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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  March 18, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm GMT

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a man's been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a car was driven into a nightclub in gravesend, in kent. 13 people have received treatment for injuries. mps are asking facebook for an explanation, after accusations that profiles were used without users‘ permission, by a firm employed by donald trump's election campaign. a commons committee has said the government should consider delaying brexit because so little progress has been made in key areas of negotiation with the eu. time for sport now with katherine downs. the closing ceremony of the paralympics finishing in south korea. we will start with the third of the fa cup quarterfinals taking place this weekend between wigan and southampton. it has just kicked off.
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yesterday, tottenham and manchester united went through to the last four. chelsea travel to leicester later. live pictures of the game taking place on bbc one. wigan knocked out premier league leaders manchester city in the last round. what a story that was. mark hughes taking charge of southampton today for the first time since his appointment on wednesday. wigan most recently appointment on wednesday. wigan most rece ntly wo n appointment on wednesday. wigan most recently won the fa cup in 2013. southampton last won the competition in 1976. just over a minute gone and very early days in quarterfinal. we will keep you up—to—date on bbc news throughout the day. later today, chelsea play leicester for the remaining semi—final place. chelsea manager antonio conte says focus for his team turns to the fa cup, now they're out of the champions now they're out of the champions league and off the pace in the premier league. it's a quarterfinal. if we win, we
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can play another semi final at wembley in this competition. every competition is important for us, and we try to do our best in every competition. but this must be our target. the winter paralympics are drawing to a close in south korea — so they were the natural choice to carry the flag for britain at the closing ceremony. absolutely astonishing the way this week has gone from quite low to extremely, extremely high. as soon as we crossed the finishing line on the second race, my confidence got boosted. and for winning the bronze as well, it was absolutely amazing.
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to finish on a gold medal and put in one of our strongest performances this week is beyond words. it hasn't sunkin this week is beyond words. it hasn't sunk in and i think probably will not until we get back to the uk and we are back in our own beds having a lie in! in cricket, ireland have set scotland a target of 272 for victory in their super 6's world cup qualifier in harare star of the show for ireland was andy balbirnie who top scored with 105 off 146 balls. in response, scotland captain kyle coetzer cleared the ropes with this outrageous 6, on his way to a half—century. ireland need to win to keep their hopes of qualification for the world cup in england next year. scotland are 121—4 after 28 overs. england's laura davies is in contention going into the final round of the lpga founders cup in arizona after hitting her first round of 63 since 2005. davies carded one eagle and seven birdies to move to within three
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shots of south korea's inbee park who leads on 1a—under—par. davies hasn't won a lpga title since 2001 and, at the age of 5a, would become the oldest champion in history if she wins tomorrow. that's all the sport for now. james pearce will be here to take you through the fa cup quarterfinals later this afternoon. now on bbc news, it's time for the travel show. coming up on this weeks travel show: i dress up and hit the road here injapan. we are going through the most fashionable part of tokyo and i am dressed as a fat plumber. we are starting this week injapan, the home of video gaming. it is hard to believe that it's a full a0 years since the space invaders game
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was invented here and recently, tokyo celebrated that anniversary with a special exhibition and giant video wall, where today's generation of gamers can test their retro skills. but space invaders isn't the only iconic game to have been created here injapan. tucked away in the backstreets of sibuya, just five minutes from the famous crossing, i have come to find a guided tour with a difference. i guess the best way to describe what i am about to experience is a self—drive videogame simulation with some sightseeing thrown in. welcome to maricar, nice to meet you! this brings back memories from my childhood. yoshi, luigi and mario.
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it has got to be mario. how do i look? i feel like michelin mario. we have the key that starts the engine. maricar have been running these go—kart tours have been run, taking in the many tourist attractions for several years now and to take part you firstly to show your id and drivers licence from your home country. then there is a compulsory safety briefing. when driving, always one straight line guys, ok? always one straight line. if the tour guide does one, it means you just stop in one straight line. 0k? if the tour guide does two. you simply come up behind, same lane, always the same lane, side by side. see the two go—karts behind me back there? they are side—by—side and nice and close, that is the stopping formation we want to see when the tour guide does two.
