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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 24, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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i don't want my strong healthy men to have been poisoned and died for nothing. i want to know why they used the blood products if they knew, even if it was just an idea that they might be contaminated. how dare they use them on my husband? we go up to the tree, his memorial tree and we have picnics there. the grandchildren can go there and play around it. he is still part of our life. he will always be part of our life. they took my husband but they can't take my love. jean hill's story. and you can read more about the contaminated blood scandal, and the accounts of others who were affected, at the british divers who helped to rescue 12 boys from a flooded
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cave in thailand, have been thanked by theresa may at downing street. the boys themselves have been preparing to spend time in a buddhist monastery, to thank those who freed them. chi chi izundu has the story. her report contains flash photography. it is just one of a series of ceremonies of thanks the rescued thai boys will now participate in. in thailand, 11 have become novice buddhists. as is customary, the boys have had their head shaved. for nine days, a thai lucky number, they will meditate, pray and clean their temple as well as paying tribute to the diver who lost their life trying to save theirs. how many of you? 13? the coach and 12 boys spent two weeks trapped in the cave network before a complicated mission to free them was launched. this afternoon at number ten, the british rescuers were honoured at the reception by the prime minister. rick was counting.
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i asked how many there were. we were pleased but i think we were both aware that there is a big difference being alive inside of a cave and being alive outside the cave and that is why it took a week or so to make that happen. they are great heroes. john said they are not heroes, but i think every one is a hero. selflessly courageous. superbly professionally confident. in australia, medals for the divers who describe their cave diving hobby as odd. this doctor, the last man out of the cave, his job was to sedate the boys, something he says was the scariest part of the rescue. it was an experiment in a way. i have never done it in the back of a cave on malnourished, skinny, dehydrated thai kids before. that for me was the most frightening part of the week. reluctant heroes as they may be, these boys will forever be grateful. chi chi izundu, bbc news. that's it.
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now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a very good night. the fellow welcome sports day. coming up, crashes, protests and pepper spray. all the drama form stage 16 of the tour de france. and he's had plenty to celebrate this year, but could gareth southgate win the fifa coach of the year award? and england captain giroud returns his best figures to seal victory in a short battle of the roses. good evening to you. you can always guarantee some drama from the final week of the tour de france but
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nobody could have predicted what happened during stage 16. there was a farmers' protest which saw the race top of the 16 miles. they tried to block the road with bales of hay but it was their use of police pepper spray against protesters that cause some real problems. the substance got in the eyes of some of the riders including the overall rider, leader, geraint thomas. others were not quite so fortunate, as drew savage reports. they had been racing forjust over 30 minutes when the tour de france ground to a sudden halt. the police reacted swiftly but their actions had side—effects. the race held up for 11 minutes, many riders needing treatment. race leader geraint thomas and second placed team—mate chris froome and rival tom du moulin happy to get going again. cycling can bea happy to get going again. cycling can be a dangerous sport at the best
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of times and philip gilbert amazingly were soon back in the race after this. maybe he inspired his team—mate who had already won by stage in the arts and clearly as it another in the pyrenees. so did british rider adam yates who broke clear over the last climb of the day. nothing is guaranteed with the frenchman keeping up the pressure behind. wet roads and that ended their hopes for yeats. thomas froome and dumoulin all happy to finish. let's have a look at the general classification. geraint thomas remains one minute and 39 seconds ahead of his team—mate chris froome. two mountain stages left this week. when will the cracker time attack? everton have signed the
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brazilian winger richarlison from watford in a deal that could potentially cost the club £50 million. the 21—year—old has been signed on a five—year deal. manager marco silva signed him when he was in charge at vicarage road. england captain harry kane has been shortlisted for the best fifa men's play award after winning the golden boot during england's run to the world cup semifinals. he is included with last year's winner cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi. kevin de bruyne, eden hazard and mo salah are also nominated. gareth southgate is one of 11 coaches nominated for the best men's coach award. he led england to their best tournament finish since 1990. manchester city manager pep guardiola is also nominated, as is liverpool'sjurgen klopp. chelsea's emma hayes is one
