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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is nkem ifejika. our top stories: north korea warns that denuclearisation could be off if the us continues to insist on a one—sided process. the warning comesjust hours after us secretary of state mike pompeo flew out of pyongyang, having given a very different account of the meeting. it appears rescuers in thailand are planning to bring the trapped boys out of the flooded caves earlier than thought. some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded — we ask why. from canada to algeria, the northern hemisphere is wilting under a heatwave. at the world cup, england go through to the semi—finals along with croatia. the hosts, russia, are out. hello and welcome to the programme.
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north korea has issued strong criticism of the us, just hours after the secretary of state, mike pompeo, left pyongyang after two days of talks with the leadership there. the foreign ministry says america made too many demands, and that it had displayed a regrettable attitude. the north korean statement says the trust between the two countries is now facing a dangerous situation. and it accuses mr pompeo of insisting on unilateral denuclearisation, which it says is against the spirit of the summit. removing the nuclear threat from the korean peninsula had been a key part of donald trump's approach during his meeting with kimjong—un in singapore. the north korean statement is somewhat at odds with what mr pompeo had to say as he left pyongyang on saturday. many hours of productive conversations. these are complicated issues but we made progress on almost all of the central issues. some areas a great deal of progress, other places there is still more work to be done.
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very productive conversations but the process by which we will deliver on the commitments made in the singapore summit, i think we made progress on every element of our discussion. well, earlier i spoke tojohn delury, associate professor of chinese studies at yonsei university graduate school of international studies, in seoul. i asked him about the difference of opinion between mike pompeo and kim yong—chol. this was never going to be an easy process. the dialogue has been opened at the highest level. that is really the biggest hurdle. this will be on and off in fits and starts. both sides came out spinning in a slightly different way. secretary pompeo emphasised when he thought there was progress and the north koreans, the north korean statements, that was not a pulling the plug statement, that was a sort ofjiggling with the plug and pushing back and pushing their agenda. we willjust have to see where it
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moves in the next stage. should much of these issues have been clarified before the meeting with president trump and kim jong—un? that is an interesting debate. there are two schools of thought. the traditional diplomatic approach would be all the preparation leading up to the summit. from a focus on north korea, i would say there is a good logic behind the trump administration approach, which is to start with opening that channel to kim jong—un. their system is very different to ours, and kimjong—un, in particular, has shown inclination to move in a different direction. like south korea, when you open a channel to the top it gives you a window of opportunity. it looks like it's done upside down, but i actually think this is a good method, given the particularities of the north korean system. we know what the united states wants
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from this, the so—called denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. what does north korea want from this, just a lifting of sanctions, or do they want more, a full denuclearisation, which is the us leaving the peninsula as well? you know, i think it is important that we think of what the framework is. as you say, especially foramericans, denuclearisation is the be all and end all. i am in south korea, where i have been based for eight years. south koreans want the nuclear weapons given up as well. i would say they have a broaderframework. they are seeing recent developments in terms of a peace process between the two koreas and between north korea and the united states. when you talk about the framework of peace, normalisation, north korea becoming a normal prosperous east asian country that is more integrated in the region, then you have a common framework.
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denuclearisation is part of that. obviously it's the key test for the americans as to whether the north koreans are serious oi’ not. i think americans need to think about what is the basic framework, the paradigm, if you will, for what is happening. i would argue peace, normalisation, is a better overarching framework. denuclearisation comes as part of that. thank you very much. that is professor john delury in seoul. of the last few minutes mike pompeo has been at a press conference with the japanese foreign minister. —— in the japanese foreign minister. —— in the last few minutes. let us have a listen. yes, sure. ithink our the last few minutes. let us have a listen. yes, sure. i think our goal remains complete denuclearisation. i think the ffed as used by secretary pompeo is softer in sharing our goal of complete denuclearisation.
