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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 31, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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miles away? yes, four or five miles away. this rolled—up wire and the cabinet here shows that in this case in cumbria, bt are putting the infrastructure in. but what local people say is what comes out of this isn't good enough, so they are putting in their own system which they say is faster and better. nearby, a not—for—profit venture is feeding fibre—optic cables through and under a field. a coalition of willing landowners is working with volunteers to bring superfast broadband to all of these remote properties. most weekends and even in the week, there will be stalwarts amongst us who are out with diggers, digging the trenches so this will have been going on virtually every week and all weekends for the past 18 months. cable is now shooting out of the ground across these hillsides as the project spreads from farm, to business, to home. it's far better for us to do it for ourselves. it's quicker, less red tape.
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cheaper, because the landowners are part of the project. the government says ventures like this are part of the broader plan for connecting rural areas. soon, the fibre—optic box on the side of the newbold's home will be activated too, where maybe there'll be a bit less trampolining and more modern teenage pursuits. danny savage, bbc news, cumbria. let's go back to the breaking news, the plane crash in mexico. we will go straight to mexico city and talk to our correspondence ana—gabriela rojas. what information are you hearing? we know so far that this plane was flying from the northern state of durango to mexico city and
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it was carrying 97 people including four crew members. little is known about the reason for this plane crash but it was raining and it was five minutes after it took off from the airport in durango so we're waiting for more information. as i say, the reasons are still not known. the state government is saying there were no deaths but there are reports many have been injured. the toll is still not known but some people may be injured or even dead but still, the number is not known. it's just the number of people, 97 people, crew members. it a total of 101 people. the allied is
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aeromexico and we are waiting for more news. give us aeromexico and we are waiting for more news. give us a aeromexico and we are waiting for more news. give us a sense of the geography because this happened in the state of durango. you say the plane was on its way to mexico city and it made a forced landing about ten kilometres from the state capital. just tell us a little bit more about the region. this was an aeroplane in the north of mexico. it was a plane that was doing a circular route which mean it started in mexico city this afternoon, and now it is coming back. it was about four o'clock in the afternoon and it happened very near to the airport of the capital city. now all operations are stopped, security forces from all the country have gone and
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everything is moving very fast now so we are everything is moving very fast now so we are expecting to know more information in the next minutes or hours. as you are speaking, we are watching photographs of emergency vehicles on the scene. you mentioned the weather. what more can you tell us the weather. what more can you tell us about that? it was raining heavily but they don't know yet if that was part of the process. some of the reports said there was a crash when the plane took off, there was a crash with some object but we still don't know. those reports are still don't know. those reports are still not confirmed by the authorities. the two bodies have been saved so far. this crash with an unknown object so far. there are
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reports of a heavy hailstorm as the airliner was taking off but we can't confirm those. as i say, at the moment, the emergency services are saying that there have been no deaths. details are still coming in. ana—gabriela rojas in mexico city, thank you. now, the weather. we had a dose of slightly cooler rainy weather and the heatwave is back again. it will arrive in the next day or two. it's initially in the south where we are going to see those temperatures soaring to around 30 degrees. we have a weather front approaching the western parts of the uk. high pressure from the south as we head towards the end of the week and into the weekend. we will start to see some extremely hot air across
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spain and portugal moving in our direction. the hottest of the year won't reach us. temperatures are expected to go over 30 degrees in london in the coming days but for the moment, it is relatively cool. temperatures around 30 degrees. there is that weather front that i mentioned which is a posting western parts of the uk. polly mist and murk and coastal fog possibly parts of the uk. polly mist and murk and coastalfog possibly along parts of the uk. polly mist and murk and coastal fog possibly along the western coasts but starting to warm up western coasts but starting to warm up and bright and sunny. then on thursday, when a weather front, it means there is not much of a weather front. but of cloud. the main message is that weather front will draw up further heat from the south and look out what it is across the continent, near a0 degrees in spain, mid or high 30s across some western
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and central parts of europe. we really are on the edge of the heatwave on thursday. we are going to see clouds streaming off the atlantic, we are not anticipating the heat to build extensively. 0n thursday, i think we will be hitting 30 degrees are pleased in central london. towards the end of the week, this is the pattern we are watching. the cool front moves across the uk, slices it in half. scotland and northern ireland are on the cooler side of the weather front. that means it's going to be a bit fresher. maybe some spots of rain. further south, leeds is on the cusp of that heatwave. by the time we get to southern areas, not shy of 30 degrees in excess of 30 degrees in london. this is where we will feel the sweltering heat. this high
