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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  July 2, 2018 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is the briefing, i'm sally bundock. our top story: germany's interior minister threatens to resign because of differences with chancellor angela merkel over immigration policy. we will be live in berlin. mexico looks set to have a left—wing president for the first time in decades. andres manuel lopez obrador has promised to rid the country of corruption. and in the world cup, penalty dramas deliver a surprise win for russia and a narrow victory for croatia. and in the business briefing: the formation of europes second largest steelmaker. tata steel and thyssenkrupp tie the knot. a warm welcome to the programme,
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briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and wimbledon, kicking off later today. and we'd like you to be a part of the conversation, do tell us what you think about the stories we're covering, just use #bbcthebriefing. we begin in germany, where the ruling coalition is facing more uncertainty after its hardline conservative interior minister offered to resign over immigration policy. chancellor angela merkel has faced mounting criticism from horst seehofer, who is also the leader
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of the bavarian csu, and a traditional ally of her party. mr seehofer has been pushing for a tougher approach to asylum—seekers, and was reported to be unhappy about last week's european union deal on migration. my colleague david eades is in berlin. it looks like a glorious morning in berlin, but a very difficult time for the government? it is, and for all the sunshine, sally, it is shrouded in uncertainty at the moment. germans are waking up wondering what's happening next, a point at which we are seeing the biggest challenge to angela merkel‘s authority as chancellor, which goes back, of course, to 2005. the reason for it is this man, horst seehofer, the interior ministry, but more significantly in many ways he's the
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leader of the sister party, the csu. as the built says here, battle of nerves over his withdrawal. —— bilt. he has offered to step down. this comes from bavaria, this paper, csu heartland, escalation in the union. many people thought when seehofer said last night, or yesterday, but he was ready to step down that perhaps we would get clarity but just after midnight, he came out again and said i want another meeting with angela merkel. worth pointing out, these two are not best buddies in any case. it means the uncertainty goes on. we aren't sure where the leadership of the csu stands over this critical issue which horst seehofer as such a problem with, he doesn't want to allow asylu m problem with, he doesn't want to allow asylum seekers who have already registered somewhere else in the eu to be allowed across the german border at all. that's the big
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sticking point with angela merkel at the moment. that may be resolved later in the day because there has to bea later in the day because there has to be a further meeting between these two parties, but, as i say, still shrouded in uncertainty. andrew plant as the background for you. he is part of chancellor merkel‘s coalition government, but has become one of her loudest critics too. now horst seehofer, leader of the christian social union party, and germany's interior minister, has offered to resign over mrs merkel‘s approach to migration. at a summit in brussels last week, an agreement was made among eu leaders to share migrants more evenly across the european union and build new reception centres too. the talks were prompted by italy and malta turning away rescue boats that had picked up migrants crossing to europe from north africa. angela merkel‘s ideas for building migrant processing centres were already a much harder stance to her previous opendoor approach, but the proposals hammered out in brussels proved a tougher sell back at home.
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horst seehofer had already threatened to order german border guards to turn migrants away unless angela merkel got tougher, saying reception centres would be less effective than simply closing the door. that would have forced her to fire him from government and caused chaos in her coalition. it is not yet clear if horst seehofer‘s offer to resign will be accepted. chancellor merkel, though, will be keen not to weaken her coalition and avoid new elections, which some fear could embolden the country's far—right and lead to political instability, both in germany and the rest of europe as a whole. andrew plant, bbc news. so what are we to make of all of this? matthew is the chief europe
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correspondent for politico. thanks for joining correspondent for politico. thanks forjoining us. there's so much at sta ke forjoining us. there's so much at stake here, a certain surprise has gone into today after hearing about seehofer‘s resignation yesterday, what's your best bet about what happens next? the key is what happens today in this meeting between merkel and seehofer, which i believe is later this afternoon, and if they can somehow craft a compromise then there could be a path forward where there could be a path forward where the union, the fraternity of these two parties, could remain together and you could avoid calamity but if they don't, it is difficult to seek a way out of the crisis were merkel could remain in power, seehofer could remain in power, seehofer could resign and the government could resign and the government could avoid collapse. this is a very difficult calculus that merkel will have to pull off. it's a fragile government, a fragile coalition, we know that, so you might feel it's the csu with the upper hand in this but in fact they've got regional elections coming up and maybe the
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uncertainty of seehofer is because of that? that's part of it and this is really the reason this whole issue has come up the reason this whole issue has come up overthe the reason this whole issue has come up over the last couple of weeks, that selection in bavaria, because the csu, which now has an absolute majority in bavaria, which is unheard of in the rest of germany, they want to defend that. the polls show they're under intense pressure from the far right afp, which is why they've moved somewhat to the right oi'i they've moved somewhat to the right on this issue of immigration, which is why they're not backing down with merkel —— afp. this is spinning out of control and bringing down the government, sparking new elections, which could backfire on the cfa uecomm and lots would blame them for the crisis. —— cfu,. uecomm and lots would blame them for the crisis. -- cfu,. as every hour goes by, the merkel daldry brought back from brussels is thinning, people saying we haven't got the deal she says she has got —— merkel
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deal she says she has got —— merkel deal she. as that comes clear the more holes people are discovering. the irony is she's edgy came back with a political agreement, it is up to horst seehofer, the interior minister, to come up with the details —— she's just minister, to come up with the details —— she'sjust come back. we will have to see what happens. thanks very much. these two had a meeting on saturday and horst seehofer said on saturday he got nothing out of it, it was ineffective. were another meeting will go is anyone's guest. —— where. but as matthew was saying, at 5pm there's a meeting between merkel and seehofer and that could decide everything. thank you, david, we will speak to you later i'm sure. now to mexico, where it's looking increasingly likely that anti—establishment candidate andres manuel lopez obrador will become the country's next president.
