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hello, good afternoon. the prime minister has warned her cabinet she will no longer tolerate public dissent over brexit following its collective agreement to back up plan for britain's due to religion share it with the european union. the marathon meeting yesterday, theresa may told ministers it was their duty to agree a blueprint for brexit. eu will say it will assess the postal is to see if they are written —— proposals to see if they are released it. a grand setting to try and come up with a grand plan. yesterday theresa may one cabinet approval for her proposals. some leave supporters will score it, cabinet brexiteers must sell it. the bid has not been highlighted is that we would also step up no deal planning, we don't wa nt step up no deal planning, we don't want that. the deal they do want has not been fully published by the appraisals include, harmonisation on eu rules to allow frictionless trade
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but parliament would be oversight. free movement coming to an end, and ability framework coming in its praise. and trade framework for uk. tory mps will get a briefing from the chief whip today but they will likely demand detail on monday from the prime minister. even if the backbench brexiteers end up feeling unhappy, the cabinet's approval of the plans begs the question, who will the sceptics now rally around? maybe this man. we need to know the details. as with eggs, and egg which is softly boiled is not boiled at all, very soft brexit means we are not going, that is not what the country boating. in the heat, the cabinet agreed and there is a danger the mood could cool. crucially the eu will need to warm to the proposal as well. it is a fudge, and attempts
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to placate both sides of the conservative party and it will run into serious problems with negotiations in the eu and i expect the hardliners will now blame europe for any method that results. -- mess that results. the next test will be, will this plan stay the distance? our political correspondent is in downing street for us. the cabinet is on board, what does theresa may have to do next? she has done what some people thought she could not, uniting her divided cabinet around these proposals. that does not mean by any stretch the end of this road. you hope the concern the expressed concern from brexiteers that this will mean we are aligned to closely with the european union, but they are awaiting the detail. theresa may will in bark on a series of sales pitches, some mps briefed this
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morning, the priming is double address other backbenchers on —— the prime minister will address other backbenchers on monday and then she will take it to the eu. initially the response from the eu has been cautious but not rejected out of hand. the real test will be whether theresa may can win the support to turn the plan she has managed to get help cabinet to agree into reality. thank you very much. the nation is expected to come to a standstill this afternoon as england's footballers take on sweden for a place in the world cup semifinals. the match, played in the russian city of samara, gets under way at 3pm and the winner will face russia or croatia. it's not, perhaps, the ads you would expect to hear at buckingham palace. —— anthem. but even the army and are
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not immune from football fever. art and down the country, on fictional streets... # it's coming home! and even on celebrity doorsteps. it's coming home, come on, england! fans are riding a wave ofjoy after england's penalty win. and the players are loving it. i was one of those fans not to long ago. getting a drink thrown over him and jumping about going wild. it's what we want, we set out to make the country proud and we feel like we've done that so far. england fans over here are rarer sight, only up to 3000 are expected in samara and half of that in the stadium for the first quarterfinal in 12 years the ones who are here ready for whatever the game throws at them. who are here ready for whatever the game throws at themlj who are here ready for whatever the game throws at them. i want to believe and i do believe, but i don't want to build myself up to let myself down again. it's going to be
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a roller—coaster. myself down again. it's going to be a roller-coaster. this is a team who say they do anything for each other, led by a man who knows all about the pressures of playing for his country. a former england captain says southgate is a breath of fresh air. he's getting the best out of this group. for what we lack in ability, we're probably not the best tea m ability, we're probably not the best team here, we more than make up the tea m team here, we more than make up the team spirit and togetherness. you put that together and we have got a chance. with big-name players gone, this is the world cup where new stars can be born. and soon in the spaceship inspired arena here, england hope to go to infinity and beyond. the turnstiles have opened and the england fans are starting to go up in this hard to reach stadium. england are in a bit of a bubble at their sleepy base but through the power of social media, they are seeing the buzz of the country and the fans are celebrating the penalty shoot out and it is bearing on. the reality is an inexperienced england side but as gareth southgate says,
