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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 2, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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‘ interior after talks with her interior minister, who had threatened to resign, emergency —— emerging after five hours, the leader of the csu told reporters he will remain in his post after a deal which he says will stem illegal immigration. after intensive discussions, we have reached an agreement on how in future we can prevent illegal immigration on the border between germany and austria. that keeps angela merkel‘s coalition in power. now it's time for a look at the weather. hello, the weather is looking cooler tonight compared with last night, the change most noticeable in southern parts, warm and humid last night. not much cloud around, running into parts of eastern scotla nd running into parts of eastern scotland and north—east england, misty low cloud, visibility issues in some areas in the morning and temperatures around ten to m for most, some in the south higher than
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that, but still cooler than last night. some cloud into scotland and north—east england tomorrow, some in southern england, pushing into south wales, squeezing out an isolated shower. misty low cloud in some spots will keep it cooler compared with elsewhere and the easterly breeze in england and wales noticeable for one more day. high teams across the use coast and inland, temperatures higher in the sunshine and the upper 20s in southern england —— teens. daesh east coast. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines: how many of you? 13. 13? brilliant! the moment 12 boys and their coach, who were missing for more than a week, are found alive in caves in thailand. than a week, are found alive firefighters warn it could take
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weeks to tackle fires on moorland across lancashire and greater manchester. and in tennis, serena williams beats arantxa rus to reach the second round, while roger federer begins the defence of his title with a win over serbia's dusan lajovic. and we'll have all the latest from the tennis and more on the mood in the england camp ahead of tomorrow's world cup match after the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. i'm joined again but nicola blackwood, former conservative health minister, and polly mackenzie, di rector of cross party think tank demos.
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many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the i leads with the extraordinary story of the 12 boys and their football coach who have been found by divers after going missing in caves in north thailand for nine days. the guardian reports that the government is close to lifting its 8—year long freeze on fuel duty to raise billions to help meet pressure from cabinet ministers. the ft leads with europe's two largest supermarkets, tesco and carrefour, joining forces to buy own brand products and cut costs. "brexit rebels threaten to topple pm," says the express and reports that senior tory mps are prepared to bring down theresa may's government if she compromises on the uk's departure from the eu. also leading with that story is the telegraph, it says foreign secretary boris
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johnson is backing eurosceptic mp jacob rees—mogg after he warned theresa may of a rebellion if she fails to deliver on brexit promises. the times also lead with reports of infighting in the prime minister's cabinet over the deal on brexit. and finally, the mirror says england football manager gareth southgate is urging his team to write their own history as their bid for world cup glory reaches the knockout stage tomorrow. so, let's start with the times. doesn't seem to have brought about much peace, theresa may's piece of? the conservative party is still negotiating with itself after two yea rs negotiating with itself after two years instead negotiating with itself after two yea rs instead of negotiating with itself after two years instead of trying to negotiate
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with the eu, and this continued schrodinger‘s brexit, where she is trying to maintain hard and soft brexit at the same time, eventually it's going to conflict with reality. it looks like the latest proposal, which they say isn't a new plan, even though it's different from the previous plans, is something called maxfac plus. i'm sure everyone will know that. now we have maxfac plus, which suggests they don't understand maximum. using technology to track goods. it feels like they are stretching the language and its like spinal tap trying to go to 11. eventually it will be published and once again the european union were laughed at it. there's a cartoon in the telegraph that says thank you for calling the eu, unfortunately no
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one is available to reject your customs plan. it doesn't sound like this plan has been handled brilliantly. i can always remember ultras in the party who take every opportunity to use a minority government or a close vote to push through their ideological position, and this has gone on to steroids since brexit. this should be a government negotiating a historical agreement, not a debating society, and we shouldn't see this division in the papers every day because it is time they understood division gives the u commission what they need. they can set back and ran out the clock and offer zero concessions -- eu the clock and offer zero concessions —— eu commission. it was obvious from day one there would have to be difficult compromises —— run out. we have seen that happen, they have made concessions on the various
