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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines at five: officials in thailand say four boys have been rescued from a flooded cave system and have been taken to a local hospital. the boys and their football coach have been trapped in the complex cave system for more than a fortnight and were found by rescue divers earlier this week. a team of 90 divers have helped the boys through a difficult part of the route. the rescue effort has been suspended until tomorrow. rescue teams in thailand say four out of the 12 boys trapped in a cave complex in the north of the country have been rescued. the boys and their coach have spent two weeks underground. a major rescue operation,
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involving a team of international divers and military personnel, will resume early on monday morning, local time. the complicated operation escorting each child through submerged and narrow caves didn't take as long as expected, but there will now be a gap of about ten hours as the rescue teams rest and preparations are made for the next phase. let's look back at the day's events now, with this report from simonjones. ambulances arrived at hospital, one of the first signs that hours into this operation the first boys have been rescued after being trapped for more than two weeks. these are rescuers emerging into the darkness, the first part of their mission accomplished. this had been named d—day by the authorities, who declared the boys and their coach were ready to move amid fears of rising waters, officials decided they could wait no longer. translation: i would like to inform the public and those giving
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us support all along, after 16 days, today is the day we have been waiting for, we are seeing the boys in the flesh now. the boys were said to be determined and focused, physically and mentally fit. expert divers guided them out through darkness and passageways towards the mouth of the cave. it involved a mixture of walking, wading, climbing and diving. their families agreed they should be moved as soon as possible. emergency vehicles showed progress had been made. the first group out quicker than expected. the operation is over for the day but will resume come daylight, relief the first boys have been rescued, tempered with the knowledge of challenges ahead. our correspondent, nick beake is at the hospital.
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take us through the sequence of events. it is late evening here in this part of northern thailand and the doctors and nurses have the responsibility of looking after these four boys, the first to be brought out as part of this extraordinary rescue operation. they we re extraordinary rescue operation. they were ready and primed and earlier this evening the first patient arrived. we saw an ambulance raced to this place, they went straight to the ambulance and then a second ambulance arrived and then we heard ambulance arrived and then we heard a helicopter overhead and then another helicopter and those boys we re another helicopter and those boys were brought into another entrance. we believe they have undergone checks this evening and they have a plan in place for basic checks. blood tests, you're in tests, look to see if they had picked up any infections in the water underground.
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it has been more than a fortnight that they have been trapped in this cave and how they would be plucked to safety looked extremely difficult indeed, but we know tonight four boys are here and they are being looked after. have the family 's been able to visit? that is something we do not know. certainly the families have been kept upto date with the latest information. the families have a 24/7 vigil at the site. we are not sure where the family members are tonight. you would imagine they were inside with the boys if they are able to see them. but just four of the 12 the boys if they are able to see them. butjust four of the 12 have been brought out so far, so potentially for four families this evening the most incredible sense of relief and joy, but for eight other families the wait continues. and the football coach still remains in there as well. i am looking at live
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pictures behind you with the traffic and like you say it is late. what is the local reaction around the hospital? what have they been saying about the story? people have been delighted because they appreciated just how difficult this rescue operation would be. the authorities have made that clear. they talked about the best time to try and launch this operation, to go for it at the best possible time when the rain was not falling heavily. the big fear was that monsoon season was on the way. there is a palpable sense of relief among the authorities, the police and security forces who have been involved in this, but also local people as well. they are not getting carried away. there was huge excitement last monday when the boys were found, but they know that only a third of the
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party that went into the cave two weeks ago have been brought to safety. i would describe the mood is cautious optimism, but they appreciate how difficult this is. some of the best cave divers in the world took 11 hours to get there and back. the fact they have been brought to safety in this way is extraordinary and in the coming days and weeks we will hear more about what has been a phenomenally complicated an unprecedented operation. nick, that the hospital where the first boys are being looked after. our correspondent dan johnson is in tham luang near the exit of the tunnel. somebody has described it as a war with water and time. they have at
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least been able to bring the first four out by this method of essentially teaching them to scuba—diving and then guiding them out through the water passages and to the entrance of the cave. a long journey and a complicated task. but there is proof now that it is possible and hopefully the rest will follow tomorrow. everything is quite down here, it is raining quite heavily. the rescue workers and the support team have left the site in the last hour or so. there is still a bit of movement, fresh equipment brought in. but they will renew the effort tomorrow when everyone has had a rest and is able to come back feeling fresh and is able to get on with the job of bringing the remaining eight boys and the coach out from that cave. everyone now is hopeful that it is possible because the first four are out and receiving treatment. i know it has been a busy day for you, but a bit of concern because we can see the rain coming
