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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  July 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:46pm BST

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yes, but they do have a specially equipped suv vehicle which is as strong as the beast, but given the safety of the area, they have decided for a more nimble vehicle, even though security is still paramount. this is all working as black —— clockwork, we are told he would come here at five o'clock and is now exactly five o'clock. yesterday at wedding palace she was kept waiting for longer than she would have liked, theresa may —— blenheim palace. she did not go on the visit to singapore, balan near trump, and she is recovering from a kidney surgery, but she is on this trip —— melania trump. is very important for the president have his wife by his side, and letting it is important for the optics for america to have the president and the first lady ever
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this historic visit with the queen at windsor castle. let's just observe. stop talking let's see if we can hear anything. band plays star spangled banner band plays so the queen and the president coming off the bears and they will inspect the front rank of the guard accompanied by the major, the captain of the guard. this is the ist battalion, the coldstream guards, one of the oldest units of the british army. they have worked alongside american units in iraq and afghanistan. one of the oldest marching bands in the world as well. there's a little bit of the protocol. the president closes on
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the front line. but the queen always leads. just half a step in front of the president as they go along the line. and she i think pfizerjust a little bit tricky walking on the grass there, so just stepping very carefully. don't forget she is 92 now. no sign of using a stick or anything such as that but she is well used to it inspecting guard of honour. so guiding the rather less experienced at this sort of thing president trump along so they have finished inspecting the front rank of god. it is interesting that the president spoke about the history of blenheim palace when he talks to the press c0 nfe re nce blenheim palace when he talks to the press conference earlier. he was saying he had seen the long library where winston churchill had sat and written some of his books and articles. he's obviously taken by britain's history. he talked about pearl harbor and the phone call between winston churchill and the white house, just after pearl harbor. and really the beginning of
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the special relationship. two perfect settings, blenheim palace last night with its residents of winston churchill, his birthplace and as you say the exhibition there and as you say the exhibition there and so many reminders of the wartime relationship between churchill and roosevelt. and now to windsor castle and these further images which i'm sure will be leading the network news in the united states tonight. so they are now going to watch the military march past. before they go through the sovereign's entrants to have tea. i wouldjust through the sovereign's entrants to have tea. i would just point out that given the opera we have seen in
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the bull sun about the president's remarks about theresa may, which really overshadowed the elegance we saw last night, i wonder if he will keep his mouth shut this time so that these might be the images we see in the united states for this evening and tomorrow morning. it's true how you say he dominates the gender and i respect, when i left the story last night were we saw was that dutiful setting, the great court outside blenheim palace, the prime minister and president going up prime minister and president going up the steps together, there was obviously a tour of the churchill exhibition blenheim palace, and i wa ke exhibition blenheim palace, and i wake up this morning and the story is what he said to the bull sun newspaper. that is one of the things the white house communications office is very cognisant of. and this president will talk about his lack of discipline, it is where he stepped on a message and we saw those headlines this morning. these types of images we see here are exactly what president trump wants the american people to see. a strong american president standing side to
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side with the queen.|j american president standing side to side with the queen. ijust wondered what you thought the white house press officers will have thought of that interview? i heard the political editor of the son who conducted the interview said they thought they were pretty aghast and appalled when they heard what he was saying and understood the direction in which it was going. talking to some of my friends earlier this afternoon, the feeling of the white house was they blew it. they stepped oi'i house was they blew it. they stepped on it, they have that beautiful ceremony right at sunset and the president was very happy from my understanding of what had happened, and then we wake up not only here in the uk but back in america to a president who had damaged the relationship and so assiduously tried to perfect with theresa may. and of course there was a hurriedly put together press statement this morning, sarah sanders straight out of the box saying there were positive things he said about theresa may as well, it was very much damage limitation even before the press conference had taken place. and what a difficult job
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sarah huckabee sanders has, because she is the one who has to be the public face of stepping back when the president indelicately steps in it. a fairly tricky job proper minister as well, to work out what face to put on today when greeting him and then standing there during that remarkable news conference as president trump endorses a certain borisjohnson as being potentially a splendid prime minister! but there we are. all that now not forgotten but behind us, as the president and the first lady... which just don't watch the pictures closely because as they go through the sovereign ‘s entrance into the private apartments there is a camera with a microphone we might pick up some conversation. let's just watching on this and see if we can pick up any of the conversation. band plays
