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tv   Dateline London  BBC News  July 7, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news with lu kwesa burak. the headlines: cheering england ans celebrate as a dele alli header puts england 2—0 ahead against sweden in samara. harry maguire scored in the first half as england attempt to book a place in the world cup semifinals. conservative brexiteers say they want more details about the plan for the uk's future relationship with the eu agreed by the cabinet yesterday. 12 thai boys trapped in a cave write letters to their parents telling them they are strong and not to worry. police investigating the poisoning of a couple in wiltshire last weekend warn the operation will take months to complete. we'll have more on the england sweden game shortly but now it's time for the film review. hello and welcome to
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the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? interesting week. we have mary shelley. basically a film about the creation of frankenstein. the first purge, which is the prequel to the long—running series, i know you are a huge fan. and swimming with men. rob brydon takes the plunge. so, mary shelley, tell us about that. my son was doing the book for his a—level. so, basically it is a story about mary shelley's life, about the creation of frankenstein, one of the greatest books of all time. it is always very difficult that the inevitable thing will be that it is not as good
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as the brilliant work of art. it is not without merit. it is directed by haifaa al—mansour, and elle fanning is the young writer. her mother has passed away, so she is haunted by her death. she falls in with shelley who is reckless and beautiful. there is almost a hint of twilight, the film, about their relationship. they forge a new relationship, of which her father completely disapproves, but as she discovers, no matter how creative and brilliant she is, the world isn't necessarily ready for a tale like frankenstein, particularly not by a female author, because publishers don't think that is what women should be writing about. 500 copies will be printed. it will be published anonymously, provided you write the introduction.
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of course. i would be delighted. so everyone will think you wrote it. provided it is published, what does it matter? what does it matter? how is it possible that you still don't understand? you want me to abandon my claim to it, because my gender might spoil it? i never said that! you don't have to! you never think about the consequences of your actions! you bear as much responsible at i do. responsible as i do. i am not a grand architect of our misery, mary. you bear the responsibility, i bear the responsibility of ever believing in you! as you can see, committed performances. i like what the film is trying to do. occasionally, it is a little too literal. all the life events that happened to mary, that we then sort of see,
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that is foreshadowing events in frankenstein. at one point she goes to an exhibition, where you see a dead frog being sparked with electricity, and there is almost a reaction shot of her noticing! but the problem is that it does not have the cinematic spark that it should have. again, with something like frankenstein, that is kind of difficult. it has had a rough time with the critics, rather unfairly. it is solid, and inventive. it takes liberties, but that is perfectly fine. what movie like this doesn't? but the main thing is, i wish that it would jump off the screen a little bit more, as it is, it seems solid and interesting, with committed performances, but just lacked that crucial spark of life, no pun intended! but there was a pun! you got it in anyway. all right, the first purge. you have already suggested that i am not the target demographic for this one. the thing about the purge movies
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is they become more successful than anybody thinks. now we have got to the prequel. they have come to the trump era social political setting. this is about the the first purge being set up. it is an experiment in lawlessness. one evening of law not applying, to see if the nation can come to terms with its demons. they are doing it in an area of poor african—americans who they imagine will turn on each other, and when they don't, other forces are sent. there is a nice socio—political underpinning. it is not the most inventive, and it is not as cutting as get out which is really sharp. i love that.
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that film is brilliant. no—one is more surprised than me, this far on in the series, that they have got some sort of interesting... it is fine. i saw it in a packed cinema. it played very well with them. they oohed and ahhed in all right places. swimming with men. i have heard described as full monty in speedos. the pool monty. a better pun. rob brydon is a middle—aged man who meets a group of men who are involved in a synchronised swimming team. they call it swim club. in fact, what they are doing, is they are sort of using it as a way to get in touch with their emotions. inevitably, because it is a film, a competition comes into view, and the next thing is they have to get quite good. here is a clip. you landed on my head.