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obviously terms have historical context and this has been for north korea. we are sure that mr pompeo's engagement with the north koreans has been very clear on what complete denuclearisation means and how to get from here to complete denuclearisation, which means the complete dismantlement of the weapons, materials, the plans, this has very clearly set a goal for north korea and we expect them to deliver on this commitment to complete denuclearisation. on the has also raised this in two rounds of discussion with chairman kim... on this issue, after all, it is a bilateral issue. we also have a
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couple of our nationals detained in north korea. it is an issue that concerns us as north korea. it is an issue that concerns us as well. thank you.” think my two colleagues and had your first question very clearly. there is no difference. —— ansett. most important is what the north koreans understand. we had lengthy discussions about the scope of what com plete discussions about the scope of what complete demutualisation means of the past two days. they acknowledged that. as my colleagues have said, from material to enrichment, across the range of weapons and missiles, it isa the range of weapons and missiles, it is a broad definition of demutualisation and the north koreans understand that and have not challenged that. second, they also understand that the nuclear recession makes no sense without verification. they understand that. that is what president trump and chairman kim both agree to. foakes
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can try to passwords if they choose to do so. what is most important is what the north koreans understand and the demands was making a north korea that is unmistakable, the scope of what demutualisation means to be north koreans. i have been directly with them. second, i raise theissue directly with them. second, i raise the issue of the abduction of the japanese. i have done it in each conversation i have had with my north korean counterparts whether it was with chairman kim or with kim yong—chol, i have raced it repeatedly. i won't go into any of the details about particular parts of that element of our discussion, it is important to the united states as part of our discussions each and every time we interact with our north korean counterparts. other questions? the gentleman in front of the microphone, please. thank you very much for hosting this. i am david clark. i am following your
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toll yesterday, mr secretary dudley north greves issued a statement in which they describe your domains as gangster like and insisted that there be a series of political concessions hand—in—hand with the process of demutualisation, you have said that maximum pressure will continue until this de— neutralisation, as you define it, is complete, is there any scope for concessions on —— denuclearisation. will they have to accept that before you move towards sanctions relief, political settlement of the korean war, and so forth, the other domains they have will stop thank you. given what they said, how can you continue to believe they are negotiating in good faith. because they were and they did. pretty simple. people are going to make comments after meeting. if i paid attention to what
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the press said i would go nuts. i refuse to do that. i am determined to achieve the commitment president trump made and i am counting on chairman kim to be determined to follow through on the commitment that he made. and so if those requests were gangster like, the world is a gangster, because there was a unanimous decision at the un security council about what needs to be achieved. the second point, as we move forward we have been very clear, there were three parts of the agreement in the singapore summit, the establishment of peaceful relations between the countries, increase security assurances to north korea and its people, and finally, denuclearisation. each bowes needs to be completed in parallel —— each others. they need to be worked on simultaneously. there will be places where they will be things that take place along the way that help achieve the security assurances that the north koreans
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need and improvement in the peace for relations between our two countries, during the time that denuclearisation is taking place. but the economic sanctions are different kettle of fish altogether. the economic sanctions and the continued enforcement, so the world will see continued enforcement actions by the united states in the days and weeks ahead, and i am counting on those other countries that are with me here today and others around the world to enforce the sanctions as well. enforcement of those centres will continue until denuclearisation is complete. due to the time constraints i would like to make the next question the last one. hello. secretary pompeo, you mentioned how you saw progress in almost all central issues, however north korea stated that the united
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states had a unilateral position and it expressed regrets for that. secretary pompeo, you hire latent ffed. what reaction did north korea show to this? we believe there were also other discussions. regarding the nuclear stockpiles and a timeline to denuclearisation, how much achievement have you achieved? and finally, it did not —— you did not meet chairman kim jong—un this time around, is there any reason for that? with respect to progress, europe to their statements after the event. i was there for the event —— you referred to it. i know precisely what took place. when we talk to them about the scope of denuclearisation they did not push back. it wasn't my language, it was the language of chairman kim. he committed to complete
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demutualisation. the commitment that chairman kim made is important and powerful —— denuclearisation. he understands the commitment he made andi understands the commitment he made and i am hopeful we will find a path forward to the commitment chairman kim made to president trump and the world in that side agreement between our two leaders. with respect to the timeline, we talked about timeline a great deal during our conversations. there is still much work to do to establish what a precise timeline for the various events. we talked about it in the context of the continued investment of north korea to destroy their nuclear test site, they reaffirm that yesterday and told us it would happen at a time that was important. we told them important would be soon. i am hopeful that will take place soon. it will be an important event along we step towards denuclearisation, a good step towards fulfilling their goal. and yourfinal good step towards fulfilling their goal. and your final question was about the fact that i did not meet
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with chairman kim jong—un about the fact that i did not meet with chairman kimjong—un on about the fact that i did not meet with chairman kim jong—un on this trip, it was not anticipated that i would meet with him. we went there to meet with kim yong—chol and outings were together because of two days. we did just that. this concludes thejoint days. we did just that. this concludes the joint press conference. thank you very much... you have been watching a press conference held in tokyo, which is where mike pompeo, the us secretary of state, went to after meeting denuclearisation, one of kim jong—un's top generals in a pyongyang. it was meeting date with the japanese foreign minister —— meeting therewith. the lady in the middle was the south korean foreign minister they were talking their about what happened in the meeting. according to mike pompeo, all three of them are all in agreement about
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what denuclearisation of the korean peninsular actually means and mike pompeo took issue with the way the meeting with kim yong—chol has been reported, saying he was there himself and despite what the north koreans apparently said after he lacked, he says that there is understanding between the two parties about what denuclearisation means and what their commitments are on beauxis to achieving it. he also pointed out and added that sanctions will remain until denuclearisation is completed. the new deal with the european union. central london has been rocked by a series of terrorist attacks. police say there have been many casualties and there is growing speculation that al-qaeda was responsible. germany will be the hosts of the 2006 football world cup.
