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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 27, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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fire chiefs apologise after it's revealed it took two hours for firefighters to reach victims of last year's manchester arena terror attack. a review says frustrated fire crews were held back amid fears a gunman was on the loose. firstly the fire service simply were out of the loop, they made a misjudgement at the beginning and therefore were two hours late in getting to the fire. theresa may tells mps that 25 of britain's allies have now expelled russian diplomats over the poisoning of the former double agent sergei skripal. in siberia, relatives of the victims of the shopping centre fire join thousands in protest over the deaths of more than sixty people — accusing officials there of corruption. a police inspector has beenjailed for at least 19 years for murdering his wife. darren mckie strangled leanne mckie after she discovered he had run up huge debts. and at a news conference
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in south africa, cricket australia's chief executive announced that players steve smith, david warner and cameron bancroft are all being sent home amid the ball—tampering scandal. he said ‘significant sanctions‘ against them will come in next 2a hours. more on that in sportsday shortly. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as a report into last year's manchester arena bombing reveals failures in the emergency response — we'll be asking how today's findings might influence future planning in order to keep us safe. on beyond 100 days at seven o'clock, the team will be speaking to a former us ambassador to nato on the rise in diplomatic tensions between russia and the west. and at ten thirty we'll take a first look at tomorrow's front pages.
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my guest reviewers this evening are the guardian columnist jane martinson and the political strategist jo tanner. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday i'm holly hamilton. coming up on tonight's programme. the head of cricket australia reveals that three players are to be sent home including the captain steve smith. i want to apologise to all australians for the events that have taken place. all three players will leave south africa tomorrow. it's the final audition for russia and a tougher test for england.
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we're live from wembley ahead of tonight's friendly against italy. not so friendly between these two anthonyjoshua goes face to face withjoseph parker ahead of this weekend's heavyweight unification bout. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm holly hamilton. we begin with the scandal that has dominated the world of cricket over the past three days. in the last few minutes ahead of cricket australia has announced three players including captain steve smith have been sent down from the tour of south africa along with vice captain david warner and bowler cameron bancroft. this follows cameron bancroft‘s admission of ball tampering in the third test against south africa, as captain steve smith admitted he knew of the plan in advance.
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here's cricket australia's ceo james sutherland. on behalf of cricket australia i wa nt to on behalf of cricket australia i want to apologise to all australians that these events have taken place. particularly to all the kids who love cricket and idolise the players. i want to also apologise to forget south africa and south african fans that this issue has overshadowed what otherwise should been a wonderful series. as the chairman has said in his statement earlier tonight we recognise that this issue goes beyond the technical nature of offences and various codes of conduct. it is about the integrity and reputation of australian cricket and australian sport. ultimately it is about whether australians can feel proud
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of their national sporting teams. dan rowe and is injohannesburg and he was at the press conference. more from him injusta minute. he was at the press conference. more from him injust a minute. clearly he was quite emotional there are james sutherland, speaking in the last few minutes. this clearly has been an emotional process for him, he has apologised on behalf of the players. but this is not over, the investigation will continue. that is right and the main question everyone wa nted right and the main question everyone wanted to know the answer to was what the punishment would be for those involved. we get some clarity now on who sanctioned ball tampering, james sutherland made it clear it was restricted to the captain steve smith, his deputy david warner and the player caught on camera trying to alter the condition of the ball on saturday during the test match against south africa, cameron bancroft. he also
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said all three were now deselected and would be sent disgrace tomorrow back to australia. bob we have yet to find out what exactly the sanctions will be for the day has been speculation today it could be a very hefty punishment. talk of a year—long ban for tourism. but the punishments we were told would be significant but we will have to wait and we should now more in the i significant but we will have to wait and we should now more in the § on ,,,c},, believed " on brink of ,- believed " on brink of resignation eved " will not be going and he will today, will not be going and he will continue as coach. i think that will surprise some people who feel he has lost control of this australian team and that the culture within it needs to be perhaps corrected because it is not just to be perhaps corrected because it is notjust this latest controversy but also the fact that this has been laid in something of a spiteful atmosphere, this series. sledging and not a shortage of controversy. any people feel that this field for