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down behind you. this really will affect rescue operations. what is the forecast? this is what the officials in charge of the rescue a lwa ys officials in charge of the rescue always beer, that it would start raining heavily and it would increase the water level in the cave, putting the boys at risk, because if the water level went any further they would run out of space to stay clear of the water. they said they had a window of weather in the last couple of days and that is why they chose today to start the rescue attempt. the man in charge of the operation said it was d—day, underlining how dangerous the mission is. but they at least have got started and he has made clear if the water levels start rising and there is a risk to the boys and the code in there, they have an emergency evacuation plan to move people out more quickly. if the rain does not affect the water level inside the cave to quickly, they
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will carry on at this steady pace, taking care, taking time, making sure it is done safely because it is such a complicated task and there is still a lot of risk and uncertainty associated with it. at least one man has lost his life during this rescue attempt, an experienced navy diver, and these boys do not have that benefit, they have only had the advice and the training they have been able to receive in the cave over the last few days of the international cave diving experts who have come here. those experts need to be back on seeing tomorrow, fresh and able to give this their full attention and determination to make sure the rest of the group get out safely. this is a huge operation internationally. the world has been watching the facebook page closely. we are talking about 90 divers involved from around the world. really summarise what is involved
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please. everyone has been impressed by the candid acceptance from thailand that it did not have the expertise needed to pull off this job. there are lots of navy people and soldiers and military personnel, but they have accepted the international help offered, the experts who came here to volunteer their expertise and experience to formulate an effective rescue plan and carry it out. we were alone over the next few days and weeks exactly how much this rescue attempt has relied on the experience of some really determined blokes in the main who do this, most of them, as their hobby. they go around the world trying to find the most difficult caves to dive and pulling off that job of getting to where they want to be deep in those caves. it is that experience. it is not a glamorous job, probably not the sort of hobby
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that people would think would be popular. it is a remarkable feat they are pulling off, but it is their experience and the close supervision they have been giving those boys to guide them out, with the skills, that will make this a success , the skills, that will make this a success, but everyone knows it is still a long way to go yet. dan johnson, thank you very much indeed. we have members from the us, thailand, china and europe all part of this rescue team operation. earlier i spoke to geoff crossley, a cave diving instructor. he was one of the divers who rescued two men from a cave in yorkshire in 1992. he told me that the rescue teams seemed to have done very well so far but there remained significant challenges ahead. it's absolutely wonderful news, but it is not over yet and you've got to be cautiously optimistic that when they
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go back and to resume the rescue operation things will continue to go well. in terms of conditions, are they very similar around the world once you get inside a cave where do they differ? they do differfrom country to country. i would say that from what i'm hearing from the thai operation they are actually quite similar to british conditions in that you get poor visibility and that there are small passages as well. the one good thing about the conditions over there is that it is warm. it certainly wouldn't be warm over here. that has been a big plus in helping to get the boys out. you rescued some people back in 1992. the team here, or rather the team in thailand, are having to rescue children. what would be your primary concern if you were part of that team? well, i think it was a very big team effort to rescue les and another caver
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roy dean at the time, and i think with children again your correspondent has said already that it is prioritising who is the weakest, and needs to go out first, who is confident probably. so it would be a case of putting them in the water probably with the equipment attached to them and giving the child room, not under the actual flooded part of the cave, but in the water where they are. and i think they would have worked all of that out and then split them into groups to decide who was going to be the best to take out first and then carry on from there and it appears that is what the case is, where they have now suspended operations, because it is a very stressful experience searching for missing persons in a flooded cave, and then when you find them after the initial euphoria,
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you realise that they're not actually rescued until they are all out. so, i would say they've obviously got a plan, they're sticking to that plan and will resume again tomorrow and hopefully it will continue to be successful. as a rescuer, what goes through your mind, what pressures are you under? you've also got to think about your own safety, to be honest. but it is as i have just said, it's a very stressful time when you are trying to get somebody out and you are trying to be positive all the time. you know there are serious dangers, so i think it is very much a case of focus on your own safety as well, but remain very, very positive for the casualty to give them the confidence to get out. what sort of warning signs are you looking for then? we know that the weakest boys were taken out first, but doesn't that increase the risk? what health signs are you keeping your eyes out for?
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that is difficult to say for me. i would be speculating there, really, regarding the health signs. certainly from my experience on the rescues that i've been involved with we would maintain, or we would try and maintain visual contact, eye contact by almost swimming backwards with the ones that we brought out. two divers per casualty, and just looking at the eyes, keeping them focused and watching for more signs of panic rather than medical issues. if the water got... i think it is quite shallow so that is a good thing. if the water is very deep then it does become more of an issue physiologically. that was the cave diving instructor who was speaking to me earlier. let's just remind our viewers, of our breaking story.