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issues, oversight of aviation, ecj, drugs, and we seen it on the meaningful vote and this will continue. rather than fighting over it publicly, let's have an agreement, negotiate with europe, not ourselves, and have some honour going into brexit. some peace breaking out on friday when this new deal, new arrangement of theresa may's is discussed. it would be fantastic if they could get their act together. i worked in a coalition government and there was so coalition government and there was so much more unity from two parties working together than from this lot. the extraordinary way they briefed against each other, they undercut policy proposals, the foreign secretary criticising the prime minister's foreign policy and keeping hisjob. extraordinary, he is desperate to be sacked so he is
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not responsible for what will be a disaster and will hurt people that voted for brexit and the government doesn't have a solution. in the coalition there were times when close of votes went the wrong way all were renegotiated because of this group wanting to use it to their advantage, there's been this problem but now it's got into the cabinet and that can't continue. away from brexit, an awful lot of us have been preoccupied by the heat. the daily telegraph has it on the front page, a picture of one of the firefighters tackling that huge and very damaging delays up on the saddleworth moor. this is an extraordinary fire that's been burning for so long. soldiers and firefighters have been battling its firefighters have been battling its fire on saddleworth moor and winter hill, which is coming close to
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homes, so they have dug trenches. there's been fires further south in marlow and books, which has been close to 20 firefighters. i am half south african, in south africa we are used to field fires, which you let burn, but i'm not sure ourfire service is equipped for huge field fires and we need to think going forward with the consequences of climate change whether we need different equipment and thinking going forward about whether we need more planes and helicopters to assist them. these are terrible conditions they are working in. the photographs are extraordinary, seeing helicopters dropping tons of water with limited impact. it's interesting, there's a whole load of policy helicopters, consequences that come from heatwaves. hosepipe bans for gardens, warnings about
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dogs from the rspca, and the nhs, nicola being a health minister, will have to deal with people feeling the effects of increased pollution, especially the old and vulnerable, and the effect of heat on pensioners. there's warnings about people reducing their water consumption in terms of watering the garden as the water is already producing alarm bells about having enough if the heat continues. it's a difficult balance, in the heat you need to stay healthily hydrated and don't succumb to heat stroke, which public health england would want me to say. anyone affected by respiratory issues in the heat is much more seriously affected from pollution or any fire or smoke, this would have a bigger effect on health services in the area. there's lots
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of advice coming out from public health england and michael nah, nhs services to prevent you getting sick. the devastating news on the front page of the daily telegraph, some people who might have been sinking a pint to try to call down are being shortchanged? extraordinary. the major restaurant chain has been caught out selling 8.1 millilitres less than a point. it's not been named so we can't avoid them, you can't go elsewhere —— pint. the retailer has taken action. all of these classes have been destroyed. i hope the centre to recycling at least. we can live on powerpoint class, or half litre if the eu gets its way. a great victory for birmingham trading standards —— we can have our pint glass. more
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serious business news, the daily mail has a big campaign to try to save our high—street, but talking in particular here about business rates. business rates in the uk don't work as well as they should and may particularly hit high—street businesses as opposed to online businesses. there was some attempt to reform them last year, which didn't go as far as it could, and it is clear the daily mail is ramping up is clear the daily mail is ramping up ahead of the budget saying we think this is something our readers and local people want to see. what came upfor and local people want to see. what came up for me as their local mp is people wanted a vibrant high—street with independent shops, but that couldn't work if business rates were too high and difference were too high. the government has done a lot to try to change this with holidays and rent relief, which makes a difference, but it's the
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differential between online and high—street shops so that's the crux of this and that would mean a business rates review. order of these smaller high—street shops are these smaller high—street shops are the life part of some of our towns and villages and smaller cities —— lots of. we know technology is disrupting democracy, our economy and our society and one of the ways it's doing that is by transforming the high—street and by threatening their economic viability. we need, head of the move to online retail, to rethink the high—street, how the tax planning and regulatory systems should support places where communities can come together. i was in maidenhead recently and there are huge vacancies in the shopping centre, they have filled it with youth centres and all peoples facilities to mean there is still a place that requires subsidy and different action from the
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government. they should change business rates but you need to be more proactive to support commonplaces, public realm, in a way vital to community health. an extraordinary story we have been talking about this evening. makes the front page of the metro. coming home, for once not used about football, these tiny boys who had been on a caving trip nine days after they went missing, now found alive. apparently not in too bad shape. an extraordinary story and it gripped the whole of thailand. the families of these 12 youngsters and their coach, the wild boer war football dreamjohn their coach, the wild boer war football dream john maktoum, trapped underground after they went into this cave network and were trapped by rising floodwaters —— football team. it's ta ken