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anything is possible including the prize of the first world cup semifinal in 28 years if they win today. let's ta ke today. let's take a look at the other stories today. police investigating the latest nerve agent poisoning in wiltshire are examining more than 1300 hrs of cctv footage. investigators believe dawn sturgess and charlie rowley, who were taken ill on week ago, may have handled an object which was contaminated with novichok. an hiv vaccine which had the potential to protect people from the virus has shown promising results. the treatment which aims to provide immunity against a variety of strains of the virus, had a reaction when tested on almost 400 people. injapan, at when tested on almost 400 people. in japan, at least 38 when tested on almost 400 people. injapan, at least 38 people are reported to have been killed and nearly 50 others are missing after floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain. 50,000 people are involved in the rescue operations
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across western and central parts of the country. more than 1.5 million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes. the 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have sent handwritten letters to their families to reassure them that they are well. the football is with them has sent a note to their parents. the team have been cut off for two weeks since exploring the cave. all out preparations to bring the young footballers and the the coach out of the cave are under way. one of the main priorities is still to reduce water levels inside the cave in the hope they can bring the boys out without having to use full scuba gear. many of the boys cannot swim. this rescue operation has always been a race against the clock and 110w been a race against the clock and now timing is more critical than ever. they want to get the boys out before their health deteriorate
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before their health deteriorate before heavy rain comes. the fear is more water will run into the cave making conditions even worse. the only way out of the cave remains the way in but it is dangerous passage. the tragic death of a former thai navy seal delivering air tanks to the cave yesterday underlined just how difficult this evacuation will be. translation: every cave diver volunteer team which is the limit at chamber three. they cannot go further than that. such a rescued mission has ever happened before on this planet. it requires the skills of the diver. messages having brought out overnight, one of them from the 25—year—old coach who led the boys in there. he said he is sorry and promises to do his best to look after the boys. please do not worry, so look after the boys. please do not worry, so the boys, we are all strong. 0thers requested their favourite food and requested not much homework when they came out. letters have been also sent in from
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the boys parents in the hope they will lift they will morale. to the coach, they said, we don't blame you. it's not just england's you. it's notjust england's footballers representing the nation at sports today. at wimbledon, kyle edmund, the last remaining british interest in the tournament, is taking on 12 time grandstand —— grand slam winner novak djokovic. another beautiful day here at wimbledon. and for the sports fans today, a choice. stay away and watch england in the world cup or come down to wimbledon and enjoy the tennis. for lots of fans pouring through the gates here at woodward on this one, they clearly feel they can enjoy both. —— in wimbledon this morning. # it's coming home! we can rely on a good internet connection. well, i'm scottish! watch it on my phone. not at all, i'm more than a tennis fan. we are
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going to watch the football at a pub. into the tennis, come to the pub, watch the football, is coming home, back in for the tennis. you can see some of the thoughts for some of the fans here today. it's certainly going to be an exciting day in prospect. let's not forget that kyle edmund and his swedish coach have to remain firmly focused on thejob at coach have to remain firmly focused on the job at hand because they have been following the progress of their respective nations at the world cup from here at wimbledon. let's be honest, he's going to need every ounce of effort if he is going to progress today, kyle edmund. this is the furthest he's ever been at wimbledon, he will be playing on centre court in front of a passionate home crowd at across the net from him, one of the all—time greats, novak djokovic. the three—time wimbledon champion who was not quite back to his best but he's going to be tough opponent for kyle edmund later. the highest profile match of his career to date. if there is a clash with the
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football, and kyle edmund's meeting with novak chocolates, you can expect more than a few fans to be trying to stay across both. but if he does win, exciting times at wimbledon because edmund would be one win away from a quarterfinal of his own. you can see more his own. you can see more on his own. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel throughout the afternoon. the next news on bbc one is at 6:50pm, depending on the football and tennis. have a good afternoon. hello. you're watching the bbc news channel with shaun levy. more now on the toxic to be semi has