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four of the 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand have been brought out. a major operation involving international divers and elite members of the thai navy has been taking place to free the 12 boys and their football coach. they became stranded a fortnight ago when the tunnels became waterlogged by rain. british divers found the group sheltering on a rocky ledge around two—and—a—half miles from the mouth of the cave on monday. the vast cave network stretches 10km into the mountain and the flooded tunnel is one mile under water. the first boy was brought out of the cave at around midday our time and all of the four rescued boys are now being treated in hospital. they were initially taken to a field hospital close to the cave entrance. rescue efforts have been paused
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overnight to allow divers to prepare for the next mission. meanwhile, the rain that the rescue team had been dreading has arrived. amy sawitta lefevre is reuters' bangkok deputy bureau chief. she told me that the attention of the whole country was focused on the rescue mission. it is certainly one of the biggest stories in years for thailand, and it is a good news story so far. it is definitely a story that has brought this country together, a country that's been divided politically for many, many years. so, a big story, but also a good one. have you whilst you've been there or in your memory, can you remember any story which has involved this level of rescue and this level of cooperation internationally, and also there has been a lot of military involvement in this operation. involvement in this operation? i don't think we have seen anything on this scale for... well, in recent thai history, really. it's been a huge operation, 1,000 plus that volunteers,
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1,000 plus thai volunteers, that is just thai volunteers, and teams flying in from all over the world — britain, australia, the us, japan, to namejust a few. and the level of coordination involved over the past two weeks has been something that has been truly amazing. we have heard international teams commend the thais for their efforts and vice versa as well. i don't think the country has seen anything like thisbefore. seen anything like this before. so, what have the local press been saying, and how have they been covering this story? well, the coverage here has been pretty much blanket coverage, nonstop, and when you go out into the street whether it is here in the capital, bangkok or elsewhere, pretty much everyone in thailand has been talking about these boys. they have been talking about these boys ever since they were first trapped inside the cave, and of course when the two british divers found the boys last week, last monday,
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which was news that was met with huge, positive reaction, avalanche of goodwill on social media, so it is something that has really brought thais together at this time. i would just like to know, how big is the sport of caving in the country? well, it is fairly popular in parts of the country, but it is definitely not a national level sport. it is not something that many people do. cycling is perhaps one of the biggest sports in thailand, and of course these boys who went in were not expert cavers. they have been in the cave before during dry season, this is the first time they have gone in during rainy season, so they were not experts by any stretch of the imagination. the deputy bureau chief of reuters speaking to me earlier. earlier i spoke to lt colonel steve whitlock who was part of a 2004 rescue mission in one of the world's biggest cave systems in mexico city.
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it is good news that we are starting to see people come out of the cave, but it is not over until it's over. you go for a period of seeing success, but the rest isn't over until all of the people are out of the cave, including the rescuers. so there is a way to go yet, but it's really good news that we are starting to see people come through those difficult passages and get out of that cave, but i would caution people just to be a little bit careful because we've still got an awful lot of people that have got to come out of that cave, and obviously we have still yet to see the remaining members of the team to come through. ok, so you have been part of a rescue team as i said earlier that took place in mexico city. how closely does that event resemble what we are seeing now in thailand? in some ways it is very similar. so, we rescued a group of six cavers from a similar situation. the big difference was that it was part of a contingency plan.
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although it was a rescue, we were aware that that cave flooded, we had a data logger in that particular cave for three years before we actually went in there, and we knew it flooded to the roof, so we had a camp already set up in case of emergency. we had lines laid to allow those people to come out through that cave, and we also had rick and another diver on standby in the uk should that happen, so the difference was we were slightly more prepared because we knew that particular cave flooded. i mean, there are so many teams from around the world involved in this. are the... i don't want to say that, but in terms of cave diving, where do you go first for expertise? well, the obvious answer for me was rick stanton. and we knew that nearly 14 years ago, and the situation has not really changed. there are some really good
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cave divers all over the world, but it is a quite close—knit community. and is there a number where you can dialfor a cave dive rescue? probably not. so, it is an interesting thought, but if you were caving at the level that we certainly were in mexico, there were enough members of my team that understood who to ring, and obviously we had arranged that before hand. we're hearing a lot about a diving plan. what is involved in one of those, can you just take us through? obviously you need to know the cave in detail and rick would have done that when he first moved in to find the members of the team, but you would need to find how long you are submerged, how complex that cave system is and we have seen a lot on the news about how tight it was and how difficult it was, and that would have been a big part of the plan. can you move people in there?
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and of course the other thing you've got to consider is the safety of the rescuer, because if you are moving somebody through an environment like that who's not used to it, then it is as dangerous for the rescuer as it is for the person being rescued, particularly if that person starts to panic, loses the line or even worse gets everybody disorientated, so all that needs to be considered and you need to train for it. we trained on the far side of the sun. i haven't trained members of the team that i had before we went to mexico, and those people that were trapped, but before we dived them through we trained them in the cave in water to make sure that we understood how they reacted before we even considered bringing them out using diving. earlier i spoke to andy eavis, who's the former head of the british cave diving association.
