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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 4, 2018 1:30pm-2:02pm BST

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round berth were ended as her opponent won comfortably. opponent won comfortably. exposed to what police say is an unknown substance. adding herself deftly to the list of first—round british winners. adding herself deftly to the list of first-round british winners. murder another six. first-round british winners. and how's your head? england's world cup rollercoaster path to victory matter, i will be working hard and doing last night. the best can. doing the best can. established have not found it so easy. easy. wimbledon following a drugs ban ended in a first—round defeat. ended in a first—round defeat. in the bowl. champions won't find the going quite so tough. of arran generation has seen england win a penalty shoot out? coming up on afternoon live all the sport — with tim hague. so tough. pursues a record extending ninth wimbledon men's title.
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what else to talk about but anglin's dramatically penalty shoot out win. dramatically penalty shoot out win. it is sweden next on saturday. just how far can the national team go? how far can the national team go? anticipation of his match to come later. all that and the letters from wimbledon coming up as well. later. with serena williams last up on centre court. centre court. british players welfare when they take to the courts tomorrow. jane. absolutely, great stay ahead, thanks very much, john watson at wimbledon. very much, john watson at wimbledon. let's look at the weather prospects wherever you are in the country. the past few hours, bringing occasional showery rain. occasional showery rain.
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but in the highlands today, 26 celsius is possible. celsius is possible. western scotland, northern ireland, northwest wales too. northwest wales too. somerset, that will push up into wales for the evening rush hour. wales for the evening rush hour. emphasis for the vast majority is on the continuing dry story. the continuing dry story. last night in the south, as the air becomes more humid. becomes more humid. drop in temperature as fresh conditions pushing. conditions pushing. things could get a little bit warmer too. too.
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south—west and south—east of isolated, even heavy showers. isolated, even heavy showers. ireland, close to 30 once again towards the south. towards the south. northern ireland, late into the hebrides. hebrides. isolated chance of showers for england and wales. for england and wales. mid 20s, low 30s across england and wales, and it says dry. wales, and it says dry.
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week, a brief dip, then it heats up again through the week. the heatwave continues. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. are critically ill in hospital in wiltshire. and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. 30pm and here's your latest sports news. colombia last night. they arrived back from moscow in the early hours of this morning. just eight of the squad were out on the training pitch this morning.
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pernalty in that shoot—out. following last night's win. final against sweden. shall we see it all again, then? why not. 1—1 after extra time in russia, jordan henderson missed. a brilliant save from carlos baca. england's first ever penalty shoot—out win at a world cup. overcome the hoo—doo.
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nothing can really compare you —— prepare you for that. prepare you for that. it's more of an emotion. an emotion. fear and love, if you love it, you embrace it. embrace it. if you feel it, things go wrong. go wrong. look at the pressure he was under last night. last night. around him, some of them trying to scuff up the penalty spot. scuff up the penalty spot. the moment i have waited for all my life, he thinks. life, he thinks. experiences and take them to another level. holly hamilton is there for us. and, holly, british interest has already come and gone this morning?
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football, a lot of people talking about it. about it. of pressure on the young i9—year—olds. i9—year—olds. there was upset on monday by beating her last opponent. monday by beating her last opponent. today she faces another romanian. hopes of making a comeback ended early. six love, 63 —— 6—3. in action, fans already gathering at henman hill. he takes onlookers. the tour so i wouldn't underestimate him completely.
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him completely. so you cannot feel but lucas got a difficult draw here. difficult draw here. not the only former champion here. former champion here. somewhere she has described as being like home to her. like home to her. times —— she has one here seven times. times. from pregnancy so you don't know what we that'll go. what we that'll go. pressure on her but a lot of fans are gathering to see her. are gathering to see her. her sister venus is on court against alexander. alexander. first set, but that is much more on
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the bbc website. the bbc website. you can get the schedules and results there as well. schedules and results there as well. many of the big names in action today. i'll have more for you in the next hour. missed the football, so i'm glad you made it in time, jane! made it in time, jane! which for me is good for me because i know more about tennis. i know more about tennis. at least you got there for the crucial part! industry after brexit. sustainable and environmentally friendly in future.
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surrounding fishing policy are. away? 2019 also leaving the common fisheries policy. been agreed in principle. will stay the same. the eu refused to make fishing a special case. at the moment. i share their disappointment. the common fisheries policy? be caught in the
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eu waters. don't run out. countries have got a better deal. you've got foreign vessels plundering stocks all the time. and now they fear they could be let down again. rules and regulations. we need to walk away, that's what we voted for. countries fish. waters are landed by boats from elsewhere in the eu. fishing fleets get what they want in the long term? it's about selling them as well. couldn't be easier.
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produce to the eu every year without tariffs or taxes. boats still need to be able to fish in british waters. you get market access in return for fishing access. protests. brexit deal in parliament if fishing gets sold down the river. i% of the british economy. few otherjobs around. brexit talks take priority?
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of a better future could still slip through the net. education is leading to larger class sizes and fewer staff. are now under threat. out things like instrumental lessons and choir and orchestra. and choir and orchestra.