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been involved in regarding brexit. the free movement of people, let's speak now to... the backbench tory mp marcus fysh who believes the proposal agreed by cabinet last night is "not right". good afternoon and good luck to england today. not right in what way? england today. not right in what 7 i england today. not right in what way? i want to get a workable proposal on the table and i am happy to work with the government to put that in place. i have not seen the details on this yet but it seems from what has come out in my view that this one is not going to be workable. the customs element is a bit like an honesty box where the eu is supposed to trust us to collect
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deferential tariffs depending on whether goods are destined for the eu orfor others. i cannot see them agreeing to that in a blue fit. u nless we agreeing to that in a blue fit. unless we were to voluntarily agreed to match eu tariffs with the same ta riffs of to match eu tariffs with the same tariffs of our own. then that problem disappears. then we are in a customs union effectively and we are ina single customs union effectively and we are in a single market which seems to have been agreed yesterday. well thatis have been agreed yesterday. well that is not leaving the european union. given what you have read and i completely understand your point about your waiting to see the detail, and doubtless you will be at westminster at the start of the week to hear the prime minister making her statement to mp5. allowing for all of that, are you surprised that this was agreed to? by so many people were so many views on brexit? yes i am surprised. because i like to think that government should be
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practical and should be realistic. and i do not think, i do not think this proposal solves the issues. i think it goes back potentially on what people voted for and i do not think it needs one of the prime minister's mean ambitions through this which is to put this to bed.|j suppose the other difficulty is we would be going into a negotiation and in negotiations both sides have to be prepared to give up something. and if this is what the cabinet could agree to, anything that you give up then presumably creates further potential for disagreement? that is right. and the worry is the eu will say thanks very much for your proposal but it is not good enough and the single market and the customs union which they have been trying to push us into all along because it suits them, is what they will try to achieve out of the
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process. there is the better option to try it and as they say no to this, walk away? i have always wa nted this, walk away? i have always wanted a deal. i still maintain that. i think by having a free trade agreement with cooperation on customs and non—regulations, sure. but that is eminently doable and it has been on offer from the eu since march. donald just offered that. that is not an economic disaster, that will be good for us and it would deliver our independence and proper accountability for our politics. thank you very much for being with us. enjoy the football and her get brexit for a couple of hours. police investigating the latest nerve agent poisoning in wiltshire say they've begun examining more than 1300 hours of cctv footage. dawn stu rgess and charlie rowley remain in a critical condition in hospital, after being taken ill a week ago. investigators believe the couple may
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have handled a contaminated object containing the potentially deadly novichok. alison freeman has the latest from the scene. this area remain seals off. police are saying this investigation could take months. you can see the officers here have had a comfort station set up, they are not going anywhere soon. behind me as the property where dawn sturgess and charlie rowley fell ill exactly a week ago today. they were taken to hospital suffering from the same symptoms as sergei skripal off and his daughter. police are working on that assumption that they handled an object, this couple handled an object, this couple handled an object that had been exposed to that very same nerve agent, that has left them both in a critical condition in hospital. it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. police say
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they are facing unique challenges in this investigation, that is, what that object is and where they touched it? 13 hours of cctv will be called through to find more about the couple's whereabouts. last night police did reveal where they had bent over the weekend. —— 1300 hrs. 0na bus bent over the weekend. —— 1300 hrs. on a bus to hear in amesbury where the couple fell ill. as i say, a week ago today. both still in critical condition in hospital. the investigation is ongoing and it looks like this investigation will last for very long time. let's talk more about the build—up to england's quarterfinal against sweden. 0ur correspondent, noel is in croydon for us. afternoon. good