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so there they go into the private apartments. half an hour a0. after that the president will be leaving for sta nsted that the president will be leaving for stansted airport where he will fly to glass go and onto turnberry to the golf club he owns in scotland. it is probably what will be dominating the conversation is probably their shared hit story of scotland. and the history of windsor castle. i think that president is genuinely interested in it. plenty to talk about, plenty to look at inside windsor castle. the coldstrea m inside windsor castle. the coldstream guards are about to march past our position so maybe we should just stay and watch them come through the gate here as they march
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back to barracks. it is worth saying the coldstream guards, they have a very important ceremonial role aside from the operational duties that they fulfil. and they fulfil alongside american units. they also guard the palaces. well, one of the five foot guard regiments that have that function, but if they were here they would wish to stress they are all operational soldiers. some of these men, not the bandsmen, but the industry soldiers will be off to the falklands later this year and next year they are going to a raqqa to work alongside american forces there. 0k. one of work alongside american forces there. ok. one of the interesting things i saw, you notice when they we nt things i saw, you notice when they went to the sovereign 's entrance that donald trump was standing a little in front of the queen. this is exactly what you talking about in terms of protocol. he was told to stay behind the queen. and you've worked into the presidential office, this will have been drummed into him. absolutely. and the chief of protocol travels with him and i
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guarantee the last thing that was said to him was to stay behind the queen not in front! here come the coldstrea m queen not in front! here come the coldstream guards! on their way back past the crowds and actually passed the protest is as well. on the right—hand side of the road, those who were here opposed to mr trump's visit. on the left those who were here to show their support to the president. band plays and it's worth saying, these images which have been back to the united states, this is hugely important the british economy because this is what a lot of americans come here to see, the pomp and ceremony of britain. when i was in front of buckingham palace this morning there were so many americans standing at just see this and stubby standing here in
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watching these visuals. everyone back home will say our president was in windsor castle with the queen and those illustrious guards. thank you very much indeed. we are going to move from windsor while that meeting is ongoing in the private apartments to central london to the protest. quite extraordinary scenes in london of those protests and those protesters who have come out onto the streets. let's join them. well, images of pomp and ceremony as donald trump meets the queen in the magnificent setting of windsor castle. the sorts of images he will absolutely want people back in america to see. but happening simultaneously as he arrived at windsor castle with the first lady, scenes of huge protest in central london to. at the focus of the protest now at trafalgar square,
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which the metropolitan police said earlier was at capacity. they were managing the numbers of people because of the crowds there protesting against the us president's arrival visit to the uk. these are of course are the sort of images the president won't want to be beamed back to people in the united states. let's get a sense of what is happening there with our correspondence. tom, i know it is really full and anyone who has been to london will know that is a large square. it is an impressive turnout and we have come down the main streets of central london to get here and they were completely packed out as the protesters came down. tens of thousands possibly above that. it's a very relaxed atmosphere, lots of people having fun. let's chat to three londoners. i have spoken to people from north wales and brighton. you were born in
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new york, you are british dual citizenship, british american, what has brought you particularly here? what is it about donald trump that has brought you to the protest? it's not about donald trump. it's about the moral is that the policies and misogyny and the racism that he represents. i don't even want to give him the respect of it being about him, i have come to say that we don't believe in any of these things, racism, misogyny, separating children from their mothers, all of this kind of thing. is he really racist? he has people from diverse backgrounds and his team. is it really that other races?|j backgrounds and his team. is it really that other races? i would beg to differ with that statement. i think it is quite apparent that this man isa think it is quite apparent that this man is a white supremacist and has surrounded his cabinet with white supremacists, perhaps people prefer the term white nationalists. and i
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came here today to my first—ever as a young person, to come out in solidarity with many people. as you can hear, it is a very... that is jeremy corbyn being announced on stage. let's chat to andy. is it fairto stage. let's chat to andy. is it fair to say that this is a left—wing rally? it is labour, liberal supporters. this is liberal britain flexing its muscles. but it is in trouble beyond that does it? what i have seen today is it is an incredibly diverse group. there probably are a lot of left—wing groups here but i would say exclusively. this is about people saying hate no more. we have had enough of the public politics of hate, the religion of hate, and the fa ct hate, the religion of hate, and the fact that the two are married together in donald trump is to come together in donald trump is to come to an end. he was voted in, he is the president, therefore he has to come to president. —— to britain. the president, therefore he has to come to president. -- to britain. he