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pressure just the sweltering heat. this high pressurejust building. the sweltering heat. this high pressure just building. that essentially means a lot of dry and sunny weather with just a hint of front there in the very final quest. it does mean in the north—west, it's going to stay cooler. the hot air will be reserved for more southern and central parts of the uk but it will be warming up in wales stop and think once again will be reserved. there are hints that cooler it tries to nudge him. the hot air still keeps coming in from the south. probably around 30 degrees also. later next week, there is the possibility that cooler air will arrive off the atlantic. explicable whipping a hot start of cool air arriving late in the week. goodbye. hello. welcome to you both. many of
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tomorrow's front pages are written. the daily telegraph carys stories of 76 old northern ireland veteran who is voiced is angry at being under police investigation for the attempted murder of two protesters on bloody sunday, accusing the government of the trail. 0n the front page of the metro is a photograph of xeneral webster, the manjust a photograph of xeneral webster, the man just a manslaughter after a wall and was splashed with acid. the independent leads with the next labour party manifesto including a universal basing insight —— basic ins -- universal basing insight —— basic ins —— a universal basic income concept. the guardian warns that the
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funding crisis facing local authorities has worsened as northamptonshire county council says it can no longer protect services for vulnerable children and adults. 0n brexit, the daily express rights at last we are talking tough, referring to what it calls a crunch summit between theresa may and the french president. the financial times claims when the two leaders meet in the south of france on friday, mrs may will urge the manual macron to soften its stance on brexit. —— the french president. the daily mirror says crisis talks have been held about thomas markle stopping speaking to the media about his daughter. and the times has gone through michael penllyn's archive at the british library. the box is a bun published material includes a script ideas for monty python and
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the holy grail. a wide variety of stories to cover. let us start with the times. made's brexit plea to macron and the times says theresa may is cutting short. what you make it all? this holiday location has been criticised by the voters because there was a swimming pool installed and isn't carry much about the pool. whether she has cut short a holiday, we don't know. she is on the continent anyway because she is on holiday with her husband in switzerland and italy but this is the idea that she needs to get macron on side, having ameliorated angela merkel to her checkers plan. i think now the tactics turn to
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dealing directly with barnier dig get the leaders onside and the main axis of power as germany and france. she is coming under extreme pressure. it's also for macron two exercise his own influence on the eu and get barnier and others to sign up. is that realistic? all along, the 27 eu member states have stayed together and said this is not priced together and said this is not priced to negotiate. also, macron is a high person to deal with. as we were saying, as camilla was saying, she wants britain to stay in and wants to do what they can to help britain with brexit wearers macron has a much tougher line, he wants a slice
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out of brexit, he was financial services to move to paris. a lot of this is optics. cutting short the holiday sounds dramatic, are taking control of the negotiations. we are in the closing stages of brexit. it looks very much like she is not on the ball. there are worse places to go. the mood music from france, quoting a source, is difficult for macron to offer compromises and that is the mood going into the meeting on friday. what might come out of it? to be fair, there is some room to manoeuvre. it divided the tory party and they united in their mutual hatred. equally, she suggested andrew mark, that was
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going to be written's best and final offer. a lot of the remain supporters have seen this as a compromise on through to have been so summarily rejected, there was a real sense fossils that it was going to a cce pt real sense fossils that it was going to accept it so now they are having to accept it so now they are having to regroup funnily enough, it's from the david davis school of thinking, going to the individual member states. he was basically saying, as we get closer to october, the pressure will come a notice from those are siding with barnier‘s approach by the likes of hungary and italy where electorates have similar concerns about immigration. ‘s letter to from brexit. lets turn to the daily telegraph. —— let's move on from brexit. saying that middle—class cocaine uses fuel gang crime. i middle—class cocaine uses fuel gang crime. lam not middle—class cocaine uses fuel gang crime. i am not entirely clear how
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those tie together. she is making a point about, if you are basically taking cocaine as a middle—class user, you are at the end of a pretty terrific supply chain, whether it is drug mules in the country that they come from and also crime on the streets of return and london and they are saying that the demand for cocaine is driving up nice crime. there has been a lot of this about this, she is also making a cultural point about hypocrisy, that they can sit around at dinner parties and talk about global warming and fair trade, but there is no fair trade about cocaine, there was a film 15 years ago about called maria full of grace, a pregnant drug mule, it is ha rd grace, a pregnant drug mule, it is hard to watch but anybody who thinks this is an easy, expensive addiction, they should see the other end of the chain. it is interesting,