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they pipped the favourites south africa by a single vote. in south africa, the possibility of losing hadn't even been contemplated and celebration parties were cancelled. the man entered the palace through a downstairs window and made his way to the queen's private bedroom, then he asked her for a cigarette. and on the pretext of arranging for some to be brought, she summoned a footman on duty, who took the man away. one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. education is the only solution. applause this is bbc world news. our top story: north korea has said it might abandon plans to give up its nuclear technology if the united states
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continues to demand unilateral denuclearisation by pyongyang. in the last few hours, thai authorities have begun to clear the area around the flooded cave system in which 12 boys and their football coach have been trapped. the team were cut off when exploring the cave two weeks ago. rescuers are racing against time to try to get them out before more monsoon rains will flood the caves even further. our correspondent nick beake is at the site. it has just gone 7:00 in the morning here and we're being told we now need to clear this site. just a reminder — this is the entrance to the cave, and for the past two weeks while the boys have been trapped, this has been the site of so much activity. you've got troops based here, the police, volunteers, medical teams have been carrying out rehearsals for a rescue, what they do for real. also, the media have
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been based here too. so now, it's a big operation to get everyone cleared out. the big question — why are we being asked to move? we haven't been given any sort of clarification yet. however, the governor of this province said yesterday that within the next three or four days, it would be a perfect opportunity to try and stage a rescue. the boys are in relatively good health. we've had rain overnight, but before that, it has been dry and they have been managing to pump water out. so we are being moved from this site now and hopefully in the next hour or so, we'll get more information about what will be happening today. nick beake reporting there. russia out of the world cup after losing in the quarter—finals. russia out of the world cup after losing in the quarter-finals. let's
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get the latest details. chanting: football's coming home! for england fans, this is not how world cups usually pan out. unusual sensations. elation, joy and a growing confidence that something rather special may be happening. i have a dream, i have a dream. martin luther king once said that, but this is a bigger dream! most of the time, the england players have been more interested in their haircuts or their pop celebrity girlfriends or their new sports car than actually kicking the ball, but this time, it might be different and we dare to dream. that dream becoming ever more vivid once harry maguire put england ahead in the first half. just before the hour mark, it was 2—0. dele alli doing the honours. football isn't exactly coming homejust yet, but it may well be packing its bags. in many ways, russia have been the surprise package of this tournament.
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could their amazing run continue? russia! things certainly looked good when denis cheryshev put them ahead. but croatia soon equalised, andrej kramaric making it 1—1. into extra time, and domagoj vida put the croatians ahead. only for mario fernandes to keep russian dreams alive. but football can be cruel. a few minutes later, he missed a decisive penalty. ivan rakitic taking advantage. croatia advancing to the semifinals for the first time in 20 years. russia have been the perfect hosts. but for them, the party is over. tim allman, bbc news. we have more details on the denuclearisation policy on the korean peninsula. well, depending on whose version of events you care to believe, these talks were either productive
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or deeply regrettable. at that summit in singapore last month, the two sides reached an agreement, a tentative agreement, on the denuclearisation of the north, but it was vague and this meeting was intended to put some flesh on the bone, if you like. america sending its top diplomat, the us secretary of state, mike pompeo, all the way to pyongyang, but he failed to meet with the north korean leader, kim jong—un, and it doesn't appear that the two sides have reached an agreement on a timetable for north korea's denuclearisation. one major sticking point appears to be the us insistence on unilateral denuclearisation on the part of north korea. the north koreans have always said they favour a more step—by—step approach, one that involves concessions on the part of the us along the way. the us has said that is non—negotiable. but clearly, this is going to be a protractive process
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and one that will require commitment and patience on the part of the united states and we do know that perhaps patience isn't president trump's strongest attribute. injapan, at least 50 people are reported to have been killed and dozens are missing after floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains. a8,000 police, firefighters and members of japan's self—defence forces are responding to appeals for help. more than 1.5 million residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes. andrew plant has the latest. from a helicopter, as far as the eye can see, parts of japan are underwater. mass evacuations are now under way. whole families are being floated to safety, others left stranded and forced to wait on roofs for rescue. most of the damage is here, a few hundred miles west of tokyo, in japan's hiroshima prefecture. hit by high winds, rising river levels
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and what japan's meteorological agency has called unprecedented rainfall. translation: heavy rain will continue in the area from western to eastern japan. and it will be historic torrential rainfall, which could be the heaviest rain ever recorded. with roads cut off, the floodwaters have caused escape routes to crumble. whole stretches of road have collapsed. and here, a train has been derailed. with widespread landslides across the country, hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed. with more than 50 deaths now confirmed, often from people swept into this fast—moving floodwater, and dozens more are reported missing. more than a million people have now been ordered to leave their homes, another 3 million have been advised to do so, with emergency services working non—stop. in places from friday into saturday, more than half a metre of rain fell injust21i hours. and the misery is far from over.
