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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 12, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: president trump has arrived in the uk for his first official visit since taking office. tonight, donald trump will have a dinner with leading business people at blenheim palace in oxfordshire. donald trump says he is fine about any protests during his visit, adding he thought britons like him a lot. the government has published its blueprint for uk relations with the european union. the proposal is aimed at ensuring trade co—operation with no hard border for northern ireland and global trade deals for the uk. and the british diver who helped rescue the 12 schoolboys and their football coach from a flooded cave in thailand says he doesn't consider himself a hero. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we're live at blenheim palace, where donald trump is dining with some of the uk's most
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influential business leaders. as the brexit white paper is published, we'll take a look at the likelihood of a trade deal with the us. and we'll take a look at tomorrow's papers — that's at 10:30pm and 11:30pm. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow. this is sportsday at the world cup. these are our headlines: it's not coming home and they're not either, we'll get the latest from the england camp as they try and lift themsleves for one more match in russia. i'm john watson at wimbledon, where it's been ladies‘ semifinals day. serene for serena. williams is back in the final — her first after becoming a mum. and there she'll meet
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germany's angelique kerber — another easy semifinal winner this afternoon. i'm will perry with the rest of the day's sports headlines, including: another manager out the door at stamford bridge with chelsea set to announce the departure of antonio co nte. and it's the yadav show at trent bridge as england's batsmen crumble in the opening one—dayer against india. sunday's final will be france
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against croatia and england yet against croatia and england yet again wondering what might have been. it was a such a cruel night after they had taken an early lead, only to see croatia take hold of the match in the second half, force extra time and then get the winner, mario mandzucic with the final knockout blow that saw many of those england players collapse onto the luznikhi pitch. they had believed, like millions of their supporters, that a place in the final was theirs for the taking. that step is taken them back to the training camp. the urge would be for them to pack their bags and get out of russia and get back to the clubs and go on holiday. let's get more now from our man in the england camp, sports correspondent david ornstein. they have got this match that nobody
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wa nts to they have got this match that nobody wants to play in coming up on saturday. that's wright, a very sombre mood in the camp. they arrived at 6:30am and have not left the hotel confines, it has been a day of rest and recuperation and coming to terms with that defeat last night but also the scale of the achievement that should not be under estimated. the fa released images of sessions with gareth southgate speaking to the side and we have also seen some social media posts. kyle walker said, i am still heartbroken and have neverfelt kyle walker said, i am still heartbroken and have never felt so gutted but this past month i have seen videos going around, voters being sent to me, that felt so good for us here in russia and united us more and more, just like it did our country. marcus rashford also road, you have brought the belief in love of football back, thank you, bass, from the whole of the nation. and
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then kieran trippier finally, from the whole of the nation. and then kieran trippierfinally, last night hurt and it will for a while but we must take the positives from the last few weeks and look forward to the future. this has been a journey we could be proud of and thank you to all the fans out there and back home for your support. let's here from gareth southgate, the manager, now. yesterday was sometimes important to field the suffering of the result. but we have also got to acknowledge now the journey we have been on and the achievements the team have made. i am incredibly proud of what they have given, of the improvement, particularly in the last eight months, and we are the third team in history to make a world cup semifinal. so given that the last two teams to do it were far more experience than this team, we cannot underestimate the achievement. we
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have seen a new england, and they have seen a new england, and they have been a breath of fresh air, relax, speaking to the media, it is not that image we have seen of england in past major tournaments. we have also seen this fa's centre of excellent saint george's park playing it key role, coaches and players brought through, now progressing to senior level. the re st of progressing to senior level. the rest of europe knows that something big is coming from england. for the national team, the men to do what they have done, in this programme for the england team, we just need to get a few more of those youngsters, development, get more into the premier league, it is below 40% of players that are english and let's get that above 40% to make a mark on international football.
