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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: two people are dead and at least 20 injured after a van runs into crowds of people in the german city of munster. the driver of the vehicle killed himself at the scene. german police raid a property in the city, believed to be that of the attacker, who may have had a history of mental health problems. translation: this horrible act here in the centre of the city has shocked and appalled and alarmed me. tributes are paid to m people from a junior ice hockey team killed when a bus they were travelling in collides with a lorry in western canada. 300 extra police officers are on patrol across london. it comes after six people were killed in shootings and stabbings in the last week. and we'll be taking another look at tomorrow front pages at 11.30 in the papers. tonight's reviewers are kate andrews and yasmin alibhai—brown. good evening and
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welcome to bbc news. two people have been killed and around 20 others injured, after a van was deliberately driven into a crowd of people, in western germany. it happened in the city of muenster, outside a restaurant. police say the driver who was a german national and had a history of mental health problems, later shot himself. no terrorist links have been confirmed. 0ur berlin correspondent jenny hill reports. in the historic heart of an old university city, a scene of horror. the square was busy. people enjoying the spring sunshine when a van ploughed through what is usually a pedestrian zone. for those in its path,
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little chance to escape. the pavement cafe was full of people — eating, drinking, relaxing. it was a small restaurant and the people are sitting outside and then the van crashed into the restaurant. and still we don't know why. the driver, police say, killed himself in the van after the crash. translation: the suspect shot himself in the vehicle. his identity is still unclear. but they have yet to formally establish a motive. earlier, they raided an apartment believed to be the man's home. he said to be a german citizen who is known to the police. a man in his late 40s with health problems. translation: the perpetrator who, at around 3pm, ploughed into people was a german citizen. and not, as it was reported, a refugee or something similar. the details are being thoroughly examined.
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because of that, we can't go into further details. there is nothing to say at the moment that there was any islamist background. but we must wait and see. tonight, those investigations continue. in a city now morning its dead and praying for those left fighting for life. jenny hill, bbc news. earlier i spoke to thomas walde, who's in berlin. we have heard from authorities that we don't think there is an islamist background. they haven't told us what they believe the motive is at this stage. there are reports in the german media of the mental health problems of the suspect. it is quite clear why people thought initially this was a terror attack. we have seen many this was a terror attack. we have seen many occasions this was a terror attack. we have seen many occasions when a vehicle has been driven into a crowd of people in order to cause terror. it is something the authorities are
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alert to, notjust in germany but across all of europe. this particular case, with this particular case, with this particular man, why did he do what he did? at the moment, that is still unknown. caroline davies there. earlier i spoke to thomas walde, who's in berlin. he's a reporter for the german television broadcaster zdf and began by telling me how he heard about the incident. it was this afternoon when these wires, when news hit the wires that there was an incident in the region of muenster and everybody scrambled to the office and that is when we got in touch with our sources here on a federal and regional level. it was fairly quickly confirmed there was an incident and that several people were killed. here in germany everyone is pretty sensitive about this because we had terror attacks in the past. at first there was a great deal of nervousness within the federal government that this might be a terror related incident. at first people were pretty calm. people did not assume
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anything and they did not jump to conclusions. a short while later we felt relieved, that this was clearly not terror related. the latest thinking is that the driver may have had psychological issues. yes, authorities have now identified the person, someone who was born in 1969 according to the authorities in germany. that is important. clearly he is not an immigrant. which was also, very soon after the news hit, a big deal because many people were afraid that this might be a person with an immigrant background which would raise issues that we have had in the past. they know it was a german native born in 1969.
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they have the name of this person and they searched the apartment and they have said it is someone who tried to commit suicide in the past. it is a person with a troubled past and clearly they are working on the assumption that this was not a political motive. viewers can now see pictures of the police outside the apartment of the man, the driver, the suspect, in this case. tell us more about the impact this will have had in muenster. of course, in muenster, everybody was shocked, up to the federal level everyone expressed shock and expressed their condolences with the families of the victims. muenster, no—one would have thought there would be a terror related incident here. it was a very nice day today, great weather, people were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.