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the left—wing candidate topped the exit polls and his two main rivals have conceded the election. president trump has already tweeted his congratulations to mr obrador, saying he's looking forward to working with him. our correspondent, will grant, is in mexico city. will, it has been quite a night, tell us the very latest in terms of this huge election result. you set it down very well in your introduction, he really is now essentially the next president of mexico. he's had messages of congratulations from donald trump, the other candidates have conceded, and now i have seen the current president of mexico, enrique pena nieto, has acknowledged the win of
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the left—wing former mayor of mexico city. it is a huge political shift in mexico. it's hard to overstate why it is so important. on the one level, simply the entire political and economic direction of the country is likely to shift significantly under mr andres manuel lopez obrador, because we're still waiting for exactly how many of his collea g u es waiting for exactly how many of his colleagues have one in the congress and the senate and as mayers and governors, but it looks like it's been a huge victory across the board for them. with that kind of strength and mandate, he could have redrawn the political map —— mayers. he plans to take mexico in a different direction to the way it's been going over the past couple of decades. clearly the people have made their voice heard, they say they one significant change in so many areas, not just the economy significant change in so many areas, notjust the economy but in crime and the. —— they want. he has a huge mandate in terms of the votes and what it means for him to put
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policies through but it's a lot to deliver, isn't it? —— crime and and. it is. there's the crime situation to ta ke it is. there's the crime situation to take into account —— crime and corruption. the inequality is huge, those in the wealthiest one and 2% of the country, and over half the country that's in poverty. the problems facing the incoming president are huge, but nevertheless, certainly to begin with, he will ride a wave of positive support and he will focus carefully on corruption to begin with. that will be the main plank of his campaign platform that he turns into the main part of his agenda as president too. well, thank you forjoining us, will grant in mexico city. the mexican peso has been climbing on that result mainly because it has not led to any big surprises, the election. the peso posting its
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biggest gain overnight on the world's biggest trading currencies. we will talk about this in business briefing and an expert view on what this means for the mexican economy in about 20 minutes. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. hot weather and drought are fuelling wildfires across the western united states. hundreds of firefighters have been battling more than a0 big wildfires. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes so far. and here in the uk more than 100 fire fighters are working in what's being described as extremely testing conditions at the scene of a huge moorland fire in lancashire in northern england. on saturday, strong winds led to two fires merging, they now cover several square kilometres. officials say it could take at least a week to put out the flames. a notorious french gangster has pulled off a daring jailbreak, escaping prison by helicopter in the paris region. french officials say redoine faid was helped by several heavily armed men who landed a helicopter in a prison courtyard. it was later found abandoned
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in north of the capital. police have launched a search across the entire paris area. mayers stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: the upsets continue at the football world cup. russia are through and spain joins portugal and argentina on the trip home. china marked its first day of rule in hong kong with a series of spectacular celebrations. a huge firework display was held in the former colony. the chinese president, jiang zemin, said unification was the start of a new era for hong kong. the world's first clone has been
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produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly, that was cloned in a laboratory using a cell from another sheep. for the first time in 20 years, russian and american spacecraft have docked in orbit, at the start of a new era of cooperation in space. challenger powered past the bishop rock lighthouse at almost 50 knots, shattering a record that had stood for 34 years. and there was no hiding the sheer elation of richard branson and his crew. you're watching the briefing. our headlines: reports from germany say the interior minister horst seehofer has offered to resign because of a row with the chancellor angela merkel over