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was voted in but he isn't acting like a president. be very careful when a politician tells you who to hate because there is an agenda in the background. pretty impressive costu mes the background. pretty impressive costumes and placards that people have been bringing here. a lot of organisation has gone into today. quite relaxed atmosphere, jeremy corbyn in addressing the crowd right now. tom, thank you. and here in parliament square earlier, which was the focus of protests earlier, and of course the floating of that trump blimp, the trump baby balloon, a really diverse group of people joining the protests right from babies through to elderly people. so quite a few groups represented in this coalition of protest against the visit to the uk by donald trump. for the moment, back to christian at windsor castle. thank you. we are watching the
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sovereign's entrance outside the private apartments of the queen and we will bring you the pictures as the president leaves. they will probably be in there for about another 20 minutes before he makes his way back to marine one on his way to turnberry in scotland for a weekend of golf. interestingly, he was talking about his next bout of the visit, if you speak to the american press following him on this visit, they very much the visit to helsinki to see putin as major issue on this trip, and he was asked today if he was going to bring up the issues of ukraine, crimea and interference in the us election. in fa ct interference in the us election. in fact there is breaking news coming through this afternoon, that robert mueller, the special investigator in the united states, has indicted today 12 russians. we're just getting news through and we will bring you more on it as we get it. that good to assist in political editor who is at chequers and has been watching this prince conference today. all eyes today were on
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theresa may and how she would handle fallout from what was written in the sun newspaper this morning. had you think she handled it? she didn't have to do much in the end because the president did it all. and i think the bottom line is downing street are probably in a much better place this evening than they were this morning. because this morning i think they were shocked, stunned by the president's comments in that interview in the sun, trashing mrs may's handling of brexit and by extension casting doubt on her leadership to. tonight they have a president who has gone out of his way to lord praise on mrs may, describing her as a tough negotiator, a remarkable woman, much rather have her on my side than as an enemy, there was no repeat of his previous criticisms of the way she was conducting the brexit negotiations. he did again repeat
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his admiration for borisjohnson. that was perhaps very difference in the entire press conference because mrs may pointedly refused to answer any of those questions about boris johnson. instead, mr trump any of those questions about boris johnson. instead, mrtrump basically blamed the whole furore ray on fake news. he suggested the sun newspaper had failed to include in its story all the wonderful things that he had in fact said about mrs may. we have all seen, heard the interview that mrtrump did with all seen, heard the interview that mr trump did with the political editor of the sun newspaper and, he said what he said, he was highly critical of mrs may's approach to brexit and i suspect privately many mps take the view that he was speaking what he truly believed. this afternoon, the name of the game was damage limitation. and the way to limit the damage was to just say fa ke to limit the damage was to just say fake news, then so be it, as he
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coupled that with huge dollops of praise the theresa may. and when he talks about fake news, of course normally it is to cover up some of the things he has said he which he doesn't want to be publicised further. in fact he talked again today about america being the biggest contributor to nato and paying in 90%, which is fake news in itself. he talked again about the commitments he got from european leaders to put more money into the pot, but there has been some pushback from that in europe, and i was interested by the remarks he made that he was prepared to take tough decisions that would have shocked people. so there is still a lot of fallout from a nato summit which will be reverberating round europe. there is, and the other thing that struck me is although the president didn't again repeat the threat that if britain stays too close to the eu we are not going to be able to secure that us trade deal, that would kill it off, he
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also i thought just deal, that would kill it off, he also i thoughtjust put a few caveats in, he suggested for example that if we are to get that trade deal we will have to be independent, there will have to be no restrictions and he again went on the offensive against eu hughey accused of giving the us a rotten deal, and i'd take it from all that that he still has doubts about whether it will be possible to do a deal if we are still fairly closely intertwined with the eu, because he clearly has a great deal of animosity it seems towards the eu, and! animosity it seems towards the eu, and i would suspect if he thinks that britain is staying pretty closely intertwined with the eu then he is going to be in no rush to any sort of trade deal. norman, thank you very much for the moment. i have some more detail at the moment on the line coming out of washington, that robert mueller has indicted i2 russian military intelligence officers, known as the gi you. they
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are accused of engaging in a sustained effort to hack the computer networks of democratic organisations and the hillary clinton campaign. so as donald trump leaves the uk tonight he will be dealing with another crisis, and thatis dealing with another crisis, and that is the indictment of people who we re that is the indictment of people who were suspected of hacking hillary clinton's accounts and also the accou nts clinton's accounts and also the a ccou nts of clinton's accounts and also the accounts of the dnc. let's go to westminster. let me first tell our viewers about a piece of breaking news. this is in relation to the notch up poisoning of charlie rowley and dawn sturgess in amesbury. you will remember the dawn sturgess died as a result of coming into contact with another chalk and police havejust coming into contact with another chalk and police have just announced that they have found the container in which that robert rock was at the