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he told me he was very encouraged by how the mission had gone so far. it is wonderful they have got four out safely and it suggests with a great deal of luck and not too much rain that they can get the other nine out, so fingers crossed. the great moment last week was actually getting through and finding the boys and finding all 13 of them alive, that was a wonderful moment. the second wonderful moment was getting the first of them out intact and looking pretty good. in between u nfortu nately looking pretty good. in between unfortunately there was this dreadful disaster of the tide diver dying and it just dreadful disaster of the tide diver dying and itjust underlines the danger that there is with this type of operation. the cave divers do realise this situation and they will
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be very careful and cool and calm and collected. you were asking earlier what they will be doing in this period, they will be resting. i hope they will get as much rest as they possibly can to enable them to go back in and perform their operation, both safely for themselves and safely for the people they are rescuing. andy eve this, the former head of the british caving association. andy eve this, the former head of the british caving association. (tx sot) to remind you, four of the boys who have been trapped in the caving system in northern thailand have been brought out and they have been transferred to a local hospital for treatment. the rescue operation has been put on hold for ten hours to allow the rescue team to rest and prepare before they resume the operation tomorrow morning at 8am local time. stay with us, you are watching bbc news. now it is time for a look at the
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weather. if you think the weather is either too hot or too dry, we will briefly address one of those in the week ahead, it will briefly be cooler, but it will be warming up again. plenty of warm, hot sunshine in england and wales today, but in scotla nd in england and wales today, but in scotland and northern ireland we have seen more cloud coming in. thicker cloud in northern scotland and it has been cooler and it could have been a bit of light rain or drizzle. it is mainly dry this evening and overnight and cloud increasing across eastern parts overnight. could get some drizzle in eastern scotland and north—east england. a little cooler in scotland and northern england compared to last night, but just and northern england compared to last night, butjust as warm across england and wales. high pressure is
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in control on monday, but this week whether france will of the weather as it brings cooler air southwards. there will be a bit more cloud around during monday, but still some warm and sunny spells to be had. most warm and sunny spells to be had. m ost pla ces warm and sunny spells to be had. most places are looking bright and in terms of the temperature it will feel cooler for many, particularly in south—east scotland and north—east england, but the warmth is still there in southern england, south wales, the west midlands where temperatures will get up into the upper 20s and near 30 once again. but even here on tuesday things will turn a bit cooler. at wimbledon we will see more cloud than we have had over the weekend, but it will still feel very warm to hot in that sunshine with temperatures in the near 30. the cooler air completes
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its journey southwards on tuesday and it makes the north sea coast particularly cooler for a time before all parts c warmer weather spreading up from the south later in the week. this is how the week's weather is shaping up. if you want something cooler, it does not last very long. a lot of sunny, dry weather. warming up for the south again later in the week. hello this is bbc news with the headlines. four of the boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have been rescued and taken to a local hospital. the boys and their football coach have been trapped in the complex cave system for 2 weeks, and were found by rescue divers earlier this week. a team of 90 divers helped the children through a difficult part of the route. the rescue effort has been
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suspended until tomorrow. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's tim hague. hello, thank you very much indeed. a lot of sport this afternoon for us to update you on. sebastian that'll has extended his lead at the top of the formula 1 drivers championship after winning a dramatic british grand prix. the defending world champion far back to finish second after suffering a collision on the first lap. kinnear is third, and he slid round out a fascinating race for us. —— andy swift round out. lewis hamilton and 140,000 fans hoping for history. from pole position his chances of a record sixth win here were soon since spending. a sluggish start, a
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collision and in the blink of an eye hamilton was down to 18th, his race seemingly over. but boldly, brilliantly he surged through the field and back into contention before more twist, to crashes and dropping the race thankfully all drivers unhurt. the resulting shake—up produced some finish. sebastian that'll taking the lead before lewis hamilton also went past up before lewis hamilton also went past up to second place, but he cannot quite catch sebastian. the germans taking the chequered flag ahead of his title run. what drama these fans have seen and what a fight back from lewis hamilton, but his hopes of a record win here have agonisingly endedin record win here have agonisingly ended in frustration. this is the greatest crowd and i'm sorry i was not able to bring it home for you today but thank you so much for your support. interview guides that helped me get through today so we ta ke helped me get through today so we take it on the chin and keep pushing hard. believe me, iwill not take it on the chin and keep pushing hard. believe me, i will not give up. sebastian now leads the championship by eight points on a day with hamilton's champagne moment did not materialise. andy swift, bbc
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news, silverstone. staying with more sport that is to bring you because northern irish racer died in a crash in dublin. he was taking part in practice when the crash happened, more tragedy for his family as his father robert and uncle joey also lost their lives in motorcycle races in 2008 and 2000 respectively. world champion peter one stage two of the tour de france and that the leaders yellow jersey also overnight leader fernando and a number of others were involved in a high—speed crash very late on in the stage which is around 15 others avoided. chris froome dentist safely. —— finished safety stop —— finished safely. dentist safely. —— finished safety stop -- finished safely. after falling off he enjoyed a more