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england need to recover quickly because behind me in the distance, saint petersburg will be the host for the third—place play—off against belgium. they will want to wind up because england have neverfinished as high in world cup history. they will need to look to the future and add to a feeling of positivity around this england cap. bridges have been rebuilt with the fans as well, they will play friendlies, a new form of friendlies that means something, and then it is full steam ahead for euro 2020 and the qatar world cup in 2022. disappointment on the field at the end of this world cup but plenty of reason to be optimistic. we will pick up on a few of those issues you raised the around england and what they have achieved here
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over the last four weeks. joining me now to reflect on england's performances in the world cup is our sports news correspondent, richard conway. those players will know how close they got. but so much optimism around this tournament and then because we did not expect them to be here in the final week. we can title of this section of the programme reasons to be cheerful. there are grounds for optimism about what they have achieved over the last four weeks and getting through to the semifinal stage, we heard david reflecting on some of the things that happened, there is a good report young players and success of the youth level, under 20 world champions and under 17 world champions, the toulon tournament, they have been champions the three seasons in a row, there is a solid group of players who are coming through, technically gifted, who can play at the back, but are the those match changes who can change a game and that spark of creativity? that
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is what people want to see now, but that group is there and the fa, gareth southgate, emboldened perhaps by the fact this is not an end. this is perhaps a beginning. they have got croatia in the european nations cup as well in qualifying for the european championship which is everywhere in two years' time. a bitter fifa business from last night. you were at the stadium and fifa investigating chance from the england section of the crowd. fifa confirming they have opened disciplinary proceedings. the sepe pitch side monitors listening to chance and picked up some chanting, what i understand relating to the use of no surrender during the national anthem. in previous england games it has been condemned by the fa already but other chanting is
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well under investigation so we will see where that one proceeds in due course. we will give you the latest on that as and when we get it from fifa. millions of people watching in croatia, they went absolutely potty, i saw pictures from the fan park. what as the morning after look like in zagreb? their win and first world cup final appearance has even been marked by members of the croatian parliament, who arrived for a cabinet meeting in zagreb today, wearing their team's red and white checked shirts. i guess thousands more croatian fans will be trying to get tickets to the world cup final against the french on sunday. when we come back, we will have more on england's defeat, look ahead to that final as well, but it has been a very important date is the approach finals weekend at the all england club and john watson is there. good evening. the
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women's semifinals day when most have paused to remember serena williams, who once again has performed superbly to book a place ina tent performed superbly to book a place in a tent wimbledon final. that achievement all the more impressive in light of this, just for the tournament back since the birth of her child and the subsequent health issues that followed. she came through her match in straight sets, and it means she will play angelique kerber in the final on saturday and wa nts a kerber in the final on saturday and wants a repeat of the final in 2016 when serena williams came out on top and kerber coming through in another straightforward straight sets victory. centre court at its finest. sun, cream and pens and the world's finest tennis players. angelique
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kerber the two—time world champion but never at wimbledon. the 21—year—old latvian won the french 0pen last year and she too had eyes on another top prize but, as the opening set played out, it was kerber who forced the initiative. the younger opponent struggled to return within the court and conceded the first set. kerber continued her salt into the second, showing a full array of talents, leaving her at pains to work at how she could get back into this one. play was too wayward, kerber for back into this one. play was too wayward, kerberfor singling errors on your way to victory. once again, she blows herself out. kerber is the first to claim her ticket to centre court on saturday. i am really happy and proud to be back in the grand slam final. i was working on this
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match up since a young kid and to be in the wimbledon final is great. last time kerber was there, serena williams came out on top and, once again, she has been leading the way at wimbledonjust again, she has been leading the way at wimbledon just four months into her return to tennis. she continued to show herform her return to tennis. she continued to show her form of the last two weeks. the power, the positioning, the passion and the first set wrapped up in barely half an hour. serena williams getting this done in double quick time. she kept that pays up double quick time. she kept that pays up in the second. everything she touched found the spot. she was munching away with this one. a break of serve only delayed the inevitable. a tent wimbledon final for serena williams and probably the most satisfying. i had a really tough delivery and had to have multiple surgeries and almost did not make it, and i could not even walk to my mailbox. it is definitely not normal for me to be in a
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wimbledon final so i have taken everything as it is enjoying every moment. the queen of centre is back and looking to reclaim her crown. early on, i spoke to tracy austin and asked her to put into context serena's achievement when you consider the time she spent away from the game following the birth of her first from the game following the birth of herfirst child from the game following the birth of her first child and the subsequent health problems she experienced. her first child and the subsequent health problems she experiencedm is quite incredible because most athletes need a few more wraps before they can begin, and serena has gotten better with each match, 1596 has gotten better with each match, 15% better, and then today was an incredible performance. we will talk about angelique kerber in a moment but does that make serena williams favourite now? the way she won her match and the way she was so authoritative and served so well, i think she is the favourite, she has w011 think she is the favourite, she has won his seven times, she is so
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co mforta ble won his seven times, she is so comfortable playing on this surface, the server getting better as well. let's talk about angelique kerber. something about point to prove, having lost the serena here in 2016? she did lose the serena in straight sets but she did beat serena in 2016 in the australian open so to beat serena deep in the major is incredible. it will give her a confidence boost. we have to talk about the men's semifinals as well, rafael nadal and novak djokovic speaks for itself. but a chance for john is the to make a name for himself and kevin anderson. kevin anderson got to the finals last year but thejob is in, the best performance he has ever had in a major, 33 years old, the best tennessee has ever played, so real opportunity for one of these guys to wina opportunity for one of these guys to win a major and that's career defining. if you to pick between
