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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 10, 2018 10:45pm-11:00pm BST

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and with the plunge straight and with the daily telegraph front page. yes, trumpet saying britain is a country in turmoil. what could given that idea? he's been talking to borisjohnson. what you would expect a regular us president to do ahead of a visit to nato in brussels, and here is he saying that he is looking forward to reestablishing acquaintances with the closest ally, rekindling the special relationship. britain is on the verge of becoming a great free global mission again, and i can't wait to talk to theresa may and see what's going on and have tea with the queen. he was a populist self before leaving for europe, saying he doesn't know what is happening with britain, who knows if theresa may will survive? but i like boris johnson! i'm looking forward to looking up with him. and the reason he is saying very nice things about him is that the only reason he would not visit new york is that he might
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bump into trump, and there were genuine concerns that donald trump may become president. borisjohnson has not been consistent for very long, and figure out which way the wind was blowing and fashioned himself as a trump fan —— a trumpet. saying sadiq khan was ridiculous for allowing that blimp to float. when trump was criticising sadiq khan's discussion on london and security, what is he doing? he sees the wit the wind is blowing, and lacks the notion of himself as a trump style this proctor. her member when he asked what trump would be like if he launched brexit? i believe you should always treat people that we wa nt should always treat people that we want to be treated. and the present ofa want to be treated. and the present of a country should always do. especially if you are a special ally, there are so many bonds between us. although i think this is a good lesson the britain that they can rely on some sort of special
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relationship, we still share a lot of intelligence behind the scenes, which is good stuff. where still two nations divided by corporate interests. how would you like it if the prime minister of britain or any other world leader started commenting on how his domestic situation is? he would love that. —— loathe it. he's not treating others the way he wants to be treated. this huge blow—up balloon of trump with a “appy huge blow—up balloon of trump with a nappy beyond, how would we like it if trump put over washington... the queen ina if trump put over washington... the queen in a nappy? how would we take a? it's about time that these leaders corrupt, because it's not setting examples that i wish they were. and what concerns me about this is that it feeds into the rhetoric and prejudice that breaks it has becoming. it's a populist
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movement, you're getting sectarian views, prejudice, common sense is going straight out the window, and wind sites go to war, the this is nothing of the kind. this piece is about how the person who is supposed to be kindling our close relationship is actually not a trustworthy. he loves saying things off—the—cuff, doesn't care whether. .. we are off—the—cuff, doesn't care whether... we are talking about trump, not boris. we are confusing the two of them. plenty of time, quys the two of them. plenty of time, guys and. plenty of time for this. but what is funny about this is that trump says, of all the meetings... but what is funny about this is that trump says, of all the meetings..i putin might be the easiest of them all". if you are an enemy of the values which i hope we all hold in
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this table tonight, if you are an enemy of those values, you love your enemies to be falling out, divide and rule. putin must think it is just christmas day cybele if he believes in christmas day. here's a nice picture of harry kane there. with an upside down blue chicken. nice picture of harry kane there. with an upside down blue chickenm was like a team bonding session. we will draw a veil over that. tories draw battle lines over may's graczyk plan. i'm quite despondent, because ithink... my plan. i'm quite despondent, because i think... my glass is always half—full, and i for the best. but my problem is that if two years ago, this country, this fabulous nation, we are a fabulous nation, if we had come together and said that we're leaving, let's sort this all out
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privately and in a sickly. and if the establishment and leaders of this country has basically sabotaged the will of the people. but nevertheless given the time, they had said we will now do the best for the country. then when theresa may we nt the country. then when theresa may went to david davis or whoever it was, they went to michel barnier, michel barnier knew he was up a unified country. today, we would have a deal which respected things in my view personally, things like eu citizens being able to stay here, things like a degree of control of borders. but making clear immigration is a big thing. in other words, trying to get a decent deal. instead what has happened is the establishment hated it, so they have sabotaged it. michel barnier has said that he doesn't need to do anything, he just keeps saying no and watch the remainders ruinous. but you have the brexiteers inside the tory party, i expected them to squabble, but i did not expect a
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foreign secretary to behave like this. if i was theresa may, i would have sacked borisjohnson a long time ago. but where he is right, and i hate to say this because i think he has behaved despicably, but where he has behaved despicably, but where he is right is when he says that the deal was on the table to make us a colleague of europe. to pay £39 billion to have no say in your future, to be subservient to a load of unelectable and unaccountable people... by the way, it's not what remainders voted for, but along. you don't know what i voted. you point your finger at don't know what i voted. you point yourfinger at a don't know what i voted. you point your finger at a number of targets, including the remainders and michel barnier, but right when he mentioned borisjohnson, he's a member of the elite, michael gove, jacob rees—mogg, all these people, a
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former cabinet members, senior members of the tory party. their brexiteers who can agree among themselves. there is a huge amount of pressure after the referendum result came in. theresa may became a leader of the party to get away —— along with immediately. she waited 7-8 along with immediately. she waited 7—8 months before triggering article 50? she should have triggered it immediately. we are agreeing on that. on that? can you blame the remainders? delay, obfuscation, sabotage, making sure that brussels are looking to divide... is a vibrant democracy, we need to establish what of brexit the country wanted. it was 52—48, not a landslide or a zero—sum game. if you wa nt landslide or a zero—sum game. if you want us tojump off a landslide or a zero—sum game. if you want us to jump off a cliff, it's a zero—sum game. want us to jump off a cliff, it's a zero-sum game. if remain had one, with a expect the brexiteers to say they would like another referendum?