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this is the metropolitan police commissioner, interesting she has said it now. what you think of the timing? in light of knife crime figures having borne through the roof, what is interesting as her saying it as the hat of the net, it is bigger than a capital issues and we have talked about county lines and we are seeing more of a proliferation into the home counties about robins with drugs and knife crime and the idea that some of these middle—class people who might be recreationally using cocaine, they certainly don't want their own children being used as drug mules, but there is increasing evidence that that is to drug dealers are targeting. a lot of drug dealers in the city might have a record, but if you bring them out to the home counties and you get very respectable middle—class schoolchildren into this cycle, the police to suspect them and they might also be disseminating drugs in
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their own areas because parents or their own areas because parents or their friends pet at school are the people who are using it at the weekend! interesting comments at an interesting time. let's turn to the independent now. we have been talking about theresa may and her problems with brexit, but labour have their own problems in this anti—semitism row. mcdonald reveals plans for welfare revolution. labour is set to include universal basic income in next manifesto, could this be an attempt to move things on from the anti—semitism row within the labour party? one of them gave an interview, talking about anti—semitism and said it was a low point. he has set out a different narrative from jeremy corbyn on this, he hasn't talked about anti—semitism at all this week, whereasjohn mcdonald is on anti—semitism at all this week, whereas john mcdonald is on the
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front foot and said we have to deal with this. that is interesting because usually get isn't... —— usually there isn't. he has been much more, what the jewish community and what the people in the labour party wa nt and what the people in the labour party want to hear is much more compassion from the top of the labour party, particularly with these revelations about people '5 men, on the nec and inflammatory comments about donald trump fanatics. i think he has been on the one hand, very sympathetic and compassionate, but is also sending out this new policy. is not to say that it out this new policy. is not to say thatitis out this new policy. is not to say that it is a distraction, but it is to say that they have other positive things to talk about other than anti—semitism. he is suggesting that universal basic income will be in the labour manifesto and it is an interesting idea and it has been trialled in different country, you don't have means testing but you have a basic income that everybody get and it is supposedly an incentive for everybody to get into
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work because they feel a part of society. it is quite a shrewd move to start talking about social justice agenda is when you have theresa may on who stood on the steps of downing street, who used the same language of making life better for the many and the same language of making life betterfor the many and not the same language of making life better for the many and not the few. it will be frustrating to her because she is consumed by brexit, labour has a similar problem in that its own party is divided along the remain and brexit line. to push out something that might make people think that there is brexit fatigue going on, get to october and make a deal, they are now concerned about things on their doorsteps topics so to change the narrative and try to claim it back is quite shrewd politically. i don't think there is a costing in here, but they had so much expenditure in the last manifesto, i do think they mind about the cost of things because they are more into, their idea is to
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stand to invest in society. social mobility is terrible in this covered —— country, posit —— poverty is terrible and they want to spend money, that is the whole argument as a left—wing labour government in waiting. let's move on to the mirror. meghan markle's dad. according to the mirror, palace crisis talks over silencing meghan markle's dad. i am issuing this is in the wake of the extensive interview he gave to the mail on sunday. yes, nine hours. in that interview he made quite a number of cutting claims, notably that she has cutting claims, notably that she has cut him off and changed her phone number, which the palace hasn't commented on this topic they seek it asa commented on this topic they seek it as a private matter and all of this journalism are around her dad is intrusive to her and prince harry. the suggestion that he made is quite
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hurtful, saying that possessed diana would be frowning on your behaviour. that from the public‘s perspective, talks have been ongoing ever since he was first caught out conspiring with a paparazzi to have photos taken of him in the run—up to the waiting. i taken of him in the run—up to the waiting. lam taken of him in the run—up to the waiting. i am sure it is a source of talks, although questions have been asked as to whether the palace should have stepped in earlier, foreseeing that the extended family, might need to be brought onside or perhaps became in the art of how to handle journalists and paparazzi, perhaps became in the art of how to handlejournalists and paparazzi, to be fair, i think there is sympathy on both hands. 1a meghan markle having to play this out, she has gotten sympathy because other people will see it is good to know that all families can be as thermonuclear as this. at this man, who lived a life
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of obscurity and is thrust into the limelight, who can blame him for trying to make a quick buck, he also born into money and begging is our married into royalty. many have thought he has been left out to dry from the palace and it needed more support from the moment they got engaged. i am not a royal commentator, but as a watcher of the royal wedding and what was going on before then i felt sorry for him. you wonder whether there was a duty of care there. talk was that he would walk down the rail and it would walk down the rail and it would be an amazing thing for any father to do and suddenly he wasn't andl father to do and suddenly he wasn't and i think there was so much pressure on him and naturally you will have the world's media following you, was there any protection? i don't know. the palace did say they advised him from a distance and there were phone calls but many people have raised eyebrows around the fact that prince harry still has a net him. whether that