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afternoon. you can feel the excitement. we can shall picture is fa ns excitement. we can shall picture is fans beginning to arrive. the day when every england fan heart's flickers. we can show you some pictures from tuesday night when england won the head—to—head with colombia and the scenes in this very spot where 1000 people were literally celebrating, they were jumping, celebrating jason peck furred's stunning save. —— jason peck furred. —— jason pickford. furred's stunning save. —— jason peck furred. ——jason pickford. it is in venues like this where there are big screens where fans will watch the game from. in their pubs and in their living rooms and i will show you the swedish flag. i think
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we should show you the swedish flag which is still hanging at the moment. not sure if it will be hanging so nicely in a few hours or so. hanging so nicely in a few hours or so. gareth southgate says he wants his team to make a bit of history, he wants to make it to the semifinals. but can they do it? let's talk to david. david is the manager of this pub. it is a big venue manager of this pub. it is a big venue for places like yours. how much of a boost has this world cup given you? it has meant fantastic, notjust the given you? it has meant fantastic, not just the england given you? it has meant fantastic, notjust the england games given you? it has meant fantastic, not just the england games and given you? it has meant fantastic, notjust the england games and all the other games we have ads on and all the countries being represented. this food contributes to it as well. it has been massive for the traders as well as the venue as a whole. bit of a revival for pubs and clubs? of course. showing football in venues would not think of showing
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it. thank you so much. going to grab a quick word from a fan who has been here quite well. you arrived after ten o'clock to secure your sport. what does this world cup mean to you? it means everything to me. it is my first lock—up year and i like to see england do very well. you we re to see england do very well. you were telling earlier you get emotional. if england lose tonight, you will be crying? yes. it will be so you will be crying? yes. it will be so emotional. to get this far and then to fall at the last hurdle, it would be... it would just be emotional. you can have my shoulder to cry on if you want to. i will be here for you. this venue like many others across london are opening their doors, welcoming fans who will beat you're watching the game. it is on bbc one at three o'clock. noel phillips, always a shoulder to cry on. we're hoping for no tears. a
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reporter has been to the training ground where some of the england players started. welcome to the place when it all started forjesse lingard, marcus rashford and danny welbeck. this is what they call the walk of fame, featuring photographs ofa number of walk of fame, featuring photographs of a number of boys and girls teams over the years. this one caught my eye, this is a young marcus rashford celebrating with his team after another victory. follow me through the changing rooms. it is a busy day today, lots of matches of all grange groups going on. the same colour as sweden shirts. —— all age groups. this is the trophy cabinet year, lots and lots of them. these players who play for england, have taken
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pa rt who play for england, have taken part ina who play for england, have taken part in a lot of those and won trophies for the club. this time we are hoping they will win the world cup. let's go onto the playing fields. it is notjust those three, a number of others who play in the premier league as well, started off year. this is neal who nurtured a young danny welbeck. thank you for joining us. how does it feel like to see these players in the england squad? it is unbelievable. starting off in fields like this and then played for england, unbelievable. how good was a young danny welbeck when he first started? very good. he played with a nice smile on his face all the time. he played like he does now. what is your prediction for the world cup with regards to this england team? they have been doing very well. it is our best chance in the last 20, 30 years to go out
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there and win it. we are not going to have a better chance than this group of player. in the background here, football matches. potential stars of the future. ronnie has been clu b stars of the future. ronnie has been club secretary for over 30 years. ronnie, you had a big part in the arrival ofjesse lingard. ronnie, you had a big part in the arrival of jesse lingard. he ronnie, you had a big part in the arrival ofjesse lingard. he was very young when he started here. he was a great lad to have at the club although it was only brief. had him playing in a tournament local to ourselves here. the rest was done by him. he was a fantastic, absolute fantastic ball player. he has not forgotten his roots, has he? no. he turned up in october, and realised quite quickly that the guys didn't have any waterproofs or heavyjumper is to keep them warm. and he
