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tv   Meet the Author  BBC News  March 18, 2018 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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the resistant disabling disease. the stem cell transplant involves a one—off cost of £30,000. no more expensive than the yearly fee for some drugs. it is not suitable for all ms patients but the life changing results with louise and others are plain to see. ferguson is here, extraordinary salt, has much people with ms benefit from this? it will take time to scale as up and train the teams, three trusts, sheffield, kings and imperial offering this. 150 ms patients in the uk have had it, more than any other country in the above except for sweden and italy but is only scratching the surface. many neurologists have been sceptical and they've been waiting over a decade for the results of this trial we are reporting tonight. the results are convincing but the beauty of the treatment is, it is the patient healing themselves. their stem cells, no need for a donor. and
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those cells are resetting the patient‘s immune system to the point before they had amassed. it is a gruelling procedure involving chemotherapy and not suitable for patients with advanced disease that it is delivering life changing results. fergus walsh, thank you. much of the uk has been in the midst of a second significant snowfall of the winter. for many areas it's been combined with bitterly cold winds, bringing misery to those who've been travelling this weekend. sarah ransome reports. snowstorms and snowdrifts, has seen many people woke up to this morning. strong winds causing blizzard conditions, making driving treacherous. in the north—west, snow gates on the a 66 remained closed between county durham and cumbria, and just getting outside the front door in newcastle was no mean feat. i've been here for quarter of an
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hour, i've done a quarter of road so i'm making headway. delays at newbury as trains were stopped, railway stations across the country have also seen delays and cancellations. in gloucester sporting fixtures like the anglo welsh cup final were called off because snow stopped play. and as the heaviest snowfall hit the south—west bristol airport stopped flights of exeter airport cancelling flights of exeter airport cancelling flights for most of the day. the snow showed no sign of giving up in devon and know neither did those keeping traffic moving. while snowploughs and bridges cleared major roads some drivers got stuck and there were problems on the m5 and there were problems on the m5 and a roads, motorists seemingly ignoring repeated appeals not to go out to unless it is essential. when people ignore those warnings it does get frustrating because the already stretched resources we have become even more stretched to rescue and people who have no reason to
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recover people who have no reason to be out in this all is - snowing g the it is still snowing and the prospect of more snow and ice overnight. emergency services say, please heed advice, check your travel arrangements to check where you need to go safely if in fact you need to get there at all and if you have children of school age you might wa nt to children of school age you might want to check that their school is open, hundreds of schools across devon and parts of wales have already said they are not opening tomorrow so for some it is another snow day. sarah ransom, thank you. in syria president assad has visited
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eastern ghouta a former rebel held area near damascus, state tv showed him surrounded by soldiers and civilians after a month—long government bombardment. syrian forces are thought to control some 80% of eastern ghouta with thousands more civilians fleeing the area today. facebook has announced an investigation into whether the personal details of 50 million of its users have been compromised. it has already suspended data from cambridge ghouta known for its work on the trump election campaign after reports it inappropriately obtained user data. both companies deny wrongdoing. let'sjoin our media editor in new york. the revelation that tens of millions of facebook users have had their personal data harvested like this has caused dismay on both sides of
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the atlantic and may have profound implications. but facebook and cambridge ghouta deny wrongdoing and said they haven't broken the law. it could be just that that causes alarm because there are at least three layers to the story. first fully what and when, the cambridge analytica whistle—blower chris wylie has given an account that has blatant inconsistencies with the account given by cambridge ghouta and facebook. the second issue is public safety, we live in a time when a few firms have become wealthy by amassing troops of personal data and consumers need to realise that every time they go online david and digital footprint every time they go online david and digitalfootprint and every time they go online david and digital footprint and individuals, companies and governments can use that data to do things they might not like. the third layer is the politics. we have to regulators in britain looking at whether cambridge analytica was involved in the brexit referendum. in america the questions about their role in the trump
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election. if it is proven as cambridge analytica claim that they use psychological profiling to influence voters, if that is to perhaps the fragility of western democracy owes as much to our online habits as our offline once. thank you. now time for the sports news. the semifinals of the fa cup will see manchester united play spurs and chelsea face southampton, both games at wembley. the draw for the final four was made after chelsea beat leicester city 2—1 while southampton knocked league i side wigan athletic out of the competition. holly hamilton reports. for antonio conte the fa cup hasn't always been a priority but out of europe and outside the premier league top four silverware would be a silver lining. chelsea took the lead just before half—time, morata claiming his first