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will happen in the coming months, we will happen in the coming months, we will see. the daily mail, why did they hide the truth on rescue bomber? uses on the person who carried out the attack on manchester arena, the may already this morning —— the mail revealed this morning it, had been rescued by a navy ship in libya. cracking story. you don't often go for exclusives, but they sent larissa brown to tripoli and this is what she came back with. the stunning revelation that the manchester arena, had been rescued by the royal navy three years ago, but what they now keep it on forward with was the suggestion that when david anderson qc did his report into the bombing, why didn't it say that this had been the case and what if the authorities are trying to hide it? i don't know if it is a conspiracy, but clearly questions need to be answered. conspiracy, but clearly questions need to be answeredlj conspiracy, but clearly questions need to be answered. i want to end with the telegraph. blue will why
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and. there is a song of air, it doesn't go red, red wine. it is turquoise wind apparently. how can this be possible? i don't know because rose has been such a huge hit, there is a wine makerwho because rose has been such a huge hit, there is a wine maker who wants to break out. i like a drink white wine, red wine, but i don't fancy the idea of turquoise wine. but there has been a french winemaker who has had to go to spain to make this and it starts off as a traditional white but as it mature is, the pulp of the red grape's skin turns at lou. —— turns blue. apparently he has harnessed this and the wine takes on a turquoise hue, which sounds interesting and i don't know whether it would have an impact on flavour or whether the colour would influence what you are drinking. the point is, it is not being injected with blue dye. drinking. the point is, it is not
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being injected with blue dyelj drinking. the point is, it is not being injected with blue dye. i am at the wrong woman to ask on this. however, i don't know. it is a bit like s. there is a reason why av smarties were taken out. i don't know if we should trust any blue food, unless it is a blueberries. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. a big thank you to my guests this evening, camilla tominey, from the sunday express, and the political commentator, jane merrick. and goodbye. hello, good evening. glitzy if i can
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remember everything i got to tell you. actually, it is not that difficult a story to remember because almost of us, it is just about things getting hotter over the next few days. particularly to the south, seeing the highest temperatures but most of us seen as temperatures but most of us seen as temperatures climbing a little bit. there will be at —— rain at times to the north—west. this is the satellite from earlier on. you can see these clubs of cloud spiralling around. the cloud continuing to bring outbreaks of patchy rain through scotland throughout the night, some clear spells throughout the night and temperatures around 13, 1a degrees this topic as we get into tomorrow morning, the best of the sunshine around england and wales and the north—east of scotland. western scotland seeing more cloud and persistent rain drifting in as we get into the afternoon. let's take a closer look. apm in the afternoon, some brightness clinging on for the close of the murray firth. western scotla nd of the murray firth. western scotland seeing out rates of patchy rain, a breeze, similarfor northern
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ireland and that rain splashing into the far north of england. the odd shower across the midlands, most dry and towards the south—east looking at highs of 26 degrees. during toure andi at highs of 26 degrees. during toure and i thursday morning, we are going to bring a lot of clout in from the south—west, a moist south—westerly feed of air. quite misty and murky for some coast and hills, the odd splash of rain and bridges around 1a -16 splash of rain and bridges around 1a — 16 degrees. a more humid feel thanks to this front that would have arrived by thursday morning. a cold front up to the north—west ringing a little bit of rain this topic kind that, still tapping into the atla ntic that, still tapping into the atlantic air. relatively pressured athletic ‘s. to the south, tapping into increasingly hot air for the end of the week. where we see the sunshine and on thursday we will see that downpours the south—east, as temperatures climbing up to 28,29, maybe 30. or cloud to the
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north—west, a little bit of rain at times but not all the time a little bit cooler as well. is north—western areas they little bit cooler as we head to weekend this topic av odd spot of rain on computers around the low 20s, further south have a look at this topic london, 32, on friday, we ta ke at this topic london, 32, on friday, we take warmth and sunshine with us into the weekend this week mixed fortunes, but warmer for many. that is all to me now. good night. it's newsday i'm babita sharma in london. the headlines: a plane has crashed in the capital of mexico's durango state,
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carrying at least 90 people on board. as facebook fights to fix its reputation, the company reveals foreign attempts to influence the us midterm elections. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. also in the programme: donald trump's former campaign manager goes on trial but the president says the case has nothing to do with him. and knocking out taboos. we meet a group of young women and girls who are breaking down barriers over women in sports in pakistan. translation: i think i have translation: i think! have become very powerful. if i am standing with three orfour men i can face them. boxing has given
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