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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 29, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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well after all the drama of the last 15 days it was time to take a breather at the world cup today. the knockout matches start tomorrow, but fifa held a news conference as they always do after the group stages. on the agenda was var, the video assistant refreee system. and fifa say its success rate is over 99% — when it's been used. let's hear from the referees committee chairman pierluigi collina there were some incidents that suddenly disappeared. i mean we had some holding at certain moment but the following matches the disappeared almost disappeared or if they continued they were punished by a proper technical decision inside the penalty area, penalty kick. because of course we noticed, we intervened, we find tuned, during a
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competition it's not possible that everything goes and represent perfectly, something has to be fine tuned based on what is according to the last matches in the competition. this is ourjob. i think you can appreciate something has changed after some incidents that occurred during the competition. do you think it's time to increase the transparency, that viewers and fans can listen to decisions in the var i’ooiti can listen to decisions in the var room and the communications with the referee saw these matters are cleared up quickly and we don't have too sit here and explain at length? i think before running you have to learn to walk. so i don't know what can be the future. it may be possible. certainly we can think of
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it in the future. certainly no i think it's a bit early. because i repeat, we are walking. england have to wait until tuesday before they play their last 16 knockout match against colombia. last night's defeat against belgium has tempered some of the expectation and while both sides made sweeping changes, england were beaten by adnan januzaj's second—half goal in kaliningrad. many believe finishing second in group g has given garteh southgate's side an easier passage through the rest of the tournament — but former england forward chris waddle thinks colombia will provide a tough test. colombia is not going to be a walkover, they are a talented side and as we've seen walkover, they are a talented side and as we've seen on walkover, they are a talented side and as we've seen on the day when they turn it on they can beat anybody. along the are not going to lie down and say we've got this far, it's great for us. they want to win it's great for us. they want to win it and they will be thinking the same as what we are thinking, that
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it isa same as what we are thinking, that it is a winnable game. they will have been watching england thinking we can beat england. they've got experienced technical players, they are good site with a big following so it's going to be cracking atmosphere, cracking game that england have got a very good chance. to club football, and marouane fellani has signed a new two year contract with manchester united the midfielder, currently with the belgium side in russia, has been at old trafford for five seasons — but after letting his existing contract expire, he has decided to stay withjose mourinho's side. formula i now and lewis hamilton picked up exactly where he left off in france last sunday by topping the times for mercedes in opening practice for this weekend's austrian grand prix. five days after his triumph at paul ricard, the defending world champion led a mercedes one—two in both practice sessions. jennie gow has more. you join us youjoin us in you join us in the austrian heartland, this is the red bull
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racing. around me, the mountains covered include, this is low lying and hardly the summer weekend we we re and hardly the summer weekend we were expecting are hoping for. but it's the weekend mercedes were hoping for, fastest once again for lewis hamilton and they brought a whole raft of upgrades this weekend. those upgrades seem to be working pretty well. once again the ferrari and red bull in the mix. red bull has an upgrade this weekend, it's what they call party mode and they are hoping it can bring a little celebratory factor other home race. but not such a great day further down the grid for once again fernando alonso, almost the slowest of all the car is and he had an off in the second session which meant we needed to replace the floor. his team—mate having an off in the first session meant they needed to replace the front wing. massive crack after he went over the big yellow rumble strip. keep away from the curb is the key today and as we going to qualifying round we know this track will be a very take a fair but as
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you can see the bands are leaving here are very happy. they will hope to be celebrating tomorrow if their man is in pole position. super league leaders st helens left it late before coming from behind to beat wakefield trinity. three late tries including this one for regan grace overturned the visitors' lead. the victory means saints' lead at the top of the super league table is extended to six points ahead of second—placed wigan warriors while wakefield remain in sixth. elsehwere tonight there were wins for hull fc, hull kr and warrington. ahead of their tour of england next month, india completed a comphensive 2—0 t20 series win over ireland, with a 143 run victory in dublin. opener kl rahul smashed his way to 70, as india posted 213 from their 20 overs and they skittled ireland out ofjust 70, to complete the victory. india start their t20 series with england on july third at old trafford. and, ben stokes has been named in england's squad
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for the three—match one—day international series against india which starts on 12july stokes hasn't played since tearing his left hamstring at the start ofjune, but he's due to return as a specialist batsman for durham's t20 match against yorkshire on fifth july. fellow all—rounder chris woa kes misses out though — he's been struggling with knee and quad injuries. we'll have more sport throughout the weekend, thanks for watching. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.