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out of the blue something like this striking, it's something that has shocked everybody from the local authority to the federal government. the minister of the interior of the federal republic expressed his concern and from the beginning he said the federal and local authorities were working together to try to make sense of what happened. what was striking was, nobody used the term of an attack. they used the word an incident because they wanted to refrain from jumping to conclusions and also in order to not concern the general public too much because here in germany we have had terrible terrorist attacks in the past. whenever something happens like this, people would be nervous that this might be another terrorist attack but it turned out
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that clearly this was not. there are reports from syria, that the last rebel—held enclave on the outskirts of the capital damascus, has come under a chemical weapons attack. the news follows 2a hours of intense bombardment of the city, by forces loyal to president assad. the government denies it's used chemical weapons. the foreign office has described a russian request for a meeting with the foreign secretary boris johnson on the salisbury poisoning as a "diversionary tactic". it comes as officials in whitehall have said it's not certain that the former russian agent sergei skripal will make a full recovery. 0ur political correspondent alex forsyth has more on the diplomatic rift between the uk and russia. well, the details of this invitation appeared on the russian embassy's
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website today and they said there was high time there was a meeting. they said the russian ambassador had written a personal note to the foreign secretary with the invitation and they hoped that uk would engage constructively. this seems to be part of efforts by russia to portray the british government as the ones who are being obstructive and uncooperative. russian officials have already questioned the decision to deny at these to the cousin of yulia skripal, victoria. and to prevent access to them in hospital. the foreign office as is that they will respond to that request in due course but have dismissed it as diversionary tactic and attempt to deflect questions. they said it is russia whose response has been unsatisfactory, it is russia has failed to engage constructively. while sergei and yulia skripal, best thing is to be in proving. the diplomatic tensions in the uk are not. the mayor of london, sadiq khan, says the police should feel confident to "stop and search"
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people, to combat the recent spike in violent crime. he said such powers could help make london safer, if used in a targeted way. 300 extra officers have now been deployed, after six people were killed in shootings and stabbings in the last seven days. here's simonjones. lives lost, families grieving, some living in fear. and the growing question, what can be done to tackle violent crime? with calls for the police to make more use of controversial powers to stop—and—search suspects for weapons. the number of searches has fallen dramatically in recent years amid fears that poorer areas and ethnic minority groups were being disproportionately targeted. when stop—and—search is used properly, it's an invaluable tool to the police. we want more targeted, intelligence—led stop—and—search. the game changer as far as london should be concerned is we have had the biggest roll—out in the world of body—worn cameras. the advantage for members of the public is they should have the confidence that the police
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officer is recording the interaction between the police officer and the member of the public. hundreds of extra officers are on the streets of london this weekend. but some academics question whether using stop—and—search significantly reduces violent crime. the metropolitan police commissioner, cressida dick, said she backed searches done in a way that is targeted and intelligence—led. in east london, there's some support. this is the right time to do it. we've seen too many killed. people could feel targeted as well, why am i being stopped rather than me or this guy or this woman, or so on and so forth. let them stop me and search me. let them stop even the girls, because the girls are also in the gangs. here in hackney, flowers mark the spot where 18—year—old israel 0gunsola lost his life this week. he was stabbed to death. many here say they've had enough. they want an end to the violence. but there is recognition there may be no simple quick fix. 0ne former chief superintendent with the met says much more needs to be done to prevent young people
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carrying weapons in the first place. i think we need to be doing much more in schools. and certainly when i've spoken to parents of children who have been murdered, one thing they say, all of them, without exception, is they want to see much more intervention at an earlier stage in schools. as the grieving continues, the mayor of london has invited the home secretary and all london's mps to a knife crime summit next week to discuss what else can be done in the fight against violence that is ruining so many lives. simon jones, bbc news. a 17—year—old boy has appeared at thames magistrates court charged with murdering a teenager who was stabbed in east london. the victim, who's been named locally as 18—year—old israel 0gunsola, was found with fatal wounds in hackney on wednesday. the 17—year—old will appear at the old bailey on tuesday. wright news just coming in office