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distribution in the stack is wrong. it has got to be equal, which means that we have got to take height and weight into consideration. meaning? you can't be next to him, because he needs of the next somebody less fat. you calling me fat? archie, are you calling me fat? you could do with losing a little bit... it is like trying to wrestle with a yak, you could do with a trip to the barbers. fatboy slim. guys, guys! let's do it again. we have got to practise. that is me. brilliant. life is
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ticking away andy cook is getting louder. i heard rob brydon talk about this, and they didn't use any doubles. they did all these swimming themselves. they spent a lot of time in the pool. when it works the best, it is when it is doing its portrayal of men who sort of lost the plot, finding something that kind of help them reconnect. i like all of that stuff. the stuff about the competition, i am less interested in. but there is a real story from behind those that doesn't involve the competition, although this is a very fanciful version. nicely detail in the interaction between the guys, all of whom are variously confused about who they are and what they are meant to be. i did laugh, pretty much solidly all the way through. it is not huge belly laughs, but it is kind of... it makes you chuckle, and you like the characters. it is a very good ensemble cast. rupert graves. these are people who can do this in their sleep. i went in quite cynically,
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because when i heard that it is the full monty references, you immediately start to... i thought it was oddly charming, and i'm surprised to think that. and a very british sort of film. very british. but everybody said that about the full monty. but it is cute. now, best out? leave no trace. if this is not in my list at the end of the year, i will be surprised. it is about a father and daughter living off the grid. they are found by the social services and forced to re—integrate. it is brilliantly directed by debra granik. fantastic performance by tomasson mckenzie as the young girl. she is brilliant. the story is not told through dialogue. it is told through action and through looking, and through... cinema is an audiovisual medium, and often people think that people should stand up and explain the plot. at no point in leave no trace,
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does anybody say, the thing that's interesting... itjust happens. it was a note—perfect film. it did not put a single foot wrong, and everyone i know that has seen it absolutely loves it. ijust hope that more people do see it, because it is a limited release. and the best dvd. you were never really here. lynne ramsay is a genius. this is a hit man picture, but it is more than this. an existential thriller about somebody sent out to retrieve a lost child. like all of lynne ramsay's stuff, you just tremble with amazement at the film—making. it is brilliant to be able to see this kind of film—making in a moment when it is so difficult to make these kinds of movies. i think you were never really here is really wonderful, and it is hard to describe in words. you have got to see it, and i would
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recommend everyone sees it. even you can't describe it in words? other than saying, two thumbs up. thank you for being with us. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week though. thanks for watching. goodbye. the north korean government has hit out at the united states after the latest round of talks in pyongyang. state media said the us attitude had been "regrettable". it said the us secretary of state, mike pompeo, was making unilateral demands for denuclearisation. earlier, mr pompeo said there had been progress during his two days of talks in the north korean capital, though he didn't
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give any details. the bbc‘s seoul correspondent, mariko oi, has more on this developing story. they did not take long for north korea to stadler shing out that the united states. mr mike pompeo, before leaving to tokyo, told reporters he thought that the nuclear talks were very productive, that now he had a timeline for it. several hours after he landed in tokyo, we heard from north korea's state news agency that they thought the attitude of the us negotiators was regrettable. they thought the americans made too many demands, that they wanted a unilateral force denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. critics have always won, after president trump and kim jong—un agreeing to commit to the denuclearisation of the peninsula, that that term, the term
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denuclearisation, is interpreted differently between the different sides, because the americans want kim jong—un to give sides, because the americans want kimjong—un to give up his nuclear weapons, whereas he does not want to do that because he has been using it as leverage, to be treated as equal, to have mr trump sitting down in front of him, to have a meeting with him. there were warnings about it and we heard from us intelligence officials, saying that they had evidence that north korea continued working on its nuclear programme even after the singapore summit. that is why there was lots of pressure on mike pompeo to get more than words of commitment from pyongyang, to get more details of the denuclearisation plan. south korean officials have been advising washington to tone down the language, to make kimjong—un feel more comfortable about what he can agree on. obviously that did not work too well, because north korea
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seems rather set after mike pompeo spent two days in pyongyang. for the third time as well. mike pompeo was expected to meet with kim jong—un but apparently that meeting never happened, and the us delegation had to leave after he held the two meetings with kim jong—un‘s right—hand man. members of a global team of researchers say they've reached an important milestone in the quest to design a vaccine that could protect people from hiv. the trial, which appears in the journal the lancet, involved 400 people. scientists acknowledge there are still huge challenges to overcome but say they are cautiously hopeful. it's one of the biggest events in the motor sports calendar — the british formula one grand prix — and it takes place this weekend. but for many years there's been a lack of diversity in the sport with current world champion lewis hamilton being the exception. however, there could be a new wave of talent set to make its mark on motor racing.
