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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 6, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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as he brought out his latest beests for his summer experiments. these animals, they gave me sleepless nights, because i am thinking is this really workable? the puzzle, how to make something move and survive on the beach, powered only by the wind. what you're looking at is 28 years of trial and error, expertise, creating mechanical movement, almost a mechanical brain, which is what has attracted the attention of nasa. this animation shows how their meeting with theo has influenced their thinking for a venus rover, an environment where pressure and heat is just too much for normal motors. however, he had doubts that the legs could cope with rocky surfaces, so he showed them this, his caterpillar. inspiration for a more robust design. i was honoured that nasa, they invited me and of course, i promoted the beests very much there. do you think one of your strandbeests will end up
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on another planet now? i don't think so, but i hope so. nasa is still working on a final design, but whatever they come up with, it will owe something to theo jansen‘s strange, beautiful, windborne creatures. david sillito, bbc news, scheveningen in the netherlands. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm tim hague. this is what is coming up. there's more gold for great britain at the european championships. adam peaty and co win the mixed 4x100 metre medley
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relay in record time. the final evening of competition in the sir chris hoy velodrome sees silver for katie archibald in the women's omnium. aston villa are in trouble off the pitch, but on it they impressed, winning their first game of the championship season at hull city. and the new british open champion, georgia hall, has the sport of golf in her hands. i have always dreamt of winning this, i started golf at the age of seven but to do it now at 22 is incredible. hello and welcome to sportsday. at the inaugual european
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championships, which are taking place in glasgow and berlin, 13 gold medals were up for grabs today. great britain got one of them, but there was plenty of other success too. with news of all of it, here's our reporterjoe lynskey. well, there's just one session of track cycling left in glasgow's velodrome now. the last evening there saw katie archibald miss out on the title in the women's omnium. the briton did take silver in this event which features a series of races through the day. gold went to kirsten wild of the netherlands, but after that final points race, archibald said she felt dejected to miss out this time. she does have one more chance to seal an individual title at these games when she goes in the madison with team—mate laura kenny tomorrow. once i relaxed i didn't have it, it just switched off. —— once i realised. you think you have to go for lap gains and it is a bit of a
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non—res because gold was not achievable and the fight for silber was done so the last 30 laps was this horrible sort of... i can't go there, what am i doing? this horrible sort of... i can't go there, whatam i doing? a this horrible sort of... i can't go there, what am i doing? a bit dejected. so disappointment for archibald but there was a dramatic finish in the men's madison though earlier today. britain's ethan hayter and ollie wood sealing bronze by winning the final sprint of the 200—lap race. it was another successful night in the pool for britain's swimmers. they set a new european record as they won gold in the mixed 4x100 metre medley relay. freya anderson completed the win on the freestyle leg after adam peaty put them in front with his 100m breaststroke. james wilby won silver in the men's 200m breaststroke — his second silver of these championships. gold went to russia's anton chupkov. ross murdoch just missed out on bronze. alice thomas took bronze
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in the 200 metres butterfly. bit disappointing for her as she did win the commonwealth title in this event earlier this year. she was slower this time round, but afterwards said she made the games on the gold coast her priority for the season. well, there's plenty more still to come in glasgow with diving starting today, and golf, triathlon and bmx racing all still to come but much of the focus will now turn to the german capital of berlin. the athletics takes place here because berlin had already been scheduled to take place here before the european championships became a multi—sport event. the olympic stadium in the city staged the olympics back in 1936 and then was renovated in time for the world cup final in 2006. britain will be hoping for some notable track and field medals here. but the team has been dealt a blow today with the news captain dai greene won't be able to race because of injury.
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our reporter ade adedoyin, who's in berlin, can tell us more. this is dai greene's best season for some years, his first major championships since 2013 but we understand he is of a tight hamstring in the warm up and was forced to pull out. it's a world champion from 2011 and in that purple patch in his committee also w011 purple patch in his committee also won the european and commonwealth title and came into this title with high hopes but the injury curse has struck again. since 2011 he has battled injury and illness. british athletics have posted a message and have said he has been an amazing captain and he will continue to inspire the team from the sidelines. well, dina asher—smith is among the first medal hopes for great britain she goes in the 100 metres tomorrow. there's coverage from berlin on bbc tv and online. plenty going on in glasgow and berlin. he spent the weekend helping england
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to win the first test over india at edgbaston, but it was a very different setting for ben stokes this morning as he went on trial charged with affray. the court heard how he mocked two gay men and threw a cigarette butt at one of them, before knocking two other men unconscious outside a nightclub in bristol in september. stokes and two other men deny affray. aston villa put all their financial problems behind them, as they won their opening championship match of the season 3—1 at hull. the hosts had led early on when brazilian evandro got on the end of this punch by the villa goalkeeper, and looped in a brilliant strike from 20 yards! but last year's beaten playoff finalists were level through tommy elphick, and then ahead through old hull player ahmed elmohamady. and then right—back alan hutton got his first goal since december 2014 to cap off the victory for steve bruce's side. no wonder those fans were so happy.