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via reported that trump tower in new york. —— news just via reported that trump tower in new york. —— newsjust coming in. via reported that trump tower in new york. -- newsjust coming in. we have the information that a fire has broken out on the 15th floor. the don't have much more detail on that at the moment but we will bring you more on it when we have it. tributes have been paid to 1a people killed after a bus carrying a canadianjunior ice hockey team crashed in canada. the crash happened in saskatchewan. 0ur north america correspondent chris buckler reports. in hospital, team—mates are turning to each other for support. all too aware that many of those they played alongside have been killed. commentator: 18 seconds to go on this humboldt power play... in canada, ice hockey is a sport that unites. and in humboldt, a community ofjust 6000 people, their team, the broncos,
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aren'tjust seen as stars, but as sons and neighbours. the worst nightmare has happened. as a league, we will support the humboldt broncos every way possible. the players, many of them teenagers, were on their way to a play—off match in a nearby town when the bus they were on collided with a lorry. instead of going to watch thatjunior league game, their families spent the night together in a church hall, hoping for information, and fearing what it might be. take that time to recognise all of our young men, and our coaching staff, and everybody who's been involved in this tragedy. on twitter, the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, said... "i cannot imagine what these parents are going through, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy". the humboldt broncos were due to play another game this weekend. instead, the stadium
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will play host to a vigil, for a team torn apart as they travelled together. chris buckler, bbc news. the former brazilian president, luis inacio lula da silva, has delivered a defiant speech before hundreds of his supporters in sao paulo, insisting he is innocent of the crimes for which he has been sentenced. he was speaking for the first time since a court turned down an appeal and ordered him to begin a 12—yearjail term for corruption. 0ur correspondent katy watson is in sao paulo. two people have been killed and many injured after a van drives into crowds of people in the germany city of muenster. the driver shot himself at the scene. 300 extra police officers are deployed across london 15 people are killed after a bus carrying a junior ice hockey team collides with a lorry in western canada. 300 extra police officers are deployed across london after six people were killed
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in shooting and stabbings in the last week. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's sarah. thank you. let's begin with manchester city's bid to win the premier league title today. it was stopped in struck by an incredible fightback from city rivals manchester united. in a remarkable barbie city threw away a 2—0 lead and went on to lose 3—2. so pep guardiola's men will need to win next weekend against tottenham, and hope that united lose to get their hands on the title. the home side went in at the break looking like the title was theirs. but paul pogba had other ideas, scoring twice in the space of two minutes in the second half. chris smalling made a comeback complete for united. the
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second half, 0k. .. comeback complete for united. the second half, 0k... 0bviously comeback complete for united. the second half, 0k... obviously you can ta ke second half, 0k... obviously you can take that 15 minutes. in that situation we got those goals. after that, we go there and we try and we could not win, 0k? that, we go there and we try and we could not win, ok? so hopefully we limited the damage until next tuesday. we will have to see that. elsewhere in the premier league the early kick—off between everton and liverpool ended goalless. tottenham held on to a 2—1win at struggling stoke. victories to newcastle and burnley. west brom's one of eight successive defeats came to an end as they managed a draw with swansea. brighton drew with huddersfield. we are nearly three quarters of the way through the masters, and it has been a thrilling day at augusta. 0vernight leader patrick reed is still the man to catch up to. rory
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mcilroy is giving him a run for his money as he hopes to win his first green jacket. we can see some pictures now. this is an eagle at the eighth, one of the highlights of his round. here is on ten under par for the tournament. the back nine proving tougherfor for the tournament. the back nine proving tougher for him today. that was nice. that was patrick reed responding in style. two eagles on the back nine. here's six under par for the day, five shots ahead of rory mcilroy. that is england's tommy fleetwood. five are these in a i’ow tommy fleetwood. five are these in a row on the back nine saw him finish six under par. so he is tied for sixth place. here is the leaderboard. really good scoring conditions today. a great round for rickie fowler. he shot a 65, to move to nine under par. also scoring 65 was spain'sjon to nine under par. also scoring 65 was spain's jon rahm. to nine under par. also scoring 65 was spain'sjon rahm. seven under