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the test case for the integrity of cricket because of the context in which it has occurred. notjust about this latest scandal but also the way australia go about their cricket. he was under huge pressure, and he was emotional as you said. no wonder considering the pressure that has been put on cricket australia to get a has been put on cricket australia to geta grip has been put on cricket australia to get a grip of this crisis. notjust commercial sponsors and fans of the game but this term in government it self, the prime minister spoke twice now about how he wanted a very tough action to be taken. we wait to see just how tough the action will be. absolutely and what has been the reaction there at the minute, are people surprised that we do not have an answer just yet as people surprised that we do not have an answerjust yet as to people surprised that we do not have an answer just yet as to what the sanctions will be. as you mentioned, they want answers quickly on this. to be honest the press conference is still going on behind me so it is too soon to gauge what it is fair to say there will be a mixed reaction of the many observers will be impressed with the speed with which
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the investigation has been commissioned and then carried out. after a ll commissioned and then carried out. after all the ethics had only arrived in cape town yesterday morning. we spent the day talking to the players and now the squad has decamped to johannesburg ahead the players and now the squad has decamped tojohannesburg ahead of the final test match for them and the final test match for them and the head of cricket australia has been addressing the media this evening but others said the core question as to what exactly they intend to do about this remains unclear. all we know is it will be a significant sanctioned but there is speculation that the players, perhaps the lawyers are also involved, there are some lucrative contracts with ipl franchises earth day, some serious commercial endorsements as well. so if the players do receive a hefty ban which could jeopardise their future career, then clearly cricket australia have got to get this right and they could be some debating going on behind the scenes. but james sutherland was clear there will be significant punishment to be announced. football now and england have been
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enjoying a run of five clean sheets on their road to russia but tonight they face a tougher test. they take on italy at wembley for what will be their last international friendly before gareth southgate picks his world cup squad. our sports correspondent natalie pirks is at wembley for us this evening. natalie, it's the last chance saloon for these players to impress and italy won't make it easy for them. this is an italy team in transition from the team that beat england in brazil in 2014. they failed to qualify for the world cup of course the first time since 1958 and the loss to argentina on friday. but gareth southgate expects to be much tougher opposition and much more of a pressing team than we had from the netherlands on friday. and as you said it was england's fifth consecutive clean sheet but they have also only scored three in those five games so plenty of work to do. we have a three—man defence, gareth
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southgate trying to get england's co mforta ble southgate trying to get england's comfortable with that ahead of the world cup. jack bottle and is to start in goal and of coursejoe hart has played no part in these friendlies. played no part ahead of will be the squad was for russia because we know gareth southgate is interested in naming the squad perhaps a bit sooner than he even has two. he does not have to name it until two days after the nigeria game but we understand he wants to do it about to get his team already and they all pretty much no what doing. now raheem sterling had some interesting things to say at the press c0 nfe re nce interesting things to say at the press conference yesterday. he talked about fans and in fact he has been booed by fans wearing an england shirt and he said he believes the fans need to show the tea m believes the fans need to show the team some love and we would see a better england if the fans got behind them because it would be a confidence boost. gareth southgate was also asked about that and what
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the fans make of england. perhaps lower expectations this time and also about the media and their expectations but let's have a listen to what he had to say. what we need to what he had to say. what we need to do is allow this young team to go and perform. there is some super exciting young players and the reason there has been a disconnect with the team is not because of what they have done but the cost of the teams i played in debt and historic stuff. they do not have 50, 100 caps, they still have years ahead of them and they can grow and get better as a group. we need to give them the space to do that. i know people do not necessarily what to do that. especially in the international environment. it is not about me trying to buy time but for these guys to go and perform as i believe they can, and i think go and maybe go beyond where we are currently ranked in the tournament. that is what i feel we should be
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allowing them to do. raheem sterling is 23 years old and now one of the more senior players in this england squad. so for him and for the younger players in the squad it is a chance for them to go out in a world cup and they cannot remember the last time we have had such an inexperienced and young team and fa ns to inexperienced and young team and fans to not have the same feeling about half are the team could go. they're not about half are the team could go. they‘ re not encumbered about half are the team could go. they're not encumbered really with that golden generation of the past and the expectations put on them. one person who will be helping that used are given a chance tonight is the grandad of lewis cook, and when the grandad of lewis cook, and when the bournemouth midfielder was 18 he put on a £500 bet that he would play for the england senior team at some point before his 26 up if he gets a debut tonight is grandad will make £17,000, not to be sniffed at. also