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rudra kohok and laith khan are hoping to become the future of formula one — and they're still only seven. our reporter shabnam mahmood went to meet the young boy kart racers in north wales. showing off their driving skills. at just seven years old, rudra and laith compete regularly in go—kart racing across the country. when you sit in the cat and you move it you can feel the blood running through yourself. and you can feel your heart beating faster. and when that happens it cannot be matched. with cricket or football or any other sport. for years, basicallyl cricket or football or any other sport. for years, basically i was like in private jet, going really fa st like in private jet, going really fast but you are the pilot. despite
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they give, bishop show a fearless attitude and race up to 60 mph. they give, bishop show a fearless attitude and race up to 60 mphlj have roughly 19 trophies. i do not feel scared, i feel weird, have roughly 19 trophies. i do not feel scared, ifeelweird, i have roughly 19 trophies. i do not feel scared, i feel weird, i feel like i can go flat out on the turn. go—karting is often how future stars like lewis hamilton start out. but it is not cheap. families spend a lot of money on their children's training. if you're running a championship i would say up to £15,000 every year. maybe more. motor racing is not traditionally a career that most asian parents encourage their children to get into. but at this particular go—karting club, that seems to be changing. this year we have 80 children and two asians in the championship and that is the first year we have had asian children in it and it would be great to see that growing and more asian children joining us in the future. these two
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british asian boys, one pakistani and one indian, are keen to become formula one champions and they hope other asian children will follow in their tracks. if you're scared of motor sports, then racing is not the sport for you. the next step in england's world cupjourney is underway as millions of fans watch the team play sweden in the quarterfinal. let's take a look at the second goal, which was scored by dele alli in the 58th minute. dele alli! these are live pictures. we are just
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entering... three minutes left of the game before the whistle blows. i am not sure about extra time at the moment. at the moment, england are 2-0 moment. at the moment, england are 2—0 up. harry maguire scored the first goal, and again, it was a header. like the second. our reporter, noel phillips, is in south london for us at box park in east croydon. take us to it. you can hear the celebrations... and the jubilation behind me. everyone is so excited. they are celebrating. england has done at! we could go potentially all the way to the finals. gareth southgate yesterday said he wanted to continue making this dream. with
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a few minutes to go, england remain positive and that the strength they have played. harry maguire, the 22—year—old. .. gareth have played. harry maguire, the 22—year—old... gareth southgate... you can talk to anybody here and they are shouting that gareth is the man! you might be struggling to hear me but i will give you a sense of how people are feeling. if you follow me, i can talk to a few people. i live on bbc. the game so far? unbelievable. if you have not known, it's coming home. we have played so well, we have controlled so played so well, we have controlled so well. we're going to win the world cup. just a few minutes to go. before the end of this game. can we go all the way? of course we can! its england, come on! it's coming
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home, made! coming home! all that sweat and the cider being thrown around, has been weathered? of course! every minute. next sunday, we will be lifting it. you get a sense of just how we will be lifting it. you get a sense ofjust how people are right here. dancing and shouting. you will go along and try to talk to some more people. how have you found the game? the game was really good, in the second half england killed it. boring for the first 20 minutes but after the goal was awesome. we are from australia but we are going from london and england. what an incredible day it has been. we're going to end... commentator: england when! and
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england's will be in the world cup semifinal! for the first time since 1990! the feeling grows stronger. that football is coming home. jordan pickford. with a wonderful display in goal. goals scored by harry maguire and dele alli. and for now, at least, i've got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night! 2-0. so it goes on and magnificently so. england through to the semifinals on the 2018 world cup. that sounds good. it is not really supposed to be as comfortable as this with england? aside from a few terrific
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jordan pickford saves, there are confident and signed. and they will be in the semifinal for the first time in 28 years. amazing. what a performance! recessional, thorough, every single player played their part. beckford was outstanding in goal when he had to be and they got through the fence. harry maguire was superb, henderson, what a shift he put in in midfield. john stones, dele alli with the goal, absolutely magnificent and they thoroughly deserved it. their attitude from the first moment they arrived at this world cup has been first class. i did not ever feel that anything other than we are going to win this game, we will get to the semifinal. i never felt nervous during the game, that is how comfortable they made us feel. a very unusual feeling for england fans! it really is and everyone of us said you could fancy
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us everyone of us said you could fancy us to win... ollie foster is in moscow. they have done at! there certainly have, you could hearfrom the bbc sport colleagues in the shadow of saint basil's cathedral. such a straightforward performance for england, considering what was at sta ke. for england, considering what was at stake. they had from moscow, wednesday night, july the 11th. 28 yea rs wednesday night, july the 11th. 28 years and one week after their last world cup semifinal, that was in in. remember those tears injuring? the penalty shoot out despair against germany. four generations later, england have made it to within one win the world cup final and perhaps it will never have a better chance because of the way this tournament has panned out. looking at my monitor is... the full—time whistle is there from the samara stadium.