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par. dave four at the commonwealth games is under way in australia, with the men's 20 kilometre race. —— dave four. 0n with the men's 20 kilometre race. —— dave four. on day three there was more success for england, wales and scotland. england took a 1—2 in the men's all—round gymnastics final. and there were goals for england's joe townsend and jade jones and there were goals for england's joe townsend and jadejones in the men's and women's para triathlon. adam peaty was made to work hard for his goal by england teammate james willoughby. he managed to hold on for the win, with willoughby getting silver to add to the gold he won in the 200 metres. scotland's neil parky added a second gold of the games to their collection. they broke the world record in the heats before winning the visually impaired and final. —— sprint final. wales
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we re and final. —— sprint final. wales were celebrating gold shortly afterwards in the women's sprint races. anna barker powered through the pain barrier to see of scotland's katie archibald. parker finished on a0 points and 12 of the ten sprints. and that is sport for now. “— ten sprints. and that is sport for now. —— and won two. aid it is more to bring you now about the story about the fire in the trump tower hotel in new york. the fire was reported on the 50th floor at trump tower in new york this evening. the new york city fire department, as you can new york city fire department, as you can see, new york city fire department, as you can see, has been tweeting about it and saying that they are responding to the blaze. there has been some video on social media showing that there was a small fire which was visible from the struck in central manhattan. not, as it happens, the first time this has happened this year at the trump
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tower. in january there was happened this year at the trump tower. injanuary there was a small fire on the roof of the building. any more details we get we will of course bring to you very speedily. us national guard soldiers are deploying to the border with mexico. it's part of president trump's attempts to clampdown on illegal immigration, as his proposal to build a border wall is held up. but the flow of people is continuing, as rhodri davies reports. taking off to come down hard at the us border. president trump is mobilising state national guard troops to the country's southern frontier with mexico. texas is first. this deployment has begun with the movement of equipment and troops today. within 72 hours the texas military department will have 250 personnel, along with ground surveillance vehicles as well as light and medium aviation platforms. 0thers light and medium aviation platforms. others are coming. arizona will deploy 150 members of the reserve
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military force, and the president wa nts military force, and the president wants up to a000 there in total. it is to stop people like these, those crossing illegally into the united states. it is part of mr trump's opposed tougher anti—immigrant policies. also, on friday, he said he would end so—called catch and release. that is the freeing of detained illegal immigrants while they wait to hear if they will be deported. instead, president trump wa nts to deported. instead, president trump wants to keep them in detention. we don't have laws, we have catch and release. you catch and you immediately release and will come back years later for a court case except they virtually never come back. —— people come back. so we are preparing for the military to secure oui’ preparing for the military to secure our border between mexico and the united states. such arrests on the border mark a ford decade low. but pushed by poverty and violence in
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central america and mexico, hundreds of thousands of migrants every year are still willing to make the sometimes deadlyjourney to cross into the united states for a better life. translation: the truth is my plan is to work for a long time along the border. that is what i'm going to do. afterwards, god will save i cross the border to the north, even if trump doesn't want me to. —— will say. it has to be done. it is further straining the relationship between the us and mexico, over whose border tens of thousands of people cross illegally for work and for trade every day. maximum —— mexico's president called this week president trump's demands disrespectful on mexico to stop the flow of people, or the country's trade pact would be at risk. sending the national guard to secure the border has been done before, by both president 0bama and george w bush. for president trump it is just a
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stopgap until he gets funding for his campaign promise of a border wall. something us congress is still to approve. bollywood star salman khan has been released from after being granted bail by an indian court. the 52—year—old actor has now arrived home in mumbai and waved at huge crowds from his balcony. he was sentenced to five years in prison on thursday, after being found guilty of killing two rare blackbuck antelopes, 20 years ago. under the terms of his bail, salman khan has been ordered to pay around £500 and will not be able to leave india without the court's permission. facebook has suspended a canadian data company, over its alleged links with the political consultants cambridge analytica, and its parent company. facebook says it's taking action, as part of an investigation into the improper use of the personal data of millions of people. the canadian firm aggregate iq, did extensive work for the vote leave campaign, during the eu referendum.
