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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 15, 2018 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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hold in helsinki, where he is due to hold talks with vladimir putin tomorrow. novak djokovic as won this year ‘s wimbledon men's title, beating south african kevin anderson in straight sets. now, on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello i'm olly foster, live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines. the world cup is all over, france are the new world champions, enthralling final, croatia beaten 4—2. england's players landed just in time to watch the final, if they wa nted time to watch the final, if they wanted to... we will have a last word from gareth southgate. live at
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wimbledon, i'm john watson, word from gareth southgate. live at wimbledon, i'mjohn watson, novak djokovic as won a fourth men's singles title after victory over kevin anderson in straight sets in today's final. the rest of the day 's today's final. the rest of the day '5 news here at the bbc sports centre, including a bumpy ride for chris froome, crashing during stage nine of the tour de france. welcome along to sportsday, might just be able to see the luzhniki stadium there, shrouded in smoke, almighty firework display, we had everything here in the russian capital this afternoon, a lightning storm swirling around the final match of what has been a wonderful tournament over the past 31 days,
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which ended with france winning the title yet again, 20 years after they first won it. croatia have knocked out england, they put up a fight, they will probably be slightly aggrieved in theirfirst they will probably be slightly aggrieved in their first world cup final appearance that some of the decisions did not go their way, would have made it a much tighter contest, france winning 4—2. it's a sporting occasion like no other, a fixture with a global appeal which transcends the game, and in keeping with a world cup of surprises, a final which few had predicted. russia's put on quite a show this month, the tournament scene as a public relations coup for its leader, would this provide a fitting conclusion? france were favourites, three—time finalists took the lead, albeit fortuitously... commentator: as easy a goal as you will see mario
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mandzukic, whose goal ended england's dreams of being here, putting the ball into his own net. but not for 70 years as a country with such a small population reached the final, this is croatia, for the fourth match in a row, they fought back from going behind.“ fourth match in a row, they fought back from going behind. if an parish itch with a super strike! then came controversy, goal—scorer ivan peri ic seem to know little about the ball deflecting onto his hand here, french protests saw a vaio review for the first time in a final, penalty given, and antoine griezmann stepping up. —— var. france regain the lead. these were the scenes of celebration in paris, and then the first real lapse in security of the tournament, russian feminist activist group claiming responsibility for this pitch invasion, but football provided the real drama. paul pogba has the biggest goal of
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his career. one of the tournament stars, kylian mbappe, becomingjust the second teenager to score in a world cup final after brazil's pele. 4-1. this world cup final after brazil's pele. 4—1. this final had it all, even a goalkeeping howler, that was merely a consolation. france adding a second title to the one the won 20 yea rs second title to the one the won 20 years ago on home soil, didier deschamps was the captain there, now just the third man to win the coveted prize as buyer and coach. the party back in paris getting into full swing. —— player. russia 2018 will be remembered for the way some of football's top nation struggle to meet expectations but ultimately
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macro mac back one has prevailed. a world cup for the underdog, worthy champions for the way they have grown into this tournament, when they finally got their hands on the world cup trophy, it was teaming down, cannot describe the weather. we had the sight of four president, gianni infantino, a emmanuel macron, vladimir putin and kolinda grabar—kitarovi vladimir putin and kolinda gra bar—kitarovi soaked to vladimir putin and kolinda grabar—kitarovi soaked to the bone. richard conway, please tell me you got absolutely soaked too. no, i was nice and dry, watching from the back of the stand, as everybody else got soaked pitch side, stop now, the heavens did open for quite a while but nothing is going to rain on blood amid putin's parade, he was
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there, umbrella over his smiling, as there, umbrella over his smiling, as the french players filed past in to get medals, and then left to fifa president, jani infantino, to make his way through the huddle of french players to hand over the trophy and the celebrations could then truly begin, this was a great victory by france, great final, often times, world cup finals can be kc affairs but this was a roller—coaster of an event, 11—2 in the end. france, having overcome difficult teams in this tournament, getting to the final, defusing a very difficult belgian team and overcoming uruguay and argentina. —— cagey. they have the right to claim they are the best tea m the right to claim they are the best team in the tournament. down the other end of the ground, two hours on from the final whistle, a few fifa members filing on, past them, you can see, a big group of french fans, celebrating, finally drifting
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out, that has been some party, even in the pouring rain, the french fans making the most of... trying to enjoy every last minute, 20 years since they have enjoyed this feeling of being world champions, and now drifting off into the moscow night, france, champions of the world. drifting off into the moscow night, france, champions of the worldm isa france, champions of the worldm is a good city to enjoy through the night! i'm sure, a friend has told me that. this final had everything, didn't it, kylian mbappe, first teenage goal—scorer in a final since pele and the highest scoring world cup final since the 1958 world cup final and always going to be a little bit different because we have at the spectre of the video assisted referee, hanging over a world cup final to the first time, and it has certainly made its mark here. you are right, this has been a