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it's going to look like this. two, four, six. is it possible to stall it? it is impossible. it is automatic. at the beginning the engine can be a bit cold so before we depart it might cut out, you just start it again. there is lots to think about, like how to drive the car for a start and i feel exposed being so low, then i have to think about formations? oh my gosh. i'm not the best driver, you know, right now this costume is the least of my worries. i have got my foot on the brake. where is the key? john, where is the key? laughter. this is ridiculous! oh my god.
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even though it is a sunday morning and the traffic is lighter, it takes a while to get used to driving a vehicle that feels so low and exposed. slightly vulnerable, but i think i am getting the hang of driving this car now. oh my gosh. do you see how close i came to a taxi? we are going through the most fashionable part of tokyo and i am dressed as a fat plumber. little chance of anyone wanting to copy my outfit here in harajuku, but nintendo are reportedly unhappy with their trademark super mario dungarees and cap being used by the tours. there has been talk of legal action, but the subtle name change
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from mario kart to maricar and the inclusion of other characters seems to be keeping the lawyers at bay. last year, a record number of almost
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29 million people came to japan and as tokyo gears up to host the olympic games in two years time, the authorities are keen to see the maricar tours continue, but they are looking into how safe they are. new regulations now mean that modifications will have to be made to the go—karts and it is hoped that repositioning tail lights and better back and head protection and mudguards will provide safety for kart drivers and road users and pedestrians. tokyo is such a hotbed of trends and innovation and as the birthplace of video games, it would be a shame to see an end to these tours.
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let's hope the new safety regulations will help keep them on the road here. that was so much fun! i really had a good time. once i started to relax and got used to driving this car it was crazy, i can't believe they let you drive this on the streets of tokyo. i really felt like i was in a video game most of the time. it was crazy and i was so close to cars, so low down. it was really fun and i felt like a celebrity, everyone was waving at you, it was a great way to see the city. and if you're thinking of heading to tokyo any time soon, here is the travel show guide of some other things you can see or do. public transport here in tokyo is clean, efficient and easy to use, with signs injapanese and english
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on all trains, stations and buses. but if you find the language barrier an issue, there are now plenty of reliable translation apps that you can download to your smartphone. if you are flying to or from narita, one tip worth remembering is not to take a cab because the cost can be eye—watering, sojump on board one of the regular trains that run between the airport and the city centre instead. the end of march and the start of april are peak times for travel injapan as locals and tourists flock to see the start of spring and the burst of colour brought in by the annual cherry blossom season. here in tokyo, one of the best places to take in the spectacle is at shinjuku gyoen — a national garden which is just a short walk away from shinjuku station. one piece of good news for travellers is that nobody
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here injapan expects you to leave a tip. providing good service injapan is all part of the code of hospitality called omotenashi. so there is no need to give your waiter, taxi driver or porter anything other than what it says on the bill. if you do there is every chance that they might run after you to return their tip. and if you are looking for something a little different when it comes to taking travel pics, once you have visited all the usual tourist sites here in tokyo, why not head to nearby yokohama or kawaski, to jump on board an industrial photography night cruise. you'll be in good company, because this craze for taking atmospheric stills of towering smoke stacks, factories and treatment plants — called "kojo moe" — which translates into "factory passion", is growing here injapana. passion", is growing here injapan. join in and you'll go home with some
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striking pictures that are a world away from the usual cherry blossoms and kimono snaps. stay tuned to the travel show because coming up after the break: lucy is here with some tips on how to travel the planet without using too much plastic. and we meet the woman in america who has a town all to herself. i am the mayor and i am the town board basically, but then i don't worry about elections because there is not much competition. so don't go away. we have been hearing a lot in the news lately about sustainability — from coffee cup recycling schemes to carrier bag bans, but being green when you travel can be tricky.
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disposable water bottles like this are easy to fill at home without a second thought, but what if you are in a new and unfamiliar city? where do you go to get clean and free water? some places around the world are trying to tackle the issue by providing more drinking water with the hope of cutting down on the number of single use bottles thrown away. but if you are travelling internationally it is worth firing up the wetap app, that provides a map of nearby drinking fountains to keep you hydrated on the move. i really like the fact that it is community—based, so if you stumble across a drinking fountain that isn't identified, you simply tap this button here and add it to the platform. in london, a network of drinking points is being rolled out in summer. here in borough market, new fountains are already up and running and rather than a single—use disposable bottle, i have got this to try out. the hidrate spark bottle connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth. once you are connected, a sensor is able to detect how much water you are drinking.