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with me are claire cohen, who's the women's editor at the daily telegraph, and john rentoul, chief political commentator at the independent. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the daily mail continues one of this week's big stories — reporting that supermarket asda has restricted sales of fizzy drinks on its website amid the shortage of c02. the impact of the co2 crisis is also on the daily telegraph front page, as well a picture of andy murray ahead of his return to wimbledon next week. the financial times features news of this week's eu summit and the deal struck by leaders to tackle migration. the i warns of the dangers of air pollution — with research suggesting it causes 15,000 cases of diabetes each year. the times carries claims that hundreds of thousands of nhs patients will be denied operations deemed ‘useless' — such as tonsil and back procedures — in an effort to cut costs. nhs spending is also the main story on the guardian's front page —
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with research showing more areas in england have stopped providing ivf services due to cost. the daily star leads on today's judgement that former police commander david duckenfield will stand trial over charges relating to the deaths of liverpool fans at hillsborough. the daily mirror reports on what it calls ‘britain‘s worst care homes', as the regulator criticises the standard of care in some homes — the newspaper also says thank you to eric — the footballer who inspired his grandson harry kane to follow his footsteps. those are the front pages, let's take a look at some of those stories in more detail. i think we'll start with the financial times. we all take aside, brexit. lots of words being bandied about in press conferences this morning and here we are with the ft claiming david davis is spending four hours with michel barnier in
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just six months so are we taking this seriously? what do we take from this, yet another summit ends and yet again nothing seems to have changed very much. no, injust yet again nothing seems to have changed very much. no, in just four hours with david davis in 2018 would explain why they gave short shrift to our latest stock take overnight, less tha n to our latest stock take overnight, less than a minute i think it was discussed for. another summit ends and we got theresa may's special meeting at chequers this time next week, another gathering together of the brexit war cabinet around the table. they are just as divided as ever. backwards and forwards we go across the channel. it's been very slow this year. that's true. a lot of progress made towards the end of la st of progress made towards the end of last year which theresa may tells us about all the time. but yes very little going on this year. the fact
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michel barnier and david davis have not had much face time with each other is possibly not that relevant because the important negotiations are done by civil servants on each side. but we are approaching the moment where decisions are going to have to be made. no doubt next friday there will be, you know, it'll either be sorted out and we'll be able to start the final phase of negotiations or there will be another fudge and we just don't know. we say this before every meeting, it is crunch time and it cannot be every time. we can't keep kicking the can down the road. it's an imaginary spectator sport, being at chequers when the cabinet get back together. what we talk about, a week today are something like that, that's going to be another potentially fiery session isn't it? it is, there is speculation boris johnson or david davis liam fox might resign. i don't think they will. i think theresa may will edge
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towards a softer brexit and they will put up with it and use words to cover up will put up with it and use words to coverup their will put up with it and use words to cover up their embarrassment. she might be keen to get rid of the troublemakers at this point but i ee, troublemakers at this point but i agree, i think they need something solid and they don't have it. what can we read into borisjohnson‘s what can i say politely, noises off? its colourful language, he talked about bog roll brexit because it was soft and yielding and long. which is disloyal and unhelpful to theresa may. but it's not crossing any sort of red lines of collective cabinet responsibility. but the business thing... that was bad. but it was a private remark everyone can pretend... the public watching that, if you are the foreign secretary at such a crucial time you cannot make
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private, private remarks begin and end. the independent has said we ought to get rid of boris for quite some time. he is a joke as a foreign secretary. he's not really contributing constructively to the brexit thing. he is noises off, no question. the question is what is the shape of a white paper that theresa may is going to present to the cabinet, will they sign off on it? the big questions and we were talking about this before we came into the studio, big questions about freedom of movement, the irish border and another which is a huge hurdle. as far as the public, particularly those who want to go and are keen on leaving, getting on with it, cannot make it out. cannot work out what's going on. whether there is any possibility. there is a lot of talk but we never seem to get over these hurdles. she's still
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trying to reconcile the irreconcilable and until she does i think anyone can... she has direct and sell the irreconcilable in her owi'i and sell the irreconcilable in her own cabinet and then they got to ta ke own cabinet and then they got to take that and reconcile it with the irreconcilable with the european union side of negotiations. there are union side of negotiations. there a re two union side of negotiations. there are two immovable objects and irresistible forces are whatever the metaphor is. neither of them works... to the 30 michel barnier and he may well be playing a timetable game, there is no game seeing the fact the clock is ticking, it is, the weeks are ticking, it is, the weeks are ticking away. there is a summer break and once we come back from that... partly that helps theresa may because the less time she gets borisjohnson and may because the less time she gets boris johnson and the others stick kick upa boris johnson and the others stick kick up a fuss the more likely they are tojust kick up a fuss the more likely they are to just knuckle kick up a fuss the more likely they are tojust knuckle under at the end. but it's a dangerous game. we
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all said when this started that the word brexit would sure enough it is. let's move on and look at something com pletely let's move on and look at something completely different which is fizzy drinks. i've learnt something this evening which i did not know which is the relationship between co2 and crumpets. this has been a revelation to me. i know the daily mail have gone with the drinks but we now read elsewhere in our papers that it's crumpets as well. warburton ‘s cannot produce the same level. i think it's something to do with the way the pack or preserve them? i don't think any of us knew how important co2 was. don't think any of us knew how important c02 was. if you are going to hit the british where it hurts booze and crumpets or grab the headlines. it's quite funny sure that our first reaction is to rush out to asda as the daily mail
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reporting and try to stockpile for the heatwave barbecue and being restricted to six multipacks but there's a slightly more, it's not just about our delivery is being late. there is a serious issue. you might say it's a good thing for people trying to sell beer... when it first happened i thought izzard brexit, the weather, itjust seems to be two factories being refurbished... it's one of those things coming together isn't it? it's hot weather, either not working are being on holiday. as far as i can make out. and world cup the man. we might not have known that the heatwave was coming but we did know


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