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home of her partner, charlie rowley, in amesbury. let's talk to our correspondent duncan kennedy who is in salisbury right now. duncan, what more can you tell us about this discovery? this isjust come through from the met police in the last 20 minutes or so. they said they have found a container at the house of charlie rowley in amesbury which they believe to be the source of another chalk. they are describing it as another chalk. they are describing itasa another chalk. they are describing it as a small bottle, they say they don't want to go into any more details about it other than to say that. they are not saying either how it got to the house, did they carry it got to the house, did they carry it with them, has been there for awhile, no details on that. what they said is that bottle was found on wednesday, two days ago, it was taken to porton down and the tests have now shown that the bottle was the source of the notch up. ahead of the source of the notch up. ahead of the met‘s counterterrorism branch
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said he cannot guarantee there are not other sources of another chalk, but they have found the one in a sense that dawn and charlie came into co nta ct sense that dawn and charlie came into contact with and cannot rule out other sources of knowledge out in either the salisbury all the amesbury area. he said because of that the cordons like the one behind me here which is the hostel where dawn stu rgess me here which is the hostel where dawn sturgess lived, will continue for the time being. that assistant commissioner said the finding of the bottle is clearly a significant and positive development however we cannot guarantee there isn't any more of the substance left, and cordons will remain in place for the considerable time. he adds this is to allow thorough searches to continue as a precautionary measure for public safety and to assist the investigation team. the search for how dawn and charlie came into contact with another chalk has taken two weeks, ever since they became ill on the 30th ofjune and sadly dawn died last sunday. a couple of
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days ago charlie regained consciousness, and perhaps he was able to help the police, because we we re able to help the police, because we were told he was talking, we don't know how much, perhaps he was able to help the police with the locations, something inside his flat, perhaps the police found themselves through their own searches, because they would have been at his flat in amesbury for the last two weeks, ever since this lust first started. they have come across this small bottle, that is all they are describing it as. there was speculation a week ago that perhaps it could have been an atomiser, a perfume bottle, that they may have picked up. a bottle has now been found, the police say the search still continues at addresses like this and elsewhere just in case there are other sources of this knowledge in this area. duncan, thank you very much. and we understand according to the reports coming in on this developing piece of news that further tests will be conducted to try to establish whether the knowledge shock found at
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charlie rowan's houses from the same batch as was used against sergei skripal and yulia skripal earlier in the year. right now let's head back to woods windsor castle. isn't that interesting, framing as it does the meeting donald trump will be having with vladimir putin in helsinki on monday. there is the notch up aspect and also the story coming out of washington in the last hour that robert mueller has this afternoon indicted i2 hour that robert mueller has this afternoon indicted 12 russian intelligence officers who believes hacked the dnc commuters and the computers of hillary clinton during the 2016 campaign. is that a coincidence? let's bring in ryan christie. my word! coincidence? there is nothing in my political career there is nothing in my political career that i think is coincidence in politics. we talked a few minutes
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ago and said look at the pomp and circumstance, these are the headlines donald trump wanted tomorrow. well you know the headlines he will get tomorrow are there were 12 russian intelligence office rs there were 12 russian intelligence officers who were responsible, allegedly, of hacking into the computers. he said today he prayed it pre—empted the questions, we will talk about ukraine, crimea, and yes we will talk about meddling in the 2016 election. but it has taken him 18 months to this point to take that investigation seriously and we don't even know if he does. that is the thing. i look at the indictments and you have these intelligence officers. i go back to the question officers. i go back to the question of the investigation and was open because there was a legend collusion between donald trump and the russian government. thus far we have not seen any collusion between trump and the russians. we have had tangential figures, we have is indictments today, but certainly this is the president is going to have to take seriously, he will have to get out of the meeting with the queen and
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hear about this and say, my goodness, can i catch a break? he talks repeatedly, no collusion, no collusion, and like you say there is no one in the immediate circle of donald trump as yet that has been indicted for colluding with the russians. of course paul manna for,. but all his intelligence chiefs say there is a lot of evidence about russian interference in the election. a lot of people in the us will say looking at this news today he is not doing enough to protect our elections. not least to talk about the mid—term elections which arejust about the mid—term elections which are just round the corner. the thing i find interesting are just round the corner. the thing ifind interesting is are just round the corner. the thing i find interesting is that president obama was very cognisant that president putin had been trying to influence our election and he said mr putin stop messing around with our election. so this goes further back than donald trump and so we have a lot more to this story, a lot more that is going to develop. so stand by. factory much. we should remember that donald trump