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of the managers to make the woman shortlist. she guided the team to a league and cup double last season. she was pregnant for most of the campaign as well. she gave birth to a boy two days after her side clinched the wsl title. lucy bronze has been nominated for women's player of the year. the former manchester city pull back is one of six lyon players on the shortlist. the winners will be revealed on the 24th of september in london. england cricket captain joe 24th of september in london. england cricket captainjoe root is best known for his batting but today he picked up his best everfigures with the ball in the yorkshire county championship victory over lancashire. he took three of the four wickets that yorkshire needed for victory including that of another england colleague, jimmy anderson. he faced with four wickets forjust anderson. he faced with four wickets for just five runs. anderson. he faced with four wickets forjust five runs. from county cricket's all this competition to this news, and the people walking —— organising the new 100 ball
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tournament said no decision has been made on whether it will include 12 aside or 15 aside schemes. the times in the telegraph both ran stories today suggesting the england and wales cricket board after considering bigger playgroups. the ecb says that it is still in discussions about how the new competition would work but some feel that more investment should be given to the existing t20 blast competition. author was more investment in marketing of t20 blast it would be more successful. any product that has gone up 20% in a year, it says that there's something there work with. and talk of the 100 has made more people think, we did what need to change it, and maybe those other fans that are also coming. frankie dettori will beam missing the king george at ascot after losing an appeal against a riding ban. he was penalised for careless riding. that was in the duchess kimmich stakes at newmarket. stewards was that he caused
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interference to other forces. a panel has reduced the band from ten days down to six but that means he will miss out that scott and two key rise at the glorious goodwood festival. cruz guaranteed himself a medal beating team—mate james andrew davies earlier in the day. he lost in the final. fencing was one of five sports to have uk sport funding removed in 2016. next month, 102 british athletes will take part in the european athletics championships in berlin. for the first time in a major championships more women than men have been named on the team gb squad. laura muir will race in the 1500 metres. she has ditched the 800 because of an achilles problem. and is hughes is favourite for gold in the 100 metres whilst dina
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asher—smith is hoping to become a three—time european gold medallist. we've seen so many girls who have set personal bests, season bests, this year, who will be up there challenging for the medals. i would love to be, obviously, i would love it, but on me going there and running the race is that i need to run. that is why we love track and field. you have got your favourites, then next thing it is that is that is the thing that makes people want to watch athletics, because you might think you know who's going to win, you might have who would you wa nt to win, you might have who would you want to win in your head but when the gun goes, it is anybody‘s game. finally we return to football with news that the leeds united legend paul madeley has died at the age of 73. he played in every outfield position during his career at elland road, winning every domestic trophy
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under don revie. paul madeley was one of the stars of his united, playing only for leeds united and in every position except goalkeeper. madeley, what a beauty of a goal by madeley. he played for in times. he was a key figure in don revie's heralded and controversial leeds side of the sixes and 70s playing alongside peter lorimer, norman hunter, billy bremner and alongside peter lorimer, norman hunter, billy bremnerand eddie gray. every major game that we played in, paul madeley played. he will go down as one of the greatest players in the club's history. paul madeley was born just a stone's throw from his much beloved elland road ground in beeston. it was a clu b road ground in beeston. it was a club he absolutely loved and adored. he was never tempted to sign for any other site. in a statement leeds
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united said... paul played a game in the right manner. nobody got away from him. if he was man marking someone they would never get away from him. and he did not have to resort to, let's say, the dark side of the game. as a mark of respect, leeds united players will wear black armbands during the friendly tonight at oxford united, to honour the legend who will not be forgotten. paul madeley, who has died at the age of 73. that is all from sportsday. for now on the bbc news channel, it is time for the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster lynn faulds wood and the deputy editor of the express, michael booker. good evening to both of you. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. we can start with the financial times. it police theresa may announcing she's taking control of brexit negotiations. and an emotional picture of a driver returning to a burnt out car in athens after wildfires that have killed more than 70 people. the daily telegraph carries a picture of
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that poignant scene from athens. its headline is that they are calling front an update to medieval treason law to prosecute jihadists you have bought in syria. a boot licking inferno is the headline in the metro. it will ease with the wildfires in athens, showing firefighters battling the blaze. it says that the death toll could be more than 100. betrayal of raf heroes, says the express. one of its historic airbases will close to make way for a new housing development. and the guardian leads with another picture of the greek wildfires. it focuses on the new demann —— brexit secretary dominic raab announcing that the government will have to ta ke ste ps that the government will have to take steps to ensure adequate food supplies for britain if it leaves the eu with no—deal. let's talk to
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our guests. shall we take the metro, these pictures of a biblical inferno? it is


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