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leisurely chatty sunday right. it was a lonelier loop for this man out front on his own for most of the afternoon, but he found friends eventually. behind the sprinters had a warm—up forthe eventually. behind the sprinters had a warm—up for the finish with world champion peter taking some bonus points in the intermediate sprint before adam yates the french asphalt still had some british skin again. as he picked himself up most of the sprinters fell over, this crash two km from the finish, andy fernando chances of keeping hold of the leader's yellow jersey. chances of keeping hold of the leader's yellowjersey. that will fit instead on the shoulders of peter who now sprinted the handful of riders left to take his mind tour de france stage of riders left to take his mind tour de other stage of riders left to take his mind tour de other hands to count them. the the other hands to count them. the tour de france. well end up and running at the moment. india had just beaten england in the third deciding t—20 match in bristol. india won the toss and chose to field. england gave... 199 for victory. a decent total will stop
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england's bowlers made inroads into ink to leave india's batting, little tubes prevent him smashing the ball all over the place. —— little to prevent. he made a century and another hippie inning runs —— winning runs. —— hit the winning runs. two russian now and the dust has settled on those nose dripping to the finals and now we begin to look forward to the semis. her member it is france against belgium on tuesday and england versus croatia on wednesday in moscow. it does not get much bigger than this, does not get much bigger than this, does it? the finals a bit bigger, dare we look that far ahead. many thanks ended. as many think indy. welcome to another beautiful evening in moscow, a couple of rest days for those four teens, all boils down to those four teens, all boils down to those four teens still at the world cup. england are resting up at their
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team training camp outside saint petersburg. all back safe and sound, all given petersburg. all back safe and sound, allgivena petersburg. all back safe and sound, all given a day off after those exertions against sweden, not as dramatic as that penalty shoot out against columbia, a very businesslike performance from england. it was great to see, wasn't it? from the team training camp here is our sports correspondent. he is the orchestrator of england's very on russian 0dyssey the orchestrator of england's very on russian odyssey and with gareth southgate calling the tune, a tone has been set, the players dancing to his beat and nations starting to believe that football may well be coming home. we have to be here for another week, so it is up to us now which games we play in and so plowed up which games we play in and so plowed up —— so proud of what all the players and staff have done. up —— so proud of what all the players and staff have donem up —— so proud of what all the players and staff have done. it this quy players and staff have done. it this guy really is the limit for this young squad than the aerial route appears they're most likely way of
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reaching it. harry maguire the latest £2 from a set piece. and another thing this victory was confirmed when dele alli also put his head to find use and lets the borders where ever they were 38 scenes that are fast becoming a theme of the summer —— let supporters. this is amazing. so exciting. we have not done it for so blanco this is good. i cannot believe it. is the best thing i've ever witnessed and i've been following this country all over the world. i love them. england were however indebted tojordan pickford and the keeper could again proved crucial against croatia in the last four. respect him absolutely, fear them not because i feel as if this england team are on a roll and long may that continue. the happy camp return to base overnight. their journey however however goes on, next stop moscow and the opportunity ofa next stop moscow and the opportunity of a lifetime. it certainly is
5:36 pm
generations of england players that have never had this opportunity. justin looking through the streets of moscow really, not too many england fans yet, it is a fair old check up from samarra but you sent i'm sure a lot of back home will be trying to get here just to be in this city and the historic match on wednesday night. there's definitely going to be a few of them in moscow, thatis going to be a few of them in moscow, that is for sure. that is england, what about their opponents croatia? they came through their second penalty shoot out late last night against the russians. they must be absolutely drained after 120 minutes, two penalty shoot out, first against the danes and knocking out the host. they have actually moved into moscow a lot earlier than anticipated, straight from sochi where they beat the host. we will be hearing from their coats a little bit later this evening so they have an extra day to recover in moscow. no more troubles for them. the galatians are in position. they cannot play as badly as they did in that first half against the russians
5:37 pm
—— the croatians are in position. luka modric looked like a little boy lost sons or england will be wary of those croatian talents, but as alan was saying, england is alternately ona was saying, england is alternately on a roll now. they are indeed. 0lley foster our correspondent in moscow. thank you indeed. sad news as former tottenham striker alan has died at the age of 79. scottish international had been diagnosed with a rain tumour a few weeks ago. he was known as the king of white hart lane during his 10—year spell in north london, scoring 133 goals. they want forjoe pease including the belief that uefa cup in 1973. —— they want for trophies. including that uefa cup in 1973. scotland's russell knox has won the irish opener after beating ryan fox in a playoff. they were tied at 14 under par after their final round in playoff. they were tied at 14 under par after theirfinal round in both managed to get to the green into on the playoff hole but knox produced
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that really it putt to denver for a birdie. the pressure was been on fox to do the same and he missed —— was been on fox, by the smallest of margins giving knocks his third european tour wins. congratulations to him. that is all the score for 110w. to him. that is all the score for now. more throughout the evening. let's bring you some other news this hour. parts of western japan already hit by deadly floods and landslides are facing more downpours this week. more than 60 people have been confirmed dead —— and dozens are missing after record rainfall caused rivers to burst their banks in hiroshima and other areas. two million people have been ordered to leave their homes. here, the environment secretary michael gove has defended it is immersed the foreign secretary
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criticised the plan with some rather colourful language. and suggested that the deal fall short of what most brexiteers wanted. but michael gove said it's important to be realistic although he also said britain should be prepared to walk away next march if agreement cannot be reached with the eu. two days since ministers gathered. in the bucking countryside they managed to reach a deal. with more battles ahead theresa may call for collective responsibility and who best to display that? with more battles ahead, theresa may called for collective responsibility and who best to display that than one of the most ardent brexiteers in the cabinet? he admitted it was not everything he'd hoped for. i'm a realist and one of the things about politics is that you mustn't, you shouldn't make the perfect the enemy of the good. and one of the things about this compromise is that it unites the cabinet.