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is in the private apartment of windsor castle having tea with the queen. melania trump is with them. we expect them to emerge from the castle in about ten minutes. maybe you will come back to us for that. studio: thank you. back at parliament square, it's pretty quiet here because the focus of protest is now on here because the focus of protest is now on trafalgar square. the metropolitan police saying that the square metropolitan police saying that the square was metropolitan police saying that the square was at capacity. jeremy corbyn the labour party leaders speaking their in the last short while. of course, the day has been a day of protest, a coalition of protest. so many different interest groups involved in the various protest marches that have been going
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on. at the beginning of the day we had the trump baby blimp. then we had the trump baby blimp. then we had bring the noise, stop trump, together against trump marches all taking place. the focus is now on trafalgar square. i think we can see the aerial view of trafalgar square to give you some idea of the gale. that protest is expected to last for a little while yet —— give you some idea of the scale. it's notjust in london that protests are taking place. they've been happening in varying scales from small to large in many locations around the uk and of course there are protests going to be taking place in scotland where donald trump travels this evening for what will be the private part of the visit to the uk. let's talk to
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our scotland correspondent lorna gordon in glasgow. give us a sense of what is going on, what's going to be happening. big protest here in the centre of glasgow. president trump is expected to touch down here in scotland in the next couple of hours. this is a country for which he's had strong links. his mother comes from lewis, he has two golf courses. it is a country he says he loves very much. from the protests and the size of the crowd, you have to say that at least from some parts of the population that sentiment is not reciprocated. there are several thousand people gathered here in the centre of glasgow for what is being described as a weekend of protest. some very colourful signs amongst the crowds. politicians and civic
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leaders are expected on that stage a little later. there is also a counter protest in the corner of the square in support of donald trump and his visit to the united kingdom. largely i would call this a peaceful protest. police say they are well prepared, there are in excess of 5000 police on duty over the course of this weekend for the time that donald trump spends in scotland. they say they are anticipating him to spend the weekend at turnberry, his golf resort on the ayrshire coast. they also say they are prepared for any eventuality. but, for the moment in glasgow, there are several thousand protesters gathering and more protests expected over the weekend. thank you. apologies for some of the rude
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posters and placards but —— behind lorna. the nature of the protests have been very good—natured today, no reports of any trouble. obviously there were huge police operations in place to manage those protests and the general security around this presidential visit. let's take another look at trafalgar square. the culmination of a day of protests here in london. it's interesting to reflect that perhaps, i was talking elliott of the man behind the trump baby balloon and he said that despite word that he had been banned from flying the baby balloon, anybody near turnberry in scotland
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we re anybody near turnberry in scotland were still pushing on that and looking to see whether they could. it was flying, quite have arresting image of course, in parliament square earlier today and now the focus is on trafalgar square. all very close to the heart of british democracy here at westminster. joining me again is doctor clodagh carrington senior lecturer in politics at de montfort university. what you make these protests and the idea of political protest bringing about change or making a difference? i think political protest is incredibly important and never more so incredibly important and never more so than now. there was a lot of talk a while back when trump was originally due to come that he shouldn't be allowed and the visit shouldn't be allowed and the visit shouldn't happen. i think that would have been a huge mistake. it's more important he comes, he has his moment in the sun here and people
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are allowed to protest peacefully, noisily, democratically and to get their message home with their myriad of placards and everything else to show their displeasure at the man himself and what he represents, and the fact that he is by many people's standards not a positive force and that's what troubles a lot of people. what would you say to people who say the protests insult the president, particularly the baby balloon, and although he doesn't like them they aren't going to change his opinion. i don't know they would change his opinion on anything. i'm sure he's not pleased they are taking place, i'm sure he's extremely aware they are because he is mindful of his reputation and what the media says and social media. i think there is a much bigger point here in terms of the path of progress is dependent on a lot of other people beyond just the president. we need to get the
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message out that this kind of language, this kind of focus isn't particularly constructive and is actually a good thing to get out there on the streets and have your voice heard. what was the atmosphere like when you were down among the protesters earlier? talk to us about the people you saw. the first protester i saw was an older lady with a baby in a buggy, a toddler, and he had a cardboard sign saying "babies for peace". it was sweet and it made me think, seeing an age range, a gender range, and everything range out on the streets is really important because it shows that there are teachers, journalists, schoolchildren, also saw people out there with a similar concern. and the idea that maybe they aren't going to turn back things that trump has done but they are going to make sure their voices are going to make sure their voices are heard and a lot of what he's saying and doing isn't acceptable. dr clodagh harrington, thank you.