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you can set daily goals based on information based you can set daily goals based on information you tell it and it will glow to give you a gentle reminder when it is time to hydrate. however, in orderfor it to keep tabs on how much you are drinking it needs to be placed on a flat surface every time you take a swig. great if you are at a desk all day, not so much if you are at the gym or on the move. i like that you can tell it where you are in the world, if you are in a hot country it will increase the amount of times it tells you to drink. it is notjust cutting down on plastic bottles that will reduce your carbon footprint. i popped in to see tech expert andrew to talk about some friendly apps for my next trip. one i would recommend if you are starting is going on green globe, it has hotels, resorts and attractions that are eco—friendly. it's a pretty extensive list, tap on jamaica. to be injamaica right now! you can see there is a list of all of the different ones here. quite a lot of resorts.
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quite a lot of different resorts, you tap on the ones you are interested in and you tap on it and it tells you about the resort and also what it does to help the environment. the next one is olio. i have heard a lot about this app. tell me more. it is supercool, it is great if you are travelling or not. it is all about reducing food waste. and so it means that you can give away food that you don't need, but also get food that people are giving away. if you are planning a trip and you look in your fridge and you have got a carton of milk and a fruit bowl of fruit and it will go to waste. put it on the app and somebody will collect it. the other way round is that if you are in a city and you don't really want to pay for a meal or whatever, you look on the app and see who is giving away food. the last one i would recommend is spinlister, think of it as aianb but for bikes in your local area
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that you can hire. i have searched los angeles and you search your local area and find what is available and so there are road bikes, mountain bikes, they do surf gear, ski gear, all sorts of stuff. so it usually works out less than around $20 a day and it is much cheaper than getting taxis everywhere and you are eco—friendly because you are riding a bike. and finally, if you can't start the day without a caffeine fix even while away on holiday, then the pakito cup could help. reusable coffee cups are nothing new and some shops offer a discount if you bring your own. but it can be annoying carrying those around. what is great about the pakito is it squishes down really small and extends to three different sizes. it is a little fiddly to pull out, but once fully extended you've got a full—sized cup. regular americano, please. cheers! to finish this week, we're off to the vast and rolling
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prairies of america's mid—west to meet a woman in nebraska who pays taxes to herself, runs the only business in town and wins every local election for mayor hands down because she is the only person still living there. that has made her something of a tourist attraction in her own right. i live in monowi, nebraska. i'm the only one that lives here in town. everyone else has either moved away or passed away. this is where i chose to stay. my parents moved to a farm about a quarter of a mile out of town here when i was about a year and a half old. i've been here ever since.
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for 1a years now i have been here by myself. we get to this corner and then over that way... it looks like a rusty building sitting in those trees. that was the town jail at one time. these were just family pictures we had taken. my array of them here is pretty much immediate family. that's our wedding picture. this is my german grandparents. and my parents. and then this was a family picture we had. that's me. basically all of us lived here in monowi at one time. i have a daughter and a son. they have both lived away more 01’ less ever since they got out of school. people ask if they worry about me and i say they do but they also respect the fact that this is what i want to do. the post office and the little grocery store closed at about the same time we bought this in ‘71. so that put us into the only business. i open the bar at 9:00.
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trucks come and salesmen come and customers come and some people come to visit and have a cup of coffee. they leave messages for one another. they call to see if someone is here. it is a meeting place, a hub, and i think everyone feels welcome to come. everyone needs a place like that, i guess, including myself. i needed this type of vehicle to haul things for work and what have you. being as i am the only one who lives in town i thought it would be neat to show it off, i guess. monowi 1. i don't go anywhere where people don't recognise me, that's for certain. it was a very active church until the middle of the 1960s. i used to go to church and sunday school there. my father's funeral was the last funeral held there in march of 1960.