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rafael nadal and novak djokovic, what does your heart say? that is really tough. djokovic is coming back from injury. he is playing better with each tournament but raphael had a long game. will he be too physically taxed? he is so fit, soi too physically taxed? he is so fit, so i give the edge to ratho. they have already played 50 times, that is very interesting. the job is have already played 50 times, that is very interesting. thejob is not an anderson, they played in college against each other and 12 times already in the pros, so a big serving contest. tracy austin speaking to me early on with her thoughts on the men's semifinals to come tomorrow. as far as british interests, plenty in the mixed doubles to tell you about, including jamie murray who has teamed up with victoria azarenka this year, and they have booked their place in the semifinals. murray has enjoyed great success in this competition in
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previous years having won in 2007 and last year with martina hingis. they will playj clark and harriet dart, who came through the quarterfinal today. they knocked out the number one seeds in the previous match, j clarke having pushed him close, harriet lost, they have teamed up and have played a lot of tennis in the lead up to this, but it means we will have a british player in the final of the mixed doubles. will be marrying all clark and dart? we will wait to see. that is all from women's semifinals day at wimbledon. one of the big stories today away from the world cup and wimbledon is that chelsea are set to announce the departure of antonio conte as manager after two years at stamford bridge. holly hamilton has joined me in the studio. holly, it wasn't the best kept secret of the summer, was it? absolutely, the conscious and
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coupling continues. it will not come asa coupling continues. it will not come as a surprise to many people. we have not received any official word but after two years in charge, chelsea are set to announce his departure from the club. this time last year, antonio conte was manager of hot property and chelsea had just won the league, he could not replicate that success this season. they finished fifth and did not qualify for the champions league. but it was not an entirely u nsuccessful but it was not an entirely unsuccessful season, they did win the fa cup in the end. what it comes down to is this whole season was marred between content and chelsea board and perhaps, after winning the league, antonio conte felt he should do things his way but i do not think the board agreed with him. he complained about his lack of involvement in the recruitment process , involvement in the recruitment
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process, lack of consultation and a lack of big—name signings as well, and his remarks created this mood of negativity that everyone noticed, especially the fans as well. this battle with the hierarchy, i suppose, made antonio conte in his position untenable. and what do we know about the man who's set to replace him in maurizio sarri? another italian as well! but he did have a very oppressive season at naples, led them to a record points total. —— impressive. he was replaced as manager by carlos ancelotti. he is viewed as somebody who can be more diplomatic than antonio kante, somebody who can take control of the players, someone who might bea control of the players, someone who might be a good fit for the club, with chelsea owner roman abramovich, someone who can bring the team together, and that is something they need at the minute. that will be his
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first port of call with a number of star players like eden hazard, signalling they might want to leave the club, and hisjob will be to convince them to stay, and that will not be an easy task. he does not have long to make any impact. the first premier league fixture against huddersfield is on the 11th of august, several weeks from now, so we will he will have to hit the ground running. riyad mahrez has been speaking to the media for the first time as a manchester city player having joined the premier league champions this week for a club record fee of £60 milion. mahrez says he wanted to leave leicester to play under pep guardiola because he dreams of winning the champions league. the former pfa player of the year was close to completing a deadline move to the ethiad injanuary which fell through at the last minute. it is the destiny. it happened like this. if i move, iwould not it is the destiny. it happened like this. if i move, i would not be happy. now i am very happy to have
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moved to manchester city, and it is the most important thing. i don't wa nt to the most important thing. i don't want to talk about the past too much, iam here want to talk about the past too much, i am here now, want to talk about the past too much, iam here now, that want to talk about the past too much, i am here now, that is the most important thing. steven gerrard takes charge of rangers for the first time in a competitive match tonight when macedonian side shkupi visit ibrox in the first leg of their europa league first qualifying round tie. gerrard has said his team talk for tonight was done 12 months ago — a reference to rangers' shock defeat at this stage of the same competition when they lost to progres niederkorn and were dumped out of europe. hibs also join rangers plus sides from wales and northern ireland at this stage, and they need to get through four rounds and eight games just to reach the group stage. aberdeen and burnley come in at the next round and face each other over two legs while arsenal and chelsea go straight through to the group stage itself. crystal palace ladies will play in the women's championship after doncaster rovers belles joined sheffield fc in withdrawing from the league. 0ur women's football reporter,
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jo currie, joins me. how much of this move is down to money? this is very much down to finances. under the new criteria, to be in the women's championship, clubs have to provide players with a minimum of contact hours a week plus matches, full—time general managers, marketing officers, they basically have to be semi—professional. the bells one that division last year, but bear in mind they do not have strong links to the men's club, they decided to remain in that league in the new season. it was a financial step too far. england's cricketers are heading for a defeat in the first one day international against india at trent bridge. their batsmen were skittled out for 268, with kuldeep yadav taking six wickets. in reply, the indian batsmen are making light work oif their target as adam wild reports. we had one world cup still fresh in
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the mind but cricket's version looms. time for england to lay the foundations, something which the top batsmen have a formidable reputation. but in world cricket, there are few sterner tests in india and in kuldeep yadav they found a young spinner about to turn this match. joe root soon followed. 0thers try to rebuild with limited success. kuldeep yadav stopping them in their tracks. ben stokes had reached 50 but that was as far as kuldeep yadav allowed him to go, ben sto kes‘ fifth kuldeep yadav allowed him to go, ben stokes' fifth wicket and david willey his sixth. just 268 to defend and againsta willey his sixth. just 268 to defend and against a side like india that appears a tall order. no time for celebration just yet but england may not keep them waiting too much longer. day six of the tour de france was a great day for irish cycling.