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by rising floodwaters —— football team. it's taken the work of international experts, american, thai navy seals, british experts, to pump out the water and find them. they've been found alive very weak. they've been found alive very weak. the challenge is to get them out, which will be difficult because the tunnels to them are still flooded and the divers said they could barely see their hands in front of their phrases. while it's fantastic they are alive, they are not out of danger —— faces. they are alive, they are not out of danger -- faces. it is so difficult and it could take time? a power gels and it could take time? a power gels and sugarand and it could take time? a power gels and sugar and water to get their strength up for what might be a difficult rescue for them. your heart goes out to the coach, having to lead these boys to maintain morale in pitch darkness. we have seen pictures of a torch being shined on them and it is dark and gloomy and they have been there for the best part of ten days in
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absolute darkness, what an extraordinary thing for him to have done. also, what extraordinary people these are, we have seen that british diver on the tape earlier, somebody who, an expert cave diver, but here's these distressed lease on the other side of the world, drops everything and travels across the world to help rescue them. what an extraordinary thing to do. you have to also admire the resilience of these boys, who had been underground, trapped for nine days, a p pa re ntly underground, trapped for nine days, apparently one of them asked what day it was. you must get a sense of how disorienting it must have been, you don't have a sense of how time has passed. they said they would have survived without water and food, but the rocks were porous and they survived off that of the water
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dripping through and that is extraordinary resilience for young boys to survive and out of time. as one that said, we hungry. after nine days, my goodness, quite extraordinary. we can't go without talking about some football! i know you are absolutely gripped by this contest. somebody has persuaded harry kane to pose for an odd photograph, not looking like a lion, but we have this match with colombia, the mirror says now write your own history, boys. the hopes will be with them until we get knocked out when everybody said we knew it was coming. it seems to have sparked at extraordinary outbreak of patriotism in our papers, especially the tabloids. we did the traditional british thing of talking ourselves down all the way to the world cup
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but now we are doing so well in having such a good route through, everybody's hopes are now skyhigh andl everybody's hopes are now skyhigh and i really think we can only have that kind of reaction right until the last moment when... we had to make good matches against weak teams and went against the belgians, where neither them nor us played well on the picture. stopped talking down britain! this is england, i should remind you. —— stop stalking. —— stop talking. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you and goodbye. now, some sport.
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world cup news in a moment, but first the all—england championships at wimbledon. the 8—time wimbledon champion, roger federer, began defending his title today, storming to a straight sets victory. and 7—time champion serena williams was back in action after giving birth last year. she too went through in straight sets, beating arantxa rus from the netherlands, but acknowledged afterwards that it had been a tough match. joe wilson was there. viewed from space, the will wimbledonjews viewed from space, the will wimbledon jews would viewed from space, the will wimbledonjews would give a lesson in human patients for any alien life. it is people will walk in line to the tennis, whoever is playing. we all know who is missing. for british tennis right now, andy murray may seem irreplaceable and his absence certainly leaves a whole. who can fill it today? what
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about the greatest male player of all time? roger federer is playing in his 20th consecutive wimbledon, while others sprint, it is still just glides. 0n the centre today, he needed just 75 minutes to win. perfect? well, the perfect gentleman would notice that girl's sign and make her day before he left court. of course he did. he is roger federer. at 19, katie swan of bristol is making her name. today she beat an opponent ranked 168 places of of her. well, she has a mental in her management company called andy murray. maybe we are missing the man, but not his influence. serena williams is rediscovering her game. a mother 110w. rediscovering her game. a mother now. today she dug deep, 7—5 7—3 against arantxa rus, i didn't play
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my best, but i will get there, she said. and who would doubt her? a timeless start to this championship. there's been more drama at the world cup in russia tonight. belgium came from 2—0 down to knock japan out of the tournament with a winning goal in the last seconds of the match. richard conway reports. ina in a city famous for building space rockets, there was hoping there would be no failure to launch today. mexico fans were left to pray this was on the day their trophy hopes died. after defeating germany in their opening game, mexico try to inflict the same kind of pressure on brazil in the first half. five—time world champion is emerged with renewed focus after the break and within minutes had their reward, william and creating space and neymar beating gabriel jesus. william and creating space and neymar beating gabrieljesus. and there was just time for firmino to claim his first goal. 2—0 and brazil