5:40 pm
everyone before friday wanted to ensure that coming out of chequers was an agreement which honoured the referendum result, and this absolutely does that, and could also command the support of people across the country. in public, ministers are on message. but on friday, it is understood the foreign secretary accused theresa may of asking them "to polish a turd". an ally of borisjohnson said he needed to stay in the cabinet to make the arguments for brexiteers. and while most eurosceptic backbenchers will wait for more detail in the coming days, some are not holding back. i can't support this deal. the offer is so bad that i wouldn't be supporting it if the european union were paying us. if she sticks with this deal, i will have no confidence in it and if the prime minister sticks with this deal, i will have no confidence in her. some businesses, though, think the plan is not soft enough. bosses at more than 100 companies including innocent drinks, waterstones and zoopla, say it is unworkable. they would prefer a more formal customs union and labour's brexit spokesman agrees. i'm afraid it's got fudge written all over it. if you look at the facilitated customs arrangement, the sort of heart of this, it is a rebadging of the partnership and it's based on the idea that
5:41 pm
at the border, you can distinguish between goods that are going to stay in the uk and those going to the eu. it is unworkable. it's a bureaucratic nightmare. with the country basking in the summer sunshine, there's a need for cool heads. this week will provide more stern tests as westminster and brussels digest the chequers deal. from all sides, theresa may continues to feel the heat. peter saul, bbc news. i'm joined now by our chief political correspondent, vicki young. talk about feeling the heat there, it is going to be more heat tomorrow for theresa may? i think so. she will obviously be pleased that that cabinet meeting friday she managed to get her cabinet, albeit some of them extremely reluctantly to fall into line. they went into that meeting with seven or eight not happy about what she's proposing, but she has managed to get them to stay yes, we will back what you are suggesting. partly because the
5:42 pm
parliamentary arithmetic is against them, there is no majority in parliament for a harder, cleaner brexit, the breaking away from the un ina brexit, the breaking away from the un in a more direct way, so it was interesting listening to michael gove today that it's significant he's on side because he of course was one of the faces of the leave campaign alongside boris johnson, was one of the faces of the leave campaign alongside borisjohnson, so the fact that he's decided he will accept this even though it is not exactly what he wanted, she will hope that will persuade a lot of those other conservative mps so she has a meeting tomorrow evening in parliament where she will address these conservatives and hope to win them over as well and later in the week this white paper, this big document it will draw up which will have all the detail in it that will also be a crucial moment and of course there is still the danger for her because there are some and at the moment isjust her because there are some and at the moment is just a her because there are some and at the moment isjust a handful, who are saying they will be prepared to oust her from the leadership because they don't agree with this. but at they don't agree with this. but at the moment that view is not white
5:43 pm
bread. what are europe, the eu waiting for? the white paper before they comment? yes, i think that is they comment? yes, i think that is the thing. i think the best theresa may could hope for was for it not to be dismissed out of hand so i think michel barnier that you putt to the negotiator did say he was ready and waiting to look at the details —— the eu's chief negotiator. that was a step in the right direction but they want to see it written down in they want to see it written down in the white paper. don't forget theresa may last week went to see the prime minister of the netherlands, so she is clearly trying to sell this abroad, she also saw angela merkel, so she is hoping that those countries might say to the european commission come on, we have to be flexible now. there has been criticism we heard from labour as well that it seems to be the uk's making all the compromises. is that you willing now to be flexible at all and what they can offer the uk printed —— particularly on things like freedom of movement —— is that you willing to be more flexible? how
5:44 pm
likely is it that her team was casual listen to her and there'll be an end to public dissent? so far so good? yes, but it is very early days. i think we have to wait and see but i think she's made it very clear if they step out of line she has left herself no option now, but she would have to sack cabinet minister who came out and said it was critical publicly, so i think thatis was critical publicly, so i think that is what she has done, but it does mean if someone does speak out she had to act also. it will be interesting, isn't it. thank you very much indeed. donald trump's visit to the uk this week will put "unquestionable pressure" on forces, according to the police federation. the us president will spend time in london, chequers and windsor during the 2—day working visit. thousands are expected to protest and forces from across the country have been asked to send officers to assist. the home office said other forces can be "recompensed by the hosting force". so the summer is always busy. a presidential visit will always be busy. the world cup will always give more of a need for police.