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goal of 2018. after the break leicester searched for an equaliser, four tries in three seconds, jamie vardy four tries in three seconds, jamie va rdy eventually four tries in three seconds, jamie vardy eventually scoring. into extra time and as the mercury dropped, temperatures rose. a questionable decision by kasper schmeichel gifted pedro and empty net and chelsea a place in the semifinals. in wigan the first test for new southampton manager mark hughes. while the league1 manager mark hughes. while the league 1 side dominated the first half the visitors capitalised on their chances. with the clock ticking and the saints set to march on to wembley they made sure, doubling their lead and ceiling southampton's first fa cup semifinal in15 southampton's first fa cup semifinal in 15 years. great britain has won its first and only god medal of the winter paralympics on the last day of the games, menna fitzpatrick and her guidejen kehoe of the games, menna fitzpatrick and her guide jen kehoe got of the games, menna fitzpatrick and her guidejen kehoe got the visually impaired slalom gold so the british tea m impaired slalom gold so the british team has met its target. kate gray reports from pyeongchang. it was the
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golden moment they had been waiting for. menna fitzpatrick and her guide jen kehoe saved their best for last to ta ke jen kehoe saved their best for last to take gold in the slalom on the final day of the games. they were in silver medal position going into their second run and displayed a perfect performance, the time it was unbeatable. commentator: she's in front. their fourth unbeatable. commentator: she's in front. theirfourth medal in pyeongchang to become britain's most successful winter pa ralympians.m has been absolutely astonishing, the way this week has gone from quite low to extremely high. further success as merely knight and her guide bred wild took the bronze in the same race which meant paralympicsgb the same race which meant pa ralympicsgb have the same race which meant paralympicsgb have reached their target of seven medals. 0r dependent however on one sport, one classification and a small number of athletes. so the games due to a fitting close with britain's golden girls carrying the flag. and the international paralympic girls carrying the flag. and the international pa ralympic committee could also celebrate with more nations taking part than ever and a
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record number of tickets sold. they now call these games the greatest winter paralympics to date. kate gray bbc news pyeongchang. in the last few minutes rory mcilroy has won we arnold palmer invitational. his first title victory since 2016. he won the tournament in florida by three strokes by the final round of 64, the masters was the only major he hasn't won will be less than two weeks ago —— the masters, the only major tournament he hasn't one is in less tha n major tournament he hasn't one is in less than three weeks. more information on the bbc sport website. thank you. an art teacher from london has won a million—dollar prize recognising an outstanding contribution to the teaching profession. she works in a school with a high proportion of individual pupils. we watched the ceremony in dubai. the big secret, who is the best teacher. ghouta! an art teacher from brent in
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london ghouta was centre stage as winner of the global teacher price. good morning girls. working in a deprived inner—city community she was praised the going the extra mile to build links between school and pa rents to build links between school and parents and structuring activities around students's individual needs. to all the students all over the world i say whatever your circumstances, whatever your troubles, please know that you have the potential to succeed in whatever your dreams maybe. and that is a right that nobody should take from you. ghouta ending that report in dubai. that's it from us on bbc one, now it's time for the news where you are. good night. hello, after another bitter weekend
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with snow and ice the cold snap is easing but we will still see travel disruption on monday. this was the scene in bogie tracy in devon on sunday. and we still have an amber warning from the met office which expires at 3am on monday but even after that we could still see disruption, 20 centimetres of snow in some places. we have this cold easterly wind heading into monday, we will keep those chilly winds, high pressure still in charge. a lot of dry weather on the cards and the winds will not come in such a cold direction but mandate we are likely to start the day with subzero temperatures across the board, as low as minus eight degrees in some rural spots of scotland, still snow showers early on monday in the far south, parts of devon and cornwall, the channel isles and some in kent and sussex. further northwards and isa and sussex. further northwards and is a cold start but most places are looking dry with a sharp frost.
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during the day lots of us stay dry and reasonably bright with st cloud filtering in from north—east scotla nd filtering in from north—east scotland and snow flurries continuing towards the channel islands. 0ther continuing towards the channel islands. other things looked largely dry, temperatures still over the time of year, 47 degrees, not as cold as the weekend and steering the rest of the week we will see those temperatures warming attach so things turning marder, some rain later in the week but to start the week it's high—pressure that drives the weather. into tuesday the high—pressure stays bringing a mostly dry day, it weak front on tuesday will bring cloud and rain to areas of linkage and east anglia towards the south—east but elsewhere are a lot of dry and bright weather. temperatures are starting to creep up temperatures are starting to creep up post on average, between six and my degrees by tuesday and we will have lost but biting easterly wind. towards the middle of the week, noticed the yellow colours approaching from the atlantic, a
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change in air mass in the middle of the week. on wednesday the change will also bring some rain to parts of scotland and northern ireland, patchy at this stage. further south and east across the country a largely dry day. although the cloud will build there will be brighter spells in the south and the east and will be back into double figures. bye bye. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11. russia's leader, vladimir putin has declared victory in his country's presidential election, with results so far pointing to a landslide. borisjohnson has accused russia of stockpiling the nerve agent used in the salisbury attack. travel disruption and school closures in the west of england and wales — as the so—called ‘mini beast from the east‘ brings snow and ice to much of the uk. and facebook announces a review after allegations that private information was harvested for use by political campaigns. residents from clifftop chalets in norfolk are told
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to evacuate their homes — at risk of coastal erosion due to the high tide. and an arts and textiles teacher from north—west london, becomes the first person from this country to win a million—dollar teaching prize.
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