreams of the championship wait another year. italy have a six nations point to prove. they have not won in 16 matches. they have a fly—half with a special interests, rome was sensing a six nations breakthrough but the final ten
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minutes with see dreams made and broken again. first, slender reed for scotland but when italy got a penalty, there was only one man to take it. he kicked his way to 22 points in the match. but these are the moments when experience counts. scotland had one more chance. greg laidlaw‘s penalty was one of the law too far for italy. the 17th straight defeat was perhaps the most cruel and these two sides both end their campaigns with a sense of regret. got to make use of these experiences, whizzing away from home in ireland at winning away from home today. it goes into the mix of the future challenges, when we are behind when they are a leading or when we do have opportunities, we need to sure we take them. credit to the players that they have come away
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with three wins in what is a very competitive and tough championship. we know that we have to do better over the next six, 12 months, when we play this championship again and also 18 months, when we get to the world cup. the tyneside today was the just passionate, it was an incredible amount of skill. so many young guys so amount of skill. so many young guys so with much potential in front of them that we just had to live and learn and improve. we should that we are more than capable of mixing it with a great rugby team, playing a great steel of rugby. i am destroyed for the moment. the final game of the six nations sees wales take on france with wales knowing that a win would secure a runners—up spot in the six nations table. they made a great start in cardiff with liam williams making the most of some slack french defending to put the home side 7—3 ahead. midway through the first half,
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france were back in it. we'll is currently have a 1.1. france could claim the runners—up spot if they could turn it around. theyjust missed a penalty a couple of moment ago. well, away from the rugby it's been a busy day of football, with more still to come. to talk through all the key moments from the premier league and the fa league and the fa cup, karthi's with our football reporterjohn bennett. that is one trophy left for several managers. at tottenham, they've made a lot of progress but yet to win a trophy. they have not win a trophy for a decade, they have not won the fa cup for 27 years. they are into the semifinals and the semifinal will ta ke semifinals and the semifinal will take place at their current home ground at wembley, so a big chance. he was the hero today. a 3—1 —— 3—0
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win for them. ona on a cold and windy day in wales, best to bring a woolly hat. everyone else has. for swansea city's first quarterfinal and 5a years, this is not the day they want to see sunshine. but totten wasted no time in showing their dominance as the swa ns in showing their dominance as the swans made it all too easy for christian eriksen. cool as you like, his seventh goal against swansea in ten matches. the hosts continued to struggle in the first half as they've earned the back of the neck for spurs, but it wasn't to be. stricker flagged for offside, although even be struggled with that call. they be going into the break just one goal down, but fans had other ideas. into the second at liberty stadium and it was a front —— the hosts on the front foot.
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denied by the spurs keeper. but, totte n ha m denied by the spurs keeper. but, tottenham had not finished there. christian eriksen again from outside the box, to seal their place in the semifinals. surely now it is beyond doubt. no silverware for him, and he can return to the drained of the relegation battle. but, for him, his search for a first trophy with totte n ha m search for a first trophy with tottenham will continue. i have very good performance. i'm happy for our players, for our fans. a fantastic achievement. another game to go. we're talking about choosing the new and his comments recently. it was unbelievable the press
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conference on friday, 12 minutes and serve. defended his record, talked about football heritage. i have not seen a press conference like it for a very long time. talking about the game, it gives is a chance to look through the fa cup archive. they met and fa cup final in 1983. manchester united won in the replay. they made it 2-2. united won in the replay. they made it 2—2. famously, britain missed a great chance at the end. the commentator said, smith must score. look at this, saved by the goalkeeper. britain lost the replay. all the talk has been aboutjose mourinho and in that press conference, that 12 minute rant, he dedicated to talk about britain and the brighton boss. i had to speak about plating. of course, it has chances to go to the semifinals. of course it has chances to win the competition. but he can
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say before this game, we have no chance to win at old trafford? he cannot say that. of course he does not feel it. but even if you feel that, do you think you can say that? looks like west brom's time in the top flight could be coming to an end. if he lost 2—1 and they are ten points away from safety now. stanislas was the hero for bournemouth, scoring with an minute to go. 13 minutes from time, they equalise. west brom didn't do too badly. ben foster will be feeling so unlucky tonight, but eight successive defeats for west brom. surely they are doomed. here is the boss. it's just so hurtful for our fans