5:45 pm
and then salisbury and other incidents around the country. what we have got is a perfect storm that uk policing is struggling to cope with because of all the cuts we've had to endure. a british teenager has died in ibiza. the 19—year—old was pulled from a pool in the early hours of sunday morning, it is understood. the foreign office has said it is providing assistance to the family of a british man who died on 8july in ibiza, and are in contact with the spanish authorities. the headlines on bbc news: the home secretary, sajid javid, has visited the wiltshire town of amesbury, a week after 2 people fell critically ill after coming into contact with novichok. after meeting emergency workers and local residents —— he sought to reassure people that the risk to the wider public was low. i want to say to anyone that is listening now, this is a beautiful pa rt listening now, this is a beautiful part of the country to visit, so if
5:46 pm
you want a good day out why not come down and show your support and at the same time as having fun with yourfamily. it the same time as having fun with your family. it is the same time as having fun with yourfamily. it is a the same time as having fun with your family. it is a lovely part of the country to visit. also, i want to ta ke the country to visit. also, i want to take the opportunity to say to everyone, but especially local people, that the risk to the public remains very low, that is the clear advice of public health england, it is the clear advice of sally davies, the chief medical officer, and finally of course for all of us i think our thoughts are with the man and the woman that are impacted by this latest incident who are still in hospital, still in critical condition and we are thinking of them and of course their family and theirfriends. 0ur news correspondent katy austin is in amesbury. that is right. the cordon here is just metres we think from charlie rowley‘s house. he cannot actually see the property from here but we believe it is below that how fees there and today we have seen a number of emergency service personnel coming in and out carrying
5:47 pm
various bits of kit. you can see there are fire personnel, ambulance and among those who will be investigating and some of what happened caring in n 0ut appears to be protective clothing. this is one of the number of sites that they are investigating as they try and figure out how dawn sturges and charlie rowley ca m e out how dawn sturges and charlie rowley came to be poisoned. there are four other cordons across amesbury and salisbury, one in amesbury and salisbury, one in amesbury is a local group, also the local baptist centre. in salisbury the area around the hostel where dawn sturges was living at the moment that remains cordoned off with a number of tents as please carry out theirforensic investigations. there's also the queen elizabeth park also near salisbury city centre. all of this is about trying to establish the movements of the couple before they became hospitalized and whether there is any inclement that can be found eating a clue as to how they became poisoned with what size a job and repeated today with the exact same novichok agent we believe was used in the poisoning of the
5:48 pm
skripals back in march. he was... today was very much about trying to reassure people, repeating advice regarding her from reassure people, repeating advice regarding herfrom health officials about the risk to the public being very low, although as i say he did say he thought it was the same novichok used on the skripals. he did not directly draw a link between the two incidents. instead saying that with the police's working hypothesis and insisting they need to be given more time to carry out the kind of work that we have seen here going on today. we believe there are about 100 counterterrorism officers working on this investigation, as well as the police and the home secretary was keen to praise their work. he also spoke to a couple of local businesses trying to reassure them and asking about support they had received. he also spoke to a couple of local residents although others said they was yet open to more local residents. 0n the topic of locals as well we have heard there'll be a meeting tuesday evening at 7pm in amesbury where businesses and people who live nearby can question local and
5:49 pm
national people who are running the investigation to get updates for them, but really update at the moment very few and far between. all we know at the moment is a very thorough investigation is going on about tracing movements of the couple before they became ill and there is still —— they're still in critical condition in hospital. the only other update we have heard todayis only other update we have heard today is the police officer who we know had hospital treatment as a precaution, they are now fine and it is not believed they have been poisoned in this case. thank you for that. north korea has issued strong criticism of the us — just hours after the secretary of state, mike pompeo, left pyongyang after 2 days of talks. the foreign ministry says america made too many demands —— and that it had displayed a regrettable attitude. the north korean statement says trust between the two countries was at risk of breaking down. the statement also accuses mr pompeo of insisting on unilateral denuclearisation — which it says is against the spirit of the summit. but speaking in tokyo
5:50 pm
after talks with his japanese and south korean counterparts, mr pompeo said he was encouraged by the progress made during his recent 2—day visit to north korea. we had lengthy discussions about the scope of what complete denuclearization means over the past two days. they acknowledged that this is broad, this is as my two colleagues have said from weapons systems to the physical materials, the production facilities, enrichment facilities, across the range of weapons and missiles, it is a broad definition of denuclearization and north koreans understand that. and have not challenged that. second, they also understand that denuclearization makes no sense, absolute verification. -- absent of verification. they acknowledge that as well. there will be a verification connected to the complete denuclearization, that is what president trump and chairman kim both agree to, and so people can try to park towards should they choose to do so,
5:51 pm
but the most important —— part words. is what the north koreans understand and the demands that the world is making of north korea and that can be unmistakable, the scope of what denuclearization means to the north koreans. i've been very clear with them. there are warnings that organised criminal gangs are using increasingly dangerous ways to smuggle migrants across the channel into the uk via kent, including so called "coffin hides" on board lorries. the national crime agency also says that there is evidence that a small minority of eastern european lorry drivers are complicit with the gangs in people smuggling. lynda hardy reports. ever since the so—called calais jungle camp was closed down numbers of migrants in calais trying to cross the channel into kent have fallen. but attempts from elsewhere in france and europe continue and the national crime agency is warning people smuggling by organised criminals is an increasingly lucrative industry, with lorry drivers being offered a minimum of £2000