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immigration policy. the left—wing candidate, andres manuel lopez obrador, is heading for victory in mexico's presidential election. his two main rivals have conceded. rescue teams in northern thailand have moved closer to the spot in a flooded cave where they believe twelve boys and their football coach have been trapped for more than a week. there has been no contact with the group since they went to explore the tham luang caves, in the northern chiang rai region last saturday, with navy divers now advancing further underground helped by receding floodwaters. our correspondent, howard johnson, is at the cave for us now. he is live. i am sure people are desperate to get any news. what is
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the latest? what we are hearing is that the navy seal team have been working through the night to push beyond staging posts, chamber three, it is known as, to the junction, turning left towards the beach. that is the area many hope the boys are taking shelter. the sandbank is high up taking shelter. the sandbank is high up above the water levels. there is no actual evidence the boys are there, but that is the best hope for them. what we have seen is at the moment the thailand navy seal team are negotiating a tight bottleneck they are finding it difficult to move through. they are trying to widen it today so they can push further into the complex. these boys are 11, i2 further into the complex. these boys are 11, 12 years old? give us a background as to how they ended up in the cave in the first place. they
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are from thailand, are they not? yes. they are from thailand. they are between 11 and i6. yes. they are from thailand. they are between 11 and 16. they are from are between 11 and 16. they are from a football club called the wild boars. more than a week ago they we re boars. more than a week ago they were playing football and came with their coach to this site. we know that because they left bikes behind. where they went, no one knows. people assume there went on to the cave complex and it rained heavily, flooding the chambers. a really complex labyrinth set of caves and caverns. they have not been heard from since. parents who are just a couple of metres to the left of me are understandably worried, hearing nothing since more than a week ago. absolutely. it is an excruciating wait for them. house how soon may we hear some news now that attempts to rescue them seem to be making
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headway? we receive updates in the morning and evening. we got an update from the governor office this morning. he told us about the navy seal team get into this bottleneck. there are no new lines coming from the authorities at the moment. they are working in this area to the right of me over here. we will hear more newsletter on in the day no doubt. -- news later. thank you. covering that story for us. football now. this is becoming a world cup of big upsets. we've already said goodbye to germany, argentina and portugal. now, spain have been knocked out, and it was by the hosts, russia. in the day's other match, croatia beat denmark on penalties. let's cross live to moscow and speak to the bbc‘s rajini vaidyanathan. every day i feel like we have
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another shocking announcement to make with regards to the world cup! yes. last night, it was all about penalty shootouts, putting russia and croatia through to the quarter—finals of the world cup. the real surprise was russia, the home side, who started this tournament right at the bottom in terms of ranking is. spain, on the other hand, were the favourites to take the trophy. it has been a shock. i was watching as the result came in place to red square with a group of russian fans. that moment they found out they were through to the quarter—finals, crowds erupted, jumping up and down, waving flags. they could not believe it. they were chanting russia, russia. that continued through the night along with celebrations, even this morning asi with celebrations, even this morning as i left my hoteljust after 6am.
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there were people dancing and drinking and still celebrating. i think that celebrations will continue all day through the area. it was a night of drama on the pitch and james burford looks back on that night. they can hardly believe it. germany's group stage exit was undoubtedly the shock of the tournament, that was until now. ranked a full 60 places below spain, few thought russia could cause any sort of damage to the 2010 champions and perhaps for a time the story played out that we. an own goal and spain off the mark. but, as with all great tales, soon follows a plot twist. russian blushes spared from the spot. extra time came went without a dent to the russian defence to produce this chance, lift—off in the luzhniki stadium russia in the quarter—finals of the world cup for the first time in half a century. to nizhny novgorod, denmark with the fastest goal of the tournament so far, 57 seconds on the clock whenjorgensen took the lead.