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with more rain expected over the coming days, authorities have warned that the death toll will continue to rise. andrew plant, bbc news. let's just read what top story is. us secretary of state spent time with kim yong—chul, who was one of the top generals in north korea of the top generals in north korea of the top generals in north korea of the top aides of kim jong—un. they we re the top aides of kim jong—un. they were discussing denuclearisation of the korean peninsula, which president trump and kim jong il and met last month and discussed that. after mike pompeo left, there was strong criticism of the us, saying america was making too many demands and that america had displayed a reg retta ble and that america had displayed a regrettable attitude. what the north
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koreans said is that the trust between the two countries was facing a dangerous situation. mike pompeo, after leaving north korea, went to japan and tokyo, and in the last half—hour, there was a press conference which he held with the korean foreign minister and also the japanese foreign minister. they are all in agreement about what denuclearisation means. they have some agreement there and might pompeo said that denuclearisation is going to happen and that he was there and that he feels that the north korean by what it expected of them. the of disputing what the north koreans were saying. that is all the time for now. and give so much tojoining us. bye— bye. hello there.
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and the summer heatwave goes on. it was another hot, sunny, dry day on saturday. sunday looks like a similar day too. this was the picture taken on saturday afternoon by one of our weather watchers in cambridgeshire. you can see the fair weather cloud that's been bubbling up. i think it'll be fairly similar through sunday afternoon. a little bit of cloud here and there, but over the next few days, it is looking largely dry and for many of us, there'll be that strong sunshine around still. high pressure keeping things generally dry and settled. there is a weather front that's just sitting across the far north—west on sunday, so that will bring a bit more cloud and a few spots of rain, particularly to the far north—west of scotland. small chance of catching an isolated shower across southern scotland and northern england too. for the vast majority of us, another dry day ahead after that warm, muggy start. sunny spells, long spells of sunshine, particularly in the south, with a little bit more cloud further north, so temperatures not quite as hot across northern ireland and scotland as they will be across england and wales. so i think in the warmest spots, it'll be fairly similar what we had on saturday —
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up to around 30 or 31 degrees towards the south—east. further north and north—west, temperatures typically around about 22 to 2a across scotland and northern ireland. a little bit cooler in the far north and north—west. but it's also the british grand prix, of course, on sunday afternoon. similar conditions to this. we're going to be seeing lots of sunshine breaking through that cloud. it should stay dry at silverstone too, and temperatures up to around 28, possibly 29 degrees, so certainly feeling pretty hot for the drivers and the spectators alike at silverstone. now, into sunday afternoon and evening then, and we keep the cloud across parts of scotland and northern ireland for a time. clearer skies further south. we'll start to draw in a bit more of a northerly breeze across some northern and eastern coasts, so keeping temperatures down here, but again, it's a warm, muggy, sticky feel to the weather as we move through into the early hours of monday morning. so monday, another dry day. spot the difference, really. it will be a touch cooler around some eastern parts of scotland, eastern england too with the breeze coming in off the north sea. best of the sunshine further south and west and probably not quite as warm as it has been,
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but still we're looking at temperatures up to around 29 degrees. a little bit cooler further north. so, high pressure holds on through monday into tuesday. we have got a weak weather front that tends to fizzle out but what it will do is introduce some slightly fresher air that comes in from the north sea as we head through into tuesday. so not quite as hot as the weekend weather, i think. you'll see those temperatures dipping down for a time tuesday into wednesday, but it is going to be warming up and staying dry and sunny right through into the next weekend too. that's it for now. bye— bye. this is bbc world news. the headlines: north korea has announced that it may abandon plans to give up its nuclear technology if the united states continues to demand unilateral denuclearisation by pyongyang. a government spokesman said the stance taken by us negotiators was gangster—like. he said both sides should take steps at the same time. the 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have sent handwritten letters to their families, to reassure them
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that they are well. their football coach, who is with them, also sent a note apologising to their parents. the team were cut off when exploring the cave two weeks ago. at the football world cup, england and croatia have reached the semi—finals. england beat sweden 2—0. in the other game, the hosts — russia — went out to croatia 4—3 in a penalty shoot—out. england will play croatia on wednesday. the other semi—final will pit france against belgium. now on bbc news — click.
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