5:52 pm
per migrant to hide them in the backs of their trucks. we have seen some evidence of drivers from eastern europe who have been prepared to act on behalf of the organised crime groups. let's not forget in order for the organised crime groups to be successful they must have access to complicit lorry drivers to be able to move people across the channel to the uk. the freight transport association says it is hugely concerned that criminal gangs are turning to more dangerous methods of smuggling people into the uk. we have seen what we would describe as coffin concealment, tiny areas within vehicles in which to hide and secrete people, and that includes women and children as well as men. working tirelessly to stop people breaking into britain as they are trying to do is always a battle. what we do know is the numbers of people breaking into britain through dover from calais has been falling ever since the jungle was dismantled, so we need to keep
5:53 pm
up the battle and keep vigilant. something the national crime agency says it is focused on, disrupting one of the biggest organised crime threats to the uk. the bumper weekend of sport continued today with the british grand prix at silverstone. sebastian vettel won the race in a ferrari but britain's lewis hamilton recovered from a crash on the opening lap to finish second in his mercedes. hamilton's achievements have spurred on the next generation of wannabe f1 drivers. at the age of 7, friends, rudra and laith hope to become the future faces of the sport. shabnam mahmood has been to north wales to meet the young kart racers. showing off their driving skills. at just seven years old they regularly
5:54 pm
compete in go kart racing across the country. when you sit in the cart and you move it you can actually feel the blood running through yourself, and you can feel your heart beating faster and faster. and whenever that happens it cannot be matched with cricket and football or any other sport there is. it feels like you are basically in a private jet, it goes really fast. but you are the pilot. is their youth, they show a fearless attitude and raise up show a fearless attitude and raise up to speed of 60 mph. show a fearless attitude and raise up to speed of 60 mphlj show a fearless attitude and raise up to speed of 60 mph. i have roughly 19 trophies. up to speed of 60 mph. i have roughly 19 trophieslj up to speed of 60 mph. i have roughly 19 trophies. i don't feel scared, i feel brave, like roughly 19 trophies. i don't feel scared, ifeel brave, like i roughly 19 trophies. i don't feel scared, i feel brave, like i feel like i can go flat out on a turn. go carting is often how future motorsports champions like lewis hamilton start out. but it is not cheap. with families are spending a lot of money on their children's
5:55 pm
training. if you are winning a championship i would say up to 15,000 a year, maybe a touch more. motor racing is not traditionally a career that most parents encourage their children to get into, but at this particular go carting cloud that seems to be changing. this year we have 80 children, tunisians —— asians in the championship, the first year we have had asian children in it and it would be great to see it grow and more asian children tojoin to see it grow and more asian children to join us to see it grow and more asian children tojoin us in to see it grow and more asian children to join us in future years. these to british asian boys, one pakistani and one indian are keen to become formula 1 champions and they hope other asian children will follow in their tracks. if you are scared of motorsports then racing is not a sport for you. now it's time for a look at the weather with sarah keith lucas. good evening, our midsummer heat
5:56 pm
wave continues. another hot and sunny day, many parts of the country seeing temperatures above 30 degrees again. a scene taken by a weather watcher in st ives, beautiful day there but heading to the beach. a bit cooler around the coast with sea breeze is but a hot day in land, the satellite showing where we've had a bit of patty fairweather cumulus cloud bubbling up of the intensity of the heat and we have a good work—out as well through the rest of this evening and tonight across parts of scotland into northern ireland as well. also a little more cloud starting to filter down the east coast as well. and the slightly cooler field to the weather so temperatures are about 12 degrees per seven aberdeen but upwards other and parts of western parts of england and wales overnight temperatures at about 18 celsius so another warm, sticky, humid temperatures at about 18 celsius so anotherwarm, sticky, humid night ahead. monday very much still high—pressure, but we have this weather front here which will be introducing some slightly cooler conditions so it is that cold front thinking felt it will not be as hot as it has been particularly for
5:57 pm
eastern scotland and the northeast of england as well, cloudier and the wind is coming from and are here. elsewhere still another hot, dry day to come and i think the hottest of the weather monday will be for southern and western parts of england and into wales. you can see the red colours on the map here, not quite as hot as it has been towards the north and northeast. temperatures to quickly around 18 in aberdeen, 20 in belfast, 17 in newcastle, down toward london and cardiff still looking at 28, 29, possibly 30 degrees and of course the championships continue at wimbledon. it is set to be another dry day, conditions of it like this and it will be more cloud i think than we have seen recently. still spells of sunshine breaking through the crowd and top temperatures another hot day around 20 degrees or so. high pressure stays in charge of the weather through tuesday and on into wednesday as well, but we will be just drawing into wednesday as well, but we will bejust drawing in into wednesday as well, but we will be just drawing in that slightly cooler air coming around that area of high pressure and spilling in from the north sea. i think through the course of the week a bit of a
5:58 pm
rest bite if you're not a fan of a very high temperature it will be slightly cooler for a time, cool air spinning slightly south, lots of sunshine and mainly dry as well. 0ut of that slightly cooler through tuesday onto wednesday things will warm up again as tuesday onto wednesday things will warm up again as we tuesday onto wednesday things will warm up again as we look towards the weekend. goodbye for now. this is bbc news, our top stories: officials in thailand say four boys have been rescued from a flooded cave system and have been taken to a local hospital. translation: today is the day we have been waiting for, we are seeing the boys in the flesh now. the boys and their football coach have been trapped in the complex cave system for more than a fortnight and were found by rescue divers earlier this week. a team of 90 divers helped the boys through a difficult part of the route. the rescue effort has been suspended until tomorrow. this is the entrance to the cave in
5:59 pm
northern ireland and that is where five hours ago ambulances started leaving with the first
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