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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 3, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow, this is sportsday in their headlines. a female health ca re in their headlines. a female health care worker is arrested suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempting to kill six others at a hospital in chester. the 12 children and their football coach found alive ina and their football coach found alive in a cave in thailand. rescuers considered the best way to bring them to safety. thailand has thanks two british divers who found the boys nine days after they disappeared. improving the lives of lg bt disappeared. improving the lives of lgbt people. disappeared. improving the lives of lg bt people. ministers disappeared. improving the lives of lgbt people. ministers promised an action plan to tackle discrimination and identify hate crime. celebrating 100 years of the royal air force. events a re 100 years of the royal air force. events are planned across the country mark the occasion. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first let's take a
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look at what else is coming up this evening. we will have the latest on the thailand cave rescue as decisions are made about the best way to bring 12 children and their football coach to safety. drug—related deaths reached their highest level in 20 years in scotland. we'll be speaking to a woman who has been personally affected and discussed the steps she has taken to change lives. and we will be talking you through the headlines on tomorrow's front pages with katy ball and the deputy editor of the guardian. that is all ahead on bbc news. now, sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup. here's what's coming up on the programme. england's time has come. their knockout tie against columbia is under half an hour away, we'll be live at the stadium shortly.
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we have played in a certain style here. we have to continue that on balance that with making good decisions. sweden are waiting in the quarterfinals for the winners of tonight's match, that's after they beat the swiss. i'm holly hamilton, live from day two of wimbledon. where we've had the best of british asjohanna konta dug deep to claim victory in her opening match. and the men's british number one is also through — kyle edmund advancing to the second round with an impressive start to his wimbledon campaign. good evening — welcome to moscow.
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what drama we have seen over the round of 16, france 4, argentina 3, those penalty shootouts on sunday, russia beating spain, belgium's comeback and now what will england/colombia deliver here in the capital? the last tie in the round. up to 6,000 england fans are in the city, around 3,000 officially with tickets — will tonight be the night that they put so many years of disappointment behind them? will this be a first knockout win at a major championship since 2006? the team is in position, arriving over an hour ago at the spartak stadium and the team will be the same one that started this tournament 15 days ago
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with that win against tunisia. let's cross live now. the spartak stadium is over ten miles away, heading that way across the kremlin, our sports correspodnent natalie is inside the satdium. first, the team years. this is gareth southgate‘s chosen 11. his strongest 11. back to where he started. exactly, back to the tunisia game. in feels like a long time ago. just as "it is coming home" starts to ring around the stadium, it starts to feel real. the big news for colombia, james rodriguez has not made the line—up. back to that 11 against tunisia for england, pickford in goal, stones,
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walker and harry maguire at the back, charged with looking after falcao. trivia and young at the right back. hurricane going for the golden boot up front. if the team that looked the more relaxed when they arrived is the one that eventually ends up winning, it will be columbia. they were dancing, banging on the window. england on the other hand very serious and focused. the england fans are hugely outnumbered in here tonight, everywhere you look it is colombian fans. this is a sea of yellow. they turned red square yellow earlier on and now they have turned the spartak moscow stadium yellow, too. very much a loud place for a colombian fan to be tonight. just as you've been reading that england's team of body language as they have arrived
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at the stadium, how do you judge their developments as you've been shadowing them across russia, this being the fourth game here? typical but that defeat against the belgians and all those changes. —— difficult with that defeat. all the players we spoke to back southgate and that decision. they knew they were through and wanted to rest players but you couldn't help but feel they have lost momentum. they missed out ona have lost momentum. they missed out on a tie againstjapan. we saw how japan played against belgium and how close they came. time will tell whether it would have been right to face colombia and make all those changes against belgium. one thing is certain, this england team came here with low expectations in terms of the media and the fans, they believed in themselves but maybe the fa ns believed in themselves but maybe the fans didn't. they have been a breath of fresh air, particularly against panama. gave people the feeling that they could go out and do something rather special. they are now the
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highest ranked side left in the side of the tour. it is that mentality and freedom may have been playing with that gareth southgate wants them to replicate tonight. we want to play in the style we have. i've spoken to the players before we came here, we have played with a certain style, identity, and we have to keep doing that. equally we have to keep doing that. equally we have to play with intelligence, you can'tjust we have to play with intelligence, you can't just go we have to play with intelligence, you can'tjust go and play we have to play with intelligence, you can't just go and play freely and not think about cancer attacks oi'i and not think about cancer attacks on things like that. we have got to be savvy to. it's a. —— we have got to be savvy tonight. it's not football. we have to be tough in those moments where they are attacking. —— it's not cut out football. all the players have started their careers at smaller clubs, battled their way through the ranks. we need that humility about the way we play. gareth southgate has been so
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impressive in the way he has handled himself throughout this tournament. the colombians there, no james rodriguez for them. that is a blow? that is, but don't forget, falcao had a similar injury blow. they were all devastated and thenjames came to the fore. their best ever tournament. they are hoping to represent that —— replicate that tonight. england have never lost to colombia but in the six yearsjos beckham has been in charge, they have never lost to a european opponent. the colombians start to sing. will they get into the space where it looks like ashley young is get at able? we can see the goals in
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the champions league, harry came up against sanchez, his team—mate at spurs. —— harry kane up against sanchez. we'll be colombia that turned up against poland turn up the style a nd turned up against poland turn up the style and swaggart it might well the one that slightly more ponderous against senegal, and only managed to win1—0 turn up? i think this one could very much be 50—50. it word of caution, buckle yourselves then, since 1966, heart of england's knockout games have gone to extra time. three of them to penalties and we all know those three were lost. —— half of england's knockout games. finishing on a positive note there at the spartak! many thanks. the atmosphere sounds incredible.