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chelsea goalkeeper thibaut courtois, who's been heavily linked with a move to real madrid, did not report for training with the premier league club this morning. the belgian, who's publicly asked for the move, has been with chelsea since 2011 and previously played in the spanish capital for atletico madrid where his children are based. it's thought chelsea do not know when the 26—year—old will return. england winger chris ashton says he feels like a new player after returning to the england international set—up. he hasn't played for his country since 2014, but was named in a ali—man training squad that met up over the weekend. his recall came after he secured an early release from french side toulon to join the premiership side sale. ididn't i didn't think i would get the chance so soon to i didn't think i would get the chance $0 50011 to come i didn't think i would get the chance so soon to come in and spend time in the group. i'm very grateful for that opportunity and it is nice, it feels like i'm a new player or
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almost, than i did when i first came in in 20101 think it was so i'm happy to be back in the group. i thought when i went to france that that was it for me and it would be done and it was easy, i could spend the next few years in france enjoyed by the next few years in france enjoyed rugby but i still felt as though i had a lot to give for england. it has always bothered me not being involved. i have never gone away from the fact of having a point to prove to anybody, it is what spurs me on quite a lot throughout my career and it was no different last season. career and it was no different last season. chris ashton, back in the england fold for the first time in four years. georgia hall says she has achieve a lifelong ambiton to be a major champion. the 22—year—old from bournemouth became just the third briton to win the women's british open yesterday. she spoke to holly hamilton a little earlier, and, as you'll hear now, her achievement is still sinking in. i can't believe it, it hasn't even
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been 2a hours and i've been so busy but it's a dream come true also that this is your first major and what a way to do it, on home soil. it is so nice to have so much backing behind me and the crowd was amazing, cheering my name and getting behind me so cheering my name and getting behind me so it was so nice to have that support. it has been your dream since the age of seven? that's right. i used to hit six footers on the practice green thinking this was to win the ladies british open lakra and to have that, to have a tap in the last hole was very fortunate. it's great to be up there with some amazing players, some world number ones, and that is the reason i started playing, to win tournaments like this. to have the compliments and text messages from some major champions is a dream come true and i'm very happy. a very impressive 22—year—old. ireland's women hockey players have returned home to a civic reception in honour of their fairy tale run to the final of the world cup
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in london where they were beaten by defending champions the netherlands. just to warn you there's some flash photography coming up. after they touched down at dublin airport, ireland's sports minister confirmed that the team will now receive more funding. most of their players aren't professional and, unlike their dutch opponents on sunday, they have to fund themselves with full—time careers away from the hockey pitch. well, have a listen what it meant to the players when they found out the good news earlier. i want to say that i have decided that we will give an extra 1.5 million for olympic and world championship preparation and hockey will enjoy a significant share of that particular money. you have to
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say it is well—deserved. the second lowest ranked team heading into the world cup and they made it to the final. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the former conservative minister nicola blackwood and sebastian payne, political leader writer at the financial times. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the guardian reports that the police are ready to submit an extradition order to moscow for two russians suspected of carrying out the salisbury nerve agent poisoning. the times has the same story,
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saying the suspects were identified using cctv cross—referenced with records of people entering the country. the financial times leads with the trump administration reimposing sanctions on iran after pulling out of the obama era nuclear deal. the telegraph reports the government is planning tougher sentences for people who view child pornography. the mirror reports on the trial of england cricketer ben stokes, who is charged with affray along with two other men — he denies the charges. the metro carries the same story, as well as a warning that global warming may be approching a tipping point where it speeds up. the i goes with the earthquake in indonesia, reporting that some british tourists are stranded. and the express claims that labour mps are working on a plot to oust their leaderjeremy corbyn. let's ta ke
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a look at some of those stories in more detail. starting with the lead story in the telegraph. child pawn offenders facing harsher sentences. there's been a huge number of people sentenced for downloading images it has gone up by 276% in the last but over 111,500 paedophiles who have been sentenced between 2007 and wendy 17, only a500 were jailed. the government is saying that this is not acceptable —— and 2017. they say that downloading these images is an exploitation of children and it facilitates other forms of offences including expedition and it is important prosecution to lead to stricter sentences. that is the beginning of this debate. police chiefs have said there has to be a
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national debate about whether men who have viewed these images should face prosecution or be given counselling. i think they should face prosecution and sentences. this is the solicitor general who has come out with this. yes, and this story is a difficult balance between police time on this, if it is an effective use of time, but clearly as the solicitor general made clear, the government is shifting its position and it does feel that those who are downloading should be treated is not equally, certainly on a par with those who are caught engaging in abuse. the figures are astounding. only a quarter of those sentenced over child pornography we re sentenced over child pornography were sent to jail


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