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if they had lost by that margin, would they be quite? no. this problem with self—doubt but we have lost our mojo. we are going to brussels to ask them to put us on the naughty list. their british people who realise the implications for our industries and free movement, they realise the implications for northern ireland. what about german business? there are! as a remainer, would you... you don't know what i am. if you were a remainer, if you were a remainer, do you think this deal that theresa may says she has got, do you think it's a good one? i think the majority of remainders would not think it was a good deal, they would ask what's the point in leaving? the establishment
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is significantly brexiteers. gentlemen we will come back to this. he wouldn't speak to me in that language. gentlemen, we should pause and become, and consider one or the other good news stories. the front page of the guardian. i'm so thrilled, this morning, pat and i at home were saying, my wife, the world is not very pleasant place of the moment. it can be pretty frock, and i must say that to see boys coming out of thailand and for it to have everyone brought out 0k and the coach, i'm all for it. the nation in the world is saying that's great,. what is amazing about the story is the degree of connection people feel about it. this is not happening in
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bangkok, it's happening way of country at the mouth of a network of caves. and it showsjust country at the mouth of a network of caves. and it shows just how technology has moved on. we got these pictures in high definition these pictures in high definition the moment reporters got on the scene. it also says something about the decisions editors are making in newsrooms all over the world. they make a decision that these people are not european, they aren't white, they are thai, their buddhist, they come from a completely different culture that we feel —— but we feel a connection with them, they're putting the story out every single day on ourfront putting the story out every single day on our front pages. this represents a gear shift in the mindset of people who create media. this happened in another country like pakistan or iran, would there be the same degree of coverage? and i suspect not. reported but maybe not day in and day out. it had one thing that was probably universal,
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in which your argument is defeated, although i actually agree with you. they were children. and i think the children aspect... children die all over the world in horrible ways. but where you are right... where you are right is that there are countries where the media goes to and others. we are out of eye, pleasure, we will be back for more. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. we'll all be back in half an hour's time, for tonight's second edition of the papers. a little fresh air for many today, i'm sure that was a welcome relief
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from the heat and humidity. but the heat and humidity will gradually rise back in the next few days. plenty of sunshine as you saw in suffolk, this was in stowe in devon, and we had the highest temperature in devon, 26 degrees today. 3! degrees yesterday in london, you can see how the saboteurs have fallen away. as well as the different temperatures and humidity, we had some rain, a0 mm across the northwest of scotland, and that band of rain stretches its influence down towards the north wales coast, the isle of man to move into the eastern side of northern ireland. it will not be a cold night here. it's a little bit more bearable away from the southwestern wales, we still haven't really humid air with us that will be through with us tomorrow, maybe sparking the odd shower. but it's mostly sunny and dry across england and wales. west of scotla nd dry across england and wales. west of scotland will see that rain continue, and the construction of northern ireland. the first appreciable rain for some three
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weeks. but east of scotland and west of northern ireland, and certainly most of england and wales bar the odd shower this afternoon. it's dry and find, temperatures are above i degrees. the slow process heading off to wimbledon for the day, it looks pleasant enough, 23—2ad for the high. thursday is similar but with darker losing that weather system. the remnants of that system could lead to a few sharp showers, wales and western england, but the heat is building and starting to recover, temperatures like to get into the low to mid 30s, high 20s in the southeast. similar values of friday if not higher before the heat breaks, and perhaps more showers by that stage. this time of year, there's so much atmosphere, it will
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be heavy and sundry. looking at high temperatures, 28—29d. as we go into the weekend, that he he's building for england and wales, but for the northwest we will see some more cloud and rain. this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 11pm: celebration and relief as rescuers in thailand free all 12 boys and their football coach, trapped in a flooded cave for 17 days. charlie rowley, one of two people exposed to novichok in amesbury last weekend, regains consciousness in hospital. it comes as health officials warn the public not to pick up suspcious items. here, the prime minsiter urges party unity following yesterday's high—profile resignations from cabinet. tonight, two vice chairs of the conservative party have also stepped down over brexit. 100 aircraft for 100 years. the royal air force celebrates its centenary in style
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with a huge flypast over central london. and tributes have been paid to the former foreign secretary lord carrington, who has died aged 99.


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