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and our players, because we have almost done on most things really well today and any other day, if we weren't we we wear, we would have got a win. as it was,, the e. weren't we we wear, we would have gota win. as it was,, the e. a weren't we we wear, we would have got a win. as it was,, the e. a good time and then to stick it in the top corner was from that free kick, it really hurts. we knew today was good to be a difficult game. west brom that a lot of men behind the ball, defended deep. we struggled to break them down and create clear openings. and then to go a goal behind, made the task even bigger, but thankfully the players find something, we came again and, in the end, i thought for our second—half display, we probably deserved to win. stoke city are in the relegation zone and also look in trouble. they would have felt they wanted to get something from the skin. they lost 2—1. only the second away win
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of the season for everton. the great turning point was charlie adam getting sent off in the first half. after that, stalked did well. senior and gota after that, stalked did well. senior and got a point out of the game. but they are in big, big trouble. the next fixtures are so difficult. arsenal cotton, burnley, liverpool. playing with votes one man from an all in the game as good issue to the limit. i thought the effort was there. up until they actually scored, they did not cause is too many problems, considered we were a many problems, considered we were a man down. with ten men, you're going to leave gaps and we wanted to go, obviously to get the equaliser and push for all three points with ten men, which unfortunately, the flip side of that is things at the other end are going to open up a bit and
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u nfortu nately end are going to open up a bit and unfortunately the court that call. it looked a bit fa for others. fortunately, that super goal, exactly where we bought him. obviously, in the last few games, it has paid dividends for others, in terms of points. winning away from home is the first time since we have one at newcastle, when i first arrived, added bits is on the 40 point mark now so even though mathematically we are not sick, don't think anyone is good to catch us in the bottom of points. winning away from home is the first time since we have one at newcastle, when i first arrived, added bits is on the 40 point mark now so even though mathematically we are not sick, don't think anyone is good to catch us don't think anyone is good to catch us in the bottom three now and crystal palace keep dipping in and out of the relegation zone but a 2—ni win over huddersfield means they are back out of it. she was on the scoresheet. at 2—1. first win in eight for crystal palace. still in trouble, only three
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points above the relegation zone. palace are out of the relegation zone now. i beg moment was getting the player back. abdulla said there were going to be plenty of twists and turns before the last game of the season comes around in may, so today was a very important one for us because we have had a difficult run of games, we have not taken many points, and to come here today and take those points at least brothers back to some kind of equilibrium. the big game —— the state of the game was that we were not patient enough to circulate the ball and close the distance between players and ball position. then, big credit to crystal palace, they used those opportunities, they use the spaces as well. they were over the threat and the deserved the result. it is looking very difficult to
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choose the final team to go out because i would assume that those two are probably gone. stoke city are in trouble. west bromwich albion look out of it. crystal palace, gestures were a big one that was. bournemouth, that stanislas one has made a big difference to them. it is sore, so close. it is one of the most dramatic seasons and the relegation battle for a long time. only one of the top six teams playing a premier league game this weekend and that is because of the fa cup action. liverpool are 3—0 up. let's have look. i hesitate to say it, but that does remain due leonel messy. what a goal that was. —— that does remain due of messi. —— remained due. seven
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points clear of fifth placed chelsea. so we talked about the bottom of the table, this will be a big win in the race to the top four. that's their premier league and there is pointed more action this weekend. james has more on that. in the scottish premiership leaders celtic play tomorrow. there were four matches today. aberdeen beat dundee one—nil at pittodrie. hearts enjoyed a three—nil win over partick thistle. there was a bit of a shock at ibrox as second placed rangers went down one—nil to kilmarnock. ross county and hamilton drew two—all. and the snowy conditions aren't stopping bolton in the championship. adam le fondre has given his side a 1—0 lead over aston villa at the macron stadium. fulham let slip a two—goal lead to draw with qpr.
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lucas piazon finished a neat move to put fulham in control. but rangers pulled one back before half—time. ian holloway‘s side dominate after the break — pawel sholek equalised after a costly mistake from denis odoi. the winter paralympics come to a close tomorrow, with the british team still short of their pre games ambition of seven medals. so far they have five, four silvers and one bronze after drawing a blank on saturday. kate grey reports. it's been a quiet day for britain this year, with just two athletes in action. nlp miss dean, james whitley went in the slalom. his first event of these games. it was a tricky course to negotiate. he was born without his hands.