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colombia against england. you can follow that match on radio five live. working there is chris waddle, who i caught up with earlier. you have to approach it like you did at the start of the tournament. england's performances have not been great apart from the first half against tunisia. can he get his side to go out and play exactly like that, creating chance after chance? no disrespect to tunisia but colombia is a far better side. when they played that tempo, moved the ball that quick, that could have settled any side but they have not done that since. do we play a bit more cautious against colombia because it's a knockout stage, people get nervous? colombia are a bit erratic, they can be undisciplined. they have talented players, they can hurt you if they turn up. we don't know which colombian side will turn up, though
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side that beat poland or the side who struggled in the last couple of games. what is it like that gareth southgate, a young manager, his first major championship. how do you think he's handling things? in the heat of battle, when he's in there against peckham, a wily old fox, then we will find out gareth southgate's real standing, won't we? when he has to make those decisions, substitutions, change formations?” like gareth southgate, he is refreshing, he wants his players to express themselves. when you are a player, that's great, nothing better. i like the way he comes across, he's handled the pressure well. i think he will be judged from 110w well. i think he will be judged from now on because it's knockout football. he might need to change tactics. but in then has to be flexible. we change systems and games, that's what you got to do. this is where he will be judged, games, that's what you got to do. this is where he will bejudged, for me, from the colombia colombia game.
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just come off a couple of penalty shoot outs over the weekend. does that still give you shudders? how do england approach a penalty shoot outs? just be positive. it was a horrendous one, croatia and denmark, it was like, we don't want to win, you can have it. is anybody going to score?! but there is pressure. england some actors, and harry kane's penalties against panama were outstanding. people react different. you can say they look a bit nervous. goalkeeper has nothing to lose. they have been practising, the mental side of it. when you walk up from the halfway line, all that practising goes out the window. it's a bit of luck. we have got to win one, history will prove that, we will win some. hopefully it doesn't get to that but if it does, you want your best players to go up and say, go and put it in the net. please, no
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penalties tonight! it will be sweden next for england if they get past colombia, they beat switzerland 1—0 in st peterberg in what was their first meeting at a major championship. it's been a long wait for the swedes in reaching a world cup quarterfinal. nick parrott reports. if their performance had been as coordinated as their celebration, sweden's progression would have been easy. instead they limped through a disjointed match lacking in quality. switzerland were first to find the target but this effort was weak. sweden had chances galore and the first half but posed more of a threat to the fans in row z than the swiss goalkeeper. there was one moment that went right in front of goal and it took more than an hour to arrive. even then, emil forsberg's shots needed help to go then. that was as good as it got in then. that was as good as it got in the final third for the swedes who seemed to crumble under the weight of expectation. forsberg's implements group, saving his side at the other end of the pitch, too. ——
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forsberg's influence grew. switzerland were left short at the back, and short of a man after what turned out to be the final attack. sweden were not able to add any gloss with the last kick of the match, but they won't scare after reaching the quarterfinals for the first time in 2a years. so sweden book their place into the quarter finals of the world cup and wait to find out their opponants her in moscow this evening. but now let's head to wimbledon where holly hamilton can bring us all the lastest for sw19 on day two of the championships... thanks olly, yes, welcome to wimbledon on what's been a very busy second day here, the first appearance for a number of the tournaments big names, including defending women's champion garbine muguruza, as well as other former winners in the shape of rafa nadal, novak djokovic and petra kvitova... but much of the crowd here today carry high hopes that there can be a british champion here this year, especially forjohanna konta in the women's singles after she reached the semis 12 months ago. she made it into the second round with a straight sets win over
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natalia vikhlyantseva.. with news of that and more of the best of british, here's drew savage... it was never easy for konta against natalya vikhlyantseva. it was never easy for konta against natalya vikhlya ntseva. a it was never easy for konta against natalya vikhlyantseva. a crucial break of serve only coming at the sharp end of the first set. konta took five on her way to a straight sets win which would not be quite straightforward. the 21—year—old russian hit back to force a tie—break but konta came through in a match which lasted one hour and 47 minutes. there it is! a raised based on the british number one!” minutes. there it is! a raised based on the british number one! i stayed very tough, it wasn't easy, there