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but this is a world cup packed with drama. mandzukic was the danish villain moments later in fortunate fashion. midfield maestro luka modric had the chance to win the match in extra time but kasper schmeichel stood firm, much to his father's delight. another penalty shootout then and croatia, having spurned their earlier chance, this time took the opportunity. so it's russia, not spain, who will await in the last eight. james burford, bbc news. two big fixtures today, brazil playing mexico and belgium playing the pan. ——japan. germany, argentina, portugal and now spain are gone. this is truly the world cup of shocks. could brazil be the next
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high—profile team to go? we will soon find out. the knockout match against texaco takes place in samara. brazil are the favourites. they are not taking anything for granted. it will be a difficult game. what we have seen in the group stage, mexico deserved to be here. it isa stage, mexico deserved to be here. it is a great match and i hope we will perform our best and are now way into the quarter—finals. will perform our best and are now way into the quarter-finals. the day's other game between belgium and japan will play out in rostov. the japanese are 61st in the world, belgium, third. the underdogs are looking to the example of others. translation: they are a strong team. big names who play add big clubs. it will not be be easy for us. we have a chance. russia proved itself against spain. we also want to perform this way, and perhaps we will succeed. as for belgium, they
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say it is their time to shine. and why not? this is a world cup wear anything seems possible. tim allman, bbc news. of course, the favourites for the day's matches are still in belgium. but as we have learned this world cup, we have come to expect the unexpected. —— brazil and belgium. thank you so much. the world cup, so interesting. we may well be glued to wimbledon as well. wimbledon gets underway in the coming hours but andy murray won't be there. the two—time champion has withdrawn due to his long—term hip injury. he had been due to play benoit paire in the first ruond on tuesday. in a post on social media, murray said "after lengthy discussions with my team and with a heavy heart, we've decided that playing best—of—five—set matches might be a bit too soon in the recovery process." he went on to say he will begin his hard court preparations from tomorrow with the us open
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still to come in late august. let's go live to scenes in mexico. as we have already told you, this is the winner of the mexican elections, andres manuel lopez obrador. he is the first left—wing president to win an election in mexico for decades. you can see him delivering his a cce pta nce you can see him delivering his acceptance speech now live in mexico city. so, the two candidates that we re city. so, the two candidates that were basically fighting against andres manuel lopez obrador have conceded victory. he has been receiving congratulatory notes from
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people around the world, including president trump. he was defeated in the last two presidential votes, but has led throughout this campaign and was the expected winner. he has been riding a public revolt against entrenched corruption, rampant violence in mexico, and an economy that has failed to deliver higher living standards. as we were hearing from our correspondent in mexico city, will grant, he has been fighting especially for the poor, about half of mexico's 125 million population are living in poverty. —— will grant. he has a strong showing. it is fitting with a global trend of antiestablishment politics. a lot of this has erupted around the world. he is an antiestablishment figure winning in an election. that is andres manuel lopez obrador. we will talk about what this means for the mexican economy shortly in the
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business briefing. please stay with us. hello. on sunday the temperature was back up to 32 degrees. so are the temperatures over the next couple of days. also a bit of rain in the far south—west, not too many thunderstorms either and most of those have cleared away. the rain, what it was came from this area of cloud, a few showers around and thunderstorms but the easterly wind is tending to drag away. a small chance of catching on towards the south coast, most of them staying out in the english channel. a bit of cloud could get get stuck in south—east scotland and the highs, fresh air with temperatures hitting 31 or 32 in england and wales with lots of sunshine on offer on monday. probably more for southern areas as those showers move away. dry weather as we head into the evening and overnight. we will see a little more cloud running down the north sea coast, temperatures on the high side with a bit more humidity for one more day across other parts of england and wales. as you can see there is not a great
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deal of rain around to start the week and that is how it will start the week ahead. no and insights of sunshine, a small chance of catching a shower in the far south—west on tuesday but on the whole it looks like it is going to be dry and sunny. those temperatures again into a bit more for scotland and northern ireland, mid 20s at the very least. approaching 30 or so for some inland parts. not much to show on the pressure chart really, high pressure is in charge but it is not particularly dominant or large. not much happening in terms of the wind flow, very light wind and it means more such had to come. cloud here and there down the east coast and fairweather cloud bubbling up, few if any showers to south—west and those bridges remaining in the mid—to high 20s. no sign of that heat releasing its grip yet. a cold front in the far north—west on thursday around that area of low pressure to the north of scotland. that will drag in a bit more cloud across northern ireland into scotland on thursday, maybe just squeezing out the shower towards the grampians but not expecting anything further south. fairweather cloud bubbling up here and there had those temperatures could peak close to 30 celsius. goodbye. fairweather cloud bubbling up
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here and there had those temperatures could peak close to 30 celsius. goodbye. this is the business briefing. i'm sally bundock. all change in mexico — andres manuel lopez obrador is to be the new president, the first left wing leaders for decades. what will this mean for the economy? we get an expert view. a merger of steel — tata steel and thyssen—krupp finally reveal their intentions for marriage to create europe's second biggest steel maker and on the markets... this is how hong kong closed at the
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end of last week. they are closed today for a public
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