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for her sport and has to work as a waitress. to go to california for the world cd is with teams from china, australia, the united states. they are all fully funded athletes. they are all fully funded athletes. they don't have the pressure is financially to compete on that level. that is what we are appealing for. fraer's first competition is just days away in australia. there are no words to describe it. it's my first time competing for england and for it to be the commonwealth, it's a big thing. i'm so excited. atjust 19, her career should go from strength to strength but don't count her out for a medal on the gold coast. the final whistle has gone in sweden where manchester city's women have beaten their opponents 5—3 on
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the night. they are through to the semifinals. chelsea could follow them later. that's all from sportsday with me will perry. we'll have more throughout the evening. returning now to our top story. the high court has quashed a decision by the parole board to release the serial sex offender john worboys from prison. it follows a legal challenge mounted by two of worboys' victims — who argued insufficient scrutiny of his other suspected offending wasn't taken into account. the chairman of the parole board, nick hardwick, has since resigned. earlier phillippa kaufmann, the barrister for the two women who brought the case, told my colleague huw edwards that nick hardwick has been made a scapegoat. what happened here was not down to failings on the part of nick
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hardwick or systemic failings in his department apart from this is a department apart from this is a department that is so under resourced that at the end of the day you begin to see problems with the operation of the system as an inevitable consequence of under resourcing. you can see at each stage the officials in the ministry ofjustice who should have got this material before the parole board, they overlook it, they don't do it, they overlook it, they don't do it, they are too overworked. the parole board itself is not chaired by a judge. that has changed in the last number of years as the parole board resources have become more and more squeezed because of the amount of cases they have today because of the decisions of politicians skyrocket and they don't have the resources to do it. david gauke is yet again doing something that will make their job even more difficult. his decision and announced today is that they are going to create a process
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for individual victims to complain, not through the vehicle of the prisoners have had to use, most of those fail, they have to go through thejudicial those fail, they have to go through the judicial review. those fail, they have to go through thejudicial review. david gauke is saying that lets add more expense and time to the work that the parole board has today. why? there is no need for it. he's doing it because it's something from which he can gain political capital from by aligning himself with the victims. perceptions are important and the perception from the public was that this was a decision ultimately taken by the parole board are a decision that we note was flawed. for that reason, it surely is right, notwithstanding some of the qualifications that you've offered, it surely is right that the man in charge of the board should carry the can? i don't agree. this is a
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compensated situation and we should look at it in all its complexity and if we want to change things so that it doesn't happen again, then we don't simply put a sticking plaster over it and blame somebody whose fault it isn't and move on because we won't overcome the problem. what happens now in the process now that this ruling has come today? the next step is that the whole thing goes back to the parole board and they are going to have to look at the full scale of the alleged offending on the part ofjohn worboys, not just the 14 offences for which he was convicted but they can look at anything they consider is appropriate in respect of the wider allegations in orderfor appropriate in respect of the wider allegations in order for them to make a proper and informed decision about his current risk. they have to do that in a way that is fair to him, there must be a proper opportunity to test the evidence and they will go through the whole process again but on this occasion taking out everything they fail to
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account of last time. they could reach the same decision but if they do, it will be on an entirely different basis and one that they will take even more carefully. a new pakistani film, challenging the stereotype of women, is releasing in the uk his week. it's called cake, as one of the characters wants to join a baking school in the film — but also because the cake represents a family. the film has been praised for its modern portrayal of the roles of the sexes. it's the first pakistani film to have premiered at leicester square and the director has received an award at the uk asian film festival. haroon rashid has been speaking to the cast. this film is a representation of
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modern pakistan, she is dealing with all the men and taking charge of the home. she is demanding her parents to take care of themselves. zara is living her life out there and calling shots in her personal life. they are very empowered women. even in that empowerment, sacrifices and compromises are part of the game. for many, this trail of women break stereotypes. far from the submissive image that many people might have it highlights a modern mindset in the country. it's unfair to but all pakistani women in that box. it stereotypes the majority of the women. within the boundaries, it is
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not that open. she will not smoke in front of the parents, that is a definite no—no. front of the parents, that is a definite no-no. it is notjust gender discrimination that the film challenges, it also highlights ethnic minorities in pakistan. the first thing that struck me is the male protagonist is a catholic christian. i thought that was amazing. i want to represent that kind of pakistan that can have someone kind of pakistan that can have someone from kind of pakistan that can have someone from any kind of pakistan that can have someone from any religion as the main guy. he is a 2ist—century man will stop he is someone who is sensitive and compassion and stands by the women in his life, which is very different from the way men and women are very different from the way men and women are portrayed in popular culture of the subcontinent. with the film receiving rave reviews, it
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is likely to set a trend for more diverse storytelling in the country. time for a look at the weather with louise lear. good evening early morning rain gave way to sunshine with an improving picture in the afternoon. with clear skies, it means that temperatures are likely to fall. we could see that you —— patchy fog further north and east. in the south—west, another area of low pressure with france spilling around that low driving more wet weather into the south—west, wales, central and southern england. not particularly warm and some showers tomorrow. the
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cool theme continues for the easter weekend. there may even be some snow on the hills. fingers crossed for some sunny on the hills. fingers crossed for some sunny spells. you're watching beyond one hundred days. confirmation — the north korean leader did visit china — but what did the two leaders talk about? president trump thinks kim jung un will eventually do what is right for his people. but in the meantime there will be no let up in sanctions. it's kim's first foreign visit since becoming leader seven years ago — he told his chinese hosts he is ready to negotiate. no let up from the lawyer representing stormy daniels. he wants a court to compel donald trump to give sworn testimony on what he knows. also on the programme. starting her legal fight against charges of rebellion in spain — the catalan politician released on bail by a court in scotland. putting a price on plastics. shoppers in england could soon feel the pinch if they don't recycle. get in touch with us using the hashtag ‘beyond—one—hundred—days'.
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