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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 17, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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that might be hard — the government has already been spending for almost a decade. that leaves tax rises. my reading of the obr today is that it thinks those rises could be substantial. paying for public services is expensive and that has put the government in a bind. spend more to improve the nhs, but also keep trying to tackle that national debt. by next year we're going to be bringing the debt down as part of gdp, that's a very important sign of progress. and of course because of the pressures in the nhs, because of the increased demand we recognise that is a priority. the direction of travel is clear. tax rises ahead for our health care. it could mean more tax on our incomes orfuel or higher business taxes. when will we know? put november in the diary. the budget. when all will be revealed. kamal ahmed, bbc news. england have beaten india decisively in the one—day cricket international at headingley today. commentator: what an absolute
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brilliant delivery. the home side eased to their target of 257 with 33 balls and eight wickets to spare. the win meant england took the overall series 2—1, putting them in a strong position less than 12 months out from hosting the world cup. the number of puffins has been plummeting globally, but an island off the west wales coast is bucking the trend. an international project is now looking at why the sea birds are doing so well on skomer. researchers are using tiny gps trackers to monitor their every move. similar work will be carried out in countries where puffins are not faring so well and the findings will be compared. sian lloyd has been to skomer to find out more. 7 a thriving puffin population. skomer island is renowned for its wide range of sea birds, but the number of puffins breeding here is attracting international interest. they have been in decline
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in other parts of the uk and europe for decades, so much so that the species is now endangered. here, scientists have found it's a different picture. the population on skomer island has almost quadrupled in the last 30 years or so. that's great news for puffins in wales, and we're hoping to find out more about why those population changes are taking place, so that we can understand what might happen further into the future and maybe to help puffins more widely. and to do that, researchers are exploring their feeding patterns. it's really new, no—one's ever tracked the movements of puffins before in these places where i'm going to go. this tracking device is small enough to fix on to a puffin's back, and already the team has found that these tiny sea birds travel more than 90 miles a day to bring food back to the nest. we're not only looking at where they're going, but with complex analytical technique we can also identify their behaviour, so we can say, ok, in this place they're feeding, in this place
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they're resting or flying, and so the feeding place are the key ones here that we are interested in. the team will carry out the same work in norway and iceland, where there are concerns about the poor survival rates of chicks, and where the number of puffins is in serious decline. there are no such concerns on skomer, where the chicks are being monitored daily. and a record of their weight is kept. 295 grammes. they are also collecting samples that could show whether, in common with other wildlife, puffins are being affected by plastics. the findings from that part of the research won't be known for some time, but the work being carried out here could have a huge impact in helping scientists understand the threat these sea birds face. sian lloyd, bbc news, skomer. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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here are your tuesday night headlines. it's a beaut from root — as joe's century seals the one—day series for england. froome and thomas remain in contention in the alps — but it'sjulien alaphilippe who's top dog as the tour de france heads uphill. and we'll hear why wayne rooney thinks england's young stars should be given more first team football. hello. welcome along to sportsday, i'm sarah mulkerrins.
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england have taken the one—day series against india after a fine eight—wicket win in leeds. joe root and eoin morgan were the match winners, as the cricketers provided some summer joy after a week where the footballers fell short. patrick gearey reports. as minds drift from one world cup, these men are working towards another. for england, ahead of next year's cricket world cup, there is no better test than india, the world's second best side captained by its best batsman. virat kohli is a player of such skill he seems to see and anticipate everything. just not this from adil rashid. virat kohli looked as if he'd seen the spectre, not a spinner, india was spooked. suresh raina didn't check around the corner so adil rashid got him as well. england only needed 257 runs for the series but there was a challenge, although it was yorkshire in the sky is the pitch was part mumbai, the sort of dry
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dusty surface that is supposed to suit india but this isjoe root‘s turf. he's played and thrived here all his career. batting with him, eoin morgan, the one—day captain who made this almost irretrievable for india. the ball kept coming back. root‘s final boundary brought up his century and the victory ton and done, england must want that world cup to start tomorrow. patrick geary, bbc news. we've got to make sure we concentrate and keep learning and developing as a side. we've still got some young guys who could do special things in a number of years, not just special things in a number of years, notjust going to that world cup, it is vital wicket driving that ford and when we get the chance to be ruthless like today we must drive it home. it's good to be able to put all that thinking into practice and do other stuff that we say we to do. the tour de france has reached the mountains, but the main contenders for overall victory like chris froome and geraint thomas finished alongside their main rivals on stage 10 today. frenchman julien alaphilippe took the win on the first stage since the country's
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world cup triumph. tim hague has more. look at that backdrop. and today was the first chance to explore it. no more flat, this one lobs in the alps. and with belgian‘s greg van avermaet in yellow could team sky's geraint thomas and chris from real him in? not easy with pitfalls along the way, look at the top of your screen for one. another would be a puncture, chris froome in trouble, wheel and a chance to cut had been sued and then a commemoration of things more important than cycling, those lost in this during world war ii. it seemed to inspire greg van avermaet. he finished almost two minutes ahead of chris froome and geraint thomas, but the british double act remain in contention
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finishing and their major rivals for yellow although nobody came close to today's stage winner, the french favourite julien alaphilippe. he dominated on an emotional entry day into the alps. tim hague, bbc news. the netherlands‘ annemiek van vleuten stole victory in la course — the one day event that runs beside the tour de france. she was a long way behind going into the final kilometre, but produced an amazing finish, to pip her compatriot anna van der breggen. look at her,. van vleuten who won the most prestigious women's stage race, italy's giro rosa, on sunday, retained the la course title. she won that site last so she was defending it. last year was super nice but also it was a race, it was unbelievable. with 200 metres to go i thought i've got second, then i saw her dying.