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through, but stern test awaits. brazil much on but who will they play in the quarter—final? this has been a tournament of surprises. could japan must bring one of their own against belgium? these belgian players have high hopes of making it all led the final. japan had ideas of their own. 0pening all led the final. japan had ideas of their own. opening the scoring early in the second half. nicknamed the blue samurai, japan sliced belgium apart just minutes the blue samurai, japan sliced belgium apartjust minutes later. with another shock result on the cards, it took a stroke of luck to bring belgium back to reality. but the all count and the next did. fellaini imposed himself to level the scores. and then, because of twists a swift break, called dummy, a devastating win. —— a crawl. heartbreakfor a devastating win. —— a crawl. heartbreak forjapan, elton a devastating win. —— a crawl. heartbreakforjapan, elton know a devastating win. —— a crawl. heartbreak forjapan, elton know how close they came to going home. ——
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belgium's. —— belgium. meanwhile, england expects the three lions are preparing for their match against colombia that kicks off tomorrow at 7pm in moscow. natalie pirks has been assessing the mood in the england camp. they are loud, they are proud and they are bringing south american flair to the streets of moscow. yes, the colombians are here for a good time and they hope, for a long time. this is one of the biggest chances that has colombia going to the next age and maybe to the final. we are going to do it, we are going to make it. if we win this match against england we think we will get to the final. england have other ideas that. they may not have won a knockout game for 12 years, but the spirit in camp has never been higher. is their time to shine. this isa higher. is their time to shine. this is a brilliant opportunity to go beyond where more experience teams have borne before. i think they are
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relishing the chance in the games that matter. —— dawna. the lads have the chance to write their stories 110w. the chance to write their stories now. last night, the streets were buzzing after russia's surprise win over spain, today it returned to its usual mix of tourist, including england fans and they are growing more confident. it is hard not to think about the final, we have got to beat colombia first. it is coming home. surely it is coming home. either that or the team will come home empty—handed. but former players insist england have every right to be confident. you cannot help but be drawn to outside of the draw, looking at it and thinking i am going to win it. maybe we can start to dream a bit because our side of the draw is favourable. anything can happen. the last time england played colombia in a world cup, this happen. no golden balls
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this time, just a golden opportunity for england to write their own history in russia. and the buildup continues for the big match in the meantime. nick miller has the weather. hello there. the facts and figures forjune 2018 are starting to come in now and it looks as though to be a record—breaking month for many of us, but one statistic that is likely to stick in your memory is this one. in western scotland last week, we had 33 degrees, the highest average ever recorded in scotland. notjust for the month ofjune, ever, which is quite remarkable. it looks as though we will continue to see dry and sunny weather in the story. not only through this week, but into next week as well. some subtle differences and in actual fact, although high pressure stays with us, we will see the wind coming from clockwise, a bit more of a
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north—easterly flow, a slightly fresher direction and that could drive more cloud along the north sea coast and take the edge off the temperature is. in western areas yet again, that is where we are likely to see the best of the sunshine and the best of the warm. as we go through the day, temperatures are likely to respond. the highest values further west. a bit more disappointing, or some of you might say, a little better than temperature is between 18— 20 degrees to the east, 25— 27 elsewhere. it means for wimbledon, it will be another scorcher. and easterly breeze around for tuesday, wednesday and thursday in looks likely to be a bit more clout but still it will be pretty hot indeed. there is not that much in the way of whether to talk about across the uk over the next few days, but this week whether front will introduce more in the way of cloud to the far north—west and gives it the first signs of that on wednesday. 0n
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wednesday, we see a little more clout across the country with the risk of a few showers cropping up across southern england. these will be very hit and miss, welcome the news for gardeners and growers out there but don't rely on it, very hit and miss and in fact we are looking at highs around 26 or 27 degrees, maybe a little fresher along the east coast. as we move ahead, thursday into friday, it looks as though we keep that dry, settled story. the wind direction will start to change and then it will start to feel a little hotter again. welcome to newsday, on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl, in singapore. the headlines: how many of you? 13. 13? brilliant. the moment 12 young boys and their football coach are found alive, after being trapped in a vast cave system in thailand for nine days. their families are overjoyed
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but the boys' ordeal is not over yet. they're tired and hungry and rescuers still need to work out how to get them out. it will be a prolonged operation but right now, this entire country is relishing a happy ending that had
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