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it says it's never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity. holidaymakers are being warned about fraudsters who place false adverts on accommodation websites. last year, nearly 5,000 travellers fell victim to such scams, which included fake airline tickets. our business correspondent nina warhurst reports. when georgia was looking to take her boyfriend to amsterdam she thought she'd seen the perfect apartment online. after transferring more than £900, she realised there was no record of payment and no apartment. your heartjust drops, and it's like this panic just comes over you, completely takes over your body and it's like "what have i done?" and she's not the only one. last year georgia was one of a,700 holiday—makers who reported fraud, losing an average of £1500. fake flights are the most common trick, with fraudsters targeting peak periods. a lot of the statistics from the report shows a big spike around december.
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what does that say to you? it's people going home for christmas, and that is our experience when people phone us saying just that, and something they've been looking forward to, it isn't going to happen. it can be extremely disappointing. losing a holiday hurts. more than a tenth of those who made complaints said the impact was so severe, they'd had to receive medical treatment, or were at risk of bankruptcy. the advice for holiday—makers is to thoroughly research websites before booking and check they are part of a recognised trading body. nina warhurst, bbc news. mixed fortunes as we started to weaken. some of us had warm and sunny spells, 19.adc in kent. elsewhere in the uk we had a spell of rain. this was the view from kent, not gravesend but with the ball. fairly nice. some of us will
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see a bit of sunshine tomorrow. it will not be widespread. we will get into the nitty—gritty of sunday's weather after we go through the rest of the night. rain still lurking in northern scotland, moving into the northern isles. showers in the southern parts of england. a mild night here. elsewhere around 3—7. patches of mist and fold in the morning. light winds for the second pa rt morning. light winds for the second part of the weekend. this weather front is going to cause a few problems going through sunday. exactly where will the rainfall? there will be some sunshine around at times in northern and western parts of the uk in particular, but that chance of rain, especially from that chance of rain, especially from that weather front. here that chance of rain, especially from that weatherfront. here is how that chance of rain, especially from that weather front. here is how it looks hour by hour on sunday. across much of southern end and there will be cloud. some outbreaks of rain. maybe across the midlands into dorset, still something to play for. some parts of eastern england might get away from the rain and showers and sunny spells. elsewhere in
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scotla nd and sunny spells. elsewhere in scotland and northern ireland, and much of northern england, especially west of the pennines and wales in the south—west of england, sunny spells developing, scattered showers, especially scotland and northern ireland where it could be heavy and thundery. in south—east england, where it could be warm, cloud and rain. 0utbreaks england, where it could be warm, cloud and rain. outbreaks of rain particularly into south—eastern parts on monday. that weather front is still around in parts of england, trying to nudge further west. away from that, broken cloud, sunny spells, showers, especially in scotla nd spells, showers, especially in scotland and northern ireland. looking into next week's weather. a developing easterly flow coming in around this area of high pressure in scandinavia. we've seen that before in recent months. not too much to worry about from this one. it is not going to be bitterly cold. but it will be cold on the north sea coast, with plenty of cloud. elsewhere, a good deal of cloud around in some outbreaks of rain at times. the
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south—western most parts of the uk will have the best of it. as ever, you can get a forecast for where you are 01’ you can get a forecast for where you are or where you you can get a forecast for where you are 01’ where you are you can get a forecast for where you are or where you are going on our forecasts. be back before midnight. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines. two people have been killed and at least 20 injured after a vehicle drives into crowds of people in the german city of muenster — police say the driver shot himself at the scene. german police are searching an address in the city — believed to be the home of the attacker. tributes are paid to 15 people from a junior ice hockey team killed after a bus carrying them collides with a lorry in western canada.
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