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to win like this, i didn't know that i'm in good shape but anna van der breggen is also a very good cyclist so it was a really tough ride. wayne rooney is settling into life with his new side dc united in america, from where he watched the world cup, as england made the semi—finals. and with them being the youngest squad at the tournament, the former england captain believes they must now get more game time domestically this season. first of all they had a fantastic tournament. it was great to watch. obviously disappointed we didn't get to the final because once you get that close, you do start thinking about the final and winning it and stuff. but no, they had a great tournament and they are a young team. so hopefully the club managers continue to play some of them so they get more game time. you can see that the quality is there, you know,
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some of the players probably don't play as much as they would like to. and for england especially it's important that they do that two yea rs before. important that they do that two years before. you've always been a very driven individual. you know the perception in england of mls, people see it as a retirement home! how do you feel it? i can't imagine that you feel it? i can't imagine that you look at it in that way. no, i think it is a good league. it is physical. games which i've seen and been involved in one are a bit more open than in the premier league. but yeah, it is a good league, ifeel that the league is growing, it will keep going over the next few years, iam sure. rangers have progressed to the europa league second qualifying round after a goalless draw with shkupi in macedonia. the visitors held a 2—0 advantage from last week's first leg at ibrox and were seldom troubled until the last couple of minutes, when alan mcgregor repelled any
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danger to keep a clean sheet. in tonight's second leg champions league qualifiers, welsh champions the new saints were 4—0 winners against macedonian champions shkendija on the night — but despite that fight back — it wasn't enough — they go out 5—4 on aggregate. northern ireland's crusaders are also out — lost 2 nil to ludogorets — 9 nil on aggregate. england's under—19s began the defence of their european title with a 3—2 win over turkey in finland. afterfalling behind, spurs defender japhet tanganga levelled, before nottingham forest striker ben brereton, gave england the lead just before half time. and how about this for a goal — sunderland midfielder elliot embleton curling past the turkey keeper to put his side 3—1 up. england will face ukraine and france later in group b,
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with the top two nations from each group progressing to the semi—finals. could liverpool be about to break the world transfer record for a goalkeeper for this man — allisson. the brazil and roma shot stopper is in demand byjurgen klopp, and liverpool have lodged an offer with the italian side — believed to be around £62 million. current keeper, loris karius was at fault for two goals in liverpool's champions league final defeat by real madrid, but it was later found that he had concussion. now the 147th open golf championship at carnoustie gets under way on thursday. the course on the east coast of scotland is renowned as one of the toughest on the circuit. padraig harrington was the winner the last time the championship was held there — he's back in this year's field — along with another former champion.. tiger woods won the last of his three opens here at hoylake in 2006 — but this is his first championship for three years after back surgery in 2014 and a string of other injuries.
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the american admitted he thought he may never play at the open again. there's definitely a point in time i thought i would never play in this championship again. watching it on tv, it's great seeing it on tv but it's even better in person. and i remember how it feels to come down the last hole with a chance to win it, and knowing i may never have that opportunity again... there were times when i didn't feel very good but now to have the opportunity to come back to carnoustie and play here in scotland again, i have said this before throughout this year, it's been a blessing. that's all from sportsday. you can see more on all those stories on the website coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are sebastian payne, who's the political leader writer for the financial times, and the editor of the politico london playbook, jack blanchard. welcome to both of you. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the daily telegraph reports that theresa may was saved by four labour mps as she avoided a critical commons defeat on brexit by a narrow margin. similarly, the ft leads on may restoring herfrail grip on brexit by seeing off pro—europe rebels. the guardian also leads with the prime minister seeing off
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a commons rebellion. the i reports relief in downing street following another close vote. the times says theresa may threatened tory rebels with a general election if they didn't back her over brexit. the metro leads on a different story — former olympic showjumper has a bizarre method of taking revenge against her former lover. clearly, brexit is the leading story for most of tomorrow 5 papers. that's where we will go for a while. sebastien, kick us off, with the independent by‘s take. sebastien, kick us off, with the independent by's take. they summed up independent by's take. they summed up what happened, theresa may has got through another one of those nail—biting folks, this is the big confrontation that has been building up confrontation that has been building up the months between the prime minister and certain elements of her party, they


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