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let's head to windsor. extraordinary pictures in central london with tens of thousands of people on the streets and quite a number here in windsor. quite a big representation for the protest movement on this corner outside henry viii's gate. let's take you to the sovereign ‘s entrance inside windsor castle where we are expecting donald trump to emerge shortly. if you were watching our pictures you would have seen the queen introducing the president to three people standing at the door. one of them i thought i recognised, of course it was the countess of early, the queen's lady in waiting. the countess was naturally born in america. also there was edward young, the principal private
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secretary to the queen and tom baker assista nt to secretary to the queen and tom baker assistant to the private secretary. you will see that the car is waiting just to the left of the screen. it will transport the president to marine one and from there they are going to sta nsted. marine one and from there they are going to stansted. air force one will then transport him to glasgow airport and from there he will be driven to one of his favourite places in britain, turnberry golf course. as a fellow golfer, i can subscribe to that, it is quite a fine golf course. while we stay on those pictures, let'sjoin... let's get the views of the new york city councilman and republican commentator joe borelli, hejoins us from new york. where you surprised how strong donald trump went on brexit in the
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morning paper? trump has always had people in a china shop approach to diplomacy. wouldn't say shocked. a little surprised as the story broke right after a formal dinner. overall i think the approach was more upfront than people would like to admit. what is it about brexit that he is particularly interested in? a lot of people speak about his ancestral roots of the uk but surely that's not the only motivation.|j think he's someone who recognises that the people of britain voted her brexit, that's first and foremost. on the america first side, i think his interest is in having a free—trade deal with the uk. if you goa free—trade deal with the uk. if you go a soft brexit, or the uk still recognising some of the economic sovereignty of the eu, it becomes more problematic that have a direct free trade agreement with the uk. that's more technical and legalistic
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than ideological but probably more of the reality than we would like to admit. ahead of his visit to the uk he was ruffling feathers in brussels at nato headquarters. i'm sure people who support him like yourself would say this is long overdue, and argument about europe paying its way. you not concerned that here he is brushing up his allies two days ahead of going to shake hands with president putin? after today's indictments of 12 russian nationals for hacking the dnc, i hope he does ta ke for hacking the dnc, i hope he does take a strong posture against putin. back to nato. the statistics are what they are, the us pays 67% of the nato budget, 2! out of 29 countries in nato don't meet their minimum payment requirements. it's actually long been us policy to
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request nato do this. success from nato summit in the obama administration were often judged by how nice a picture of the bromance between barack how nice a picture of the bromance between ba rack obama how nice a picture of the bromance between barack obama and various world leaders would have been. i think trump is the first president to really forego those niceties and hope to get a result. his criticism of angela merkel‘s pipeline to russia is something that european think tanks have been saying for a long time. why would we want germany and other european countries to purchase a significa nt and other european countries to purchase a significant amount of energy and be dependent on russia? if we are in a nato alliance and russia is the de facto enemy of nato, why would we want our allies to be playing footsie and be dependent on them? you've just highlighted saying america pays 67% of the pot for nato, he said again
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that america pays 90%. he said that other european leaders were going to have to up the amount of money they pay into the pot. many of them have said we will not pass the commitments we've already made. can you point to anything that was factually correct? the fact they've all committed to 2%, maybe not before presenting hoped for. perhaps that they are going to accelerate beyond the 202a deadline. at 67% of the nato budget, it's not necessarily saying the same thing as the us providing nearly all of the combat brigades that nato forces provide. right now i'm standing in new york city and there are more members under arms in the new york city police department than in the royal navy. as we watch these pictures of the sovereign ‘s entrance to windsor castle where the president is having tea with the queen, how will display with his base supporters watching this back at home? i think the images that
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have come out of all of president trumps foreign visits weather with the chinese leaders, the japanese leader, he's played his base very well. when you see an american president meeting with the queen who has met the last seven or eight us presidents, i think it dispels some of that negative stereotyping that democrats like to use that president trump is incapable of being presidential. the protests are as presidential. the protests are as presidential as one can be. president bush was protested heavily, president reagan of course, even heavily, president reagan of course, even president clinton in 199a after having been a protest to himself in 1969. thank you. we are joined by our royal correspondent. i think
5:42 pm
just over half an hour. yes, it's as minutes since they
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