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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 6, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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reason. we have had the same things after every european championship or world cup, you knew a lot of players wouldn't be back. you had to plan for that in pre—season and probably in the first eight games in the season. in the first eight games in the season. every in the first eight games in the season. every manager in the first eight games in the season. every manager wants his best players there. the it is a big tournament there. they're playing out there in america and want to get the fans out. so he has a point. but you can sense reading between the lines that he is not really yet fully ha p py lines that he is not really yet fully happy with the squad he has. he is not setting a positive tone for the players. well, it is jose and he decides. after the match with bayern munich he had a different approach. he is what he is. he knows what he is doing and he know what is he wants and i think he wants to get that across. it may only be pre—season, but these are the results that have got some united fans a little concerned. there was a defeat to liverpool and
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the fans won't want to see that. in his defence, liverpool could field a lot of their star players. they were a class above yesterday and you could see that in the game with bayern munich the same. it is not a true reflection of what you will see in the league. well he bring in some new players. he has fred fro shakhtar donetsk. why is looking at maguire.” why is looking at maguire. i can only think he wants another centre back that is comfortable on the ball. that is the reason i can find. they have had a good defensive record. they're hard to break down. if you can see in that list the
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players he brought n you would expect you saw willian on the board, that would have been a fantastic signing, but it has not happened. harry maguire, could he improve the tea m harry maguire, could he improve the team or boateng from bayern munich? the money they talk about to be fair in my opinion, i don't think, it is over the top if you're talking of 80 million. thank you forjoining us. we could see harry maguire in manchester united rather than england red soon. thank you for joining us. let's bring you up to date with some of today's other sports headlines. newcastle have signed striker salomon rondon from west brom. the venezuelan moves to tyneside on a season long loan deal with the newcastle striker dwight gayle moving in the opposite direction. gayle too joins west brom on loan for the season. ireland's hockey team are back in dublin for a civic reception after they finished second
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at the women's world cup in london. they lost the final to the netherlands, and have now been promised more money for the sport after their success. plenty to celebrate, and they did so in fine voice. # remember how we made it through... we were close to the edge... remember! e—world cup in london. mosaad al—dossary finished ahead of more than 20 million entrants to take home £190,000 in prize money. with england's cricketers celebrating that first test victory over india at the weekend, some of them have been taking some down time on the golf course, but it almost ended in tears forjames anderson. he and stuart broad were playing on sunday. with anderson's ball
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caught in the trees, his shot had some painful results — bouncing back from a tree root. anderson is ok, despite that knock to the face. he'll be back in action with his england team mates for the second test, at lord's on thursday. that's all from sportsday. tim hague has more throughout the evening. thanks forjoining us. goodbye. now four endangered bears have settling into their new home at a wildlife park in yorkshire after a remarkable 5,000 rescue mission. the animals had spent years in cramped cages in a museum injapan. but now
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they're exploring their new surroundings near doncaster. for the last three decades, this has been home to hanako, a brown bear living in a museum in northern japan. her cage — so small she has only ever been able to take two steps. four days ago, that changed. first, the oldest male, abu, is sedated by vets. and, despite prods from hanako, his next—door neighbour, he remains asleep, while all 350 kilograms of him is stretchered out to a truck. we started at 4am this morning. it is 9am and the bears are in the cranes and being strapped into the lorry. and here begins the 5000 milejourney. the main concern keeping four bears cool in 43 degrees heat. it is a well—planned operation. fans ready to spray the bears, sheets of ice and buckets or watermelon.
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two flights later, four bears arrive at heathrow. i was sitting on the plane thinking no one knows there are four brown bears on this plane. it was quite surreal. nowjust opening the gate. and these the first tentative steps into their new home in yorkshire. they could do very little on the concrete floor. it all started two years ago when this animal welfare expert saw the bears in japan. if they could express happiness, this would be it. bears spend up to 18 hours foraging. he hasn't been able to do that. they are really powerful. for the first time he was able to use his claws and dig. well, kai is 17 and it is the first time in his entire life he has ever been able to take a bath. getting out, well, that proved a little more problematic. this is his new, permanent home. so he has a lifetime to master it.
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now the weather. temperatures got up to 31 degrees in london. further north—west we had a front. the front will continue to bring that strip of cloudier weather across wales and also northern england through the night. with some patchy rain developing. although the rain won't amount to much, it is a weak front. some showers for the north—west and another warm night in east anglia and south—east england. the front will push east. not much wind, so it
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won't move far far. for the south—east another hat one, temperatures into the high 20s to low 30s and peaking at maybe 33 celsius. away from eastern england, we have the fresher conditions with temperatures in the upper teens to low 20s. we may see some thunder storms work up from france and may come into south eastern england. as we go through tuesday night, the rain moves out of the way and this front, the weak front will continue to push across and bring a change with cooler and fresher air following. so the atlantic begins to flex its muscles. wednesday a mixture of sunshine and showers. the showers frequent and heavy in western areas. many eastern areas not seeing many showers and into the south—east temperatures dropping for some by around a eight degrees. by
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thursday showers will affect the north—west and some heavy and thundery and we could see thundery rain move up from france and it may stay in the north sea or run into the south—east of england. either way towards the end of the week, there is a signalling for showers on friday to be replaced by general rain on saturday. the reason for that change is we have an area of low pressure that will swing in bringing rain and it could be a blustery start to the weekend as well. bye for now. this is bbc news, i'm julian worricker.
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the headlines at 7pm. at least 98 people have been killed and thousands of residents and tourists evacuated after the second earthquake on the indonesian island of lombok in a week. many people are still awaiting evacuation as authorities struggle to cope with the aftermath of the disaster. it's getting dark now, the is no power, is no water, we arejust going to hold out and see what happens tomorrow. england cricketer ben stokes "mocked two gay men" before a fight outside a nightclub in bristol last year, a court's heard. the trump administration is re—imposing a series of sanctions on iran, starting with metals trading, industrial—related software and the motor industry. a man appears in court accused of the murder of 28—year—old midwife samantha eastwood.


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