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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 22, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. the brexit secretary says he's confident the uk won't crash out of the eu without a deal. dominic raab says he believes an agreement is possible within months, if brussels shows ambition. hundreds of volunteers from syria's civil defence force, known as the white helmets are rescued from a war zone in southern syria. they are safely in jordan. police want to speak to three men, following an acid attack on a three—year—old boy in worcester. the police watchdog is investigating allegations of serious corruption and malpractice at the metropolitan police's own anti—corruption unit. ifi if i was able to get a life jacket i could have saved my babies. a woman who lost nine members of her family when a tourist boat capsized in the us, speaks of her grief. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm holly hamilton. coming up in the programme. it was pretty crowded at the top of the leaderboard but it's francesco molinari who emerges victorious at the open championship in carnoustie. hamilton survives a storm on and off the track to win the german grand prix and reclaim the championship lead. it's a british one—two at the tour de france with a week to go. geraint thomas is still over a minute and a half ahead of chris froome. hello and welcome to the programme. we begin with that dramatic final round in carnoustie where francesco molinari has won the open championship. becoming the first player representing italy to win a men's
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major. let's get more from john watson who's there for us. john, what a draamatic day there. to thinkjust 2a hours ago, it seemed unlikely that anyone but an american would be taking home the claretjug. that was the way was looking. at the start of the day it was three americans and a tie for the lead on nine under par. that included the offending champion jordan spieth. and what has been a thrilling day, at one stage it looked as though tiger woods could be on course to win an unbelievable 15th major when he took the outright lead. but then came francesco molinari, a hugely impressive round from the italian with two birdies, an round of 69 as he finished eight under par. whilst he finished eight under par. whilst he had a nervous way in the clubhouse to see what is an issue field could produce in his final round, in the end it was francesco
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molinari who won his first major title, his first open as well. and the first italian to lift that payments claretjug the first italian to lift that payments claret jug as the first italian to lift that payments claretjug as tim hague can tell us. the winds of change were in the air at the championship sunday. they quickly saw the challenge of several players. could anyone contend with the conditions? there was one man. two birdies for tiger took him inside of a 15th major, and while the galleries wanted it, the gods did not. but woods wasn't the only player dropping shots. reigning champion jordan spieth struggled. player dropping shots. reigning championjordan spieth struggled. a visit to the shrubbery will do that but there were no such problems for justin rose. some shots like this got him to 6—under as though he and rory mcelroy became the clubhouse leaders. yet their fellow european francesco molinari focused only on his game, not a drop shot all day supported by the odd bit of
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sensation. they gave the italian a chance to secure a score of 8—under par. and there was never any doubt. time now to watch and wait, but not too long. a first major champion from italy. and the winds of change have swept. tim hague, bbc news. hugely impressive from francesco molinari. that incredible chip onto the 18th to seal his second birdie of the day. you can see that he is two shots clear of the field and a very deserving champion indeed. park players. two shots further back on 6—under par. that includesjustin rose and rory mcelroy, the british contended. looked as though they pulled themselves back into contention, both players with eagles on the 1ath, but andy and it was not to as francesco molinari produced
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that flawless round to lift the claretjug here. we have to mention you talked about royal mcelroy and justin rose bring themselves back to contention today in getting british hopes up once again. tiger woods is well was looking around the leaderboard. he was. who would have thought that, and might of the battles, the form and might of the battles, the form and fitness that tiger woods has gone through. he said himself that he thought this was the best chance to win another major. he certainly put yourself in a position to do so. a hugely impressive round from justin rose as well when you consider that he onlyjust made the cut here. he was some 3—over par on friday. but he birdied the last. that made the weekend. he produced a second round of 64. out of the economy so far to put himself into contention. but he was some way off the leaders. but a brilliant round once again from him to put himself to 6—under par. rory mcilroy had said that he felt he could
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challenge. he wanted eight strong start and he didn't quite get off to one, but that eagle on the 14th certainly giving himself a chance and see, too, moved to 6—under par. we had talked about the dominance of the americans coming into this major championship. of course they hold all four majors. jordan spieth, the defending champion here. we talked about the brits potentially ending that run. while it isn't a britain who has done that, it is an italian. francesco molinari. that certainly bodes well heading into the ryder cup. you're absolutely right. john watson and carnoustie, thank you. to formula 1 now and what a race at hockenheim. lewis hamilton started 14th on the grid at the german grand prix and ended up winning it after ferrari's sebastian vettel crashed out — putting the mercedes driver back on top of the drivers championships. the drama didn't stop there though — after stewards found he'd broken the rules during a pit stop and launched an investigation. nick parrott has the details. to bea
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to be a world champion unique ability. also luck. lewis hamilton might have thought his was running out. misfortune left him 14th on the grid at hockenheim mile championship leaders have asked jim vettel ward off the line, leading from paul. the britain fought his way through the field, climbing to 54 halfway. further progress looked unlikely. until a storm arrived, shaking up the race and the championship. vettel was the biggest casualty. his pride, clearly heard. sorry, guys. expletive. that handed his ferrari team—mate the lead until he stopped for wet weather tires. hamilton almost did the same, but changed tack at the last moment. it was a decision that gave him his fourth win of the season. the result he would never have dreamed of. on a day when his championship hopes were expected to take a battering, he's ended up back on top. nick parrott, bbc news. would never have thought that you