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we re very tough, it wasn't easy, there were parts where i did not make the right decision or did not do well enough but i needed to make sure i keep feeding myself good thoughts. naomi brodie paying her seventh wimbledon, but has only been beyond the first round once. this year she had the bad luck to be up against the defending champion... garbine muguruza taking her place in the second round, 6—2, 7—5. 19 year—old jay smith was making his wimbledon debut, taking ernests gulbis to five sets but the former world number ten came through to win the decider 6—4. surely not the last we'll see of smith at sw19. and the british men's number one was quickly into his stride against qualifier alex bolt. kyle edmund is another who's never been beyond round two, but that may change. another area of the game he's been working so hard, on, the acceleration. his all—round game helped him
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into a two—love lead. and a trouble—free passage into the second round, for the second year in a row. iamjoined i am joined now by our tennis correspondent. british wild card katie boulter has gone into the second round as well. a good day for the brits all round? katie boulter has had a field wins on grass, she is moving up the rankings towards the top 100 in the world. a very good win after pages one, the 19—year—old, one yesterday. those wins for kyle edmund and johanna konta. edmond looks very authoritative "these days, and australian open semifinalist. —— edmond looks very authoritative on
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court these days. johanna konta clearly nervous, she has been playing a player just clearly nervous, she has been playing a playerjust outside the top 100 but you played pretty well today. she had a lot of match points but did win it in straight sets. hopefully, to have come back here having reached the semifinals last year and won having reached the semifinals last yearand wona having reached the semifinals last year and won a tight match like that, we'll really relax as she prepares what could be an awkward second round match against dominique cibulkova, the player who would have been seeded had the committee not decided that serena williams deserve to be seeded because of their past record. a bit of a wobble in the second set forjohanna konta. it is concerning looking ahead to the rest of the tournament. a big shock today, petra kvitova, a two time winner, out in the first round.” have to confess i did not see that one coming against the player from belarus, 50 in the world. she had a really good start. a fine player, only 24. victoria azarenka really thinks she is the future of
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belarussian tennis. it went to a deciding set, 6—0 in favour of the player from belarus. we deciding set, 6—0 in favour of the playerfrom belarus. we thought johanna konta would be fresh and ready for this, she was a potential champion. —— we thought petra kvitova would be fresh and ready. rafa nadal, we must talk about him. lots of people very excited to see the world number one here on court. you would have forgiven him if he had given wimbledon a mess after his victory in the french open? would we? you might not! i would not. but there is no doubt in my mind is can win here. he has won wimbledon, he didn't play at the queen's club because he felt he needed a rest. he w011 because he felt he needed a rest. he won virtually everything on the play, not just roland won virtually everything on the play, notjust roland garros. it's tough to convert a grass within one week and play another week on tour. he took a rest, done a bit of fishing and golfing in majorca, spend some time with the family. a
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good start today, winning in straight sets. the longer he remains in the championships, the more dangerous he becomes. if you had to predict who would face him in the final, lots of people i was talking to have a high hopes of a federer nadal repeat of ten years ago. chance of that? that is where my money is at the moment. his biggest threat is potentially one martine del potro, federer‘s because that would appear to be marin cilic. but lots of water has flowed under the bridge between now and then. thank you forjoining us. so much happening today so far, plenty going on here still. novak djokovic scrambling the fitness of late. he has changed his coaching team, t. in the end, he has made it on court one, right now, taking on the world number 57. it is djokovic who has taken the first two sets, 6—3, 6—1. more action happening right now on
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court but for the moment, apparently there's a bit of a tournament going on in russia... there are actually people here in england shirts here at wimbledon. let's go back to arlene foster in moscow. we are just a couple of minutes away from that match. just looking at my monitor, harry kane about to lead england out at the spartak stadium about ten miles that way across the capital. all eyes on the england captain. will he stretch his lead in the race for the golden boot? he is on five at the moment, he has certainly come at the moment, he has certainly come a long way from his schooldays in essex. andy swiss has been to chingford to hear how kane is inspiring a new generation of young fans.