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dan martin picked up his first stage victory for five years. 112 miles for the riders to cover today starting in the north—west at brest and crossing brittany to the mur de bretagne, which translates as the wall of brittany. but it was a glorious stage win for ireland's dan martin, as drew savage reports. plenty of plot twists and turns to calm and a clear picture of the batting for the race mergers, it is all about opportunity. geraint thomas will have the support chris froome later but for now he's free to ta ke froome later but for now he's free to take his chances, and he did. bonus sprint to vital seconds. teams quy bonus sprint to vital seconds. teams guy also came through safely out of trouble, a good day's work. thomas might have hoped to take the stage win in the overall lead with it but as the grey scaled the wall of
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brittany, dan martin seized his chance. he has come close to winning stages over the last years. but the birmingham born irishman was not going to let this one go. thomas is up going to let this one go. thomas is up to second overall but the day belonged to one man, dan martin. thousands of england fans still here in moscow. will the goto st petersburg to see that the place play—off? but as for that defeat against croatia, still so much optimism. the link between the fans and team is stronger than it has been my lifetime so we have got that great platform, we have got manager who knows what he's doing, he seems to embody the country's spirit in
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many ways. we have got four years more with a young team. i think they have been brilliant, they have not played the best all the time as a squad they had been a great squad so in four years' squad they had been a great squad so in fouryears' time, squad they had been a great squad so in four years' time, a bit more of that. they can only use this as the learning curve. they have got the experience of going to a semifinal, so experience of going to a semifinal, so why not the final next time? we have got these great young kids who have got these great young kids who have won the youth cup coming through so this is a great platform. go forward, think qatar 2022 could bea go forward, think qatar 2022 could be a good chance for us to really push on. so that isjust about it. 28 years ago, we saw tears in children. they were flowing in this city is well last across the river. croatia will return here on sunday to face france for the game's greatest prize, england have got to try for that third place play—off, they will not be judged on that,
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though, this is a team that travelled here further than any predicted, and that will be celebrated. from all of us here, thatis celebrated. from all of us here, that is it, goodbye. for many of us, another fine and dry day, warm again with temperatures into the mid—20s, but it will get warmer than that over the next few days. a few scattered showers around, notably across wales in south—west england. they will fade away as we had through this evening to leave largely dry conditions overnight. temperatures similar to last night, 11—15dc for most so reasonable for getting a decent night's sleep. 0n reasonable for getting a decent night's sleep. on friday, a similar day of weather, cloud to start the day of weather, cloud to start the day but brightening up of sunshine. sunny skies to start the day across much of england and wales but showers develop and those showers will turn heavy and this time boundary, stretching down to the
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western side of england and wales into the midlands and southern england. the showers and thunderstorms capable of bringing half a month's worth of rain in an hour so the risk of localised flooding away from the showers, it will feel warmer. you're watching beyond 100 days. donald trump is on his way to blenheim palace for a gala dinner with the prime minister — hours after attacking her brexit plan. not perhaps the most ausipicious start to a two day visit that will test the special relationship. the president arrived in london at lunchtime — and went straight to the us ambassador‘s residence in central london. despite plans for mass protests he says he's confident of a warm reception. the protests but i believe the people in the uk, they like me a lot. he'll shortly be on his way here, to blenheim palace.
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