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could do something like that today, but i just kept could do something like that today, but ijust kept pushing and come believing and it happened. so i really manifested my dream today. so really manifested my dream today. so really big thanks to god. 15 stages completed, six to go, and it's as you were at the tour de france. geraint thomas is heading into the last week in the leader's yellow jersey, over a minute and half ahead of his teamate and tour champion chris froome. drew savage reports. the leader and his faithful will be no one is sure which rose geraint thomas and chris froome will play in the last week of the tour. a clear picture will emerge over the last few days. the rates climbed a few hills as eight climbed the pyrenees, but they were saving their legs for the mountains. a three—man breakaway raced into the
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my might. danish sprinter proved himself the strongest, celebrate in his first win on the tour. thomas, from an third—place happy to write to the finish together. no change today, but safely closer to the finish in paris. over the next five stages, we will find out who will end up on top of that podium. juror savage, - news. —— drew savage. savage, bbc news. —— drew savage. let's ta ke savage, bbc news. —— drew savage. let's take a look at the general classification. a team sky 1—2. thomas and froome, with dumoulin and roglic also holding hopes of overhauling the british duo. tomorrow is a rest day before they hit the pyrenees, expect froome to make his move there, if he is to retain his tour title. it's the second day of the women's hockey world cup in queen elizabth olympic park. italy have beaten china 3—0. a first—half strike from valentina braconi — one of ten argentinian—born players in the italian squad — gave them the lead, and there were two further goals
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after the break to seal the victory. their last world cup campaign came in1976. i think you have got to give italy credit, fantastic between the legs. yes, it is a diving stick. argentina's first match saw them beat spain 6—2. the sixth goal came from a penalty stroke. argentina, who were eight places below spain in the world rankings, top their group ahead of germany because of that goal difference. and a quick look at all today's matches. confirmation of those wins for italy and argentina. while earlier the netherlands beat south korea 7—0. new zealand are currently facing belgium. it's belgium who take a 2—1 lead. on the last day of the anniversary games, greg rutherford bid farewell to the london stadium — scene of his greatest triumph, long jump gold at the 2012 olympics. he finished tenth, but received
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a great reception ahead of his retirement at the end of the season as kate grey reports emotions were running high to greg rutherford as he was introduced to the london cloud for the last time. a household name sincejumping to victory at this very track six years ago. but today it wasn't about her form is due to struggles with injuries. instead it was an exhibition and a goodbye to his loyal fa ns. exhibition and a goodbye to his loyalfans. so, exhibition and a goodbye to his loyal fans. so, that exhibition and a goodbye to his loyalfans. so, that they've exhibition and a goodbye to his loyal fans. so, that they've are great. he managed to get his third jump great. he managed to get his third jump onto the scoreboard, but it wasn't enough to contend with the rest of the field. but it didn't matter to his london proud. he said with every moment of his final farewell at the stadium. one of the things i remember so distinctly from london in 2012 was one of the people saying, "go on, greg, this is your chance cold cold after i read through on the first time and that is something i will always remember. and then people shouting, "well done, thank you for the memories" etc. it does bring a bit of a tear to your eye. but again a lovely way for me to say goodbye. there was plenty still to cheer about as the
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men's bridges four by 100 relay had a dominating performance in setting the asked his time in the world this year. the fast racing continued in the paradigms with 17—year—old beating the champion and team—mate of the 100 metres and breaking her world record in the process. there was another world record in the 200 metres. this time for sophie hankin a leading the rest of the field of only behind. a day with mixed emotions, memories and future promise with rutherford enjoying his final moments on the track with his biggest fan by his side. kate grey, bbc news, the london stadium. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. now on the news channel it's time for ‘click‘. bye for now. welcome to one of the biggest specials on the planet. this is the farnborough international airshow, a chance to see the newest aircraft up close, and witness them being put through their paces. i mean, really, something that big should not be doing that. alongside the air displays,
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this is where the aviation industry does its business, and on the first of seven show days, orders were made for more than 300 aircraft and deals of almost $50 billion were struck. oh, my goodness. i mean, it'sjust so incredible to see what these enormous flying bits of metal can do. but interestingly, the next big thing in aviation could be quite small, and very personal. this is the blackfly, a new type of single—passenger craft. now, you may have never heard of opener, the company that made it, and that's because it has been
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operating in secret for the past nine years. the eight rotors are powered by the on—board battery, offering travel distances of about 25 miles. in the us, speeds would be restricted to 62 mph. you don't need a runway because this pav, or personal aerial vehicle, can take off and land vertically. in fact, it doesn't even have wheels, and that is partly due to its amphibious ambitions. it can land on water if necessary. now, after you have towed it to your take—off spot, it's time to quickly assemble the craft. opener is targeting enthusiasts who have open stretches of uninhabited grassland that they need to get between.
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