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suggested that he help is out in some small way. so he stayed for about an hour some small way. so he stayed for aboutan hourand some small way. so he stayed for about an hour and a half, signing autographs for all of the kids. and one thing and another and he made the donation which was kindly accepted. nice gesture. this is your trophy. can i become the first person to lift the world cup trophy. this is yours, ronnie. even if we do not see at this tournament, early someone not see at this tournament, early someone has lifted the world cup here in england. come on, england. he works as if he might have something of a suite in him in his lineage. the prolonged spell of warm weather and the world cup is keeping british holidaymakers at home, forcing big holiday companies to slash prices to the mediterranean and beyond. so where are the bargains — and how long will they last? simon calder, travel editor of the independent, has been studying the deals. there are small but significant
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numbers of people who were planning to book their mediterranean holiday relatively late and they are looking at the weather and thinking let's go to blackpool or more must rather than getting on an aeroplane. the world cup is having a strong effect. initially it was not. i spoke to the tour operators, they were saying no difference. but there is undoubtedly a world cup effect. i know a family who are prepared to buy new tickets, they are prepared to fly on monday because they want to watch the world cup at all. so that is the national mood. as a result, prices are going through the floor. yesterday i was seeing holidays to the canaries, flights, transfers, accommodation only £200. this morning if you are prepared to fly out from manchester on tuesday, prepare to go to turkey,
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£118. that is accommodation and the fight? that is the price you might think you get in the back end of 0ctober. and flight only deals, going from newcastle to palmer, £34 return. leeds bradford two peas at the same day, £47 return. —— pisa. the serious point is this is a market the response to different signals and this is a direct signal that the weather has been so good. how do they avoid losing money? they do not. normally this three months of the summer is when all the tour operators make their money and some more. many are selling at a loss of this is worrying. a leading analyst put out a note saying, we're worried about this. the further england progress and the longer the heatwave goes on, the lower the share price
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of tour operators like thomas cook sex. if you have not clicked on -- sinks. schools break up in a couple of weeks in england for most families and then the price will go up families and then the price will go up to their normal sky—high levels. leaving aside the particular deals you have seen as you look across the piece, whatever prospective —— prospective areas that are looking good? russia is looking good indeed. you are seeing great value to turkey, bulgaria, to greece and of course spain remains very, very popular. simon calder of the independent newspaper. that is the prospects aboard. it's time for a look at the weather with ben rich.
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it is shaping up to be another sunny saturday for most of us, the weekend as apple brings plenty of dry weather with lots of hot sunshine. there is some cloud red, coastal cloud, sea breezes developing close to the coast as well. more cloud generally into northern ireland and the far west of scotland with the odd spot of drizzle but for most of us odd spot of drizzle but for most of us it is a sunny study through the rest of the day. eastern scotland down to edinburgh, lots of sunshine, temperatures in glasgow 24 degrees. more cloud creeping into northern ireland and the isle of man, parts of wales and north—west england. hot sunshine, 31 degrees in london, a small chance of a shower across the south east. we dive under the clouds towards the samara arena, there are some it is a blue sky likely to be overhead for the kick—off at three
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o'clock. we will see temperatures around 26 degrees with barely a breath of wind. what about the forecast for wimbledon throughout the day? lots of hot sunshine, temperatures topping out at 30 degrees and cooling off very slowly as we head off into the evening. that is the story for most of us this evening, lots of late sunshine, once the sunshine goes down, lots of clear skies. cloud creeping into western scotland and northern ireland, some showers here. behind that band of cloud which is marked out by this weather front, there is some slightly cooler air trying to work its way in from the north—west. it will not make much progress during sunday, sunday will bring this local moving weather front across northern parts of scotland with the odd spot of rain. behind that something cooler and fresher, ahead of it long spells of sunshine and some real geek to be had. notice
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the deep orange coloured on our temperature chart, up towards the south east somewhere it is likely to get 31, 30 2 degrees. not much changes through next week, it will turn cooler for a changes through next week, it will turn coolerfor a time, changes through next week, it will turn cooler for a time, there will be lots of dry weather and plenty of strong sunshine.


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