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skipper, scorer, superstar. and it is in from harry kane again! it's what every young footballer dreams but where did the young harry kane's dreams begin? here, larkswood primary in chingford, where the current crop of harry hopefuls are full of pride for their famous former pupil. he's the best striker in the world. really excited because you wouldn't think that a professional footballer, especially the england captain, came to our school. i really want england to win the world cup. do you think they can win it with harry kane? yes. staff member mrs denney remembers the young harry kane as polite, kind and a finder of lostjewellery. i had this ring and in those days it was slightly looser than it is now. didn't even think about it falling off and all of a sudden he came up to me and said ifound the ring, does this belong to you? i said oh my goodness, harry, thank you, yes it does! he was a happy little chap, very friendly, used to kick the ball around occasionally.
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when you look back, you think, is this little harry? then when you see him now, it's just wonderful. for harry kane it has been some journey from school days in chingford to a world cup in russia but here they are hoping their star pupil can become england's hero. he's been helped by another chingford boy. at 11 he went to david beckham soccer academy along here with his schoolfriend katie, who is now his fiancee. he also played for the same local club as beckham, ridgeway rovers, although remarkably at first, as a goalkeeper. he came along, was in goal first of all and i think mum said to the coach, he plays better out on field and he's gone on from there. so can he now fire england to glory? back home they will be hoping their old boy can give another goal—scoring masterclass. andy swiss, bbc news, chingford. well, we are closing in on kick off now at the spartak stadium
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ahead of the game. colombia arejust colombia are just singing their national anthem. our moscow correspondent sarah rainsford is outside the ground. not sure if there are any stragglers trying to get in. imagine nobody wa nts to trying to get in. imagine nobody wants to mess. who do you think are the more confident sets of fans?” would have to say that talking to a fair number of them, the england fa ns fair number of them, the england fans are extremely confident. talking to them all day today, i haven't heard one admit england might lose this. lots of them saying it could be close but they think colombia will be no walkover but they cannot admit england might lose. the colombians pretty confident, too. they have been talking about a 2—0, 1—0 victory. they are here in huge numbers, we have just heard their anthem. i think... there we go, god save the
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queen coming out of the top of the spartak stadium in moscow. both sides determined that this is the match they can and will win. huge expectations, huge pressure on both sides. colombia has been in a quarterfinal much more recently than england. they have all of it to prove. the fans hope they can do that tonight. it's been a festive atmosphere here, lots of dancing and singing, lots of beer, too, of course! so close singing, lots of beer, too, of course! so close 110w singing, lots of beer, too, of course! so close now to kick. now the tension goes into the stadium. it certainly does. england are singing the national anthem. gareth southgate, the cameras trained on him now. the truth will out over the next 90, maybe 100 minutes. maybe penalties. we will be there every step of the way on bbc news as we wait to see if england win their first knockout tie at any major championship, not just a
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first knockout tie at any major championship, notjust a world cup, in12 championship, notjust a world cup, in 12 years. pickford, walker, stones, mcguire, trippier, henderson, lingard, stirling and cain. it is back to gareth southgate's full strength 11 for this match against colombia. from all of us here in moscow and at wimbledon, it is goodbye for now. so much sunshine again for many of us so much sunshine again for many of us today, it's been a cloudy astori in the northern isles and south—west england and the channel islands, where we have had one or two showers. we will keep a view of those into the evening. in southern england, cloud increasing across north—eastern areas too. coming in from the north sea. sunspots dipping into single figures but it warmer, more humid night towards the south—west. into tomorrow and it's
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looking like a cloudy day for many. more cloud in scotland, across north—east england, some of this quite stubborn. southern england and south wales, and isolated shower is possible. some patchy cloud and northern ireland. as a result of more cloud around, very light winds. temperatures are going to be a little bit down compared with today where it's been so very warm. not so many opportunities showing up on the chart here, but still wherever the sun shines, it will feel very warm. you're watching beyond 100 days... heavy rain is forecast in thailand and that is not good news for rescuers trying to save the boys trapped in a cave. officials say there will be a no risk policy in getting them out — which means they could be there for a long time. a doctor and a counsellor have now been sent in to be with the young soccer players — along with food supplies. translation: these are the kids i have trained. they are strong.
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i've built them up to play at a professional level. but how to get them out when waters are rising, they don't know how to use scuba gear, several can't even swim and the caves are treacherous. also on the programme: all eyes, including mine, on moscow where england are right now kicking off against columbia in the world cup. i found something on the web, syrian democratic forces...
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