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he managed to negotiate the course. two runs, not too many stumbles but many others did not stumble. he ultimately finished in tenth place, not a bad result and an improvement on his performance in four years ago. britain's only representative in his sixth event, a cross country event. scott only took up the sport 18 months ago, so came out in these games with little expectation of ending up on the podium. he finished 14th. full of confidence at the end, knowing that he had had a valuable experience, building towards 2022. it has been a historic day for the host nation as they won their first ever gold at a winter paralympics. a day to remember for the fans here in korea. looking ahead to tomorrow, great britain's hopes all lie in the visually impaired slalom events. great britain are still off their
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medal target of six. pressure will be on the skiers tomorrow. mark cavendish's hopes of winning the prestigious milan san remo one—day race were ended by a spectacular crash. the briton couldn't avoid hitting a bollard which sent him flying over his handle bars, landing on his back. he was racing despite a broken rib, but was in contention when the crash happened. italy's vincenzo nibali took the victory. britain's cal crutchlow will start the opening race of the moto gp season from the second row of the grid. france'sjohann zarco took pole for the qatar grand prix, but his hopes of claiming a first win in motor cycling's top category won't be helped by having reigning champion marc marquez alongside him. crutchlow was fourth quickest in qualifying. there are two matches in rugby league's super league today wakefield trinity and widnes vikings kicked off at 6.30pm. the game between catalans dragons and warrington wolves is nearing its conclusion.
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wolves are leading 20—0. england'sjustin rose is making a charge up the leaderboard at the arnold palmer invitiational in bay hill, florida. he's three under for the front nine, moving him to seven under par for the tournament. sweden's henrik stenson and american bryson dechambeau share the lead on 11—under. tiger woods sits injoint 10th place. england captainjoe root made a century on the final day of practice for next week's first test in auckland. england reached 353—9 against a new zealand xi. moeen ali took three wickets in the match — and he says root‘s form gives the whole team a lift.
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here's our best player as everyone knows. when she is informed comment was good for the team. for an being the captain, it is good for him and it means that we try to strive to be as good as them, which probably won't happen, but at least we try, because he leads from the front and he inspires everyone else to do well as well. and it seems that the former england cricket captain kevin pietersen might have retired from the sport. he tweeted, "boots up! thank you" after playing for quetta gladiators in the pakistan super league. he'd already said he wouldn't travel with the side for the pakistan phase of the event but it looks like this means that his playing days are over altogether. and just to recap our top story before we go. ireland have sealed their third grand slam after a 24—15 win over england at twickenham. they were already
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six nations champions. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. good bye. one to return with a vengeance today and the ones have been bringing some snow showers. this was the scene a little bit earlier in the kent. if we take a look at the earlier reader from today, you can see just how many snow showers they were. lots of them feeding in from the north sea and more persistent snow developing towards the south—east. two main
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areas of concern through the rest of this evening. met office amber warnings in the london area and across yorkshire, lincolnshire and in two parts. into tomorrow, the southeast wales is also covered by an amberwarning. this southeast wales is also covered by an amber warning. this area of persistent snowfall that is going to drift its way westwards as we head into tonight. five to ten centimetres of snow in places but more snow developing in the south—west. elsewhere, still some showers, clear spells as well. a widespread frost and some potential for at least two diggers into tomorrow morning. the main concern for the first pod of tomorrow really the south west i; and for the first pod of tomorrow really the south westg and parts the seeth nestnf ahead and eerie the seeth nestnf eh'hehe ehei eefte this and will to of wales. this and will continue to fall and really pile up. it will drift and that could cost its own issues. —— cause its own ashes. as we go on through the day, many of
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the showers in eastern areas will tend to fade. it will be quite as slow process but in the afternoon many places will be dry, particular towards the south—east we could see some breakfast. the still continues for a good part of the day across south—west england and that's why there is much risk for disruption. here it is pretty windy and cold as well. as we move into sunday night, well. as we move into sunday night, we lose that area and we will lose that easterly winds, starting to bring ina that easterly winds, starting to bring in a northerly wind on monday. they are never particularly warm but they won't be as cold. as we head on through the coming week, plus temperatures are going to claim back into double digits. by the end of the week, things do look pretty
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