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tournament that has thrilled and entertained in equal measure but also historic, we had a moment of history, the first penalty awarded ina history, the first penalty awarded in a world cup final with the assistance of the video assistant referee, it wasn't. .. assistance of the video assistant referee, it wasn't... was it a handball, was it not, that was the decision that the argentinian referee had to decide, french players protesting vigorously, it did not give it at first but after consulting with the aa are —— with the var, he looked at the screen, for himself, pointed to the spot, much to the horror of croatia, and antoine griezmann stepped up to convert it and give france the lead going into half—time. controversies, certainly, a debate about what constitutes handball is going to go on from here, but var, in its world cup debut, making a decisive difference, giving france a lead at
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a very pivotal moment in the game. 167 goals and var has had a big say in quitea 167 goals and var has had a big say in quite a few of them. england left these shores on the same day that france won the trophy, landing at the same time as they kicked off here, heading back from their same petersburg —based, into birmingham international, and that is where adam wilde met them. this is where england's world cup journey finally ends, a rather non—descriptor of birmingham airport, you may be able to see the aeroplane they arrived on, you certainly would be able to hear it if you were here, no great fa nfa re, hear it if you were here, no great fanfare, that is what the fa wanted, there were 50 or 60 fans watching there were 50 or 60 fans watching the plane as it taxied round the airport from the top of the multistorey car park. really, that
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was it, no great adulation and the like of which we have seen over the last few weeks with the heroics of the england team. i caught up with gareth southgate after they landed and he told me the team and the squad is did just a little bit of celebrating. we had a few drinks, everybody was singing, very special, that gives you a chance of being a successful team, not all about science and not all about what happens on the pitch, sometimes, those little moments that you share together, those relationships and friendships are with you forever and thatis friendships are with you forever and that is an important part of sport. this young side have surpassed so many expectations, gareth southgate, when he spoke to me, was very clear, they have a long way to go before they have a long way to go before they match those very top, top teams. there is such great cause for optimism, hard work and building to progress to the top teams begins now. we were aware of a progress to the top teams begins now. we were aware of a number of landmarks we wanted to hit, and
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barriers we wanted to break through, and is always better to be looking to build and improve from a position of reaching the last four. we know there is a lot of work to do, we are not the finished article as a team but we know we have brought happiness to everybody and that has been very special. what southgate has achieved is building a really tight—knit squad, we have heard so much about it over the last month or so, lots of handy hard shakes, lots of hugs, that is something they can build on, left ear in a fleet of chauffeur driven cars, all going back to their respective clubs and their respective families of course, they have been away for a long time. now, gareth southgate knows he has plenty on which to build. amazing, amazing group to work with. really tight, everybody connected, players and staff. with gareth southgate
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today after arriving back in england, adam wilde, from the english world cup adventure, which got them to the final weekend but not the final, which france have won against croatia. we will have more from here in moscow, but now, we had to the all england club. it is all over there. many thanks indeed, the last day of these wimbledon championships, men's final state, we have witnessed novak djokovic winning a fourth wimbledon title, coming through in straight sets against south african kevin anderson, it was always going to be an interesting matchup between these two wasn't it in light of the two epic semifinals both had to contest to get here, novak djokovic requiring five sets to get past old foe rafa nadal, in the last of those two semifinals, and kevin anderson as well bugging his plays with that incredible mammoth titanic battle withjohn isner, incredible mammoth titanic battle with john isner, five incredible mammoth titanic battle withjohn isner, five gruelling
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sets, the second longest match in wimbledon history before it came through, 26—24 in the final set! what were we going to witness today? tired legs for both out on centre court? despite an enormous amount of goodwill from the wimbledon faithful, kevin anderson, for kevin anderson, just a step too far for him today. novak djokovic was triumphant. 97 years since a south african had last graced a men's singles final but in novak djokovic, we see a man who is very familiar with this stage. it was a who's who of fame in today's royal box, hoping to be treated to another box office billing, the serbs started the stronger but anderson with more than capable of grasping opportunity. missed mark and a precedent set for the rest of the contest, another mistake gifting novak djokovic set
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number one. perhaps the best return of tennis —— return tennis has ever seen, sometimes that is all it ta kes. seen, sometimes that is all it takes. —— the best return of serve tennis has ever seen. both players had run marathons in the last fortnight, here, a sprint finish looked the more likely. you don't win the longest semifinal in wimbledon history without being a fighter, anderson was not going anywhere just yet. nevertheless, championship point, just around the corner. that is it, a fourth wimbledon title. there was something of inevitability about novak djokovic today, he is back and looks here to stay. many moments of doubt, didn't know really if i could come back to the level to compete and this was my first grand slam final after a couple of years and there is i'io after a couple of years and there is no better place in the world to
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really make a comeback. this is a sacred place for the world of tennis, i always dreamt of holding this trophy, as a young boy, starting to play tennis, so this is very special. yes, novak djokovic showing signs of getting back to his best. there was british disappointment today, jamie murray alongside victoria azarenka in the final of the mixed doubles, they could not win today's final, u nfortu nately, could not win today's final, unfortunately, for jamie could not win today's final, unfortunately, forjamie murray, could have gone on and won what would have been a third mixed doubles title here at wimbledon. for now though, that is all on the final day of the championships. chris is in the studios, he has the rest of today's sport. it was a bumpy ride for the cyclists in france. chris froome crashed again, this time during stage nine of the tour de france but he got back on his bike to finish in the main bunch. drew savage reports.


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