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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 18, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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today he is not the assistant, he's the teacher. hello, barbara, hello, roger, hello, tony. for the first time, he'll be teaching three members of his stroke club. this is a basic white bread mix, just to make a small loaf. we are just going to crumble the 25 grams of butter into the flour. then just make yourself a well, in the middle. because we're going to add half the water. we can adapt, we can change and make things work for us, if we try. if you use the heel of your hand to break it down. why is mine sticking to the surface? ijust like being with the people. because they are people who understand how you feel. you're learning, barbara. i'm not! you are! really good, really therapeutic. really good for your brain. thoroughly enjoyable.
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if anyone has upset me in the week, you can take it out on the dough. and then into your tin. after a short while in the oven, the bread is baked. just check it. but the proof of course is in the eating, so what will they make of it? thanking you. i would highly recommend all this activity, that we have done today, to every single member of our club. there is no such word as can't. so the stroke club class was a success, and chris believes that the cookery school not only teaches you how to cook but also boosts your self—esteem. for a lot of people, it saves their lives, it gives them that meaning that once a week, get out of bed, go and do it,
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which is what it gave me. it gives me a reason to get up in the morning, get dressed and get out there. normally i'm asking for help for that sort of thing. now, there's a woman from swanley in kent whose big ambition is to get her dog into crufts. not because he's good looking or best in breed, no, she's hoping he'll dance his way there. john cuthill reports. it's a wet and windy saturday in coventry. it's raining cats and, well, dogs. and more dogs. they've all gathered here to sniff out a golden ticket. they're competing for a place at the most prestigious dog show in britain. there are ten places up for grabs in each category, here at this semifinal for crufts.
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excited and nervous, and everything at once. but these dogs aren't being judged on looks. this competition doesn't require a pedigree. this is strictly dog dancing. welcome to the world of heelwork to music. next up, louise ince from swanley in kent, and troy. their complicated routine to flash, bang, wallop what a picture has been months in the making. you've been really naughty, haven't you 7 behave, thank you. helping to fine tune the moves is husband gary. if you can come up, and as i say walk back, you're going to guide him with a sausage, where he needs to go. 0k. walk back.
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he's gone off again. walk back. the little bits that are going wrong all the time, they are the bits we want to put a stop to. we have to find ways of finding what it is that's going to make the dog do it correctly. keen to maximise her chances of success, louise is entering two categories. and doing a round trip of 160 miles from her home in kent for lessons with gina, a dog trainerfrom hampshire. i still haven't got the ending right. we can look at it. little troy has come on leaps and bounds. he is a cheeky little character. that is what we try to bring out in both routines, the character of the dog. these are all your props? i've got a better frontage. i was going to say, the frontage is a bit naff. are we going to have photographs on these? you know, i really should, shouldn't i? got the frontage sorted out, photographs on these, and i think we are good to go. # what a picture, what a photograph!
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photos in place, will troy stay focused and get a place in the final? it's looking good, until it's time to pick up the newly laminated pictures. louise carries on, but knows she is out of the running in this category. the cards come i change them and put stuff on the photographs. he doesn't like them very much. they are slipping in his mouth. that is why he is mucking about. for louise, there is still a chance
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that she could get a place at crufts. she has one more routine up her exotic sleeve. troy has to dance his socks off. well done! he enjoyed that, he really enjoyed that. we kept going. it was not quite the routine that we have planned. louise has done well, but competition at this advanced level is very tough. only ten more dogs will be going to crufts. as the places are awarded, it looks like louise may have missed out. with nine places already called,
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there is only one place left. thank you so much. i am gobsmacked. i don't know what to say. well done, you did it! next stop, crufts. good luck to louise and troy.
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that's all for this week. thank you for watching. goodbye. it will gradually turn milder but we are not quite finished with the snow yet. still warnings from the met office, an amber warning for south—west england, mainly devon and cornwall, with snow expected into the early hours. quite heavy over the hills. we've got snowy weather
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in the south—west. sunlight, patchy snow coming in in other southern counties overnight, and showers further north becoming fewer, and a lot of places become dry, but still cold, temperatures below freezing and there could be icy conditions. much dryer on monday, any snow in southern england retreating towards the channel islands, any snow coming out of the cloud further north few and far between, and most of us should get some sunshine. temperatures getting a bit of a boost, four or five, temperatures getting a bit of a boost, four orfive, still temperatures getting a bit of a boost, four or five, still cold temperatures getting a bit of a boost, four orfive, still cold but it's a trend that will continue through the week, gradually turning milder day on day and, instead of snow, we milder day on day and, instead of show, we are more milder day on day and, instead of snow, we are more likely to get some rain. this is bbc news.
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i'm carrie gracie. the headlines at 7pm: borisjohnson dismisses russian claims that the nerve agent used to target the former russian spy in salisbury could have come from the porton down research laboratory. this is not the response of a country that rarely believes itself to be innocent. this is not the response of the country that really wants to engage in getting to the bottom of the matter. the first exit poll from russia's presidential election shows vladimir putin winning comfortably with 74% of the votes. travel disruption and school closures in the south west of england and wales, as the so—called ‘mini beast from the east‘ brings snow and ice to much of the uk. my my god, i nearly died. this car come through... look. a 21—year—old man is being questioned on suspicion


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