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told lessons were going to be cut, i got really angry. got really angry. shame i had to stop because music as part of me. part of me. school in northern hampton, like many schools, has money problems. many schools, has money problems. redundancies and worrying about a £5 million repair bill. million repair bill. to cancel on annual theatre production. production. we have had to spend money repairing holes in the roof. money repairing holes in the roof. corridors into the buckets and brings bits of the ceiling down. brings bits of the ceiling down.
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leader geoff barton says the funding levels to become catastrophic. levels to become catastrophic. students, of course standards are going to go down. going to go down. for some schools, the cracks are beginning to show. but first the headlines on bbc news. to a mystery substance. at the countess of chester hospital. cup quarterfinals.
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2% rise in sales. on the three months before. more on this in a moment. in the future" if immediate action is not taken. centres and high streets. of purchasing managers. and the strongest overall performance since last october. in firms taking on new workers.
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banks and internet providers. to carry out essential admin. that's compared to 32% of people without mental health problems. lead to panic attacks and even suicidal feelings. the bank, opening bills or switching utility providers 20.
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that it is indicative of at least a mild phobia of this situation. 5 million uk adults. people with mental health problems have. have. suffering from mental health disorders? disorders? and stressful to sometimes absolutely impossible. absolutely impossible.
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and also to communicate and use some communication channels. communication channels. mentioned the phone, but the posts can also be challenging. can also be challenging. companies cater for those kinds of people? how do they work out who is suffering? suffering? we got about mental health in the same way. same way. something they're not to do —— not able to do. able to do.
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easily well helping people with the greatest the most. greatest the most. everything online like open accounts. doesn't that help? contract, those things can be particularly challenging. particularly challenging. team most likely to help other ones least likely to pick up the phone.
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prices to compete with rivals. topps tiles has had a disappointing third quarter. 3%. consumer environment". that's all the business news. of issues, including the nhs, public transport and brexit. our assistant political editor norman smith is in westminster. it was predicted jeremy corbyn would go on brexit but he went on buses. go on brexit but he went on buses. top deck of the 134 but let's leave that. that.
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theresa may is going to unveil to her cabinet at chequers on friday. her cabinet at chequers on friday. from sceptics cautious that theresa may might be about to backtrack. may might be about to backtrack. have a listen to on paterson —— owen paterson demanding reassurances. paterson demanding reassurances. market, the customs union and the remit of the ecj? remit of the ecj? and there was a similar plea for reassurance from another sceptic. reassurance from another sceptic. attempt to try to calm nerves amongst tory brexiteers. amongst tory brexiteers.
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protecting jobs at asperity for the future. . andrea jenkyns, you are one of those tory brexiteers. tory brexiteers. backtrack on some of her commitments? commitments?
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reassurances so all we got to do is wait and see. wait and see. hopefully after today things are looking up. looking up. would mean and permitting their talents. talents. is that something you think you could live with? could live with?
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brexiteers said we want out of the customs union, that is our red line. customs union, that is our red line. necessarily accept but i'd like to see the detail. see the detail. like to see the detail and on friday or saturday we will know a lot more. or saturday we will know a lot more. opposition not asked questions on this? this? jeremy corbyn was asking questions about buses. questions about buses. should have been asking questions about brexit. about brexit. you make aboutjeremy corbyn's decision to focus on buses? decision to focus on buses? the whole population talks about buses. whole population talks about buses. focused on other issues that people are talking about. are talking about.
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checkers over the weekend as to what the government is going to do. the government is going to do. years on after the referendum, angela says she has reassured. angela says she has reassured. lots of people are reassured. of people are reassured. brexit, we have been discussing brexit an awful lot. brexit an awful lot. actually there probably is a majority for in parliament? majority for in parliament? with something they can all agree on. on.
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in the meantime, it is true the labour party is not clear at all. labour party is not clear at all. ask the people, they should have a final say on the deal. final say on the deal. you easily, fight your clarity —— fudge are clarity this weekend? fudge. clarity. fudge, ithink we need clarity. southwest england and increasing into south wales. into south wales.
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pushing up from the day of so —— from the south. from the south. around 15 or 16 celsius but for most, temperatures into the '205. most, temperatures into the '205. the rain in wiltshire has worked its way into south wales. way into south wales. on dry weather as showers become fewer in number tonight. fewer in number tonight. in the south, temperatures in the mid genes into tomorrow morning. mid genes into tomorrow morning. here is the weather chart for tomorrow. tomorrow. be between seven to
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10 celsius cooler. cooler. where temperatures are in the low 205 at best. thing5 warm into friday. friday. temperatures in the genes for many. for many. across england and wales but for most it is another sunny day. most it is another sunny day. into the weekend, we will see things warm up even further. warm up even further. wales and into next week, it stays dry yet again. 00:29:59,758 --> 477218456:21:29,722 hello, 477218456:21:29,722 --> 954436912:12:59,686 you're 954436912:12:59,686 --> 1431655368:04:29,649 watching 1431655368:04:29,649 --> 1908873823:55:59,613 afternoon 1908873823:55:59,613 --> 2386092279:47:29,577 live 2386092279:47:29,577 --> 2863310735:38:59,541 — 2863310735:38:59,541 --> 3340529191:30:29,504 i'm 3340529191:30:29,504 --> 3817747647:21:59,467 simon 3817747647:21:59,467 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 mccoy.
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