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this was broad street in front of my bar. it was laid out, there were houses all around here. this is a new flag. it has not been up all that long. it is beautiful. being as i am the only one here in town, there are other responsibilities besides the bar. i am the mayor. i am the town board, basically. but i don't worry about elections because there is not much competition. i get kidded about it but i say sorry, you're not within the city limits, you cannot come in and vote. and here is rudi's library. it's got all the books he accumulated. rudi's books. they got put in here. he couldn't do it, they were put in for him. on the wall over there is little
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plaque that his son made for him. i think it is a great memorial to him because he was such a book person. he was proud of it and he would be so proud of anybody who comes to borrow some. the town of monowi and, i guess, myself to a certain extent, we have become a household word. i think people find it interesting or fascinating or something. i have people who have been here from 47 of the states and i have had from 41 or 42 foreign countries. when you get to be 84 years old there is a comfort in knowing everybody, and around here somebody is always checking on me and looking after me. you know, doing things for me. so i am kind of spoiled because they keep track of me and look after me. i don't have any desire
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to live anywhere else. i am perfectly happy right where i am at right now. that's it for the travel show this week. coming up next week... we look back at our travels so far this year including the time henry headed to uluru. and our newbie mike got this gentle introduction to life here on the travel show. this is intense. there are gunshots, there are sirens. this bridge is totally not stable. there are people crawling on the ground. i don't know what is going on. i hope you can join us for that. don't forget, if you want to follow us on the road in real time you can sign up to us on social media.
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until next time, from all of us here in tokyo, it is goodbye. hello there. holiday seems like a good idea with all the cold and snowy weather around. more snow in the last 2a hours or so, particularly over higher ground. a couple of weather watcher pictures, snow in bristol, probably seen the back of the so in bristol for a while. still have the amber snow warning from the met office, extended until three o'clock in the morning, mainly for devon and cornwall with heavier falls of a higher ground. that's noble stick around for staying snowy for the
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rest of today. the cold wind from the north sea is blowing more snow showers in, chiefly from the north humberand showers in, chiefly from the north humber and more sunshine between the snow showers in scotland and northern ireland. temperatures select one or 2 degrees. a cold north—easterly wind, feeling cold out there today, but we will gradually cut off the feed of really cold air as gradually cut off the feed of really cold airas high gradually cut off the feed of really cold air as high pressure builds down through the uk. overnight it will be cold and frosty, icy conditions. a few snow showers and patchy light snow for southern counties of england and overnight. it will extend down and away through the channel islands on monday. a bit ofa the channel islands on monday. a bit of a breeze blowing through. not as cold as the last few days and there could be more sunshine. very little snow falling over scotland and northern england. temperatures higher than the last few days, four or 5 degrees. still cold, higher than the last few days, four or5 degrees. still cold, but higher than the last few days, four or 5 degrees. still cold, but it's a trend that will continue through the week ahead, and we are more likely
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to get rain later in the week than snow. things are drying off because the high pressure is building down across the uk. around the edge of it, a strong winds down the eastern edge of england, and the cold wind is nowhere near as cold as the easterly wind. there could be more cloud and one or two drizzly showers, but elsewhere i think it will be dry and bright. there could be sunshine and we might have a touch of frost to begin the day on tuesday. they could be icy patches given the snow thawing and temperatures up to seven or 8 degrees. in order to get the temperatures at the end of the week, we have to change the wind direction and squash away the high pressure and squash away the high pressure and bring milder conditions down. that's what happens, south—westerly wind, more cloud coming in, outbreaks of rain, chiefly in scotland, heaviest over the hills in the west. england and wales, still dry and bright and temperatures getting into double figures. ten in london and belfast. it's turning milder over the week ahead and knows
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no. england and wales try and bright... borisjohnson dismisses russian claims that the nerve agent used to target the former russian spy in salisbury could have come from the porton down research laboratory. this is not the response of a country that believes itself to be innocent, this is not the response ofa innocent, this is not the response of a country which wishes to engage in getting to the bottom of this. snow and ice continue to cause disruption to road, rail and air travel in parts of the uk, forecasters predict temperatures will feel as low as minus ten today. my
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my god, i nearly died! a man is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a car was driven into a nightclub in
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