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the area is going to be used, the fourth time england have had a game in which that is used. 65 professionals from the global world of football will be here tonight to see how it is used and essentially trying to find unit for the bus course we know it will be used in russia. but most importantly this is all about gareth southgate and a chance for him to cement in his mind which players will be notjust on the plane but i guess featuring ahead of that nigeria game before he really has to whittle down the squad. but he wants to get that ready before the nigeria game so tonight very much the last chance to impress. elsewhere tonight, alex mcleish will be looking for a first win since taking up charge of scotland for his second time. he's said he'll field a more experienced side when they face hungary later. our reporter chris mclaughlin is there. it is part two of the friendly
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double—header, part one ended in defeat to costa rica in glasgow on friday night. it is the second game in charge of scotland so how is expecting the game here in budapest to different this evening? we face a different type of game and we put on a different kind of performance from the start. not waiting for half—time. we're going to go all out attacking with hungry, champions league level and international level, i have experienced both of them and you have to be tactically ready. now he makes six changes for the game this evening, and much more organised, much more experienced looking scotland side this evening. they face hungary and they themselves as struggling, recently defeated by kazakhstan and luxembourg. on paper it should be a
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victory for scotland here in budapest but being scotland it is never that simple. and you can keep up—to—date with the england game on 5 live. scotland game available on 5 live sports extra starting at seven o'clock and 7:30pm tonight. still to come on the programme: anthonyjoshua says the smart money is on him to knock outjoseph parker in their heavyweight unification fight in cardiff this weekend. we'll hearfrom him in the next few minutes. and we're going to tell you how and why the county of yorkshire is now playing international football. we do have a grandfather clause as an option because at one point we had to check out that particular option. let's have a look at some of the other stories around today. defending champion johanna konta is out of the miami open she lost in three sets to venus williams
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in the fourth round. konta suffered with a muscle spasm in her back during the match and said her body didn't adapt to the conditions. england women's head coach phil neville has recalled captain steph houghton for the forthcoming world cup qualifiers against wales and bosnia herzegovina. houghton missed the shebelieves cup earlier this month through injury as did jordan nobbs who has also been selected. a sailor participating in the volvo ocean race is reported to have been lost at sea. john fisher, who was racing for sun hung kai scallywag fell overboard nearly fifteen thousand nautical miles from cape horn. now it's set to be the most significant fight of anthony joshua's career — a three belt unification clash with wbo titlist joseph parker awaits him at cardiff's principality stadium this weekend. it's a spectable he says will go down in history and earn him over 20 million pounds in the process.
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sara orchard has been to meet him. the people's champion, there are not many who dislike anthonyjoshua but he is yet another multi—million pound fight night approaching and once again the stakes are raised. champion versus champion, undefeated fighter versus undefeated fighter. someone's got to go. the final press conference in london before heading to the principality stadium cardiff for the showdown on saturday wbo heavyweight champion jessica parker refused to be in all of the levin. heavyweight champion jessica parker refused to be in all of the levinlj feel refused to be in all of the levin.” feel sharp, my movement is better than ever. i'm taking this back to new zealand. we put everything on
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mute and strip away everything people say about my opponent and current opponent. when i look at the person in general i have no fear. after winning his olympic gold medal backin after winning his olympic gold medal back in london 2012joshua has worked his way up the professional ranks. he now holds the ibf and wba titles. beating the great wladimir klitsckho in front of 90,000 at wembley last year. it had the attention of the world, you know, at wembley, you cannot beat the experience. i think it will go down in history. incredible scenes here at the victor on saturday night will hold three of the four recognised world heavyweight titles. there is one more held by dante wilder sell—out at the victor will look to have their destiny with the fight against the american to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. both fighters are prepared to go the 12 round distance and even the way in on friday has been ticketed to stem demand. as for
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the first time the uk posts to undefeated world heavyweight champions. and the world will be watching. now for some global football, but not as you know it. yorkshire has its own international football team. yes, "god's own country" as locals like to call it, became part of the confederation of independent football associations, meaning it will play against the likes of tibet, greenland and northern cyprus. and they're dreaming big. grassroots football on the international level. it is pretty strange. there is the chance to represent yorkshire.
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we playing under an alternative banner to fifa and we fall into the regions site. it was a really strong bid that went in showing the history, the linguistics, the cultural divergence that makes yorkshire unique. i basically got on the internet and said i'm doing this, who wants to join in. it was a very proud mummy to represent europe cou nty very proud mummy to represent europe county at international level as well. —— your county. all that separates these lads really from people in league1 all that separates these lads really from people in league 1 say isjust opportunity when they were younger. they are every bit as good. and there is a really good standard of foot wall plate in yorkshire.


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