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dele alli, back on the pitch. i wonder can be quite believe it? there is one thing that gareth southgate has done and that is to believe in his players. he has talked about letting them write their own history but they have certainly done that. it was such an easy game, i dare to say. jordan pickford was magnificent yet again, be number one, between the posts, three fantastic saves to keep england in that game. at the same time, england perhaps maud —— had more chances to stretch that lead. the most straightforward match, apart from winning against panama in the group stage, that they have had. that is what england needed because they have not looked like a particularly good team all the way through 90 minutes of the match. they showed flashes of brilliance at the start, those weeks ago against tunisia. then beating panama and defeat against belgium. then that
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nerve shredding penalty shoot out against the colombians here at the spartak stadium. that was five nights ago. this, quarterfinal victory against sweden in samara and england will return to moscow, this time in the luzhniki stadium, the national stadium, 80,000. against either russia or croatia, who play later in sochi. that could be gareth southgate's dress rehearsal for a world cup final. that is how close they are. england reaching the last four of the world cup for the first time in 28 years. i am just looking at gareth southgate going to each of his players, embracing dele alli. he has grown into this tournament. another headed goalfor has grown into this tournament. another headed goal for england, has grown into this tournament. another headed goalfor england, the swedes had no answer. gareth
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southgate giving that double fisted pump towards england fans, screaming, come on! you will see all of those images going viral on social media and gareth southgate has been at the heart of that. we can hearfrom has been at the heart of that. we can hear from the has been at the heart of that. we can hearfrom the captain, harry kane. in any other environment, you have to deal with people the correct way... difficult game, sweden made it tough with long balls and different to what we have faced so far as it was brilliant, set pieces, crosses into the box. lethal set pieces once again. not your day for the scoresheet, but harry maguire, first goalfor the scoresheet, but harry maguire, first goal for england! the fourth player to score their first goal for england in a knockout game in the world cup. it cannot come better than that. it takes us through, that is the main thing, and we have done that today. tell me about the
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performance, it was your best of this championship, dominating sweden? we felt like we could dominate today, we controlled the play. sioppv dominate today, we controlled the play. sloppy towards the end of the second half, it was much too open and we knew what would work and what would hurt them and be new set play was a big thing and those little box crosses was a big thing and those little box crosses that jesse was putting in during the training. the squad of players, your history makers, who has scored 11 goals, equalling only 1966. you know what they will say at home? we know. but there is a big game ahead, the semifinal. but we feel good and confident. today was great, we looked composed, but we controlled the game. we just have to go again. we are enjoying this and the fans are and the fans back home. we will see somebody videos denied! we will see somebody videos denied! we will see somebody videos denied! we will make the country proud. the
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scenes at home will be mayhem. they are loving it. you have friends and family enjoying this. one week from tomorrow, the final. football's coming home? hopefully, fingers crossed! thank you. that was the captain, harry kane, and also the scorer of the first goal, harry maguire. ourfirst goal for him and england. in the second, also a header, dele alli, which means england are through to the semifinal. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 5pm. england when! england win! and england when! england win! and england will be in the world cup semifinal! england are into their first world cup semifinal in 28 years after a 2—0 win
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against sweden in samara. and it is heading firmly in! and in from lingard and ali! goals from harry maguire and dele ali secure england a date against either russia or croatia in moscow on wednesday. fans celebrate as millions of people watch the game on screens big and small, up and down the country.
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